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Mass for Critical Mass!

IMC Birmingham | 11.04.2007 21:25 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Birmingham

Birmingham's Critical Mass has been steadily growing to reclaim the city's roads, where people are often forced by petroleum guzzling road users to ride dangerously in the gutter. This month's ride saw over 30 people, joined by a few skaters and BMXers, joyfully cycling along the City Centre's main roads and streets, accompanied by a trailer sound system pumping out cycling-related grooves, without any intervention from cops or psychotic car drivers. Last month's ride saw a cap driver attempting to undercut the mass and colliding with a cyclist. It also saw attempts by the police to intervene in the Mass.

Birmingham Critical Mass takes place on the first Friday of every month. Poeple usually meet up at 5:30pm in Pigeon Park (St Philip’s Cathedral) and set off at about 6pm for a spontaneous ride around the city centre.

Recent Rides reports: April | March | February | January: cyclist wins re-trial

We meet up at Pigeon Park on the first Friday of every month.


Broad St We reclaim the streets in town..

roads as well as roads..

subway and subways.

skaters We're occasionally joined by other forms of human-powered vehicles..

sound system are accompanied by a trailer sound system..

signs and have special signs.

driver We occasionally encounter some crazy drivers..

cops and crazier cops!

IMC Birmingham


new brum CM flyer!

18.05.2007 12:52

feel free to use, distribute.



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