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3 pm - the latest news from the actions in downtown London

As the day gets longer, most of downtown London is increasingly being filled with crowds, parties, marches, and various actions. According to latest estimates 12,000 people are on the streets around Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square. IMC reporters said: "This is bigger than J18."

Guerrilla Gardening at Parliament Square continues to be a peaceful action. Participants are relaxing in the warm spring sun and planting trees and flowers. The roads around Parliament Square have been transformed into gardens.

Trafalgar Square is completely full of people, including participants of union marches and people coming over from Parliament Square. A McDonalds near Trafalgar Square has been attacked, but everything else has so far remained peaceful.

However, according to latest reports, riot police are trying to clear some of the streets around Trafalgar Square.

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