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International Animal Rights Day Demonstration

Animal Equality | 12.12.2010 17:13 | Animal Liberation | Social Struggles | Birmingham | World

A crime scene..

‎30 Animal Equality activists protest in Leicester Square, London for International Animal Rights Day.

They constructed crime scenes featuring the outlines of animal victims including chicks, pigs, lambs, foxes, badgers, and fishes to show that each death is a crime, and distributed 2,000 leaflets calling on passers-by to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Around 900 million non-human animals – other sentient beings like us – are exploited and slaughtered each year in the UK for consumption alone, not including millions of fishes and sea creatures, and all the millions of other animals who die in the fashion industry, in circuses, zoos, aquariums, the racing industry, the “pet” industry, laboratories, on hunts and in mass killings.

For more pictures see our Facebook page:!/album.php?aid=258289&id=220873174076

If you'd like to get involved with either of our groups,in London or the West Midlands,please contact:

Laura (London) :

James( West Midlands) :


Animal Equality
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