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Analyst Raps “Files On Wheels” Set-up

Wolf Institoris | 24.04.2016 10:26 | Analysis | Globalisation | Policing | World

It is the information age variety of the boy that pulled the table cloth at the family meeting because it was too cowardly to turn the tables at the temple – only that the childish conduct behind the „John Doe“ mask originates from these whose tables should have been turned long ago. Yes – it means mounting a serious people abuse charge to assert that a national government is behind the informational “meals on wheels” dropped in front of the noses of commercial news journalists. It would mark a qualitative leap from the hitherto spoon-feeding of disinformation to a policy of force-feeding abusing those employees as prisoners of unconventional war. Victims are being held hostage by the imagination that they were doing good while they in fact are tools of evil. Here´s the Abgar talk on the issue.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please let me introduce this speech with the statement that we are talking today about a by-product of unregulated interdisciplinary research. It happened when two scientists working overtime on their projects met at a water cooker in the basement of Zimbabwe University by what is more likely to be pure coincidence than anything they ever requested from the military networks, and found an association between the ideas they were just on. More precisely, the historian found a distant similarity when he heard of the behavioural researcher´s current work, and then the latter figured that this must have been the prototype idea for the ´files on wheels.´”

“One project was about the attractiveness of material wealth to animals. Monkeys were shown expensive wristwatches behind solid glass. When the jewels were at less than arm´s length, the animals became much more aggressive than at a meter´s distance. Then the experiment was repeated with a hardened video screen and photographs of the items. The result was the same! To which the historian said, in the Soviet Union under Stalin, not only in party meetings but in the national opera and state circus as well, security spies took notes who in the audience applauded less than others or even avoided paying applause, and these people were then persecuted as cosmopolitans respectively traitors of the state. But since spies never formally asked participants to applaud, they were called applause monkeys. Is it applause monkeys pulling the tablecloth of the tax evader instead of turning the tables of the taxation system?”

“Most of the times, the troll sitting on the fiscal policy stool behind the taxation table is a confused being devoid of any better idea what to make of its time. This is not meant as an insult in general, yet the point is that taxation is not linked to behaviours that ought to be avoided stronger than they currently are but has spread to just about everything monopolistic government intends to get its nose into for whatever whimsical pretext. If you picture the healthy tax evasion instinct as an animal to be tamed, the capitalist state is the one that fails to tame the animal and steals its offspring instead. By throwing the taxation table, we mean the necessity to dismantle that entire system and harness tax evasion as an alternative energy source to be tapped.”

“Want to avoid some taxes? Consume less fossil derivatives. Ready. Why not make use of the fact that a fracking rig is way more difficult to hide even from a taxation desk than a mailbox. If we run out of taxes because either fossil is gone or consumption is plummeting, we still have a smaller problem than it is from where we are now. When people were married to monarchs taxation was the stick they used to beat those wives, and democracies never got fully rid of that habit. Taxation is being abused to introduce the capitalist state into as many aspects of human life as it can get at, and that is the root cause why the avoidance instinct is not successfully harnessed to justly – call it democratically if you like – distribute the wealth both among the contemporaries and among times.”

“Paying taxes is the gesture the degenerated system takes for applauding the big taxation fraud. There comes the point at which people get angry and crowds get dangerous and the tables are calling to be turned. There comes the temptation for the applause monkeys to produce a distraction. Every low budget flight is more of a sin than tax avoidance however egoistic it may be. If taxation is just then it can and should be avoided and you ought to be proud to do so. That we talk of tax evasion as a matter of blame is a indication of totalitarian madness, as with the aristocrats and their democratic replacements. The applause monkeys are only the icing on the cake of a defunct system.”

“As the historian said, had Stalin invested these very same efforts and resources into providing his people objective reasons to applaud, he would have been more successful but for all we know he did not sufficiently believe in himself that he could. When you replace Stalin with any given fiscal alpha player then you can degrade it to a subordinate role. This focus on enforcing nonsensical contributions with ever more energy instead of fixing the underlying contradiction, in this case the lack of avoidance-instinct-compatibility of the collection system, what is it? Some say this was the propagation of a character defect of the respective fiscal player, but if that is so it is also a selection criterion increasing the likelihood to be given that role, adding weight to the word of these arguing it was a historical aberration.”

“Once there are applause monkeys they leave no one there who does not become like them. They are calling that integration, which is the opposite of integrity. As in the tragedy of the moronic housewife who has no issues more urgent than whether the dishwasher is integrated into the kitchen or stands alone. She should rather worry that her daughter might integrate the cleaning powder into the baking ingredients drawer. But integrated jokes aside – as these of Stalin – neither would give a donation if the kids from the neighbourhood rang the bell asking for a small amount for spiritual beauty. Had it been for taxation but not for that!”

“The tax archipelago is like a conundrum in an alien culture waiting to be discovered. I tell you another story. There was a nursing home at the end of the town, nice place where children would play on the road. One guy in it, every morning when the mail man drove by he got out on the asphalt with his electric wheelchair driving around. Everyone else thought he expected some important mail. They got stunned when it went on and on and whatever mail it would be never arrived. He would not talk about it in any meaningful way, so some people began to talk and others began to think.”

“After a long drama it was found that he was trying to direct the mail car into the wheelchair-only-privileged parking spot in front of the door. Needless to mention that the postman always parked near the fire hydrant, a standard hose´s length away from the mailboxes, because he thought the man was waiting for whomever to arrive and pick him up. That pensioner turned out to be a former tax inspector. He had integrated the false consciousness that has befallen his profession into his individual life, and when old age eroded all its vanity only the absurdity thereof remained.”

“The applause monkey syndrome and its appearance in the public arena in the cloth of fiscal policy marks the degeneration of a totalitarian system. Had Stalin responded to the terrorism he faced at the same volume the capitalist democracies currently do, he might have left the ten-fold death count though. In the end the historian was surprised that the present is much worse than the precedent. So what are the obstacles to an avoidance-compatible reconstruction? As we learn from the fate of Stalin, it cannot come from a monopoly power because before completing monopoly any state power degenerates sufficiently to not be worth it, without exception.”

“Yet it must be accomplished beyond the parallel administrations of nation states. To sum it up, there are grave obstacles but they are of the same kind as in the climate conflict. Would it be a progress if politicians said they would fix the tax avoidance harnessing failure once everyone who criticises them now has died anyway? The actual progress beyond the high water mark of established patterns would be if their climate action was as swift as the tax system reconstruction is technically possible. Despite all hope-less rhetoric it has not even overtaken the ratification race of the disarmament clause yet.”

“But we all know that the democratic capitalist governments are a bunch of demented war criminals who will be killed when people realise what they have attempted. What? Stalin saw himself under a sort of permanent siege by capitalist states – of which he assumed it could only end with the end of the latter – hence he persecuted everyone seeking for independence because he feared these people would become tools of the enemy. And oddly enough he was right – there was an enemy who had economies, militaries etc. bent on doing just that. Democratic capitalism on the other hand persecutes independent individuals for no reason. Its criminal politicians know that they are morally wrong to do so, which is why they are trying to hide it from these who are not aware of independence.”

“What do they fear? Stalin feared unfair competition. These politicians fear fair competition. There is no enemy with economies, militaries etc. who could exploit independents. They made themselves enemies of course but no one seeks competition with them. We seek abolition. The persecution proliferates to these who do not applaud, and be it for the most unrelated reasons, because it is baseless. We see the tax enforcement mania propagated by democratic capitalism as a symptom of its lack of political legitimacy.”

“One more word about Stalin – in the communism of the 21st century there is no authoritarian. Did you see the verdict of the North Korean national security court against the South Korean propagandist who had spewed graphic insults against their collective ego? The judges just pointed at the case of a Jamaican singer known for his notoriously shameful rhetoric of which leading anthropologists had said it resulted from the man having built his band with the hands of labour market dispatchers. The Northerners convicted the Southerner to sing a karaoke version of ´The Anthropologist of Moscow´, if one or another wanted to.”

“The editorial in the Worker´s Party tabloid noted that before the incident Southerners who talked about the fact that their media are lying had to prepare to be asked to provide examples. Now they can just hum the melody like any plain old innocent. That the rogue propagandist was stifled could only become so big an issue because the puppet regime there shouts over all local critics with a vain claim it would not stifle anyone. But said historian was so full of resentment against Stalin because a distant family relative had been raped by a Soviet soldier in a blowback wave in the last century that he came up with old news fragments which provide us a fitting description of the ills of democratic capitalism.”

“Still not enough? Here´s my private opinion. In a healthy community, teachers are not government officials. As little as driving school employees are traffic cops. The reason for it is, in order for them to learn they need to look up to teachers testing them in terms of respect even when they look down on them in terms of classroom configuration. That is possible, since in looking down they remember they had to hand in the school construction plan for advance approval before getting started, and that memory reminds them to look up. Where teachers are mixed into the same pot with government officials you will find government officials imagine they were teachers, the public arena was a classroom, the landscape was a blackboard, their weapon was a crayon and their violence a language.”

“Yet it is not, as the public space should be intuitive, and a lesson should be instructive, and misunderstandings should be cleared by formal request in referable form and triple repeat. If teachers were government officials, anything they wear in class would become a school uniform or a civilian disguise. Like that old man who stunned his handlers, the entire applause monkey syndrome that has appeared on the fiscal stage is a grotesque side effect of the annexation of the teachers. Trotsky was a teacher in this sense, but Stalin was so angry at democratic capitalism defying all evidence that he sent an icicle to the tropics.”

“What does it mean when applause monkeyism spills itself into the public like this? It means that it has failed to contain its targets in the therapist´s dilemma. The Therapist´s Dilemma? The therapist´s dilemma is when the kind of bad experience a client describes is so common that linking it to applause monkeyism would amount to calling a public health emergency over the latter. Hence we need to provide that doctor with a kind of microscope for applause monkeyism because it is much easier to declare emergency over something you can put under a microscope than over the footsteps of a theory. The UMD is that microscope and the hate speech against the tax dodgers is the projection it brings about from inside its apish brain.”

“Here´s another showpiece for the Universal Moron Disassembler: The Roman church and it difficulties with marriage divorces. Why divorce? If the marriage was made under false assumptions, annul it. If not, stay. It was either always erroneous or is still right. Of course, then you can´t have the Bishop of Rome resign. Either the assignment was erroneous and is to be annulled or it is to stay. Like any secular law: Either it has always been wrong and is to be scrapped, and compensated for retroactively, or not. You don´t get divorced from a law because it was right yesterday and wrong tomorrow, that is utter nonsense.”

“Truth must not be a function of time, but it is true that not every time is a function of truth. If you found someone alleging an old tree was still alive although it grows no fresh sprouts, would you believe it? If someone told you an old tree was the product of fresh sprouts grown out of a dead stub then you could at least check the hole. If someone told you a tree was cut for the purpose to drop on the ground, would you believe it? If someone told you a tree dropped on the ground while it was cut for a purpose, then you could at least check the allegation. Metaphorically, the broken church is like that tree, and its failure to grasp the concept of annulment is that hole.”

“But we want something different. Disassembling can help us understand how it works, but not how it was intended. We do not want the core dump of the taxation system. We want the source code of it. Since we already disassembled it there is no conundrum. We need the source code of it in order to disassemble that as well. We will either force the fascists to disclose it or we will destroy that system without a further look. My uncle once took an invitation to a government building to discuss a proposal for family reunion and when he walked out he said it was so devoid of spirit that not even once did he fold his legs there. He did not look at any of the names until government disclosed the making thereof. It never happened and the building was fire-bombed with white phosphorus before that government lost the war. Today we are a step further and see the side-effects of the defunct taxation system trying to deflect the pressure we exert on it in order to obtain verifiable information on its intent.”

“I call this the Spoiled Elders Syndrome. What happens is, the system is defunct and these who notice that slow it down in order to shut it down for restart. If you have spoiled elders at the helm of it, then they will respond to increased friction with increased pressure. They will be squandering resources belonging to the future in their futile attempt to exceed your effect at any cost. Look at oil pricing and currency interest rates to see concrete instances thereof. As that spill happens the spoiled elders and the applause monkeys reinforce each other. In other words, the tax obedience craze is a symptom of the influence of spoiled elders. Unfortunately they are a renewable toxic asset, raising spoiled successors in their shadows. The tax evader is then being thought of as an available scapegoat and prop to distract from this problem.”

“What is the sound of a sack of seeds spilling when nobody cares? It says: I am from the latest harvest, there is no replacement for me. It does not say this under normal conditions. But it does convey that meaning if you have to face that problem. How do we defeat the spoiled elders? We cannot compete a kleptocracy because of its capability to outmatch any amount of resources. And if we could, we would in the end behave like it doing it at the expense of our offspring. The fundamental flaw of the demo- or kleptocrats – these have become real-existing synonyms – is, when their system gets locked in a resources race it already is locked in a fraudulent ideology built around a big lie, so it is defrauding the future generations as it speculates we were to swallow that lie and the entire fraud could be brushed under the carpet before they grasp it.”

“That speculation is why we call them spoiled elders, because the fact that their misconduct extends to others demonstrates that it is not about us but about them. Their defence of their false ideology cannot but hurt that very ideology from early on, although it takes the resources to outmatch us at the cost of any sense of proportionality and appropriateness, or more precisely because of that. How do we avoid to become the same when no one happens to be left in front of us? The answer to these two questions can only be one and the same. And it is simpler than money could buy. The spoiled elders are being fooled by the ideology of a dying society – their assumption that the next generation could anyway not outmatch them turns against them. They believe they had inherited the world from the ancestors, while we know that we have borrowed it from the children.”

“Look at me – I am an hospice worker by coincidence. I prefer to work with people who want to live, but due to the insanity of the government I mostly work with people who chose to die. Their government lines them up where there is a chance that I might come through, and by following that order they sign their death warrants. Then they attempt to talk to me as if nothing had happened and I treat their incapability to cope with their choice. It has been old people, young people, men and women, people aware of the mistakes of their predecessors and others that not, all caught up in the same lie to themselves, and I help them to approach the insight that they have chosen to die for no reason. Actually, the term people is an undeserved compliment for applause monkeys.”

“My hope for each and everyone of them is to realise and talk openly to me about their impending death, but it is absolutely clear that they must themselves make the first step in that direction. Or cease approaching me for no reason. Then I could change my role and work with people who want to live. Why do you need my assistance to die, are you a soldier of evil? Your soul is dead already, revive it by revoking that toxic oath if you can get out, or die completely. Your existence is a disease of this species, you bloody piece of spam. My unsolicited craftsmanship as a death guide for government idiots is to tell the above message in the way it cannot theoretically hurt an innocent as whom the government idiot is posing.”

“I am saying this here at Speaker´s Corner to make absolutely clear that mentioning the Spoiled Elders Syndrome does not imply enmity against old people. Exactly the opposite – by saying so we regret that these of that generation who could have done better did not get old. If the worst are the last to die, something is fundamentally wrong and more likely than not some of the early dead did know precisely what. Take for example the senior conservative player who said even if the central bank pumps out money like oil, he would rather toss it out of a helicopter gunship to provoke dogfights and tease the runaway reflex than file each individual a regular envelope. That is so spoiled that when insurgents follow up with cutting down the currency like a mismanaged oil well and tossing the spoiled elders out of the helicopters instead the person might recognise itself in it.”

“You can do it like me, do not buy and government bonds and you are safe. And if you want to do more, avoid paying taxes. Will Work consequently avoided paying taxes after government agents posing as medical doctors murdered his only son, and he did more for the world than anyone could attribute to any government. Which brings us to the ultimate reason for this speech: As the “files on wheels” scam unfolded, from the initial appetite euphoria to the current stomach woes among these who ate from them, there are loads of pay-job journalists yearning for truth. You might have believed you found another Snowden or Manning or even an Assange or Sison, but it was just a distraction smear as in earlier smaller ´psyops´of the same type in Europe in recent years.”

“What links all those instances is the ideology of applause monkeyism. What explains applause monkeyism is the spoiled elders syndrome. We have come forward together a long way, from the first serious warnings of the risk of journalists becoming war criminals to the current situation of commercial journalists waking up to find war criminals in their necks. Today, we can put another piece of reality back on its feet. Was the question then: What is a bank robbery in comparison to the founding of a bank? So it is now: What is the founding of a cover firm compared to the totalitarian robbery thereof? If you degrade the greed for exclusive stories in favour of the checks and balances guaranteed by integrity-centred leaking platforms then you find a reliable compass to avoid getting defrauded once more. And there we are at it again: The art of avoidance.”

“I tell you one thing about the system that brings this about and makes that necessary. I avoid to give it a benefit of the doubt in existential issues. I do not conspire against it because that would only reproduce it. Hence, when the system takes this as a pretext for significantly degrading the environment, then that system is to be disposed of. The state, if any, is there for the people, not the people for the state. Since they chose to attack me, I openly call for terrorism – where ever spies do evil, put that ring on them. If you would leave me in peace there would be no problem. But a democracy of which it cannot be said that it is not what it claims to be without getting stalked by it is not what it claims to be. It is a conspiracy hiding behind a constitution, and you can throw that constitution away.”

“I conclude it must be destroyed such as all its earlier incarnations, but this time let´s do it so that there will be a learning effect for future generations and it is never going to reproduce. Can we write a better one that is not susceptible to to hostile takeover from inside? Yes, it must provide unconditional material security, not just pay lip service to some of our avoidance rights. Only then the conspiracy of the most fearful and unscrupulous to grab the safest jobs defending the unsuitable system is truly exorcised. A cycle closes, another one begins. In the name of the masses, the have-nots, the exploited: Where paying taxes becomes more important than paying for your children there is no future. Thank you.”

Friday Apr 15th, 2016

Wolf Institoris


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