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Scientology coming to a shopping centre near you: West Bromwich

Operation Happy Shopper | 15.03.2008 21:03 | Health | Repression | Birmingham

The 'Citizens Commission on Human Rights', a front group for the Scientology cult is scheduled to show an exhibition in the Queens Square Shopping Centre West Bromwich. The exhibition is called 'Psychiatry - An Industry Of Death' and is due to run from Monday 31st March until Thursday 17th April 2008 -

Whilst the name 'Citizens Commission on Human Rights' (CCHR) certainly makes it sound like they are a alturistic group looking to help people, the truth is somewhat different.

The group have absolutely no interest in stopping the many human rights abuses around the world, they are an ofshoot of the 'Church' of Scientology - and their only agenda is promoting the 'Church' of Scientology's extreme views on psychiatric care and psychiatric medicines.

The CCHR & Church of Scientology's views on Psychiatric care and psychiatric medicine are well documented and include the belief that psychiatry is responsible for Eugenics and the Holocaust.

See the following image of the Scientology exhibition 'Psychiatry - An Industry Of Death' in Los Angeles -
from the page

This bizarre and offensive belief was also shown in BBC Panorama: Scientology and me, broadcast in 2007.

If you find Scientology's hijacking of the Nazi Holocaust to be tasteless and offensive then you should write to the Public Relations Company of the Queens Square Shopping Centre in West Bromwich and ask them to reconsider their decision to allow this exhibition to take place.

Operation Happy Shopper


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