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FEM 08 Announced!

Minnie | 29.03.2008 20:53 | Birmingham

FEM 08 - the fourth in the widely acclaimed series of FEM Conferences - will take place on Saturday 26 April 2008 at Sheffield University Students Union. The conference is free and open to all women.

FEM Conferences are an acclaimed series of national conferences that aim to educate and inspire women to get active in feminism. FEM 08 is organised by volunteers, supported by the Fawcett Society and Oxfam, and hosted by the Sheffield University Students' Union Women's Campaign.

Speakers confirmed for FEM 08 include:

- Germaine Greer
- Kira Cochrane, Editor of Guardian Women's Page
- Zohra Moosa, The Fawcett Society
- Jess McCabe, Editor, The F Word
- Damian Carnell, Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum

Sessions at FEM 08 will include:

- Women's poverty
- Sexism and the City
- Challenging destructive masculinities
- Refugee women
- How to… run a feminist group
- How to… lobby the Government
- How to… run a Reclaim the Night march
- Abortion rights

To book your free place at FEM 08 visit today!

- e-mail: For general enquiries email
- Homepage:


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Pro-Life Feminists to Join other Feminists?

30.03.2008 12:46


We look forward to meeing other feminists to speak about pro-life feminism,
early 19th Century feminist pioneers being pro-life and what consistent ethics really means - i.e. opposition to war, execution, globlaisation and abortion.
Also we'd like to introduce the idea of a Women's Forum similar to the one in Australia -


Our Objectives
1. To promote the advancement, well-being and freedom of all women;
2. To conduct and sponsor research about social, cultural, health and economic issues relevant to women;
3. To provide education to women and men about social, cultural, health and economic issues relevant to women;
4. To promote the equal participation and contribution of women and men in the work place and public life;
5. To promote a positive balance for women and men between family commitment and participation in the work force;
6. To mentor women in their contribution to public life;
7. To promote initiatives that work for improvements in the lives of all women, in particular women from disadvantaged and marginalised backgrounds including women with physical and intellectual disabilities, women with mental illness, refugee and migrant women and indigenous women; and
To empower women in their contribution to media and public debate and the formation of social policy.

WFA takes a strong evidence-based approach to issues that have special impact on women.
Faking It: WFA's groundbreaking and innovative new research paper reflects the body of academic research on magazines, mass media, premature sexualisation of girls, and the sexual objectification of women. And all this in a glossy and very cool magazine-style publication!
Real Choices: WFA believes that no woman should ever have to choose between her own welfare and that of her unborn child. Our focus is on social policy initiatives that offer women genuine choices and restore their freedom to be mothers. Our research paper, Women and Abortion: an evidence based review, brings together research on the reasons why women seek abortion, and the effects of abortion on their lives.
Hands Off Our Ovaries! Cloning research requires hundreds of thousands of eggs from women's bodies. Egg extraction procedures carry serious risks to women's lives and health. WFA is part of an international coalition calling for a moratorium on research using women's eggs and exploiting women's bodies.

Peace Love and freedom

Live & Let Live!
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- Homepage:

6.8 billion humans, only 3500 tigers! This is obscene.

30.03.2008 19:11

Pro-life is a moot point given the current extreme human over-population of the earth. How much lebensraum do you want? The more space we take up, the less habitat for other creatures which is just as much of a problem as global warming. Also do try and remember some of us don't actually like or want children and therefore an abortion for us is a cry for freedom, not a decision we wring our hands over.

Always Ms! never mrs never miss...

Not the church, not the state...

31.03.2008 12:00

Abortion is a personal choice - personally, I'd rather create a world worth living in before bringing any new people into it. If you don't want to have an abortion, that's fine and you shouldn't be forced to, but calling for the state to impose new restrictions on women's ability to choose doesn't resemble any kind of feminism I'd want to be associated with.

Pro-abortion feminist.