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Hidden Detainees, East London Camp Xray

r2r | 09.10.2007 18:20 | SOCPA | Iraq | Repression | Terror War | Birmingham | London

Three minute short film of the start of a six day event in which two people are detained camp xray style in a cage on Whitechapel highstreet to draw attention to the blight of 23,000 people held without trial by the american military regime in ghost prisons around the world.

<7mb MPEG4 H264 format.

If you have trouble viewing this film, download VLC (

This film and the documentary 'This is camp X-ray', will be screen along with SOCPA the movie, from 8pm on thursday 11th oct at rampART (



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  1. Update : new links to real2reel videos online — Real2Reel ( r2r )