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The Mainstream Media Appears to be Censoring the Truth About Global Warming

Reverend Peter Nichols | 20.09.2012 19:41 | Occupy Everywhere | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Workers' Movements | World

Global warming is causing an escalation in natural disasters all around the world with flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, famines, earthquakes, and forests fires in many countries, but the mainstream media appears to be censoring the truth about what is causing all this terrible destruction of the earth's environment.
United Nations scientists have made it very clear that climate change is being caused by global warming which is the result of the burning of fossil fuels, but although the newspapers and television channels have been reporting some of the news about the natural disasters they seem to be ignoring the real reasons why they are actually occurring.

There are $20 trillion worth of fossil fuel reserves under the ground and beneath the oceans which the coal, oil, and gas industries rely on to keep their share prices high on the world stock markets, but burning just one fifth of the oil reserves alone will exterminate the whole of humanity before the end of this century according to recent reports.

The carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere is increasing alarmingly because of the huge amounts of fossil fuels that are being burned in power stations to produce electricity for homes and industry and to run televisions and computers, and vast carbon emissions are also being produced by cars, trucks, ships, planes, and other vehicles and industrial equipment.
The global temperatures are increasing, the polar ice caps are melting, the sea levels are rising, the earth's ecosystems are being destroyed, and the sixth mass extinction of wildlife in history will also wipe out the entire human race this century according to many eminent and reputable climate scientists.
There will be a new ice age in Britain, Europe, and America when the Gulf Stream stops completely and temperatures suddenly fall overnight to minus 20 degrees Celsius freezing all the rivers, canals, and even the seas around the coasts.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who are also known as Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton who will one day become king and queen of England visited the South Pacific islands of Tuvalu on 18 September 2012 where they were reported to have danced in traditional grass hula skirts with the local island chiefs.
Members of the world news media were closely following the progress of the royal couple through the South-east Asia and Pacific region and the television cameras recorded them ascending to the top of a very tall tree in a rainforest in Malaysia apparently in an attempt to highlight the Duke's reported concern about the need for more conservation.

Strangely enough there does not appear to have been any mention in the news reports about the catastrophic effects of global warming on the world's rainforests which are all dying out as a result of droughts and fires and illegal logging.
Nor was anything published or broadcast in the mainstream media about the plight of the residents of the islands of Tuvalu which are slowly but surely disappearing off the face of the earth as global warming causes the Pacific Ocean to rise.

The royal couple were reported to have arrived in Australia at the end of their nine-day tour and they changed planes at Brisbane which is the capital city of Queensland where most of the state was under water in the worst flooding ever seen in the country at the end of December 2010.
An area the size of France and Germany combined was flooded in Queensland where there was enormous property damage totalling many billions of dollars and the loss of life included the deaths of young children who were swept away and drowned by the raging torrents of water that suddenly destroyed entire towns without warning.

There were poisonous snakes and crocodiles and sharks swimming around in the flooded streets of Brisbane and there was also further massive flooding which covered almost three quarters of the state of Victoria.
Of all the western nations Australia has been the hardest hit by global warming with more than ten years of drought destroying most of the farms in the outback and many farmers giving up or committing suicide, and as well as the Apocalyptic flooding there have also been forest fires devastating vast areas, destroying property and killing local people.

The mainstream media briefly mentioned Prince William's interest in conservation when he and his wife visited the rainforest in Malaysia, but otherwise there was nothing at all reported about the disastrous effects and the catastrophic consequences of climate change on the region that the royal couple were visiting.
There appears to be a conspiracy of silence in the mainstream media which completely ignored the terrible tragedy that is unfolding in the rainforests, and in the South Pacific islands of Tuvalu which will be gone forever soon, and in Australia itself which will probably also become completely uninhabitable in the very near future.

Instead the journalists focused on the clothes the Duchess was wearing and the titillation of her topless photographs which mysteriously appeared on the world stage just when prince Harry was being mercilessly mocked in the media for the dreadfully shabby and sordid story about how he was photographed dancing naked with strangers in a hotel in Las Vegas.
Prince William and Kate didn't appear to have had much to say about anything apart from instructing their servants to inform the press that they were upset that their privacy had been invaded by magazines and newspapers publishing some photographs of the Duchess sunbathing with her bare breasts exposed.

The British royal family has never complained about the breasts of working class ladies being exposed on page three of Rupert Murdoch's Sun newspaper every day, and no doubt the royals are entitled to be more concerned about their privacy than they are about their subjects being drowned in the flooding caused by global warming.
However the royal tour of large areas of the British Commonwealth that are being devastated by climate change was either a missed opportunity for William and Kate to say something important about the greatest threat humanity has ever faced or it was just plain ignorance on the part of people who really should have known better.

Or it could be that the mainstream media’s fascination with trivia and drivel and naked princes and their topless relatives is in fact a deliberate distraction to divert public attention away from the cataclysmic chain reaction of environmental horrors and disasters that are destroying the earth and killing the human race.
How else can you explain the way that the media appears to be refusing point-blank to publish the truth about how global warming is driving the human race to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels even when members of the British royal family are visiting some of the most stricken areas of the planet?

“Quick change as Kate breezes through Brisbane” said the headline in the London Evening Standard newspaper on 19 September 2012.
The paper's royal correspondent Ross Lydall reported: “The Duchess of Cambridge touched down in Australia for the first time today as it was announced her in-laws will make a trip there in November.
“And she almost suffered more unwanted exposure in high winds as she and William changed planes at Brisbane en route back to the UK after a nine-day tour of South-East Asia and the Pacific that ended with a farewell ceremony in Tuvalu.

“The couple were carried on thrones by islanders to their chartered plane and showered with gifts including woven mats, fans and a model canoe.
“Aides said they were relieved to put the furore generated by the publication of topless pictures of Kate behind them – and yesterday a court granted an injunction banning their reproduction by French magazine Closer”.

No doubt the people of Tuvalu were as impressed by the royal visit as the mainstream media would like the rest of the world to believe, but it is also possible that they may have wondered why the future king and queen of England came to dance and celebrate with them while global warming is completely destroying their island home.
Instead of offering any help or words of condolence about the fate that awaits the Tuvaluan people the prince and his wife shimmied and swayed to the music according to the press which made it all seem very reminiscent of the Roman emperor Nero who fiddled while Rome burned.

The old hippy song about the fate of the passengers on the Titanic just before the ship hit the iceberg and sank with massive loss of life might well have been more appropriate for the occasion:
I'm on the dance band of the Titanic,
Sing near my God to thee.
The iceberg's on the starboard bow,
Won't you dance with me?

The small island nation of Tuvalu in the South Pacific is vanishing beneath the waves as the rising sea levels swamp the islands at high tide every day and one of the nine islands has already disappeared completely.
Tuvalu's airfield is on the main island of Funafuti which is only half a mile wide and it is regularly completely covered in sea water as the Pacific Ocean rises inexorably and washes over the land which is only metres above sea level at any point.

There are only about 10,000 residents on the islands of Tuvalu and many of them have already left their homes never to return while the rest of the people are planning to evacuate to New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji as the seas continue to rise and destroy their homeland.
The local people have become increasingly desperate as the sea water has been contaminating and destroying most of their fresh water supplies and they have been reduced to airlifting bottled water in from neighbouring countries.
Several young children have drowned in the regular flooding that swamps the islands of Tuvalu especially during storms, and parents have had no choice but to keep a close eye on their kids at all times to avoid further tragedies from occurring.

About ten years ago the prime minister of Tuvalu wanted to sue the western oil companies and the American government for being responsible for causing global warming as a result of the burning of fossil fuels but the people did not have enough money to pay for the lawyers that they would have needed.
The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign contacted the government of Tuvalu through their consulate in Wimbledon in south London and we offered the Tuvaluan consul to ask our own lawyers to take the case on for them on a pro bono basis.

Our barrister Michael Kaplan the head of chambers at the Planning and Environment Bar Association at 4-5 Grays Inn Square agreed to take the case on behalf of the government of Tuvalu and a firm of solicitors in Watford agreed to prepare all the evidence which would have been presented to the courts in three jurisdictions, America, Europe, and Britain.
However the people of Tuvalu decided to sell their internet domain name for $40 million dollars to a Canadian entrepreneur and they proceeded to spend most of their new-found wealth on new cars, washing machines, refrigerators, and television sets, as well as many tons of expensive tinned food which they flew in from western countries.

The people of Tuvalu dismissed their crusading prime minister and they completely abandoned the idea of suing the oil companies and the American government for being responsible for threatening their island home with being wiped out by the rising seas as a result of the burning of fossil fuels.
The Tuvalu ambassador to the United Nations did continue to complain in the General Assembly that the American oil companies and the US federal government should be made legally accountable for causing all the flooding in the islands in the South Pacific but without any success at getting any action to try to stop the rising sea levels.

Meanwhile many of the people of Tuvalu were becoming very ill from eating the western food that they were not accustomed to including in their diet and they were forced to seek medical treatment for new illnesses such as diabetes.
Their new cars, washing machines, refrigerators, and televisions were all breaking down and could not be repaired because there was no-one on the islands qualified to do the mechanical work required so the people began abandoning the useless junk to litter the few roads and the precious open spaces.

The people of Tuvalu were also piling up their ever-increasing household rubbish all over their islands and soon there were hundreds of thousands of huge black rats swarming all over the newly created rubbish dumps in the small open areas and spreading fear and disease amongst the populace.
Japanese tourists were astonished to see the traditionally proud island people of Tuvalu living amongst the sort of filth and squalor that is normally associated with the worst slums of Washington and New York or the poorest areas of many of the poverty-stricken third world countries.

Eventually a lot of the people in Tuvalu woke up to the fact that it might not have been such a good idea after all to sell their internet domain name for $40 million, especially as it turned out that it was actually worth billions, and as the sea waters rose and the flooding got worse everyone got ready to evacuate to higher ground.
Some of the people of Tuvalu now regret having given up on the idea of suing the oil companies and the American government for being responsible for causing global warming, but in the end they have become resigned to the fact that they are losing their islands and they will all have to leave their beloved homes fairly soon.

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign never gave up on the plan to sue the western oil companies and the American government for being responsible for causing global warming and we have spent years preparing all the scientific evidence for the court cases in our long and detailed report entitled “Can You Save the Human Race?”
However we no longer represent the government or the people of Tuvalu because they abandoned the idea of taking legal action when they suddenly became wealthy, but the court cases will still be held and they will now be conducted as class actions by the Children of the Eco-Warriors on behalf of all the children of the world.
The defendants will not just be the oil companies and the American government but they will now also include all the fossil fuel industries and the banks and the transnational corporations and all the western governments - in other words all the known members of the highly secretive and illegal Bilderberg Group of corrupt and greedy capitalists.

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign will be taking this legal action holding the entire western capitalist system responsible and accountable in law for causing global warming by producing and selling the dangerous fossil fuels that are destroying the earth and killing the entire human race in the process.
Our 70 barristers and QCs in the Planning and Environment Bar Association will be asked to recruit teams of lawyers in America, Europe, and Britain to take simultaneous court cases in the Supreme Court in Washington, the High Court in London, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, and the International Criminal Court in the Hague.
We will be asking the judges in the highest courts on the earth to rule that the illegal Bilderberg Group is directly responsible for causing global warming and driving the human race to extinction, and that the production and sale of fossil fuels must be stopped immediately if humanity is to be able to survive for much longer.

The Earth Aid report entitled “Can You Save the Human Race?' comprises 14 books of approximately 1000 pages each and they contain all the scientific evidence for the court cases together with a history of the environmental movement and the student protests and the Occupy demonstrations around the world.
We also have 15 hours of video footage from the Camps for Climate Action near Heathrow Airport and the Kingsnorth power station which will also be used as visual evidence to show the work that the environmental movement in Britain has been doing to fight against global warming and climate change.

The report and the films which have been produced in the form of a reality TV show for the children will be available as soon as possible on the internet for everyone who wants to see them to download them for free.
The six hour-long episodes of footage from the Camp for Climate Action at Heathrow are entitled “The Kids Are Revolting!” and the nine hour-long episodes from the Kingsnorth climate camp are entitled “The Children Are the Future”.

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign has also produced The Earth newspaper which will be an online paper available free on the internet soon, and which is intended to act as motivation and inspiration for activist groups around the world to also produce more alternative investigative and citizen journalism.
We plan to open a workers' cooperative in London which will be called the Extinction Eco-Village and which will also be an activist media centre for producing the Earth newspaper and the reality TV show for the children entitled “Can You Save the Human Race?” as well as a junk shop and a second hand market for recycling and reusing unwanted goods.
Alternative journalists and photographers and film-makers who would like to get involved are invited to contact us and we are also hoping that other environmental groups and organisations might be interested in the idea of occupying public spaces in London so that we can all work together full-time to try to stop global warming before it is too late to do so.

During the summer of 2012 NASA scientists reported that their satellite images revealed that 97% of the Arctic ice had melted this year but they did not release this information to the press and the public immediately because they thought that their equipment must be faulty and the data was incorrect.
The NASA scientists checked their satellites to make sure that everything was in order and unfortunately it did prove to be true that almost all of the Arctic ice has vanished this year which NASA say is totally unprecedented in human history.

The BBC's environment editor David Shukman travelled to the Arctic in early September to report that the glaciers could be seen to be constantly breaking up into millions of little pieces and collapsing into the ocean, and his camera showed this actually happening as he was talking about it.
The BBC reported on 20 September 2012 that as the autumn and the winter begin the Arctic ice will reform but it will be thinner than ever before and it is likely to disappear completely in future years as global warming heats up the planet even further than it already has.

This year the United States has suffered from the worst drought in the mid-west of the country in its history and a State of Emergency has been declared right across half of America although this bad news does not feature in the mainstream media's coverage of world events very often.
The deadly West Nile disease which is caused by mosquitoes breeding in the hot weather caused by global warming is spreading throughout the whole of the southern Texas region and it has already killed more than 1000 people.

Exactly seven years after hurricane Katrina hurricane Issac also hit the state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans once again and soon afterwards two tornadoes destroyed many properties and killed several local residents in Queens which is one of the larger suburbs on the outskirts of New York City.
There have also been massive forest fires over vast areas in Spain and Portugal and a series of earthquakes in China which geologists say are now being caused by the melting glaciers in Antarctica lurching forwards on average twice a day and sending shockwaves through the tectonic plates which can be felt many thousands of miles away.

The approximately 4000 climate scientists who are members of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are divided in their opinions about what the ultimate effects of global warming will be, but they are united in their belief that climate change is destroying the earth’s environment and causing the sixth mass extinction in history.
Dr Peter Barrett, the director of the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand said in a speech in November 2004 that the human race was facing extinction this century as a result of global warming.

Accepting the Marsden medal and quoted by the Christchurch Press newspaper Dr Barrett said:
“After 40 years, I'm part of a huge community of scientists who have become alarmed with our discovery, that we know from our knowledge of the ancient past, that if we continue our present growth path, we are facing extinction.
“Not in millions of years, or even millennia, but by the end of this century”.
The Christchurch Press newspaper building which was standing right next to Canterbury Cathedral in Cathedral Square, Christchurch, was destroyed beyond repair by the massive earthquake in 2011 which killed many hundreds of people in the historic New Zealand city.

Professor James Lovelock the author of the Gaia theory said that global warming could be compared to people in a canoe who were disappearing over Niagara Falls and that humanity has already passed the point of no return and there can be no going back again, not now, not ever, and all we can do will be to try to protect ourselves as best we can in our own countries.
By the end of this century Professor Lovelock said only about 10% of humanity will be left alive on the earth eking out a precarious existence in the Antarctic region which will be the only habitable part of the planet because everywhere else will have become far too hot for human life to survive.

All the major coastal cities of the world including London, Tokyo, and New York will be under water when the worldwide flooding starts in earnest as a result of the ever increasing rising sea levels according to Dr James Hansen.
Dr Hansen is the director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), and Adjunct Professor at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University in New York.
Several years ago eight whole countries including Bangladesh were completely under water in the worst flooding that anybody could ever remember and several islands in the Maldives have already disappeared from sight as sea levels rise.

Alex Smith who produces Radio Ecoshock recently reported that many environmental activists have now given up on protesting and campaigning and they are moving with their families away from the coastal areas in an effort just to try to survive the ecological cataclysm that they believe is coming soon to the earth.
Most environmental activists believe that the extinction of the human race is now inevitable and indeed imminent and that there is nothing whatever that anyone can do to stop if from happening.

Mr Smith wrote: “I've noticed four trends going on in the alternative/activist scene.
“There is a chorus of famous writers, bloggers, and scientists who are publicly mourning the passing of the Holocene age, and our descent into the Anthropocene age – the age brought about by humankind.
“Many of our favourite plants and animals will not survive the change.

“As I've covered in past Radio Ecoshock shows with guests like Paul Kingsnorth there is an even louder chorus calling for a quick downfall of the industrial system.
“As one of my listeners wrote in email many believe human extinction is on its way.
“We need to consider a hospice society, making the way less painful, perhaps even more joyful.
“Some fairly famous figures and movement leaders are bailing out.

“It's not just that people are burned out, hitting their heads against the immovable wall of human insanity.
“They are going quiet, moving to rural areas in some cases, or just hanging out in cities.
“It's like 'Atlas Shrugged,' abandoned but not by industrialists, an extinct breed supplanted by corporate raiders – but by those seeking an alternative.
“Related to all the above many people are now seeking out spiritual practices as a way to cope with the unbearable weight of knowing,” Alex Smith concluded.

During the nineties the thousands of climate scientists in the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change published a report claiming that worldwide flooding of all the low-lying coastal areas of the world would kill three to four billion people as a result of drowning, starvation, and disease by the middle of the century.
The scientists also predicted that as the increasing global temperatures continued to melt the polar ice caps and caused ever faster sea level rise hundreds of millions of environmental refugees would be desperately trying to cross national borders to escape from the flooding.

The report described how climate change would progressively and systematically destroy entire ecosystems all over the planet and the natural resources of the earth would continue to become scarcer.
The scientists described what they referred to as their “nightmare scenario” predicting that there would be more and more local wars over oil, food, water, and land, which could very possibly end with a nuclear World War Three holocaust that would completely wipe out the whole of humanity.

A number of the eco-warriors from the road protests in Britain in the 1990s are working on their own ideas for buying ocean-going boats which they hope will be capable of taking them to safer areas of the planet when the time comes to leave the threatened regions of the earth.
The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign has been promoting the idea that activist groups and organisations should all work together to buy the Ark Royal and turn it into a floating rainforest with endangered animals on board and set sail for the Antarctic mainly as a way of getting publicity to draw attention to the imminent danger that humanity now faces.

However this idea is unlikely to succeed since the Ark Royal has apparently been sold to a Turkish scrap metal firm for three million pounds and they will probably not agree to sell it now since it will probably be worth far more to them to melt it down to make tin cans and razor blades.
We still believe that it would be better for environmental activists to buy a boat together and embark on a joint project to raise public awareness about climate change rather than for everyone to continue to go their separate ways which is what appears to be happening at the moment.

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign is very serious about our plans to help inspire workers' cooperatives especially for the homeless and the unemployed to start their own eco-friendly small business enterprises and become self-employed in the face of the disastrous austerity measures and the threat to their very survival on the earth.
We also believe that the working class should take over all the businesses and corporations in the entire world and turn them into genuine workers' cooperatives where the people themselves will be able to decide what they will manufacture and how they will make sure that everything they do will benefit the people and the planet.
Rather than running away from the Apocalyptic disasters to come many environmental activists are actually embarking on full-time grassroots projects in an attempt to try to help solve the massive problems of poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and the wars and the environmental destruction that are driving us all to our doom.

In America the environmental organisation which is run by Bill McKibben is planning to march on Washington on 7 November with huge numbers of protesters demanding urgent action from the new president of America to tackle global warming before it is too late to stop the imminent extinction of humanity.
Along with Naomi Klein and a number of other high profile environmental campaigners Mr McKibben has publicly stated that they are working to help create a huge new movement which they hope will be even bigger than the anti-war protests against the Vietnam war in the nineteen sixties.
The student protesters who campaigned against tuition fees in many western countries and the Occupy movement which demonstrated against the greedy capitalist 1% are also working on their own plans to try to help build the biggest youth movement in history as global warming and climate change become even more threatening and dangerous.

In his acceptance speech for the presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention Barack Obama recently declared that climate change was not a hoax and America must protect the future for the children.
“America is investing in wind turbines and long lasting batteries,” Mr Obama announced very grandly to loud clapping and cheering from the floor of the convention centre.
The president also boasted that his administration had authorised oil drilling on hundreds of square miles of land and that there would be a lot more exploration for oil and fracking of the countryside and the towns and cities of America with energy companies looking for more natural gas if he was re-elected to the presidency.

Mr Obama also promised to protect the coastline of America from the worst excesses of the oil companies and he declared that he would not let the big corporations dictate to his government as if he actually believed that this was in fact true.
What the president did not explain was how his government's support for American investment in wind turbines and long lasting batteries on their own would solve the massive worldwide crisis of global warming and climate change which are the greatest threats that humanity has ever faced.

There appears to be a deliberate and coordinated campaign of censorship of the truth about global warming in all the mainstream media with the newspapers and television channels seeming to have a very carefully contrived policy to distract public attention away from the real issues with celebrity gossip and other trivia and drivel.
The photographs of a naked prince and a topless future queen look suspiciously like the work of the Bilderberg spin doctors and the professional publicists who specialise in making sure that their wealthy powerful clients in the elite 1% get maximum exposure in the news whilst concealing the truth about what they are actually doing.

Prince Harry allegedly dancing naked with strange ladies in a Las Vegas hotel room and blurry long range photographs of his sister-in-law Kate Windsor in a state of undress seem very reminiscent of the Sun front page story “Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster” which a lot of people believed but which didn't seem very likely.
It almost looks as if we are seeing a modern day version of the fairy story about the emperor who had no clothes (which only a little boy noticed) and the historical story of Lady Godiva who apparently rode a horse completely naked but nobody peeped at her.

The narrative that is being told by the world's media is all about the glories of the capitalist system as it fights its terrorist enemies to protect freedom and democracy, but those of us who are not being fooled by all the mindless hype believe that it is just a massive confidence trick on the gullible public.
Even the news about the film that was produced and broadcast in America and which insulted and offended the Muslims has only served to further inflame the violence against America across the world and divert the general public away from thinking about the other far more important issues of the age that we are all unfortunate enough to have to try to survive in.

The western world has apparently been at war with the Muslim “evil-doers” in the Middle East ever since the former American president George Bush declared his crusade against Iraq and his so-called “War on Terror” against all the rest of America's “enemies”.
Now we have “war games” in the straits of Hormuz near Iran at the same time as the French government has closed its schools and embassies in the Middle East because a French magazine published cartoons mocking the prophet Mohammed.

It almost seems as if the immensely powerful people who control the capitalist media and the banks, corporations, and governments are actually preparing for World War Three at any cost even if it means sacrificing the earth and 99% of humanity along with it.
Perhaps the scariest thing of all about the Americans is the fact that the Texas evangelicals of whom George Bush is one actually believe in the literal word of the bible and they are looking forward to the Apocalypse when all the true believers will be transported bodily to heaven in the Rapture.

Many of the Republicans want to see the earth destroyed in accordance with the Revelation of Saint John the Divine and they want to see World War Three start in the Middle East in line with the biblical prophecies because they believe that we live in the “end times” when Jesus Christ will return and it is their duty to help to make it all come true.
Some of the American Republicans have said that they are not environmentalists because they want to see all the trees chopped down and the wildlife wiped out to help fulfill the Word of God in the christian bible.

Some conspiracy theorists actually believe that the heathen 1% elite are planning to migrate from the earth to go and live on Mars which could explain why there appears to be such a rush now to explore the Martian surface for gold and diamonds and all the other such luxuries that are rumoured to be plentiful in outer space.
For human life to survive on the moon and on Mars it will be necessary to terraform them with an atmosphere and plenty of trees and plants and animals, and no doubt some of these ideas will be surfacing very soon in the mainstream media which seems to be focusing most of its efforts almost entirely on the wars in the Middle East and the celebrity gossip.

Certainly global warming and climate change do seem to be off the menu as far as the media is concerned and there isn't very much being said or done by the environmental activists either, apart from the large numbers of campaigners who are quietly packing their bags and moving to higher ground as soon as possible, which just about says it all.
Tamsin Omond the London Plane Stupid coordinator and founder of Climate Rush, the modern-day suffragette movement, was quoted recently as asking “am I the only person left who is still talking about this issue?”

It does seem fair to ask whether the lack of news about the terrible daily destruction of the earth and the mass extinction of the wildlife is just pure ignorance on the part of the journalists and the editors or is it in fact a very sinister censorship of the truth about how global warming and climate change are threatening our very existence here on the earth?
George Bush's so-called War on Terror was actually a War on Truth and the Bush administration deliberately altered all the official scientific reports about global warming to try to conceal the reality of climate change, but the lying sceptics in the government were exposed by Dr Hansen in his sworn testimony before a congressional investigating committee.

The Bilderberg spin doctors like Rupert Murdoch manipulate the news the public reads in the newspapers and sees on television and the oil companies have spent billions of dollars claiming that global warming is not happening, or it is a hoax, or if it is happening it will cost too much to deal with it, or it is far too late to do anything about it now anyway.
The billionaire Koch Brothers have spent even more money than Exxon Mobil, Shell, and BP combined on promoting the interests of the fossil fuel industries to the detriment of the earth and the very chances of survival of future generations.

In a secret report to the White House in 2004 the Pentagon warned George Bush that their scientists believed that the coming worldwide flooding caused by global warming would begin to swamp all the low-lying coastal areas of the world as soon as the beginning of the year 2007.
The top American generals claimed that climate change posed a very serious threat to the national security of the United States as hundreds of millions of environmental refugees would be desperately trying to escape from their own countries and they would probably be attempting to enter the United States illegally.

The Pentagon report was leaked to the Observer newspaper in London which splashed it on its front page with all the details about how American military scientists were warning that global warming was about to escalate and swamp the entire world as increasing global temperatures melted the polar ice caps causing sea levels to continue to rise.
The Observer warned that more and more natural disasters would probably bankrupt the insurance companies and the banks and cause the collapse of the western capitalist banking system and wipe out the entire world economy.

In the last few years there has indeed been a worldwide financial crisis which looks very much as if the entire capitalist system is collapsing as a result of the massive mortgage frauds and the Libor rate rigging and all the rest of the dishonesty and corruption by the banksters on Wall Street and in the City of London.
At the same time there has also been an escalation in the horrors and violence and killings on the streets of all the major cities in the western countries and in the Middle East where Britain and America have been slaughtering innocent civilians for their oil and minerals and other natural resources.

It is almost as if the public is being conditioned by the news media to accept this daily diet of death and destruction as a normal part of our way of life and that we should agree with our governments that it is necessary to kill people in other countries if we want to continue to maintain our own high standard of living.
Unfortunately we are not only killing other people in distant lands for their wealth but we are also killing ourselves as well and we are making the earth completely uninhabitable for future generations to survive beyond this century.

Identifiable peace and environmental groups and organisations as well as workers' unions, churches, charities, and student groups are welcome to get in touch with the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign if they would like to discuss our plans to open the Extinction Eco-village in London soon.
Maybe it will be possible to share some very good news that we are not quite ready to reveal yet because we suspect that Big Brother might be watching us and listening in to what we have to say.

Suffice to say that if we occupy the parks and gardens and other open spaces in central London on a full-time basis and open workers' cooperatives and second-hand markets and eco-villages full of permaculture, vegetables, trees, and renewable energies maybe we could possibly be entitled to call ourselves the Camp for Workers' Cooperative Action.
Or even just Occupy Workers perhaps?
Could now be the right time for the global environmental movement to move on and start all over again and try to perform a desperately needed miracle to save humanity from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels?
Anyone who is interested in working with us once again is invited to phone me personally at any time on 07883242168 or 07574092829 or to contact me by email at or on Facebook at Nick Martian.
Thank you,

Reverend Peter Nichols
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