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Gaza Post-demo Update

J | 17.01.2009 17:39 | Birmingham

800-1000 breakaway protesters frontin up. Two starbucks smashed in.

Following today's protest in Trafalgar Square for Gaza a breakaway group of between 800 - 1000 protesters, mainly shebab, have taken to the streets in the process. Two Starbucks have had their front windows smashed in. The group are going off to the embassy. More up-dates to come.



It's mayday all over!

17.01.2009 19:59

Fair play to those who have vented their frustrations on the companies they see as perpetuating the IDF's violence, the next step is to see that these same companies profit from oppression all over the world and not just in Israel and Palestine. Their desire for profits is what butresses reactionary forms of government the world over and legitimises violence as a means of upholding the capitalist system. The fight is global, from Palestine to Colombia, London to Cape Town.

Bruised Shins


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  1. what do you mean by 'shebab'? — Salam
  2. shebab — tinkles