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Caterpillar Plant Shut Down

RR | 16.03.2004 23:50 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Palestine | Repression | Birmingham

Around a dozen people walked calmly into the Caterpillar defence plant in Shrewsbury at around midday on Tuesday, occupied various areas within the complex and shut it down for the entire afternoon. Several protester locked themselves onto factory fixtures using bicycle locks. The action took place exactly one year after US peace activist Rachel Corrie was crushed to death under a Caterpiller bulldozer in Palestine. Protesters tried to talk to workers about Caterpillars role in killing people but management closed the plant and ordered the staff to leave after triggering the fire alarm. All the protesters were later arrested and released at around 11pm, bailed to return to face charges of attempted burglary. Police also confiscated mobile phones and video footage taken during the action.

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Update . . .

17.03.2004 07:27

I was one of the demonstrators on the caterpillar action. We've all now been bailed to appear at various shropshire police stations (Shrewsbury, Telford and Oswerstry) in 8 weeks time. We were arrested on charges of 'suspected burglary' and 'attempted burglary', although there is approximately zero evidence of either charge. The police have tried to intimate that the Official Secrets Act may have been breached by the action and apparantly seized cameras/erased photos from those arrested.

Fundamentally, we were guilty of no more than civil trespass, which is not a criminal matter for the police to pursue. Since it was the management who set off the fire alarms and evacuated the plant we are not even guilty of 'aggrevated trespass' which requires the disruption of lawful activity.


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