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Police blockade of Trafalgar Square

Reports are coming in about heavy-handed police operations this afternoon at Trafalgar Square, which included police baton-charging demonstrators. The Independent Media Centre has received one report of the use of CS gas. After masses of people, including participants of the Guerrilla Gardening action as well as participants of trade union marches, had gathered in Trafalgar Square in the early afternoon, police started to turn up in large numbers and pushed people to one side of the square. During this charge, many demonstrators were beaten heavily with batons, and at least one of them was sprayed with CS gas by charging police, as reported by people there. For the following four hours, around two thousand people were held on Trafalgar Square and were not allowed to move on. Between 4pm and 8pm they were not told when they would be allowed to move and what would happen to them if they were forced to stay. At 8pm small groups were finally allowed to leave the square, but only after photos of everyone were taken by police. Unconfirmed numbers of people were arrested.

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