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Hidden Detainees, East London Camp Xray

r2r | 09.10.2007 18:20 | SOCPA | Iraq | Repression | Terror War | Birmingham | London

Three minute short film of the start of a six day event in which two people are detained camp xray style in a cage on Whitechapel highstreet to draw attention to the blight of 23,000 people held without trial by the american military regime in ghost prisons around the world.

<7mb MPEG4 H264 format.

If you have trouble viewing this film, download VLC (

This film and the documentary 'This is camp X-ray', will be screen along with SOCPA the movie, from 8pm on thursday 11th oct at rampART (



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Update : new links to real2reel videos online

31.12.2009 23:10

Over the years that real2reel have been posting videos and links to indymedia, technology and bandwidth have improved but websites have come and gone. While indymedia is still here, many of the sites which hosted our videos are long gone and any video you can still get at is usually only very low bandwidth versions which might have been great five years ago but are now rightly considered to be very poor quality in comparison with other videos now available online.

We've started going trawling the net and our own archives to get all those videos online again in as good quality as possible. We've been posting the videos to and from there they are also uploaded to youtube, and other sites. There's no guarantee but hopefully if the links in the article above aren't working, you'll find we have now uploaded a new version.

Find all the videos on Blip TV here
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We've also set up a wordpress blog from which you can pull feeds.
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