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Foie gras off the menu in 3 restaurants

Foie gras free Brum | 27.03.2008 00:22 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Purnell's, Simpsons and chez jules drop foie gras from their menu after
regular protest.

We have started a Birmingham campaign against every foie gras restaurant we will be listing all of the establishments who are selling this diseased delicacy.

But for the time being here is a letter from Purnell's who removed foie gras from their menu this is the response we recieved tonight:

As from the 22nd March 2008 (The date when we wrote to them giving them dvd footage of foie gras proctuction~FGFB) Purnell's restaurant has stopped selling foie gras and it will not be shown on its menu.

> If anyone would be willing to attend regular protest against foie gras restaurants in Birmingham then please feel free to contact us, we are always willing for new people to come and help us with our campaign.

Foie gras free Brum
- e-mail:


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