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Czechoslovak Anarchist 1st May demonstration in Czech republic under violent Police

Date Fri, 5 May 2000 02:05:38 -0400

Prague -  May 4th 2000 – Info update on arrested FSA-IWA comrades

We bring up-to-date information about Police repression against FSA-IWA
members, arrested during violent dispersal of 1st May anarchist demonstration
in Prague, Czech Republic. See also Report OO3/2000 of Czechoslovak anarchist
news-service, provided also by FSA-IWA.

Comrade JAN ROUBICEK had been released after being charged by “illegal arming”
and “refusal to respect orders of police officer”, for which he can be
sentenced to heavy financial penalty. Comrade Roubicek is university student
(pedagogy, history), aged 20, chief editor of FSA-IWA Publication house
“Anarchist library”, very active on the field of anarchist propagation and

Comrade DAVID SROTT had been released after being charged by same charges as
comrade Roubicek. Comrade Srott is metalworker, aged 22, one of the leading
anarchist militants in eastern part of Czech republic, very active of the
field of anarchist unionist work and antifascism. Comrade Srott is already
endangered by 10 years sentence for “heavy health injury committed in
organised group, based on ideological pretext”, for militant self-defence
against group attack of local neonazis, who assaulted local antifascists in
Czech town Zlin in 1997. Police consequently constructed monster trial against
group of ten anarchists, known as the “Zlin Ten.”, which is still in process.

Comrade ANDRE KRYSTUFEK had been released after being charged with criminal
offence “Assault on Police officer”, for which he can be given 3 years. His
situation is the most complicated, because as we stated, he is already charged
by criminal offence “illegal arming of 2nd level”, for which he can be given
another 5 years. He was arrested during antifascist demonstration on 28.10.
1999 by commando of Special Political Police. Comrade Krystufek, high school
student, aged 19, is one of the most active antifascists, working also with
Czech Antifascist Action.

All abovementioned FSA-IWA comrades were picked from the crowd of anarchists
by members of Special Political Police, arrested and violently abused. Comrade
Srott had his head smashed against door of Police van, comrade Krystufek was
beaten by assaulting riot troopers. The Political Police, using blacklists of
active anarchists, arrested them.

Because in Czech republic there are no anarchist-friendly lawyers,
Czechoslovak Anarchist Black Cross (FSA-IWA working group), had to provide
them experienced defence counsel. Sums, charged by lawyers are exceeding
amount equal to monthly unemployment benefit for one hour of law analysis and
work. Because of social situation of all detained and accused FSA-IWA members,
Czechoslovak ABC group had to start to support them financially.

We kindly ask for moral, action solidarity and financial support for accused
anarchists. Czechoslovak anarchist community is very small indeed and we must
defend vigorously each and every member against gross state injustice and
repression. Repeated Police blows are direct threat for integrity of our
organisation and anarchist movement as a whole  - as arrest and imprisonment
of FSA-IWA militant Michal Patera, who is still being endangered by 15 years
sentence for militant self-defence against assaulting combat group of
neonazis, trying to kill him in Prague, November 1998. Michal used his legally
owned handgun in self-defence and is still charged with “attempted murder.”

Every little bit of moral support, action solidarity and financial support
helps. You can do following things:

-       fax and send your letters of protest to your local Czech ambassador. Demand
dropping of charges, raised against our comrades. State that Police assault
against peaceful 1st May anarchist demonstration in Prague deprived anarchists
of natural and universal freedom of expression and gathering. Demand that your
protest shall be transferred to Czech Minister of Internal Affairs. Demand
official reply.
-       Organise protest pickets and demonstrations in front of your local Czech
-       Organise solidarity concerts, gigs and collections to help to cover costs of
defence counsels. Czechoslovak ABC Fund is running low. It currently defends
12 persecuted anarchists and spent on law charges almost 10.000,- USD within
November 1998-April 2000. This sum represents 35 monthly workers salaries in
Czech republic. As we repeat, every little bit helps.

Datas of Czechoslovak ABC account:
Name of the account holder: VLADIMIR PATERA
Name of the account:    VLADIMIR PATERA
Bank branch:    MASARYKOVO NABREZI 2/2014, 12000 PRAHA 2
Account number:151440919/500
Reason of payment: donation/transfer (if stated differently, your contribution
gets heavily taxed)

-       Stay in contact with FSA-IWA and with IWA secretariat or your local IWA
member section to be informed.

With anarchist-communist greetings
Yours in solidarity

With anarchist-communist greetings
FSA-IWA International secretariat
PO BOX 5, 15006 Praha 56, Czech republic
e-mail: fsa-praha@volny.cz
tel: *420-0604-773440

clenska sekce MAP
 PO BOX 5 15006
        Praha 56

__anarchist news-service, message 004/2000

Czechoslovak Anarchist News-service
Provided by Federation of social anarchists,
Czechoslovak section of International Workers Association
Message 004/2000


From:  http://www.ainfos.ca

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