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Hiroshima @ Nagasaki 60th anniversary commemoration event in Nottingham - Pics 1

Tash [alan lodge] | 09.08.2005 13:32 | History | Sheffield

60th Anniversary vigil in Market Square, Nottingham organised by Nottingham CND and Greenpeace. Local groups holding events all across the country to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Hiroshima @ Nagasaki 60th anniversary commemoration event in Nottingham - Pics 1

60th Anniversary vigil in Market Square, Nottingham organised by Nottingham CND and Greenpeace. Local groups holding events all across the country to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Hiroshima @ Nagasaki 60th anniversary commemoration event in Nottingham - Pictures 1

Hiroshima day ceremony - 12.30 - 1pm 6th August 2005.

CND national, regional, and local groups are holding events all across the country to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Hiroshima & Nagasaki : 60 Years

The 1945 Bombings
The Manhattan Project, code name for the US top-secret development of the atomic bomb, began in 1942. The first atomic explosion took place over the New Mexico desert on 16 July, 1945. The test was considered a success, and the Truman administration gave the order to drop the atomic bomb in Japan only nine days later, on 25 July.

On 6 August, 1945, the US dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. The bomb, called ‘Little Boy’ contained Uranium-235 and had the destructive power of over 15,000 tons of TNT. The bomb exploded at 580 metres above the city. ‘Fat Man’, the bomb dropped on Nagasaki on 9 August, contained Plutonium-239 and had the destructive power equivalent to 21,000 tons of TNT. It exploded about 500 metres above ground.

The intense heat rays from the nuclear explosions incinerated tens of thousands of people and caused disfiguring burns on many survivors. It is thought that the temperature at the site of the blasts reached millions of degrees centigrade at the peak of the explosion. Intense shock waves levelled all structures within a wide radius, and massive amounts of radiation were released.

The official Hiroshima government estimate is 140,000 dead they stopped counting after December 1945 when acute illnesses subsided. Many thousands more died in the months and years following the attacks.

The damage to Nagasaki was somewhat less, probably due to the topography of the city. Even with this natural protection, at least 70% of the city was destroyed by ‘Fat Man’ and approximately 100,000 civilians were killed.

Radiation sickness is now a well-known condition that has affected thousands of Japanese over many years and incidents of leukaemia and cancer are high in these two areas.

Dispelling the lies
Conventional wisdom has it that the US dropped the nuclear bombs in order to minimise casualties, claiming that a ground war would have killed many more people. However, historical records have shown that Japan was in fact trying to surrender at the time. Dwight Eisenhower, commanding general of US forces in Europe in World War II and President of the US from 1953-1961, said, Japan was at that very moment seeking some way to surrender with minimum loss of face. It was not necessary to hit them with that awful thing. The annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a defining moment in global warfare and marked the emergence of the US as the world’s dominant super power, a position secured by its unchallengeable nuclear might and its preparedness to wield it. This is the only time that nuclear weapons have been used in war.

The new nuclear threat
60 years on, however, the threat of nuclear weapons being used in war is growing once again. At least eight countries possess nuclear weapons, all far more powerful than the bombs dropped in 1945. Despite the responsibilities of Nuclear Weapons States under the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), there has been no significant move towards disarmament.

In fact, we are seeing a drive for greater nuclearcapability, led by the United States. The US 2002 Nuclear Posture Review outlines the role of nuclear weapons in winning wars and names North Korea, China, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Libya as countries where ‘contingencies’ could lead to a first-strike use of nuclear weapons.

The development of the US National Missile Defence (NMD) shield would enable the US to launch a nuclear attack on another state without fear of retaliation. Many governments and experts throughout the world are concerned that the successful implementation of this system will lead to a new arms race. Indeed, Russia has already

tested the SS-27 Topol-M missile, designed to defy interception by the NMD system, and in 2003 North Korea withdrew from the NPT.

The British Government has now adopted a ‘first strike’ use policy, agreed publicly to the use of Fylingdales for US NMD, and signed an US agreement for greater ballistic collaboration. Experts believe that plans for a laser testing facility at Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), could be used to develop new nuclear weapons. The British government is also seeking to replace the Trident system. The Prime Minister has

made clear his support for pre-emptive war, stating that Britain must act even when the threat (seems) so far off, if not illusory.

These moves toward greater nuclear capability and to first-strike use in the context of the on-going pre-emptive war drive increase the threat of a nuclear arms race and of nuclear weapons being used once again.

No More Hiroshimas, No More Nagasakis
In an attempt to communicate the scale of the devastation of the tsunami, many international commentators likened it to Hiroshima. This shows what a resonance the 1945 bombings have on the world consciousness. Furthermore, research shows that Hiroshima is people’s primary spontaneous association with nuclear weapons.

The 60th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is an important opportunity for us to raise awareness amongst the general public of the horrifying reality of nuclear war, and the need to join CND’s campaign for global nuclear abolition and against new nuclear weapons. In particular, members should put pressure on the British government to meet its disarmament obligations and end its support for the US pre-emptive war drive.


Hiroshima and Nagasaki : 60 Years Commemoration Events

6 August -- 12.30pm -- Vigil in Market Square, Nottingham
60th Anniversary vigil in Market Square, Nottingham organised by Nottingham CND and Greenpeace

6 August -- 7pm -- 60th Anniversary Commemoration at the Arboretum
60th Anniversary Hiroshima Day Commemoration with poetry, readings, music, and opportunity for reflection, followed by a candlelit procession (please bring a candle). This takes place by the bandstand in the Arboretum, Waverley Street.

7 August -- 1pm -- "Dr. Strangelove"
Special showing of the film "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb", with introduction by Jenny Maxwell from West Midlands CND. Come to see this classic film in which an insane general attempts to start a nuclear war, directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Peter Sellers.

Nottingham CND

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament


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Tash [alan lodge]
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Happy anniversary to the day o fmy freedom

09.08.2006 08:32

Thank you for all the celebrations in honour of our freedom from Japanese terror and in memory of 56,000 of my comrades who didn't make it home.
Arhtur Chuck Lane

This is just one small item of one group

Malayan Massacre
During the second world war, the withdrawal of British forces from north Malaya along the west coast into Johore Baru was committed the most horrific massacre by the Japanese ever recorded. The withdrawal into Johore meant the abandonment of Selangor, Negri Sembilan and the ancient colony of Mallaca, Between the 19th and 20th January 1942, 3rd Indian corps retreated through the Australian lines. Gordon Bennetts Australian 22nd Brigade plus remnants of the British Brigade and 2nd battalion the Loyals who were fighting a rear guard action. They had sustained a large number of casualties and were ordered to fall back onto the village of Parit Sulong. more than 300 Australian, Indian and British wounded were left to fend for themselves.The Japanese over run the village on the morning of the 22nd January 1942. All 300 were either killed in battle or massacred. The MOD have never revealed the names of those massacred by the Japanese on that day. and their names were included with 26,000 others who had no known grave. But now it can be revealed that the following were the victims. In many instances it has not been possible to obtain the addresses of next of kin of British soldiers murdered. However the names and service numbers of each are given after the following true story of how they died.
Arthur Lane

Taken from Authenticated War Crimes Documentation

This investigation will continue as many others are involved in this major
atrocity. J.G. Godwin (Capt.)investigating Officer 2nd Aust.War Crimes
Section 22 July 1949

File 151 G Weekly Investigation Report: 21 September 1949
168 I Completed the interrogation of former Captain Shoichi Nonaka who held the position of personal aide to the GOC Konoe Division, Lieutenant-General Takuma Nichimura at the time of the Malayan Campaign. Nonaka admitted to have been a member of the convoy (HQ Konoe Division) that stopped at Pant Sulong in the late afternoon of 22 January 1942. According to Nonaka he and Lt-Gen. Nishimura were travelling in the same vehicle and upon stopping at Pant Sulong he, Nishimura and the Chief of Staff, Colonel lmai, and other HQ officers alighted from their respective vehicles and walked over towards some buildings on the right-hand side of the main road. About half-way there the said party was met by a junior officer (a 2nd lieutenant, name unknown) who reported directly to Lt Gen. Nishimura. Nonaka states he is unable to recall the full details of this officer's report; however, he does remember him saying that a great number of prisoners had been taken during the battle for Parit Sulong and that most of them were confined in a large wooden building which he pointed out.
After finishing his report this said officer led the GOC and accompanying officers towards the building identified. On arrival at the building Nonaka noticed about six or seven wounded Australian soldiers in various postures near the steps leading up to a wide verandah.then He also recalls seeing the bodies of many dead Australian soldiers scattered about at diffemt places in front of this building Among the dead were some Indian soldiers..(2) Nonaka then recounted how he, Lt-Gen. Nishimura, Colonel Imai and the officer-in-charge of the prisoners climbed onto the verandah and peered through one of the building’s two open doors at the mass of wounded POWs confined therein. After this short inspection had been made, the said party retraced their steps and rejoined the other HQ officers in front of the building. Nonaka stated that Lt Gen. Nishimura turned and gave him the following oral order.
(3) instruct the olficer-in-charge of the prisoners to execute (Shobun Seyo) all the prisoners by firing squad. Kill them all.’ No sooner had Nonaka acknowledged this order than the Chief of Staff. Colonel lmai gave him the following additional order.
(4) ‘The bodies of the prisoners are to he cremated on completion of the execution and all traces of their disposal obliterated.’ Nonaka confesses to having relayed these two orders to the officer concerned, following which and whilst walking back towards the parked vehicles. Lt Gen. Nishimura directly ordered S/O Supply Major Eisaku Morioka to remain behind and supervise everything. Former Colonel Kamejiro Imai has previously been requested for interrogation; (However, the Japanese authories have officially reported this former senior officer as having died from sickness in Siberia on 22 March 1947). Thus and despite our request for official Soviet verification, of which none has been forthcoming, further inquiries to the Soviet authorities reveal the following.
(5) Colonel Kaniejiro Imai had never been listed as a prisoner of war of the Soviet Union. His alleged captivity and death by sickness is completely unknown. This investigation officer discounts quite frankly the truthfulness or veracity of the notification received from ‘Japanese Army Records’, and is more inclined to believe the Soviet authorities as an inipartial source of honest in formation.
Observation : At most times and whenever a Class A war criminal is finally identified, particularly if formerly a powerful and influential senior officer, we invariably encounter subtle obstruction to their apprehension by means of deviousness and duplicity. for a variety of dubious circumstances too numerous to mention. the coincidences of major war criminals effectively disappearing is no accident. when such vanishing acts are unaccountably but officially confirmed without investigation by Japanese authorities is tempted to suggest the word, collusion. It is hard to avoid being cynical. This charade happens too often with regard to officially sanctioned Japanese fabrications. The second part of this priority investigation should shortly he concluded and entered into Official Weekly Reports as quickly as possible have only to add my disappointment that the powers that be (Legal and Prosecution Division) do not propose to proced with a fresh prosecution against Lt Gen. Nishiniura. a most evil man. Perhaps the sheer horror of what ordered against defenceless and wounded Australian prisoners. particularly the large number, would shock the world.

File 151 G Massacre of Prisoners of War. PARIT SULONG I )

Captain Godwin interrogated former Major Fukashi Hinokunia who had a grim story to tell and which was recounted to him in full detail over a meal by Staff Officer: Supply, Major Eisaku Mono who related, Major Morioka who was detailed by the GOC to remain at Parit Sulong and supervise the mass execution. This is what happened
(2) ‘One hour before dark, the prisoners were ordered to make their way to an assembly point at the rear of a row of damaged shops. Those who were unable to walk were carried by the walking wounded, while others, also walking wounded were made to carry the bodies of their dead comrades who were laying in the dust. The pretext used to entice the Indian and Australian prisoners to drag themselves to what was in the designated execution site, was that medical treatment, and food. Concealed within the rear rooms of damaged shops, three squads of executioners waited behind tripod mounted heavy machine-guns.
When all of the prisoners had arrived at the assembly point and were either sitting or laying prone, depending on the seriousness of their wounds, the machine-guns began their wicked thumping chatter of death. Such concentrated machine-gun fire cut swathes of carnage from three different points, enfilading the closely grouped prisoners. chopping flesh and limbs to pieces. When cries of pain and shock were silenced, so were the machine-guns. Morioka mentioned to Hinokunia that seven prisoners had to be bayoneted despite the concentrated gun-fire. They had still showed signs of life. Funeral pyres were quickly expedited per the simple method of collapsing six abandoned shops with mortars and hand grenades. following which 161 bodies were carried in an endless stream to the timber dry debris and placed in piles where the engulfing flames would consume most efficiently. A considerable amount of paraffin obtained from a captured lorries forty gallon drums and some sixty gallons of gasoline, were then splashed and spilled over and around the corpses. To ensure total incineration, tyres and demolition material from the walls and verandahs of the collapsed buildings. were also heaped onto the quite large pyres.
At 8 pm, according to Major Hinokuma and as related by Major Morioka. he. Morioka, gave the signal for everyone to stand well clear. Then a flaming torch was thrown. The demolished buildings erupted with a whooshing cataclysmic roar. In the event four adjacent dwellings and nine shops burned to the ground before midnight. As told to Flinokuma by Morioka, the stench of roasting flesh permeated the warm night air until the small hours of the morning when the fierce flames had reduced to mere flickers above piles of grey white ash. But even then, radiated heat Irom concealed red hot embers could be felt twenty yards away. Without any doubt, the mass cremation. I ike the execution, was an outstanding example of efficiency. Morioka told Hinokuma it was 4 am before he snatched a few hours sleep. He awoke at a little after lOam and ste; outside into the hot morning sunlight he stared across ati the shops had stood. Nothing remained except scattered mounds of grey ash little more than two feet high. Clearly incineration had been total. After enjoying a good breakfast and self-satisfied at the report he would be able to give the Chief of Staff of HQ Konoe Division, now temporarily quartered at Batu Pahat, he left Parit Sulong at about midday and was driven south to rejoin HQ Konoe Divison.’ This interrogation will continue as a high priority.


Davies Frank 4862501 1/Leicester 28 Derbyshire
Danciger Richmond NX38170 2.15 Fd RA 30 New Sth Wales
Goodfellow Victor J NX66957 2/15 Fd R A 27 New Sth Wales
Williams Frederick S NX8458 2/15 Fd RA 39 New sth Wales
Whitham Arthur E NX32532 2/15 Fd RA 27 New Sth Wales
Wheeler Edgar C NX45193 2/15 Fd RA 41 New Sth Wales
Tornquist Oscar T NX45314 2/15 Fd RA 19 New Sth Wales
McNamara Roy NX20559 2/15 fd RA 27 New sth Wales
McLachlan Kenneth D NX54192 2/15 fd RA 32 New Sth Wales
McLachlan Melvin B NX59906 2/15 fd RA 28 New Sth Wales
Grenstreet Neil NX28405 2/15 Fd RA 24 New sth Wales
Fisher Henry M NX27268 2/15 Fd RA 28 New sth Wales
Bruce Leonard L NX29690 2/15 Fd RA 28 New Sth Wales
Brown Frederick J NX27200 2/15 FD RA 23 New Sth Wales
Baxter Eric J NX6903 2/15 Fd RA 23 New Sth Wales
Atkins Lester J NX26541 2/15 Fd RA 23 New Sth Wales
Pearson Ronald H NX34184 2/15 Fld RA 36 Surbiton Surrey
Couch Bert R NX35271 2/18 Aus Inf 33 New Sth Wales
Mainwaring Leslie M NX56205 2/18 Aus Inf 30 New Sth Wales
Wilson Arthur H NX55090 2/19 Aus Inf 29 New Sth Wales
Williams Angel A NX35709 2/19 Aus Inf 24 New sth Wales
Whte George L NX35391 2/19 Aus Inf 22 New Sth Wales
Walker Leslie R NX35230 2/19 Aus Inf 27 Queensland
Walker Eric W NX2479 2/19 Aus Inf 21 New Sth Wales
Thomlinson Francis M NX54801 2/19 Aus Inf 28 New Sth Wales
Snelling Newt R L NX70191 2/19 Aus Inf 41 New sth Wales
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Smith Frederick B NX6594 2/19 Aus Inf 23 New Sth Wales
Sheridan William H NX60258 2/19 Aus Inf 23 New Sth Wales
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Richardson Leslie H VX45058 2/19 Aus Inf 21 Victoria
Quinlan James E NX35413 2/19 Aus Inf 26 New Sth Wales
Quinliven Leslie J NX35635 2/19 Aus Inf 21 New Sth Wales
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Nugent Goerge E NX54952 2/19 Aus Inf 25 New Sth Wales
Mitchell William J NX35253 2/19 Aus Inf 35 ??
Miller Victor NX55906 2/19 Aus Inf 30 New Sth Wales
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Freeman Leonard C NX52751 2/19 Aus Inf 25 Victoria
Fitzgibbon James M NX60362 2/19 Aus Inf 25 New sth Wales
Fallow Charleton NX34869 2/19 Aus Inf 27 New sth Wales
Evans Leonard E NX35458 2/19 Aus Inf 39 London UK
Evans Clarence L NX55861 2/19 AUS iNF 28 New Sth Wales
Enke Arnold C VX55997 2/19 Aus Inf 39 New sth Wales
Davies Jack L NX56212 2/19 Aus Inf 21 New Sth Wales
Christie Jack NX59619 2/19 Aus Inf 22 New sth Wales
Bullock Keith A K NX56143 2/19 Aus Inf 21 New Sth Wales
Buckley James S NX25935 2/19 Aus Inf 24 New sth Wales
Bruce Leonard J NX905 2/19 Aus Inf 27 New sth Wales
Brookes Douglas C NX7072 2/19 Aus Inf 21 New sth Wales
Brett Frank NX59483 2/19 Aus Inf 40 ??
Breakspear Sudney NX51241 2/19 Aus Inf 29 New Sth Wales
Bourchier Harry L NX35235 2/19 Aus Inf 37 Welwyn Herts
Armitt Archie E NX60270 2/19 Aus Inf 28 New sth Wales
Harrison Leonard J NX36101 2/19 Aus Inf 28 ??
Forrest Leslie W NX35806 2/19 Aus Inf 32 New sth Wales
Finnigan Raymond NX30059 2/19 Aus Inf 22 New sth Wales
Woodhead Benjamin VX55025 2/29 Aus Inf 39 Queensland
Wilson Thomas R VX41801 2/29 Aus Inf 36 Victoria
West Bruce VX55681 2/29 Aus Inf 22 Victoria
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Shadwick George H TX4600 2/29 Aus Inf 20 Tasmania
Parker Edward M VX36253 2/29 Aus Inf 37 Victoria
Murtagh Patrick VX56033 2/29 Aus Inf 32 Victoria
Meagher Desmond F VX53456 2/29 Aus Inf 23 ??
McGovern Henry P VX27980 2/29 Aus Inf 35 Lanarkshire Scot
McDonald Mervin VX42752 2/29 Aus Inf 23 ??
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Campbell William J VX42411 2/29 Aus Inf 36 Victoria
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Costello Arthur G NX52674 2/9 Aus Inf 27 New sth Wales
Wilsher jJames G 3855204 2/Loyal reg 28 ??
Walker George 3855171 2/Loyal reg 27 Kendall
Stevenson Joseph W 3855113 2/Loyal reg 26 Lewisham
Spalding Fred 3856093 2/Loyal reg 23Lytham St Annes
Sloan Hugh Y 3855668 2/Loyal reg 27 ??
Sloan Frederick 3857677 2/Loyal reg 21 ??
Shaw Joseph 3856933 2/Loyal reg 27 ??
Roberts Harold 3713437 2/Loyal reg 22 ???
Pryle Harold 3856194 2/Loyal reg 22 Middleton
Pennington Edward 3856207 2/Loyal reg 25 Wigan
Parker John J 3855501 2/Loyal reg 31 Blackpool
Osbourne Phillip 3854712 2/Loyal reg 27 ??
Murphy John 3851664 2/Loyal reg 35 ??
Murphy Thomas 3854741 2/Loyal reg 32 ??
Moorland Thomas S 3850221 2/Loyal reg 39 Preston
McGuire James 3855762 2/Loyal reg 27 Farnworth
Linney Thomas 3856420 2/Loyal reg 22 Manchester
Knockton Dennis 3855908 2/Loyal reg 23 Blackburn
Kennedy Martin 3860671 2/Loyal reg 21 Oldham
Kennedy Henry 3855089 2/Loyal reg 26 ??
Hawken Ralph 3865646 2/Loyal reg 18 Lancs
Hart Richard 3857543 2/Loyal reg 21 Wigan
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Hallhead Thomas 3854414 2/Loyal reg 27 ??
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Barker George W 3857479 2/Loyal reg 27 Stoke
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Barnes Fred 3858473 2/Loyals 22 ??
Jones Donald A 5773006 5/Norfolk 24 ??
Guymer Christopher G 5775221 5/Norfolk 22 Fakenham
Frost Geoffrey G 5777088 5/Norfolk 26 Norwich
Gray Leonard 5774421 6/Norfolk 35 Norwich
Crump Frederick C 796308 6/Norfolk 30 Lakenham
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Gourley David 1527657 80 A/T R A 24 Whitchurch
Flowers Robert 1107737 80 A/T RA 33 Shepherd Bush
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The next case concerns men who had actually been taken prisoner of war, and the fact reported to the British Government

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