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Obama has been warned that Global Warming will cause Extinction of Humanity

Reverend Peter Nichols | 01.11.2012 18:49 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Workers' Movements | World

A warning that humanity faces extinction this century as a result of global warming caused by the burning of fossil fuels, and that America would be hit soon by more hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis was sent to the president of America Barack Obama on 17 October 2012, just 12 days before the earthquake and tsunami off the coast of British Columbia and the 10,000 square mile Frankenstorm Sandy which hit the United States.

The warning that the climate chaos all around the world was destroying America and the whole planet and killing humanity was sent by the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign, but so far there has been no reply from the president, no doubt because he was probably too busy fighting the election to answer his mail.
The message suggested that if Mr Obama wanted to win the election he should stop debating with Mitt Romney, declare a State of Emergency on the earth, and organise a conference of all the state governors with scientists and engineers to announce a plan to combat global warming to save the human race from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels.

The original warning that humanity faces extinction this century as a result of global warming was issued by Professor Peter Barrett, the Director of the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University in Wellington New Zealand, in November 2004.
Quoted by the Christchurch Press newspaper Dr Barrett warned:
“After 40 years, I'm part of a huge community of scientists who have become alarmed with our discovery, that we know from our knowledge of the ancient past, that if we continue our present growth path, we are facing extinction, not in millions of years, or even millennia, but by the end of this century”.

The American presidential election seems to have been mostly about the Democrats and the Republican parties which have both been bought by the big Wall Street banks, arguing with each other about who will spend the most money on the US military and on drilling for more oil and gas.
However politics and the economy will become irrelevant when human civilisation finally breaks down completely and life on this planet becomes simply a case of everyone for themselves, with no government and no emergency services left anymore to help anyone at all.
There will be no economy on a dead planet which is something that everybody seems to be aware of already but nobody appears to want to break the taboo against talking about the imminent extinction of all life on earth.

The following is the latest message that has been sent to Barack Obama by the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign:
Dear President Obama,
In your acceptance speech for the democratic nomination for president not long ago you said that global warming was not a hoax and that the environment must be protected for the children, and you were absolutely correct of course.
The burning of fossil fuels is causing global temperatures to increase at a greater rate than they have for millions of years and as a result the polar ice caps are melting and the sea levels are rising which will cause worldwide flooding that will kill three to four billion people by 2050, according to United Nations scientists.

According to the mainstream news media everyone in America seems to be surprised and shocked by the sudden disaster that has hit your country with the Superstorm Sandy, but the fact is that the scientists and the environmentalists have known for many years that these catastrophes have been happening.
The scientists also know that earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, droughts, and forest fires will be happening more and more in the future as global warming gets worse and the earth becomes much hotter.

Surely it is time for the American government to work with the scientists and the environmentalists and connect the dots together so that everybody can see the bigger picture?
Mother Nature is fighting back in self defence and she has declared war on the human race and global warming is destroying not just America but the entire planet earth, and driving humanity to extinction by the end of this century.
It is not too late to declare War on Global Warming and to fight back to stop climate change rather than just responding to all the natural disasters as they occur, until in the end the human race simply becomes extinct.

Unfortunately the recent 7.7 magnitude earthquake off the coast of British Columbia in Canada and the tsunami that hit Hawaii as a result, and Hurricane Sandy were just a taste of things to come.
Geologists say that the unprecedented number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in recent years are being caused by the melting glaciers in the Antarctic lurching forwards twice a day on average, and sending shockwaves through the tectonic plates which are being felt thousands of miles away, resulting in more undersea earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.

The American people seem to be completely ignorant about the causes of global warming and the reasons for the climate chaos that is happening all around the world, and they believe the capitalist mantra that endless economic growth which benefits the wealthy 1% and impoverishes the 99% of ordinary people is the answer to everything.
When he was president George Bush censored all the scientific reports and threatened the American government scientists with the loss of their jobs and their funding if they spoke out and told the truth about how the burning fossil fuels is causing global warming.
It does seem very odd that strangely enough the mainstream media has not been connecting Hurricane Sandy with global warming.
The American government must finally stop censoring the scientists and let them tell the truth to the people.

The increasing global temperatures are melting the polar ice caps and causing the sea levels to rise and the build-up in heat all over the world is causing a chain reaction of natural disasters like the earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, hurricanes, droughts, famines, typhoons, and forest fires right across the planet.
The eminent and reputable NASA scientist James Hansen has warned that all the low-lying coastal cities of the world will disappear under water as the rising sea levels cause worldwide flooding as a result of global warming.
Professor James Lovelock, the creator of the Gaia theory, has warned that some of the major world cities like London, New York, and Tokyo will actually have to be moved away from the coastlines if they are going to be able to survive in the future.

As the president of America surely it is part of your job to tell the American people and the people of the world the truth about global warming, and do what needs to be done to save humanity from extinction and ensure the survival of future generations?
This isn't just about Hurricane Sandy and the cataclysmic damage that has been done to America because the terrible impact of global warming is being felt all around the world as the worldwide flooding is submerging island nations and whole countries like Bangladesh are getting flooded at every high tide.
There will almost certainly be another massive natural disaster somewhere in the world again very, very, soon.

It is often said that actions speak louder than words.
You are still the president of the United States of America and you should be seen to be doing everything that needs to be done to fight back against the greatest threat that humanity has ever faced.
In the last few days of your present administration you should be calling an emergency meeting of all the state governors, climate scientists, and government engineers, to draw up a realistic plan to use all the resources of the American government to combat global warming before it is too late to do anything at all to save the human race from extinction.

Many people believe that the election that put George Bush into the White House was fraudulent and the votes were rigged by the republicans who owned and controlled the computerised electronic voting machines.
If Al Gore had won the election and he had become president of America it would probably be a completely different world today than the one that we now have, with wars in the Middle East, the worldwide terrorism, and the continuous natural disasters that are being caused by global warming.
It may not be too late to change the course of human history and make a real difference, but there isn't much time left.

There have been rumours that the American government actually caused Frankenstorm Sandy by using the secret HAARP weather control programme to attempt to seed the clouds over America, and bring rain to the Mid-west as a solution to the drought that has been plaguing 65% of the United States.
This form of geo-engineering is just one of the many false solutions to climate change like carbon trading, pollution credits, and carbon capture and storage, which do not work and are very dangerous indeed because they will not stop global warming, but instead they will continue to bring unintended catastrophic consequences of monstrous proportions.

The banks, corporations, and governments that are responsible for causing global warming and for censoring the truth about what is happening and refusing to act to stop climate change, will be held to account very soon for committing crimes against the earth and crimes against humanity.
Personally I can't see why anybody in America would want to trust their government anymore knowing that the politicians support the banks that have robbed them, and which finance the oil companies that cause global warming which results in the Apocalyptic disasters which destroy their towns and cities and their homes, and leaves them either dead or destitute.

It's a shame that most of the American military are either fighting in Afghanistan or they are on stand-by waiting for the next war with Iran or they are in the multitude of US bases around the world, because otherwise you could deploy the armed forces to help the victims who have managed to survive Hurricane Sandy.
However if you do have any soldiers still in the US perhaps you could get them out on the streets to help as soon as possible, but please don't shoot people dead just for looking for food to feed their children which is what George Bush apparently did to quite a lot of very poor people after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005.

Fortunately the Red Cross is busy delivering food parcels and helping to clean up the mess in the streets, and other international agencies like churches and charities such as World Vision are also out there in America to lend you a hand in your hour of need.
Hopefully the War on Global Warming and the Stop Climate Change bandwagons will start rolling again soon and you will decide to join us on board, rather than continuing to support the crooked Wall Street banks and the corrupt fossil fuel industries.

The American people need a real statesman for a change, and the people of the world need all the help they can get which is why you could well be the last hope for everyone on the earth in our hour of darkness.
Good luck at the election, but maybe you should postpone it while you work together with all Americans to find some real answers to prevent the extinction of the human race.
The Reverend Peter Nichols,
18 Brimsdown Avenue, Middlesex, London, England.

The following letter and email message was sent to Barack Obama from the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign on 17 October 2012 warning that hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis were likely to hit America soon as a result of global warming.
The warning to the president was also posted on Facebook under the name of Nick Martian, which anyone can check if they want to see how widely it was publicised at the time.

Dear Barack Obama,
The global environmental movement supported you in your bid to become president of America because you promised to heal the earth and lower the rising sea levels, and many environmental campaigners in Britain believed that you meant what you said and that you actually intended to make a real effort to combat global warming.
Four years after you became president America is now being destroyed from within by the record temperatures and heatwaves causing the worst drought in decades which now covers more than 65% of the United States.
As you are probably only too well aware a State of Emergency has been declared across more than half the country where the drought is drying up rivers, destroying crops, and wrecking peoples' livelihoods and hopes for the future.

As climate change escalates out of control all over the world threatening ecological cataclysm and the extinction of all life on earth including the human race, environmentalists are becoming increasingly worried about the way that America is continuing to support the production of the fossil fuels which are the root cause of the crisis.
Immediately after the presidential election there will be a march on Washington and on 7 November the White House will be surrounded by many thousands of eco-warriors demanding urgent action by the new president to stop global warming and tackle the catastrophic effects of climate change.
A new movement to fight global warming is being planned by environmental activists who confidently expect it to be bigger than the peace protests against the Vietnam war in the nineteen sixties and massive support is expected from all around the world.

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign is helping to promote the worldwide protests against the banks, the corporations, and the governments that are responsible for producing and selling the fossil fuels that are destroying the planet and killing all life on earth.
The assets of the fossil fuel industries total about 20 trillion dollars worth of coal, oil, and gas reserves which help maintain the high share prices and the stock market values of the energy companies, but which if burned will destroy the earth and wipe out humanity by the end of this century.
According to the scientists burning 465 gigatons of the fossil fuel reserves which is less than one fifth of the total amount, will cause a global temperature rise of more than two degrees which will make the earth uninhabitable and drive the human race to extinction by the end of this century.

In your acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination for president you said “global warming is not a hoax” and you
referred to the drought and the forest fires in America as conclusive evidence of climate change and you said that it was important to protect the environment for the children.
You claimed that America is investing in wind turbines, biofuels, “clean coal”, and “long lasting batteries” and that your government would protect America's coastlines and you would not be dictated to by the oil companies.
However you also said that in your quest for energy independence for America you have allowed oil drilling and fracking for natural gas from under the ground over hundreds of square miles of land, and that there would be a lot more drilling for oil and gas to help build new developments and runways if you won the presidential election.

Do you really believe that wind turbines and long-life batteries will stop the carbon pollution in the atmosphere that is being caused by the burning of fossil fuels, especially when you are allowing the oil companies to drill for more oil and you are encouraging the fracking for gas which poisons the water supplies and kills the wildlife?
Don't you know that biofuels are made from cutting down trees and other vegetation to make fuel which is then burnt in the engines of cars and trucks and aeroplanes polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, and that coal is NOT clean no matter how much the fossil fuel industries may try to spin their dishonest green washing?
If you really are serious about healing the planet and lowering the sea levels you will need to know the real truth about global warming as opposed to the lies and manipulations of the bankers and the oil companies and you must be prepared to reveal the truth to the American people and to the whole world as well.

America should be taking the lead in promoting an optimistic vision for tomorrow to save the human race and ensure the survival of future generations which will take courage and real leadership and a long term plan that has the protection and regeneration of the global environment at the very heart of it.
My report “Can You Save the Human Race?” is a set of 14 books of about 1000 pages each and they contain all the scientific evidence proving that the burning of fossil fuels is driving humanity to extinction this century, and my reality TV show for the children based on my report is all about the Children's Revolution which started in Britain.
You are welcome to download “Can You Save the Human Race?” from the internet and to use it as a blueprint for your own environmental reforms and also to broadcast my reality TV show from the White House if you like, and I hope that my work will prove to be useful to you in your efforts to win the presidency again.

I think I can confidently predict that if you embark on bold action now to stop global warming you will have the full backing of the worldwide environmental movement which is getting ready for a Revolution to save the human race.
If you combine political and economic reforms with plans for prosperity for everyone based on green jobs to create a healthy planet and peace in our time to ensure the survival of future generations you should win a second term in office.
Otherwise the republicans will take over the White House with another ghastly reincarnation of George Bush who will probably start another war in the Middle East and possibly World War Three to follow soon afterwards.
I'm not really a political person but I know what I'd prefer.
Nobody wants to see the planet plunged into a third world war that will completely destroy all hope of any environmental recovery and which could wipe out humanity even before global warming makes us all extinct by 2100.

You are the president of the United States and you should become very busy protecting America as well as the entire population of the world from the catastrophic effects of global warming and climate change.
You should be declaring War on Global Warming as a matter of extreme urgency and not another war in the Middle East.
If you really do want to win the presidency again you will need to take action now to show that you are serious about this.
You will need to look as if you really are the president of the United States and that you actually mean business.
Instead of debating with your opponents about what you might do you should be in the White House running the country.
You should declare a State of Emergency on the earth and call an urgent meeting of all the governors of all the states together with top scientists and engineers to make some real plans to tackle the drought and the West Nile disease that is spreading across Texas and Louisiana, and that's just for starters.

You could make a speech of welcome to your honoured guests that you broadcast to the nation and to the whole world:
“My fellow Americans, thousands of United Nations scientists are warning that the earth faces its greatest crisis in human history which is why I have brought together the finest minds in America to work to stop global warming and bring climate change under control before it is too late.
“My government is working urgently to create millions of new green jobs to give local people the power to take control of their own local affairs in their own local communities so that they can help to stop the terrible destruction of the global environment and repair the damage that has been done to the earth as a result of the burning of fossil fuels”.

America has polluted the entire planet with its obsession with oil and the endless production of consumer goods and the federal government should now be leading the way to helping to solve the global crisis that has resulted.
Most people have become fed up and angry at seeing crooked politicians working for the greedy corrupt capitalist bankers and corporate leaders who are destroying the earth and killing the human race to make even more money for themselves.
The politicians should not be the enemies of the ordinary working people or be secretly employed by the evil bankers.
What the whole planet needs now more than anything else is a real statesman on the world stage who can lead the way to a brighter future for everybody on the earth, and not just another politician working for the banks and the corporations.

The human race cannot continue to survive for much longer being controlled and dominated by the corrupt and criminal capitalist system of the greedy, for the greedy, and by the greedy who are actually committing crimes against humanity.
The warning signs are there for everyone to see.
Hurricane Katrina just about wiped out the southern city of New Orleans a little over seven years ago and now America is suffering from the worst drought in living memory, the forest fires, the flooding, and West Nile disease.
The United States will almost certainly be hit by many more massive natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis which are caused directly by global warming, and they probably won't be a long time coming.
By then it may well be far too late for you to try to explain why your federal government failed to act to help save the American people from their empty fate which will not only destroy their jobs but even their lives as well in the end.

Globalisation and capitalism clearly do not work and they are destroying the earth and killing humanity.
All the criminal financial activity by the banks and the corporations such as high frequency flash trading on the stock markets should be banned and all the fraudulent debts should be declared illegal, invalid, and void.
The criminal bankers should be arrested for their crimes, prosecuted, and imprisoned before they succeed in killing us all.
Many climate scientists claim that there is likely to be a six degree increase in global temperatures at some time this century which will result in the total collapse of all the planet's ecosystems and the extinction of all life on earth.
Billions of people will die in the worldwide flooding by 2050 according to thousands of United Nations scientists.
There needs to be new laws banning the burning of fossil fuels and a worldwide programme dedicated to producing renewable energies to inaugurate a brave new world of sustainable development, fresh air, clean water, and pure food.

Global warming is slowly but surely destroying the planet and making the earth uninhabitable which means that by the end of this century humanity will be extinct if nothing is done soon to stop irreversible runaway climate change.
Only somebody who has the resources that the president of the United States has access to can possibly have the power to even attempt to turn the disaster of global warming around in time to save the human race from oblivion.
The American government needs to implement a revolutionary program of reforms and innovations and breakthrough technologies that will offer genuine solutions, opportunity for everyone, and a vision of hope for the future of humankind.
What you need to win the presidential election is a viable strategy to save the human race from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels and all the right people to help you actually put it into place right across the United States.

What you should be doing in the last days before the election in November is building a team of dedicated professionals at the White House with the scientific know-how and the technical ability to take serious action to combat global warming and who are prepared to do it for the children and the grandchildren.
You must have the courage to tell the truth to the American people about the ecological cataclysm that global warming is threatening humanity with, and you must be prepared to lead from the front and do what must be done.
If you fight back against climate change you will leave behind a legacy that will thunder down the centuries for all time to come and you will go down in history as the man who saved the human race, but if you don't bother to take any action now the people of the world will probably never forget, and they may never forgive you either.

A long term solution to the devastating drought that is plaguing most of America would be to start drilling for water to find the large underground lakes and rivers which are believed to exist beneath the Nevada desert and also in many other locations right across the whole country.
However the main thing that needs to be done to slow down global warming is to stop burning fossil fuels which will mean that you should be urgently mobilising a task force immediately of millions of young people to work in green jobs in their own local communities.
The beginning of finding answers to the greatest threat that the human race has ever faced is to help to put in place the alternative political and economic system of localisation, environmentalism, and environmental economics.

Local action by local people taking control of their own local affairs in their own local communities is the only sensible answer to the horrors of the capitalist system that is devouring the planet earth like hordes of voracious alien locusts.
Every bio-region has its own local geography, ecosystems, bio-diversity, and unique problems which can only really be sorted out by the local people who are actually living there, and who are the real victims of the effects of global warming.
Every town and village on the earth should become self sufficient in all the basic necessities of life such as food, water, electricity, fuel, and even manufactured goods which can be produced locally by using the latest robotic artificial intelligence CAD-CAM technology.
All jobs in the future should become green jobs in the sense that all our work can be eco-friendly and everyone can contribute to the war effort to fight global warming in their own local communities by doing their own bit to repair, restore, and regenerate their local environment which is something that really does have to start at home.

There also needs to be international cooperation to save humanity from extinction while there is still time to do so.
My report “Can You Save the Human Race?” is jam-packed with all the ideas and solutions from scientists and environmentalists for solving the environmental crisis, including using the military forces of all nations on earth to engage in global infrastructure projects to help reduce the ever-increasing global temperatures and slow down sea level rise.
Massive long term projects must be embarked on including dredging new canals and creating inland seas in wilderness areas to help drain off the rising sea levels as an escape valve to slow down the worldwide flooding that has already started and which is drowning the islands in the South Pacific and the Maldives, and even whole countries like Bangladesh.
All the rainforests including the Amazon are being destroyed by droughts, fires, and deforestation caused by illegal logging, cattle ranches, and farms producing biofuels, and there is a desperate need to plant more rainforests in all the world's deserts, and even in towns and cities all around the earth to create new priceless assets of incalculable value.

The total value of all the world's coal, oil, and gas reserves is $20 trillion which sounds very impressive but the fact is that the human race cannot burn this much fossil fuel and survive beyond the end of this century according to the UN scientists.
The big question has got to be can the fossil fuels be used to solve global warming instead of causing it?
Other uses must be found for all the coal, oil, and gas instead of burning it and polluting the atmosphere with the very dangerous greenhouse gases which are heating up the earth and destroying our precious planetary life support system.
Coal and oil in particular can be used for a variety of purposes other than as fuel, including for building materials such as reinforced plastic, and for sea defences to stop the rising seas from flooding all the low-lying coastal areas of the world which scientists predict will start happening in earnest very soon.

The United Nations scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have already warned that there will be an increase in local wars over oil, land, food, and water as a result of the global environmental destruction and their “nightmare scenario” is of a World War Three nuclear holocaust that will wipe out the whole of humanity.
Fairly soon there will be hundreds of millions of environmental refugees crossing national borders and desperately trying to escape from the worldwide flooding and billions of people will die from drowning, hunger, and disease.
There needs to be visionary leadership from courageous politicians, scientists, and community leaders willing to work to try and stop the Apocalyptic consequences of burning fossil fuels as the human race sleepwalks to its own extinction.

The whole world seems to be out of date and almost everything we do appears to be old fashioned and belonging to a bygone era when attitudes were very different from today and human civilisation was primitive and based on everybody working for a pittance to buy new goods from the high street shops all the time.
The public has become completely mesmerised by the television channels promoting the insanity of the capitalist system which is geared up to conditioning the people to accept endless economic growth based on producing and selling consumer products, and to blindly obey their orders from the capitalist hierarchy to work, consume, procreate, and die.
It's almost as if we are all living in the past and still using obsolete technology like coal-fired power stations to produce electricity and internal combustion engines in cars, trucks, ships, and aeroplanes to burn fossil fuels, pollute the atmosphere, destroy the planet, and kill the human race.

The whole capitalist system of centralised political power combined with a globalised economic system depending on the never ending production and consumption of manufactured goods made from the earth's finite natural resources and the sale of weapons of war for armies to fight each other is completely insane.
The working people of the world themselves must harness the energy and the resources of the energy companies which must be brought under control before they succeed in committing the genocide of the entire human race and killing us all.
The workers must take over control of all the oil, coal, and gas companies to stop the burning of fossil fuels and reduce the ever-increasing carbon emissions and change the entire course of human history and the destiny of future generations.
We may not be able to rescue everybody when the final ecological cataclysm comes but we must try to save as many people as possible and we need to get started immediately before it becomes too late to save anyone at all.

It will be necessary to transform the globalised capitalist system into an alternative localised cooperative system that works for the benefit of the people and the planet rather than continuing with the outdated system that is destroying the environment and killing all life on earth.
There needs to be a virtuous cycle of restoration and regeneration of the environment instead of the existing vicious circle of destruction and death which is leading to the extinction of the entire human race.
There will need to be international agreements and legally binding treaties to stop all countries from continuing to burn fossil fuels and to stop the production and sale and use of weapons of war against each other.
All nations must switch over from using their military forces to invade other countries and fight wars over territory and resources to engaging in massive global infrastructure projects like dredging new canals, creating inland seas, and planting new rainforests in the deserts and the cities, and removing all the excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

There needs to be a global plan that looks into the far distant future with very long term investment in global infrastructure projects and space colonies which is not based on short term commercial profits for greedy bankers and corporate bosses.
The very survival of humanity itself is at stake which will mean putting in place genuine sustainable environmental development that needs to be done to ensure that future generations will have a habitable planet to live on.
We need to restructure the entire world economy and find a way to stop burning fossil fuels and use all the $20 trillion reserves of coal, oil, and gas for worthwhile alternative purposes that will benefit the earth and not continue to destroy it.
The U'wa Indians who live in the Guatemalan rainforests say that the oil lubricates the planet and stops earthquakes.
All the environmental protests and campaigns over the years clearly show that there is a standoff and a stalemate between the serious environmental campaigners who want to see all the fossil fuels left in the ground, and the fossil fuel industries that want to continue producing and selling oil, coal, and gas regardless of the climate chaos that is being caused.

The end result of continuing to pump the dangerous greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere will be the extinction of all life on earth including the human race which will not be able to survive for much longer.
The only sensible solution will be not to risk annihilation or to compromise with obsolete technologies that have been proven to be highly dangerous, but to embark on a cooperative worldwide effort for all nations on earth to work together to solve the global crisis that is threatening everybody on the planet with extinction.
Long term answers spanning many centuries will be needed if humanity is going to be able to survive beyond this century, not short term false solutions like carbon trading and geo-engineering that are clearly fraudulent and will not work.
The energy companies must stop producing fossil fuels and they must diversify into solar power, wind, wave, and geothermal energy, and the ordinary working people must be helped to produce free energy and create micro-generation of electricity in their own homes using hydrogen produced from water by the process known as hydrolysis.

The large transnational corporations supported by their governments will need to urgently start diversifying into space exploration, travel, and migration, with the goal of building space colonies on the moon and on Mars as soon as possible.
There are enough reserves of oil, coal, and gas still in the ground on the earth to help create atmospheres on the moon and Mars in preparation for terraforming them which might be the logical use for all the fossil fuels in the future.
Humanity needs to prepare for space colonies on the moon and on Mars with a desperate sense of urgency because not only will it become necessary soon to provide more living room for the ever expanding world population, but also to be ready for an emergency mass evacuation from the earth in case global warming completely destroys our planet.

Richard Branson is probably one of the biggest polluters in the world but the fact that he runs a bank called Virgin Money and he has been pioneering commercial space travel with Virgin Galactic suggests that he is the sort of entrepreneur who could conceivably join a task force organised by the American government to prepare to colonise our solar system.
The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign has proposed that Virgin Money should start eco-friendly Peoples' Banks in local communities all over the earth to help inaugurate an alternative system to capitalism of localisation, environmentalism, and environmental economics, and maybe the American government should also be considering promoting these ideas?
Earlier this year Mr Branson travelled to the Antarctic with a group of climate scientists and his children to see for himself the melting icebergs, the distressed penguins and walruses, and the damage that global warming is causing to the earth, and to consider what he could do to help solve the disastrous global environmental crisis on behalf of future generations.

The worst case “nightmare scenario” of the United Nations climate scientists in the nineteen nineties predicted that the increasing global temperatures melting the polar ice caps and causing massive sea level rise will result in worldwide flooding killing billions of people and irreversible runaway global warming making the earth completely uninhabitable.
As the world continues to heat up alarmingly the frozen methane hydrate gas under the ground in Siberia and the polar regions is also melting and thousands of billions of tons of methane is likely to end up exploding with the force of 10,000 nuclear arsenals creating an atmosphere on the earth as hot and sulphurous as the planet Venus.
There is plenty of scientific evidence that it may possibly already be too late to stop this catastrophic ecological cataclysm from happening no matter what anybody might try to do to mitigate the damage that has already been done to the earth.
The evacuation of the entire world population to the moon and Mars may well become necessary within the next 50 years
which will be an almost impossible challenge but one that must be faced if humanity is to survive at all into the future.

As a matter of extreme urgency it will be necessary to eliminate most of the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and to terraform the earth to repair, restore, and regenerate the global environment which has been almost fatally damaged.
Scientists will need to perfect the science of terraforming other planets by learning all the techniques on the earth first, and then they will be able to export their new-found expertise to the moon and Mars and create habitable planets for future generations to live on before moving further out into the solar system and beyond.
To terraform the moon will require transporting oil, coal, and gas into space to create an atmosphere on our nearest neighbour which will need carbon dioxide as well as oxygen to produce the necessary conditions for life to survive.
It will probably be necessary to prepare the moon as a base which will then act as a springboard for the human race to migrate further out to Mars at a later date when all the methods of transportation have been perfected.

Right now the people on the earth urgently need solar power and other renewable energies and they definitely do not need to burn the lethal $20 trillion fossil fuel reserves which must be shipped to the moon colony and eventually to our second home on Mars where they will actually be needed.
Treaties will need to be made with all nations to share the moon and Mars and other habitable planets in a spirit of harmony and peace to avoid any conflict in space and to continue fostering international sharing and cooperation.
The catastrophic global warming crisis may well bring out the very best in human nature and help to inspire a true brotherhood of man with liberty, equality, fraternity, and dignity for all God's creatures.
There should be equal opportunities for all the people of the world to take part in the epic struggle to regenerate the earth and terraform the moon and Mars, and everyone involved should have an equal share of the land on other planets.

In the end $20 trillion worth of fossil fuel reserves will probably seem like a very small price to pay to create atmospheres on the moon and Mars and to make them habitable for human life to survive into the future.
At a rough estimate the moon is worth about $10,000 trillion and Mars is probably worth around $200,000 trillion.
Science fiction is coming true in our own lifetimes and all the clues for the future survival of humankind can be found in the works of the great science fiction writers like Robert A. Heinlein who wrote the satirical novel “Stranger in a Strange Land” and “Farmer in the Sky” which provides a detailed blueprint for terraforming the moon.
The title of the book “The Earth is Room Enough” by Isaac Asimov suggests that humanity doesn’t actually need other planets to live on, and “Childhood's End” by Arthur C. Clarke suggests that it is time for all of us to finally grow up.

The eco-warriors in Britain are embarking on a worldwide campaign to transform all the towns, villages, and cities in every country on earth into sustainable eco-friendly communities with workers' cooperatives starting new environmental enterprises and taking over all the existing capitalist businesses and industries.
Using the slogan “THE ECO-WARRIORS ARE COMING!” we are planning to open the Extinction Eco-Village in central London soon to declare War on Global Warming with an activist media centre promoting education for the environment and a junk shop and market offering second hand goods to set an example of recycling and reusing.
As you probably already know London is one of the major coastal cities of the world that the eminent NASA scientist James Hansen has predicted will be completely flooded and will disappear beneath the rising sea levels fairly soon.

The eco-warriors intend to try to demonstrate the way forward to stopping climate change and saving the human race from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels by making the earth habitable for future generations.
We are working on practical solutions that are creative and imaginative and which will enable the ordinary working people everywhere to start and run their own eco-friendly workers' cooperatives in their own local areas which will provide everyone who contributes with a fair share of the rewards.
The Extinction Eco-Village in London will be the location for our activist media centre workers' cooperative producing the Earth newspaper and the reality TV show for the children entitled “Can You Save the Human Race?”
We are currently working closely with a group of our friends who run a children's charity which ships vehicles to Africa to help build a school for disadvantaged children in Gambia... (

The eco-warriors have been working for many years on creating advanced breakthrough technologies for solving the global environmental crisis which we are willing to freely share with your government if you would like to offer them to the American people on behalf of the environmental movement.
One of our friends has invented a micro-chip which is designed to reduce the amount of energy being used by computers and he is also doing very advanced research into the speed of gravity and the use of electrons to generate free energy.
He is also working on making Tesla coils for local micro-generation of electricity and he is doing experimental work with the new miniature Raspberry Pie computer which has been designed for children to learn computer programming in schools.
Another one of our friends is making hydrogen-powered engines and generators using electrolysis of water at the point of ignition producing Brown's Gas which is one molecule below hydrogen, and which mixes with the petrol or diesel to fundamentally reduce the carbon emissions to almost zero.

All vehicles should be required by law to fit hydrogen conversion kits to reduce their fuel consumption and carbon emissions, and car manufacturers should have to replace their out of date internal combustion engines with new eco-friendly power sources that do not pollute the atmosphere.
Our hydrogen powered generators could be manufactured in local areas by local workers' cooperatives as the start of the revolution to produce micro-generation of electricity in homes, offices and businesses all over the planet.
Some of the eco-warriors are planning on joining the mobile phone network Giff Gaff which is a young high-tech community based on the idea of mutual giving and it is run by its members, a bit like a workers' cooperative.
We will be proposing that Giff Gaff should produce a mobile phone for children which will allow them to push a red button to send an emergency signal to the police whenever they need any help urgently.
We would also like Giff Gaff to help promote our genuine solutions for ordinary working people to fight global warming to protect their own local environment and save humanity from being driven to extinction as a result of climate change.

Like a horde of locusts corrupt and criminal bankers, corporations, and politicians moved into London and stripped it bare of its money and natural resources leaving behind a vast bleak wasteland full of desperate unemployed and homeless people including many thousands of young children starving on the streets, begging and stealing just to survive.
The Earth newspaper which the eco-warriors intend to produce at our activist media centre in central London will be sold on the streets by an army of environmental activists, the unemployed, the homeless, and the desperate starving children.
The environmental movement around the world is now beginning to look to the courts to challenge the governments and corporations to stop robbing the people and to take urgent action to stop the destruction of the global environment which is threatening the imminent extinction of all life on earth including the human race.

The eco-warriors are planning court cases in the High Court in London, the Supreme Court in Washington, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, and the International Criminal Court in the Hague to try to close down all the criminal corporations to legally enforce the changes that will be necessary for the very survival of humanity itself.
My report “Can You Save the Human Race?” contains thousands of pages of scientific evidence for the court cases against the secretive and illegal capitalist Bilderberg Group accusing the banks, corporations, and governments of being responsible for causing global warming and attempting to hold them legally accountable for their crimes.
I intend to put my report and my video films of the Children's Revolution at the Camps for Climate Action (also entitled “Can You Save the Human Race?”) into evidence in our court case at the Edmonton County Court on 11 February 2013.

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign is part of a loose-knit collective of environmental activists and scientists who are occupying a derelict property in Enfield in Middlesex which is on the outskirts of London, and we are being threatened with being evicted by crooked property speculators and one of the accusations being made against us is that we are “gypsies”.
This is the same kind of derogatory language and discrimination that is being used against most minority groups in Britain today and it is typical of the racial hatred that has become common throughout the whole of our society.
It is also an example of the right wing backlash against protesters, the poor, the sick, the disabled, the homeless and the unemployed who are all being blamed for the collapse of the global capitalist system and who are being made scapegoats for the massive frauds and corruption of the crooked bankers and the politicians.

Hate crimes are becoming more and more common in Britain even in the court rooms where some of the judges seem to be oblivious to the racial discrimination and prejudice that is creeping into every aspect of our lives here and elsewhere.
The public is being conditioned by a lot of the right wing politicians and business people to despise and be contemptuous of vulnerable people in much the same way that Adolph Hitler's Nazis encouraged and orchestrated the persecution of the Jews in Europe during the Second World War.
There is increasing intolerance towards ethnic minorities which are being targeted by extremists and most vulnerable people have no voice and they cannot defend themselves against the vicious attacks that are being made against them.
We ourselves are now being labelled with the slur that we are nothing more than “gypsies” as if the accusation against us is that we are not acceptable in decent society or we are somehow sub-human, presumably because we are fighting back in self defence against the capitalist criminals who are destroying the earth and causing the extinction of most of the wildlife.

Our court case hinges on the question of whether or not we have a license from the lady owner to occupy our site and it also seems to revolve around the accusation that we are “gypsies” which of course is an important human rights issue.
I am enclosing a copy of the letter that I sent recently to Prince Charles inviting him to come to the Edmonton County Court as a witness in our case on 11 February 2013, and you are also welcome to attend the court as a witness if you would like to give evidence on our behalf as well.
As environmental scientists we are attempting to establish our credibility against the lies and false accusations of the crooked business people who are libelling us and who have also violently attacked us in the recent past.
If you like you can bring to court with you the NASA scientist James Hansen, your own Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, the space travel pioneer Richard Branson, John Lennon's peace activist widow Yoko Ono, and whoever else you might decide could be appropriate credible witnesses for our defence.
We ourselves are planning to also invite as witnesses the Director of the British Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University in Wellington New Zealand Dr Peter Barrett, and the creator of the Gaia theory, professor James Lovelock.

Bizarre as it might seem a new law in Britain making it a criminal offence to squat residential property is believed to be aimed at criminalising people who cannot afford to pay their rent or their mortgages by accusing them of being simply “trespassers” and having them arrested for committing a crime if they stay in their homes.
In our own case we were granted license to stay on a derelict site which had been left in a disgusting state full of rats and rotting rubbish and which had become a health hazard and a danger to local children, but now a mysterious and sinister land agent and surveyor is claiming that we are “gypsies” who have no right to occupy the property.
The really good news however is that soon after moving onto our site in Enfield we managed to get rid of all the rats which were soon replaced by thousands of dormice which are an endangered species protected by law in Britain, and it is a criminal offence to disturb them or to attempt to remove them from their natural habitat.
This means that it would be illegal for property developers to build on the land that we are occupying, and of course when the lady owner verifies that she gave us license to stay we could be here for years, and so could the dormice which we will probably legally adopt just to make sure that they remain fully protected by the law.

Crooked property speculators are causing enormous damage to the environment in local communities everywhere on the earth in the same way that the oil companies and the coal and gas industries are polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases and causing global temperatures to rise, melting the polar ice caps, and raising the sea levels.
A lot of the eco-warriors believe that global warming is an important human rights issue which must be addressed by the judges in the same way that class action court cases have helped to curb the excesses of the tobacco and drugs industries.
I don’t see how we can get a fair trial unless the human rights issues are also examined in great detail at the same time.
I'm sure you appreciate that human rights is one of the biggest issues in the world today as people all over the world fight back against the tyranny and oppression of their governments, and that animal rights are also a very important issue.
Government of the People, by the People, and for the People should mean that the People really do have the right to determine our own destiny and to take control of our own affairs in our own local communities.

Strangely enough environmental campaigners get killed in other countries like Nigeria where protesting against the Shell oil company or Brazil where trying to stop illegal logging and cattle farms in the Amazon rainforest can be very dangerous.
In remote areas of the Amazon diggers are building roads into the jungle where trees are being cut down and sold on the global black market and illegal cattle ranches are springing up just like in the early days of the Wild West in America.
Rainforest defenders who have been gathering evidence by taking photos and video have been shot dead by land thieves.
Drought and fires are also destroying all the world's rainforests and no amount of concern or action to protect the Amazon is likely to be able to save it which is why there is such an urgent need to plant more rainforests in the deserts and the cities.

In Britain it is common for environmental campaigners to get violently attacked by criminal thugs working for property speculators and the government and we have even been referred to as “eco-terrorists” but now we are also being smeared and accused of being “gypsies” which is a very disturbing new development indeed.
These Neanderthal criminals who are committing crimes against humanity and who will ultimately be responsible for the genocide of the entire human race must be stopped by any means necessary before they succeed in killing us all in the end.
Nostradamus predicted that the end of the world would come in 2012 with a nuclear holocaust or alternatively this year would prove to be the beginning of the golden age of earth with prosperity and harmony for everyone forevermore.

If it will help you in your quest to win the presidency again you can quote from my report “Can You Save the Human Race?” and this letter, and you can broadcast my reality TV show for the children from the White House as well if you like.
You have children of your own so I am sure you would be happy to support the eco-warriors' Children's Revolution.
When you first stood for president of America millions of people actually believed that we would soon be seeing the dawning of a New Age of planetary healing and lower sea levels unprecedented in human history.
Nobody is quite so sure anymore but we are still hoping for the best, and the eco-warriors would like to promote you as our very own superhero Captain Earth the Green Avenger, and we hope that you will come to our show trial of the century.
Good luck at the election, .

Reverend Peter Nichols
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