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International Animal Rights Day Demonstration

Animal Equality | 12.12.2010 17:13 | Animal Liberation | Social Struggles | Birmingham | World

A crime scene..

‎30 Animal Equality activists protest in Leicester Square, London for International Animal Rights Day.

They constructed crime scenes featuring the outlines of animal victims including chicks, pigs, lambs, foxes, badgers, and fishes to show that each death is a crime, and distributed 2,000 leaflets calling on passers-by to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Around 900 million non-human animals – other sentient beings like us – are exploited and slaughtered each year in the UK for consumption alone, not including millions of fishes and sea creatures, and all the millions of other animals who die in the fashion industry, in circuses, zoos, aquariums, the racing industry, the “pet” industry, laboratories, on hunts and in mass killings.

For more pictures see our Facebook page:!/album.php?aid=258289&id=220873174076

If you'd like to get involved with either of our groups,in London or the West Midlands,please contact:

Laura (London) :

James( West Midlands) :


Animal Equality
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There is serious shit happening....

12.12.2010 19:55

Who has time for this crap!

Not a bunny hugger

No shit

12.12.2010 20:36

Did the author of the last comment read the article or is their head too far up their arse to be able to read?

"Around 900 million non-human animals – other sentient beings like us – are exploited and slaughtered each year in the UK for consumption alone"

This is serious shit.

Go hug a bunny. It might give you a proper sense of perspective.

Bunny Hugger

United We Stand.....

12.12.2010 21:27

Well where do I begin...???
Veggies of Notts are supporting the students throughout the UK by supplying vegan nutrutious food.
WE too are supporting the Ratcliffe-On-Soar deffendants.
We too support obviously animal rights activists.
I personaly am a union leader/eco-activist/ar activist/freeconomist/Guerrilla Gardener.
We'd suppport you too if you ask!!
Animal Rights activists see no divisions!

Veggies Little Helper
mail e-mail: info@veggies,
- Homepage: http://http//

No - this isn't the time

12.12.2010 21:34

HUMANS are in hospital - stuff your psychiatric disorders - I,m with the OP - post on your own forums this one's for real news

Sort you priorities out

I can think for myself

12.12.2010 22:43

I support Alfie and the ALF.
I will demonstrate for animals-human and non-human. It is possible to do both.

Rise up

Excellent Action for IARD

12.12.2010 22:45

Well done to the London activists for highlighting International Animal Rights Day in such an effective way. We live in a world where it is a holocaust of immense suffering every day for the animals. As for 'Not a bunny huggers' ignorant and purile 'comment' - i'd suggest that when you grow up and hopefully become a mature adult you will realise that compassion is limitless.

NHS Worker


Well done AR comrades

13.12.2010 01:17

Frankly the animal rights lot have always been on the frontlines and taking REAL action on issues across the board (animals, human rights, earth). The troll posting negative comments probably has never taken any meaningful action for humans – always the way. Solidarity to all comrades willing to stand up to the state head on like the “bunny huggers” do!

Human Rights Activist

Ohh looks like an attempt to divide and rule...

13.12.2010 10:52

Either "not a bunny hugger" is a complete idiot or s/he is trying deliberately to wind people up. Anyway yes there are people in hospital and I should know because I work in one. I have also spent 3 weeks in hospital as a victim of police violence with no solidarity from the likes of you. Now this person thinks that I should do what they think is important on my time off so let me see this week I went to London to do an anti repression demo which was followed by an breif attendance at the vigil for Alfie Meadows, the next day I went to monitor a local hunt and we saved the lives of 2 foxes. So I do a mix of stuff so what? Don't you dare to dictate how I prioritise my time you arrogant prick. And what exactly is it that you do that is so fucking marvellous? If you do anywhere near quarter of what Veggies do for human rights I will be very impressed. People like you are as much use as a chocolate fireguard, all you do is whine about what other people do and anonymously, pathetic.

Lynn Sawyer

A A A ...Calm Down!

13.12.2010 11:59

Lynn don't attack these folk as they need to support us ...and i'm sure as anything they are laughing to see us wound up...
Opps I've now diverted this comment away from the serious article at the top of the page.
Animal Rights .

Veggies Little Helper

same shit, different face

13.12.2010 16:36

I'm afraid the first poster is stuck in a blinkered trance seeing only a narrow shaft of a much, much wider picture. He/she can't see the close link between human exploitation and oppression, and that of non-human animals as well as the violation of the environment. As long as some humans feel it is their right to exploit others, they can justify rape, child abuse, environmental destruction, torture of animals, harsh oppression of anyone standing up against the system that keeps those few in positions of power. Grow up! Open your eyes and show some soliadrity beyond your own little bubble of problems.


Concerned about our movement

28.12.2010 12:48

I am concerned about our movement when some of our leaders don't respect all species.