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FEM 08 Announced!

Minnie | 29.03.2008 20:53 | Birmingham

FEM 08 - the fourth in the widely acclaimed series of FEM Conferences - will take place on Saturday 26 April 2008 at Sheffield University Students Union. The conference is free and open to all women.

FEM Conferences are an acclaimed series of national conferences that aim to educate and inspire women to get active in feminism. FEM 08 is organised by volunteers, supported by the Fawcett Society and Oxfam, and hosted by the Sheffield University Students' Union Women's Campaign.

Speakers confirmed for FEM 08 include:

- Germaine Greer
- Kira Cochrane, Editor of Guardian Women's Page
- Zohra Moosa, The Fawcett Society
- Jess McCabe, Editor, The F Word
- Damian Carnell, Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum

Sessions at FEM 08 will include:

- Women's poverty
- Sexism and the City
- Challenging destructive masculinities
- Refugee women
- How to… run a feminist group
- How to… lobby the Government
- How to… run a Reclaim the Night march
- Abortion rights

To book your free place at FEM 08 visit today!

- e-mail: For general enquiries email
- Homepage:


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