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MayDay 2000 Anti-capitalist demonstration in Barcelona.

The highlight of the MayDay 2000 weekend of action in Barcelona was an anti-capitalist demonstration which started in front of the Barcelona's headquarters of the spanish multinational telecommunications company 'Telefonica', and ended outside one of the company's show-rooms at the other end of the city. This demonstration was called by a loose (dis)organisation of squatted social centres (CSO's), anti-capitalist groups, and other autonomous groups and individuals of the city. Under the slogan "Against the supremacy of the multinational corporations; anti-capitalist resistance" around 1500 people marched through Barcelona's financial centre and the 'Passeig de Gracia' avenue which is one of the most upmarket areas of the city. Although the demonstration had a festive character, some tension occurred when it stopped in front of Barcelona's Stock Exchange, the luxury hotel 'Majestic' and the Deustsche Bank. Also, along the demonstration's route anti-capitalist slogans were sprayed on buildings and pavements, posters were stuck up, banners hung, and most of the banks on the demonstation's path had their locks glued up with silicone. The demonstration ended up peacefully with a street performance in which a dragon, symblolizing global capitalism, was burnt.

Also, and as part of the MayDay weekend against capitalism, a series of actions against the telecommunications multinational 'Telefonica" were organised.

These aimed to denounce the precariousness of working conditions for Telefonica's staff. In a communique published in the community magazine "La Burxa" of the Sants district of Barcelona, activists inform of several actions carried out against the company on the night of 28th April. These include: gluing with silicone the locks of 8 different buildings of the company, and the occupation of one of the headquarters of Telefonica by 30 activists. During the occupation, slogans referring to staff working conditions, Telefonica's business activities in Latin America, and against casualization were sprayed in the walls of offices and corridors of the building. Before the activists were evicted, they hung a huge banner from the office's roof calling for the autonomous demonstration of Mayday. Activists also inform that after the occupation ended, at least 1 protester was detained by the national police and kept in a police cell for 18 hours accused of criminal damage.

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