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VCVG Presents Instant Fake Detector

Ron Hearstfield | 12.05.2016 15:42 | Analysis | Indymedia | Terror War | World

In a video broadcast censored by major commercial platforms, anti-democracy human rights activist Valentin Caspar von Grimmelshausen and pro-democracy human rights activist Om-Lai Tung have presented a device programmed to detect content forgeries deriving from government abuse of security-tagged personal data. The IFD is a software program loaded upon the device, which instructs its handler with regard to the handling of such contamination in case it is being tested as a possible solution against unresolvable side-effects resulting from fake content. Likely threats include entrapment tactics by governments along the human rights rhetoric food chain, of which the two activists said they are always wrong regardless of geopolitical orientations. Users are being encouraged to discard fakes on heuristic suggestion and hold government responsible for unsolicited production thereof. A mission statement said authenticity meant that of a thousand flowers blossoming, not a single one was allowed to be a forgery in order for the species to be called authentic.

The IFD responds to an increasing flood of fake news, fake personalities and fake campaigns resulting from the metastasis of the spying apparatus in the warmongering countries, the dissidents elaborated. The Instant Fake Detector is a multi-part product whose separate components are being put together only at use. When done so, it detects the source of the fake by getting swallowed by it. It then marks that source with a distinctive pattern of the most pathetic exaggeration. The IFD exploits the situation that the production of fake content requires an information intake and spying is a mental defect that can easily be triggered without wrongdoing. Since the IFD is being spent in the action the fake source itself is relaying the warning, but it can easily be reproduced.

In the statement, VCVG elaborates: “Colleague Tung found the algorithm watching a shoe sale at a beach resort. As he looked at the business, he figured that there were two entirely separate markets: People used to walking barefoot on sunshine asphalt, and others that were not. The second group, the larger one by the way, made for an additional market for fake products that would not sell on the first market. First because it was the larger one before tourists came in, although the issue was irrelevant before asphalt came in. These products would include shoes, but the fake assortment went to extend to unrelated segments as people lacking Earth contact – and be it only industry-degraded earth – would buy a whole planeload of litter from the shell shoes onward to the sculpture of the spice market stall. If you picture the situation with the eyes of the child that grows into it no matter how wrong the entire set-up is, then the decisive aspect is that you might have a real need to obtain an instant fake detector in order to navigate through the deception wreckless. It would have to reproduce the insight incrementally gained from walking the asphalt in one piece at no physical price to deserve that name. Is it possible to produce that soup?”

“Yes, but in a slow market it only works for the next generation of products, due to its modus operandi. But the area of fake news, personalities and campaigns is a market as quick as financial speculation. Every story reproduces into its own next generation in no time. The enormous waste of resources in spying pressure has created a vacuum to suck them in. Such as naive tourists can be fooled with distortions of their own lack of insight into the human condition as to make money along a geopolitical wealth distribution asymmetry fault line, the conduct of forgeries has become a significant share of government activity. The instant fake detector is our response to this threat. IFD is being introduced due to the demand of the first market to prevent disappointment. It is necessary to know that due to the fact that we cannot yet with certainty block the proliferation of further fakes by the spying apparatus, the whole procedure of dismantling becomes fundamentally different from the process of identifying forgeries where no new ones are being added. While the latter can be handled as a pure technicality, throwing off a regime of forgery with ongoing feedbacks is an effort in need of defending itself in all directions plus against encirclement as well. But it also allows for methods such as the forward indication implemented with the IFD which would not be feasible to clear up a remainder. These less complex procedures are to be developed in a second step building upon the results of discontinuing the fake production procedure.”

“Let me make a few remarks on the general significance of the problem. Regimes have been inserting forgeries into archives ever since there are conspiracies. Archives have been safeguarding their authenticity ever since they recognised their value. What is new is though the spying does not make governments any smarter than the archives, it enables them to undermine their safeguards. For example, without spying it would still be possible to produce a forgery, but inserting it into all mirrors of an archive would not be worth the risk, while with spying there would be the temptation to insert it only in the mirrors you are likely to use. Spying lowers the conscience threshold due to its speculation of risk-free theft and abuse. Hence, the instant fake detector is an indirect spying detector reporting the fire from the occurrence of the smoke. You may find forgeries without a background of spying, but that is an uphill effort in many respects.”

“What is a fake and how does it work? I give you an example of a fake story. After the Holocaust, defeated Nazis were forced to remove their propaganda slogans from the walls under the eyes of Jehovah´s Witnesses. True? The answer is no. The witnesses had been gassed. But the rest is true, although the entire story is false. Someone made a caricature of it depicting both what you see and what you do not get to see, which won the annual Tehran Holocaust Contest art price. When we began delivering the instant fake detector, it was found that it always reported a Palestinian state under Israeli occupation as a forgery. In that false story, the biggest element of forgery is the propaganda slogans though, but their content is not transmitted. Next example, more complex. When Unitedstates President Bush – the one who set up the Guantanamo concentration camp – visited Kenya, what did it describe as the greatest achievement of modern times? A – the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, B – the containment of the Malaria pandemic, C – the formal abolition of child labour, or D – the bureaucratic framework of the African Union? The answer is of course, bureaucracy – the same bureaucracy people would jump out of in despair when entrapped by firebombing. But the whole truth is the man lacked any sense of appropriateness, exaggerating its own affinity preference to a general prototype to the extent that agreeing to it would belittle real achievements.”

“So there are two or three steps to roll back the forgery. First, use the IFD. As it enters the fake production process, use that proof to raise awareness and create significant disruption. Second, when the production process is finally cut off use the additional insight gained to identify and neutralise all fakes, including these preceding your IFD use. Third, or actually zeroth, prepare for the beginning of the procedure to take place in an intransparent environment. You will not see all fakes in a defined realm from early on, such as it is impossible to perceive all stars through an amount of light pollution – although this is an inverted comparison. But in the process of doing so the pollution level goes down and you will see more. The IFD leaves open the technicalities of fake removal, as there may be many ways for it and clarity already increases with their identification before definitive removal may take place as a collective effort. It is recommended by the heuristics of the procedure to only empty the fake bin after all instances have been purged. And of course, never fake the instant fake detector, because with filtering its alarm against itself you also reduce result quality. For correct understanding, avoid thinking of this detector as something blindly applied to a situation as if it happened on a laboratory table. No. It is something that is inserted into the situation in order to change it and to grab its forgery efforts at their unresolvable contradiction between intent and content enshrined in their bet on future cover-up. If you want something to be covered up by the rest of life, don´t do it as a government, and the law of entropy is in your favour.”

“Let´s make our own fake story, and let´s make it self-referential to confront all logical oddities head on. When Hillary Clinton approached Ban Ki Moon in an aisle of the New York building on his way to the canteen, she was so absorbed by her own theatrical performance that in his third grasp for a wrap-up closing sentence to her conversation he put his hand on the toilet doorknob. When her starter cable enthusiasm flared up again he just said a reassuring sorry and entered. Dilma Rousseff is a witness, which is why – you see? Hahaha. We found the greatest fake of modern time. What is the greatest fake of modern time? This is the answer: The Middle Age. The Middle Age is a period in European history between the over-running of the Roman imperial occupation and global industrial colonialism. There is a huge recording asymmetry showing very dense information how it ended but rather little how it began. In fact it is so little that some voices suggested its early period was a calendar fake and its actual historical duration smaller. But we talk of tree ring records not of radiocarbon uncertainty here. We know it began with a fake, or more precisely a dud, that is a claim of European unification that only lasted for one generation. It appears plausible that this was one of many parallel societies networking on the subcontinental range which latter eradicated other memories independent of it. In a nutshell, the founder of the age when people were called to believe in ´the middle´ was a fake.”

“How was the Carolingian monarch a forgery? It was not a sovereign individual herding the confused as it would be the prerequisite of a lasting foundation. It was a network of warlords who had no other enemies left than dissenters they oppressed, and as to prevent themselves from slaughtering each other they went to convert those powerless rivals from prisoners to leaders resulting in a wretched concept of leadership breaking everyone who could fill it. Charlemagne was so unlucky to get promoted to their first dynasty mascot. Not to mention that trying to break possible leaders, whether it succeeds or not, is a cultural defect, because either it does not succeed to recruit a leader or it produces a broken one. It does not need a prophet to tell why such a system is programmed to break apart in the next generation, not without a giant smokescreen of inheritance wars. Putting symbolic support ahead of actual support is like handing out hot food before handing out dishes. Sick, if you ask me. In the end, the Roman church had to have the concept of parallel societies rammed down its throat after it sacrificed it to the warlords it was meant to tame, in the memory of its own occupation with lions. Charlemagne was not real, but without the golden cage of its palace and guards a prisoner of his own herd.”

“To sum it up, the warlord hegemony was a forgery and the concept of the Enlightenment is a mere metaphor for the detection of the fake. Simplified to the utmost, in the Thirty Years War the idea of monopoly rule entirely lost the hearts of the next generation and after centuries of ignorance the concept of parallel societies gradually began to return to its natural role. We still face resistance against the restoration of a social pluralism, but it is downhill from there. Monopoly rule has historically failed to make the world a place bad enough to depend on it. What we did to make the IFD work is add a component that calls itself “occupy one per cent” and is less climate-hostile than palm oil. Don´t be disturbed by the militarist language, neither do we behave like occupiers nor present ourselves to be occupied. It is just to make the military crazy and destroy it. These lands are our free commons and we use them like any generation in the line. But they are in very bad condition for ours and these around us, which is the inspiration of the name. We, Grimmelshausen & Tung Authenticity Associates, hahaha, pick ten meters of river flow somewhere from the one per cent thereof currently still in natural condition.”

“Which is not so important; for that purpose they can all be exchanged for each other. But once you add this ingredient it makes the instant fake detector work. It influences the fake production cycle sufficiently to identify and collectively decide upon it, and that again opens the door to the decision over the fake backlog. You know, discussing the human body with an artificial intelligence would be like discussing the electronic brain with a fellow human being, only less fruitful. These natural river flows, and be they only little creeks, remind us that victory is not only the defeat of an enemy who is an useless conquest, if not materially then for advance speculation, but the renaturation of the monoculture of forgery. Squat one per cent, because here you can find authenticity plus an intuitive distinction how to take something of it without deprecating it. Just avoid letting your enemies know where to occupy your upstream. You can anchor your mind in any unique micro-meandering, but it cannot permanently exempt you from the fact that the Long March toward Anarchy goes on. We take the one per cent, because Nature reassures us that we can stay morally above the current era civilisation and its contradictions. Check it out; Friedrich Engels had behind his garden door just what I said. And let us increase the percentage thereof in the course of it from the sources downward.”

“Colleague Tung mentioned as an example treated the urban legend of Chinese organ trade allegedly targeting religious minorities for harvesting profit from an unstable world market. He said proponents of the conspiracy theory could not tell whether the communities concerned were declining any organ exchange for religious reasons or would contribute if they weren´t forced. He said internally these assertions were naive, but externally they were reckless given the intellectual property theft committed by the Western prohibition regime against Cannabis practitioners. Unitednations would be dead already without Cannabis brain theft. He underlined that by committing theft the governments admit the extraordinary bodily health and supreme living customs of such minorities, bringing up the question why the government would not openly recommend their rules instead of covertly stealing their organs. There are many easier ways to a healthy heart than transplanting it from someone whose belief in a superior alternative way of life is to be hidden from your awareness for bureaucratic reasons. By the way, in this broadcast we abstain from any direct translations and leave it to the two audiences themselves to produce overlapping maps, because the map is not the territory.”

“Apes have five fingers on each hand as well, does that oblige us to lower our standard to their level? Our extended hand is just as iconic a roof as the extended claw of their hierarchy and the external transcendental distance in between. This brings us to another fundamental challenge – an audience interested in fake detection for its own reasons of authenticity awareness might weigh the hypothesis that we might ourselves be forgeries – after all we told them our enemy has no restraint with regard to malignant deception, so it is possible to assume we might be the evil imposters it would surround itself with. Good thought – look for someone who finds weird fun in sick destructivity in the pretext of doing good, anxiously denying healthy fun to others as a motivation to prefer that to better wages in competing non-fraud sectors. And of course even if we are not manipulative we might still be manipulated. One fake flower in the blossoming meadow and it is contamination area. Suspicion is an evolutionary advantage. It is a sign of healthy independent thought to doubt us just like these we criticise. You grow the wheat with the husk.”

“Can we believe ourselves that we have not been deceived? My colleague cited an experience he made in a shopping market. The conversation began when he poked a finger into the video detective´s eye because there was a long cash desk line requiring additional clerks to be dispatched for parallel rows. While some liked it so much that they put him forward in the line, others said it was pointless because it was the only line without sweets in the waiting area and parents taking their children with them for shopping had no choice anyway. When the adults began talking, one of the kids intervened in the most dissonant tone it could bring about voicing a demand for a pet jacket. I should add that pet clothing displaying commercial marketing logos is the latest hype in China conquering the video click charts with corporate banners put on everything from cats to large animals. Luckily, in this moment the line moved on, and that kid was in front of Om-Lai and had no time left to go back to check the shelves. Om-Lai said that although of good will, these parents that abstained from taking part in his forwarding had been deceived and therefore unavailable for him in the short term, but in a deeper sense part of the demand for fake detection in order to reduce the stress from their kid´s irritation by aggressive marketing and non-violent counter-marketing. This is why a shortened waiting line is a good thing, while shortened criticism of capitalism would be like sushi without the food samples. I agree with my own shopping experience. A clerk threatens an apprentice with beating, so I ask for a price reduction due to human rights lacks, so the clerk sends the apprentice to the cash desk and goes lurking, so I tell him: Go to the union. That is short but not shortened.”

“An Islamic State daesh-prisoner could wave with a current enemy-newspaper to a camera to prove he is still alive. But which olive branch could I grab to prove that I am real and not an employee of a government agency producing fakes? Do you remember what you did the day the cartel czar died? I mean the old one with the heavy metal habit who would treat neoliberalism as a pimple if you dished him a government order to do so, before these brain-damaged appeasement bureaucrats moved in? Surely you do clearer than a misled printing press can pretend. If you look at the first broad tests of the instant fake detector and the operative silence created to receive its results, the distinction between us and the government is very clear. The historian Tariq Ali reports about an encounter between Thorwald al-Abgar and the Chinese emperor what this giant of the 20th century said about being approached behind the scenes by the American president in the Cuban missile crisis: Once you understand that you cannot openly negotiate with me because my people would rip me apart together with the result, the next stepping stone is to understand that you must openly negotiate with my people. Our people can decide on their own, are mentally independent and operate without any chain of command. Theirs are materially abundant, spiritually imbecile and part of a hierarchy. We understand victory as an end to their aggression and return to ourselves, they expect to enhance themselves by conquering us. But since it is a condition of the mind called independence that is fruitful with us, we would be fruitless when conquered. It is a contradiction in terms. Only the insect is interested in the bite. The human is interested in the end of the struggle.”

“So here are some spices for your IFD production. When the roof-maker meets the roofless person they share an experience. Their decision tree is rooted in the sky. The weather condition determines everything regardless whether you work with a commercial radar feed or the bare eye. Bad weather is not that bad when there is an early notice period sufficient to unfold a response. They may use different techniques to create that delay though. Till the rain has come through the trees or through the radar cone ground condition is ready to combat it. Manchuria was occupied by the Japanese, and there was a roof-maker who cooked the illegal roots for the entire slave labour brigade on his tar heater, and then became the province´s governor after the nukes turned the tide. He saw those tar shadow pictures, and from thereon handed out government-made housing like hot potatoes to everyone bringing any enthusiasm into his public campaigns against the nuclear carriers restoring its beaches. To fulfil his own dream he ordered them all to display a Read Star as a lightning rod. He said the insertion of the nuclear weapons into international politics by the physicists was as if instead of building a house and putting a roof on it someone was stealing a roof to put a house underneath. Contrary to rumour Einstein has not assigned the bomb to some national government like a no bell-piece price, but been calling a public emergency on a golden rule basis, any interpretation of which is subject to changing axioms. And Einstein was not naive with regard to Chinese governors, he left very very very spicy polemics against one candidate who had argued a nationalised bank should be less likely to involve itself in finance tricks, saying it was the same as if a national sports team was somehow expected to be less inclined to play foul than your average one, regardless whether its members are elected or unelected.”

“The fake problem is a real problem. But that does not mean that the fake was real or that a problem was not a problem. Every problem is part of a bigger problem. Hence if we understand where the fake problem fits in we come closer to a solution. The occurrence of fake content is a symptom of state decay. But when we talk of decay don´t think of a snowman but of depleted uranium. It is not first of all getting less, but it is first of all splitting up into decay products bearing more risks. State decay, except in its post-crack stadium, does not yet mean that wages remain unpaid and branches vacant. State decay means that the state works out ever more effort to compensate the side-effects of its efforts. Such as Pinochet helicoptering in his thugs to come through the roof, because his apparatus got hooked on transnational propaganda trying to cement a specific imagination of a surprise effect into the collective memory. Or more profane, think of any government giving tax breaks to monster trucks with one hand and putting up barriers in front of schools with the other. When big government has a thousand hands and they hamper each other like that a society strangles itself. This results in weird hallucinations from oxygen deficit, for example representatives imagining by voting for the package they were saving school children´s lives, even some of these who get the whole picture: Concrete blocks being trucked in. Do they need to be told by the children first it is untrue to stop? Has the exhaust got into the decision making? That is state decay.”

“Colleague Tung told another story about the need for the IFD. There are people in China who obtain content of Western corporate media despite the censorship. Sometimes the regime postpones implementation of its censorship and appears to tell the dissidents to take tailored roles to represent it to Western corporate media and obtain a lifting of the censorship in exchange. But Tung said he did not believe the latter as these who did failed to produce formal official statements documenting such guarantees. Rather, the government is clinging to its censorship not as an enforcement of a clean break but as a poker chip. They said the situation of the Supreme Court was so desolate that even if an end of external pressure technically allowed for an immediate subsequent lifting of media censorship, the regime was hesitating to seriously scrap it, not merely decorate it with a few public relations motivated exceptions here or there, because it feared dissidents would ridicule its clumsy craze to bargain over what belongs to the people anyway. When he leaves the country with the national airline, it has an official seated next to him suggesting ludicrous quid-pro-quo bargains. This of course is poison when you want to convince someone that you would fit into a serious handling of common opponents.”

“Would you work for a foreign station if the government did not allow it to you, other than from a government office with a government official calling itself your partner? When you circumvent the guards luring on your block, it puts ten cars on the neighbouring blocks to lure you there, and you have to weigh grotesque questions, such as whether the couple standing at the shop window when you are passing by saying to each other ´Darling, I would take the blue one not the red one´ is a part of what the government describes as its negotiation effort or a metropolitan background noise. My dear, the voice was unrealistically plastic, like in a stage performance… Grotesque, because negotiation efforts blending into background noise are like a table without feet. Meaning the two sides will inevitably step on each other´s ones. Sorry. Our side has a fighting dance instead of that. If you insist on blending in, we will blend into your foreign relations, or else. One great way how to use instant fake detectors is to make the other side want to have this as well. Besides of – when having forgery blending in – the keeping up of the possibility to preserve at least part of the authentic background, which is why the other side is an ´other side´ and not of our kind in the first place.”

“If you are with the water, you place the compost away from it and the animals have their own trampled paths to it. But if you are without the water, you can place the compost anywhere in principle and the animal can choose on which side of you to stroll by. It is different in different places, such as a fireplace where the rain has washed out the ash may look different in different places. Who needs zoos when you can have the animals come to you at a tree´s distance to look into their eyes? I hereby put the name Grimmelshausen behind a public health emergency call that climate disruption has broken through the tick barrier. It´s not just any longer that the next generation of the science-abuse-legacy-carrying pseudo-spiders with the name of that laboratory island included in theirs is coming ever more early, from now on it´s that last year´s ones are still there, with the lab-made monster construct luring in their teeth. The carrier mammals are busy with braindead snipers taking out their leaders like ripe fruit.”

“Oh yes – you can turn the signal inversion switch on your instant fake detector and it will make the alarm when it finds something that is not a fake. Not only does that make such configuration unattractive as a malfunction to exploit for trickery. It also makes the instrument useful to handle tactics inversion in the forgery. For example, the tactic is to place cuckoo´s eggs at the corner between you and the bus stop, that is items a fake of which is worse than a real incarnation, such as a piece of alphanumeric waste, and once you get used to that pattern it is replaced with things a real incarnation of which is worse than a fake, such as menstrual blood, as to turn the experience itself into a poisonous cargo. In that case, it is feasible to say, just use your IFD the other way round.”

“To set the final stone for this construction, one more thing you may already have become aware of. You know, greed is easily deconstructed if you put the lid aside before the pot goes around the food circle. Your currency is a fake. I mean, as a whole, not just this or that banknote. According to Gewindeberg, the issue is not that moderate inflation was not suitable for sustainable circulation but that asymmetric – or more precisely, erratic – inflation is qualitatively distorting investment sanity at an extreme expense of intergenerational justice. To put it straight, the currency makes more investment that is worth less. Influence takers and influence givers are not appropriately aware of each other. If the money of the people was a heap of reactor waste, to lock the printing press into the yoke of government bonds would be like stockpiling the stuff behind the reactor building. For how long are you scheduled to do that? As whole, this currency is a forgery. It would sell a tree that is resistant to fires and then round up the forest to corner the market. It would leave an excuse impossible to identify where it came from up to the last word. It would grab for any straw in collateral cover to steal the potatoes. Hence, never sell an instant fake detector for money, or else it will get stuck on background alarm. When you borrow it, regardless how long, return a fresh one. And before you think of faking it mind what I said.”

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Ron Hearstfield


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