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13-10-2013 13:22

Meeting on new ideas for anti-capitalist/anarchist actions

On 20th October 2013 the Stop G8 Network are meeting to discuss taking forward new ideas for anti-capitalist and anarchist projects. Some of the ideas on the agenda are an anarchist news website, a temporary anti-capitalist squatted space and an anarchist festival.

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03-06-2013 14:12

Infonight about the Stop G8 Week of Action, Tuesday 4th June, Cowley Library

From 8th to 14th June the Stop G8 network will be opening a convergence space and organising anticapitalist actions in London. The convergence centre provide food and accommodation for up to 1000 people. There are four major actions planned including a massive Carnival Against Capitalism on June 11th in the West End of London.

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28-05-2013 17:16

Brighton public meeting about the Stop G8 week of action

There will be a public meeting about the Stop G8 week of action on Tuesday the 4th of June, 7.30 at the Cowley Club, Brighton.

Come along, find out more and get involved!

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28-05-2013 14:43

Direct Action Training/Skillshare this weekend - Brighton

Stop G8 is running a direct action skillshare this weekend (1st & 2nd June) at the Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton, to prepare people for the Stop G8 week of action from 10th-14th June. On Sunday there will also be a fundraising BBQ from 2pm to raise money for Stop G8.
Spread the word and see you at the Cowley!
Timetable below:

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22-05-2013 10:28

Stop G8 meeting in Portsmouth

A meeting about the Stop G8 week of action in June is being held in Portsmouth on Tuesday May 28.

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07-05-2013 16:05

Issue 110 for Worthing's rabble-rousing Porkbolter

Issue 110 of Worthing's dirt-digging, rabble-rousing anarchic newsletter, The Porkbolter, is out on the streets of the Sussex seaside town - and online.

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07-05-2013 12:17

Cameron guillotined by anti-capitalists

David Cameron visited Worthing in West Sussex on Saturday May 4 to promote the G8 summit, but was captured and guillotined by local anti-capitalists.

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03-05-2013 12:33

A Mayday of the fluffier variety goes down a storm in Sussex county town!

Local Lewes squatters open a social centre/donation based vegetable shop and tea room as part of the Stop G8 national network and call for anti-capitalist actions on May 1st 2013!

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29-04-2013 20:34

This Thursday 2nd May: Demonstrate at Primark Brighton

- Remember the Dhaka workers and all those killed by capitalism

Thursday 2nd May

People have been taking to the streets in Bangladesh since Thursday and
there will be mass strikes on 2 May. Let’s show them some solidarity!

2nd May, 4.30pm, Primark, Western Road, Brighton

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26-04-2013 07:41

Anti-capitalist Stop G8 protest in Sussex

Poster A PROTEST against capitalism is to be staged in Worthing town centre on
Saturday May 4.

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20-03-2013 13:01

Stop G8 national meeting - London - April 6/7

The next Stop G8 national meeting will be held in London on the 6/7 April
- all welcome except cops and journos

To propose items for the agenda, request accommodation in London or for
more info please contact  stopg8@riseup.net or see network23.org/stopg8/

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19-02-2013 12:37

Protest against the bankers in Sussex!

A PROTEST against capitalism and the banking system is being staged in Worthing, West Sussex, on Saturday February 23.

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11-01-2013 10:53

Stop G8 meeting in Brighton, Monday

Sussex Stop G8 will be meeting at the Cowley Club in Brighton on Monday Jan 14, 7pm.

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15-11-2012 14:25

Northern Ireland Hosting UK G8 Summit?

I am not sure how current this news is amongst activists and rebels, although the article link is from today's Northern Irish BBC page. Just wanted to spread this around the movements to add to the picture of what might take place next year.

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22-10-2012 12:13

Stop G8 Gathering

StopG8 formed to prepare a massive anti-capitalist response to the G8 summit being hosted in the Uk in 2013 and help spawn a movement. On the 3rd and 4th of November there will be a Stop G8 gathering in Nottingham.

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12-07-2012 09:29

Gathering to plan resistance to the G8 - this Sunday in Brighton

This is a call for all of those who wish to mobilise for a MASS
MOBILISATION against the G8 summit in the UK in 2013.
A initial meeting will take place on SUNDAY the 15th JULY, from 11am to 6pm, at the COMMUNITY BASE centre in Brighton, hosted by people from the Smash EDO campaign.

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17-06-2012 20:27

Smash EDO: Mass action July 16th and G8 convergence

We would love to get you all to Brighton for the 15th and 16th of July.

On Sunday the 15th Smash EDO are hosting a convergence to start building resistance to next year's G8 which will take place in the UK, and on Monday the 16th there is a planned summer of resistance mass action where we'll need as many of you as possible.
Below are the callouts for both.

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