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Sadie Graham Expelled from BNP!

Anti-Fascist | 09.12.2007 15:02 | Anti-racism

Sadie Graham has been unceremoniously booted out of the BNP for an alleged conspiracy to brief against Mark ‘Nazi-Boy’ Collett and discredit the BNP leadership.

The BNP claims that Graham, along with other BNP officers, set up a blog containing materials from Searchlight and other anti-fascist organisations. Somehow, the BNP ‘Security Department’ managed to record a conversation between Graham and others discussing their plans.

The two biggest questions here are (1) why has Griffin moved – yet again – to protect Collett at the expense of leading members of the organisation? (2) what will Graham do next?

Collett must have some real dirt on Griffin and other BNP high-ups … can’t wait for it to come out.

Graham remains a fascist with a foot-hold in local government. I can’t believe she won’t make attempts to re-group and continue to wage her war of hate. Anti-fascists in Notts should make some extra efforts to undermine Graham in the week ahead.

If you feel moved to send Graham your best wishes, email:


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More here

09.12.2007 18:09


Domestic dispute

09.12.2007 23:02

It's fascinating to watch the BNP fighting amongst themselves so publicly. The fact that they've got a sound recording seems pretty compelling evidence and you can see why the party might be a little pissed about the production of an anti-Collett blog, but is it really so serious a charge that it merits two posts on the front page of their website including a complete transcript of Graham's exchange with Kenny Smith?

Recall that this comes at the end of a fraught year for the BNP. The party has witnessed an unsuccessful leadership challenge against Nick Griffin followed by the discipling of challenger Chris Jackson; ostensibly for late submission of election expenses and the "resignations" of various prominent members including National Press Officer "Doctor Phil Edwards" (real name Stuart Russell), "cultural officer" John Bowden and West Midlands councillor Simon Smith. Even their party conference in Blackpool appears to have attracted far less participants than they had envisaged, resulting in attendees being outnumbered by anti-fascist protesters.

Things aren't looking good for them. Which is a good thing for us.



09.12.2007 23:33

On the basis of the audio-recording alone, there were enough grounds for her expulsion.

As to what she does next, that depends on what her handlers tell her to do--having written about her as far back as 2003 as a likely Special Branch asset, protected by Searchlight while at Nottingham University, that is the key question.

Along with another question--why does Lancaster UAF happily print comments from fascists, but censor posts from anti-fascists, as I found when I contributed to a thread there recently (or tried to). For the answer to that, you'll have to consult Searchlight, of which Lancaster UAF is now a mere satellite.

Larry O'Hara
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Yes, Sadie is a state asset!

10.12.2007 01:08

I agree...well known that Sadie is paid by the secret state to infiltrate radical groups, hence her background as a hunt sab in Brighton! Where next for her I wonder....



10.12.2007 08:48

"For the answer to that, you'll have to consult Searchlight, of which Lancaster UAF is now a mere satellite."
Here we go. O'Hara goes off on one about his favourite obsession again. Maybe Lancaster UAF just believes that Searchlight is of more use than your lunatic paranoid ramblings.


A Drone indeed

10.12.2007 09:30

Interesting that the Drone's comment above

1) Does not deny or comment on what I said about Sadie Graham

2) Does not really attempt to deny what I said about Lancaster UAF & their censorship.

3) Doesn't deal with the fact that for a year Lancaster UAF carried a prominent link to the Notes From the Borderland web-site referring to the magazine as "of interest to anti-fascists". That fact has not changed--but the link, and Lancaster UAF's relationship with Searchlight has. A greaty pity. And we know what happens to those naive enough to act as Searchlight proxies--the ANL in the past, UAF nationally, AFA--they get used & then landed in it, and dumped. If you don't believe me 'Remember Stalingrad'....

Larry O'Hara
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Nick Griffin's The Nark

10.12.2007 11:29

Nick Griffin's the nark. He's funded by MI5, the money of which is going to rebuild his holiday home in Croatia.

The Parrot
- Homepage:

No surprises

10.12.2007 13:01

Not that surprising to see these jokers falling out with each other again....ultra-authoritarian parties tend to be big on ruthless purges and expulsions of people the leadership don't like, no surprise there! For all the claims of the BNP to be a "normal democratic party", they certainly conduct themselves like typical fascists under the iron hand of their chairman Griffin - who, it is rumoured, found it particularly hard to accept a woman trying to enter the party hierarchy. He prefers nice aryan men fawning around him!


The Nark

10.12.2007 16:03

Always second guessing each others moves....what ever happened to INDY(pendent)MEDIA. Free speech means just that - just because you disagree, doesn't mean that either point of view is wrong!

The Cage (for Parrots)

Just how useful are faked accounts?

10.12.2007 21:17

There have been rumours since October that the BNP are Bankrupt. Maybe they started before the fifteenth of October when somebody scanned a statement of accounts. After Lunch by all accounts.

And then all the excitement. Just in time to cover yet another series of Terrorism Charges in bluster and distraction.

The Regional Accounting Unit is treated as an unincorporated association for tax purposes. A very tax efficient, tax planned, association with only £20 of corporation tax due. Watch the sleight of hand as, "this liability will be borne by the Party for the sheer impracticality of allocating it to the branches." The branches are relieved of a trivial debt but that it makes the accounting so much less transparent. Magnificent. Nobody reads the accounts.

It certainly seems that the Party has an invisible cloak in some matters. No mention of the Premium Rate lines or the Paypal accounts or the income from peddling advertising click throughs on "nationalist products" sites. Not a visible one in the accounts. How are the branches supposed to accept that? With pride. White Pride Worldwide - maybe as far away as Knin.

Should you wish to enquire as to a detailed breakdown, why not ask

Silver and Co.
25 Park Road
WS11 1BN

Or perhaps, just around the corner:
Silver & Co.
77 High Green,
WS11 1BN

If Asking for Nick Griffins Accountant is a little intimidating one of these fine fellows can help: Silver, Hogarth, Briggs or Hulland. Politeness and a healthy, enquiring mind, can often pay dividends. These auditors to the Party have something of a professional duty to clarify difficult documents, Daily Monday to Friday 09:00 until 17:00. Five Offices across the Midlands - and still with time for the little people.

Now, if someone were to have faked up a set of accounts and tricked someone into signing them, that would be terrible, wrong and an offence. So it might be good to ask: are these accounts real? Sarbox compliant - after all we know about the American Friends - to ensure the business end does not get mixed up with the political end. It might even be an extradictable offence, concerned parties should check for themselves. Maybe Michael Newlands got out before the same thing happened to him.

Not only time to follow the money (paypal and premium rate aside) but also to follow the stories about the money.

Nick Griffins Accountant

It never ends....

11.12.2007 00:42

A Drone indeed
10.12.2007 10:30
Interesting that the Drone's comment above

1) Does not deny or comment on what I said about Sadie Graham

2) Does not really attempt to deny what I said about Lancaster UAF & their censorship.

3) Doesn't deal with the fact that for a year Lancaster UAF carried a prominent link to the Notes From the Borderland web-site referring to the magazine as "of interest to anti-fascists". That fact has not changed--but the link, and Lancaster UAF's relationship with Searchlight has. A greaty pity. And we know what happens to those naive enough to act as Searchlight proxies--the ANL in the past, UAF nationally, AFA--they get used & then landed in it, and dumped. If you don't believe me 'Remember Stalingrad'....

And the only "satellite" that listens to larry these days is Nick Griffin who for some reason writes warmly of him still. Of course it helps that Larry attacks all of Griffin's opposition.

One day Larry will stumble across a real conspiracy but nobody will believe him. Not even Larry himself.


Is this your best shot?

11.12.2007 11:48

The poster above

1) Does not refute anything I have said about Sadie Graham

2) States that I "attack all Griffin's opposition". So far from the truth as to be laughable
--I criticised Sadie Graham in Notes From the Borderland issue 5 (2003) when she was unknown by most!
--I commented adversely on Sadie Graham in issue 7 of Notes From the Borderland (2006) when she had just taken over from Lecomber as BNP 'Group Development Director', again asking the question as to who she was ultimately working for. This in marked contrast to Searchlight magazine, who have always praised her to the skies, as in the glowing profile in their March 2006 issue.
--speaking of Lecomber, I have drawn (adverse) attention to the murder plot he tried to organise in early 2006: something Searchlight have ensured has received no coverage in any English paper or TV channel.

...In short, therefore, Belira is a lying troll, and a poor one at that. Though I am interested it has been felt necessary to try and rubbish me, can't you at least get somebody vaguely competent on the job? (No, I didn't mean Matthew Collins!).

Larry O'Hara
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Is he a friend of yours too Larry?

11.12.2007 15:20

Another one of your MI5 friends?


The conversation in question

11.12.2007 19:43

SADIE: Um… that wasn’t that public knowledge was it?

KENNY: Inaudible

SADIE: Ok I’ll have to have a think, um I’ve got stuff in e-mails but we can’t use any of them because it’s all um just e-mails to me and to do with stuff he’s said about people and that we can’t use any of that for this

KENNY: Not really, not unless it’s public domain. Do you think we should go into … inaudible

SADIE: One thing you’ve written is, Mark Collett is, or who ever has written this, Mark Collett makes an arse of himself, um, it sounds like, um not being funny, it sounds like something you would say.

KENNY: I would say?

SADIE: Makes an arse, not, no?

KENNY: Does it? No, I actually used that phrase because it’s phrase I don’t use.

SADIE: Ok, really

KENNY, SADIE: Laughter

SADIE: Shit, I read that and thought INAUDIBLE

KENNY: Inaudible

SADIE: Yeah that is weird

MATT: Inaudible… widely hated by everyone

SADIE: Yeah, um, yeah but then it has got to look like it potentially could be reds.

MATT: It has to look like they’re widely hated

SADIE: You can refer to Ian’s letter in it as that is public knowledge. You can refer to Ian’s letter talking about things Ian mentions in his letter. Like about him being taking money and all that with leaflets. Because well, that is potentially, is potentially libellous.

KENNY: We could reproduce copies of that leaflet thing that went out.

SADIE: Yeah you could say as quoted by Searchlight or something like that, as put in Searchlight, just a replication of what went in Searchlight. Basically, we need back copies of Searchlight, because whatever has been in Searchlight about Mark we could use but lots of our people haven’t even read Searchlight, so how the f**k can we get loads of back copies of Searchlight, that’s what I mean.

KENNY: Ask Laughs

SADIE: It’s true, yeah

KENNY: I asked for the back copy that reproduced the list of BNP branches and groups, do you remember from December last year?

Right, do you guys want access to this site to put stuff up yourselves?

MATT: Yeah Ideally

SADIE: Yeah but we have to be sensible about who has it and who puts what up.

MATT: But Kas…

KENNY: It’s only gonna be us, Ian really isn’t it?

MATT: Kas, at one point you said about linking things to red sites, the only thing is if that happens then they can easily say it’s a red conspiracy or another red attack.

KENNY: Right ok, to clarify that, I’ve used media from left wing sites.

MATT: Oh right



KENNY: I had to use that because YouTube has only got 5 of the 6 clips, I had to link to Lancaster UAF to get the full clip of er… Young Nazi and Proud.


KENNY: Inaudible… we’ll have to take stories from left sites as well as other sites.

SADIE: OK, Basically we’ll all have to do a load of digging and loads and loads of searching and stuff. The only thing is we if we do any searching from our computers it’s traceable isn’t it? But then who the f**k is, nobody is going to take our computers and check our searches are they?

KENNY: No. Ok. Have you guys got Google? Can you guys Google names?

SADIE: Google names? I’ve got a Google, I’ve got, when I go on Internet Explorer I’ve got a Google bar to search with.

KENNY: If you go to Google,

SADIE: I’m in it now, yeah

KENNY: Go to the thing at the top that says sign in, can you see that?

SADIE: Yeah!

KENNY: Click sign in

SADIE: Done it!

KENNY: Create a new a account, a new Google account…inaudible… new account


KENNY: A name that’s not your own…inaudible…Mark Collett’s fan club or something. Laughs.

SADIE: Yeah, I mean yeah what, anything.

KENNY: Create an account what I’d do then, is I’ll go onto this site and I’ll (inaudible) I’ll be able to add you guys to people who are able to post on this site.

SADIE: You have to set up a current e-mail address basically; it says your e-mail address.

KENNY: Have you got, have you got, this again INAUDIBLE this is the thing I worried to Steve about, and he says nobody can see these profiles. They are completely secure, unless you break the law and people go to Google. So use a Hotmail account or whatever you have.

SADIE: I haven’t got a Hotmail account, but you’ve got one Matt, haven’t you? Can we use that one?

KENNY: Hotmail’s not good actually, Hotmail’s definitely not good

SADIE: I’ve got an NTL World one, BUT it’s Sadie Graham.

KENNY: That’s fine

SADIE: So I’ll just use Sadie Graham at NTL World dot com

KENNY: I’ve used my Civil Liberty one LAUGHTER

SADIE: Really?


SADIE: Alright, so Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com, ok then I just choose a password

KENNY: Yeah, just think of something yourself

SADIE: Yeah I’m just going to have write something down so I remember it, I’ll make it totally different, one I’ve never used before

KENNY: What’s your e-mail address? Sadie Graham…

SADIE: Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com. Do I say remember me on this computer?

KENNY: Um… it’s up to yourself, but I wouldn’t personally if I were you

SADIE: Ok, enable web history


SADIE: No, ok. Location United Kingdom. Ok then I accept and create my account.

KENNY: Yep, ok then I’ve sent you an open invitation e-mail to Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com.


KENNY: You log onto that you should be able to then post INAUDIBLE

SADIE: You know it says put my user name in, what is my user name

KENNY: Your user name is the one you see next to your INAUDIBLE

SADIE: Did I have one? I didn’t have one! I just put in an e-mail address

KENNY: Did you not create a user name?

SADIE: There wasn’t anything to create a user name. It says user name and in brackets it’s written e-mail. The user name must be my e-mail


SADIE: … And then underneath it says to log in user name and in brackets it says e-mail next to it. So it’s my Google e-mail but I don’t know what that is now.

KENNY: Let me just see… INAUDIBLE then silence and whispers

SADIE: You don’t have a user name! You just put in an e-mail and a password! How odd.

KENNY: Ok, right, put that in there see what happens, if it comes up we’ll change it

SADIE: Ok, hold on.

KENNY: Ah, I’ll tell you why, I’ll tell you why, ‘cause you need to create…

SADIE: See I’m in Google now, I’m in Google and it’s come up at the top right hand corner Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com that’s my log in name.

KENNY: Yeah that’s the same as I’ve got for mine but nobody can see that I’ve got treasurer at Civil Liberty dot org dot UK. But what we need to do is get a blog name for you.

SADIE: Right.

KENNY: So, in that case…

SADIE: Go to my account… er… edit personal information, oh it’s where you type in, you give yourself a nickname, No…. my user name is Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com, that’s what, that’s what it’s come up as, that’s my user name

KENNY: Yep, no no, that’s fine that’s fine, er I’ll just INAUDIBLE See in the Google account


KENNY: Open my account


KENNY: What do you see on the right hand side in my services

SADIE: Um it says er my services then goes to edit and then underneath try something new, then Google mail, adverts, alerts , groups, web history, igoogle and INAUDIBLE and then personal information and then edit.

KENNY: I’ve got blogger

SADIE: Well I don’t have that in my Google account

KENNY: you go to www dot blogger dot com


KENNY: Ok, my account, create blog

SADIE: Sign into blog with Google account, e-mail, password. Then do you have a Google account, create an account now.

KENNY: Does it not got to our blog?

SADIE: It says sign into blogger with your Google account and then you put in your e-mail and your password.

KENNY: Ok try that

SADIE: So I put in Sadie Graham, ahhh yeah so now it’s come up with sign up for blogger. Once you complete this process you will be able to sign into blogger using your Google account, e-mail and password. Yeah e-mail address Sadie dot Graham blah blah blah and then it comes up with display name and a box that I have to fill in.

KENNY: Good good, give yourself one of them

SADIE: Um, what the f**k shall I be…


SADIE: what are you? Are you just anything?

KENNY: I’m enough is enough

SADIE: Oh right OK. Um… fed up or something like that.

KENNY: Fed up sounds fine.

SADIE: Fed up, all one word, I won’t put a gap in it, I’ll be fed up, I accept terms of service continue… Ok, you are not a member of any blogs, create one now, start posting, create your blog now.

KENNY: Is there add to blog?


KENNY: See that invite I gave you is there anywhere on that

SADIE: Um… lets have a look… yeah on that invite it says Enough is Enough has invited you to contribute to the blog join this blog and so accept this invitation by signing into your Google account below so I do that, shall I do that now?


SADIE: Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com, and then my password, ok accept invitation. Ok yeah, it’s now saying I can manage my blog which is enough is enough. Is this now available to view for loads of people.

KENNY: yes it is technically, but nobody can see it.

SADIE: right


SADIE: I’m in now

KENNY: for admin purposes?

SADIE: OK I’m properly in it now. I’m viewing the blog, I’m in it and it’s got my e-mail at the top right hand corner.

KENNY: Excellent, INAUDIBLE… Click on your fed up name and then go to view blog, see the blog there and right down on the bottom right contributors

SADIE: ooh hang on


SADIE: Contributors enough is enough and fed up

KENNY: See fed up, that’s all people can see that

SADIE: Fed up and enough is enough … yeah




Those Faked Accounts

13.12.2007 02:27

Those Faked accounts in full. If a little blurry and without explanatory notes.

Nick Griffins Accountant

Where things are at...

13.12.2007 07:14

As this thread is thankfully not a censored one, and because the accounts above (and the situation generally) are interesting, a few comments

1) Not being an accountant, I cannot quite tell where the above accounts are faked exactly, as 'Nick Griffin's Accountant' claims--for instance, his first post said the accounts contained no reference to Pay-Pal: yet the accounts as presented here refer (for example) to income from Commercial activity, which could include Pay-Pal.

2) I am certainly not saying the BNP Accounts are not faked, they may well be, however to clarify we need verifiable copies of
--the accounts that were submitted by the BNP
--the 'real' accounts to show what they should have submitted but didn't.

After all, people pay accountants to be financially 'creative' do they not? What we need is hard verifiable facts, and should The Accountant care to send them to me I will be most interested. Can't say further than that!

3) As regards the debate on other forums about the BNP's ongoing internal problems, what everybody needs to do is to carefully assess what is going on on the ground, rather than the internet: for this is the perfect medium to whip up 'virtual storms' by people who are not all they seem. 'Andy Ritchie' for example (traducing the name of a fine past centre-forward but that's by the by) is calling for a BNP EGM in order to get the party's insolvency looked into. Yet when you remind yourself he is in fact Peter Rushton, known Searchlight asset, his comments are not all they might seem. I will pass by commentators who have engaged in Soviet-style psychiatric abuse of myself--as Machiavelli might have said 'because they fear, so they smear'.

4) The position anti-fascists should take in all this is not to be distracted by the actions of various state assets (on both sides) nor to be lulled into a naive optimism, that the BNP is about to split asunder (I do not think it is) or that the BNPs internal problems mean it is going to go away: it isn't. The abandonment of many members of working class communities, especially in the North, by New Labour means there is a vast group of people with whom the current political system does not connect. It is to the eternal shame of the Left/Greens that some of these people have been politically seduced by the fascist dead-end the BNP represents. Attempting to advance solutions to real problems affecting real people is what anti-fascist strategy should be about, fascinating as it is to observe developments within the BNP. In any event, as recent developments in Respect show, all is not rosy on the Left, either. Would that it were...To use a historical analogy, outside observers may well have thought that the Nazis were a busted flush in the Weimar of 1932: their vote had fallen, there were mass defections, significant sections like the SA didn't trust Hitler's policy deals. Sadly, the KPD in particular were unperturbed by the Nazis, right till the end declaring (like the demented SEarchlight parrots in Lancaster UAF) that the Nazi Party collapse was imminent. Sadly, we know that was not the case. Had the German Left, especially the KPD, concentrated instead on reaching out to new constituencies rather than just poaching SPD voters, the outcome in Germany might have been different than it was.

5) A final, important, point. If the BNP is not supplanted from the Left by a genuinely progressive Left/Green movement, its disintegration, should that happen, would not in itself be good news for radicals on past precedent. For we would quite probably see the resurgence (out of desperation in part) of smaller 'Hollywood Nazi' organisations like the BPP and similar. The BNP does need to be marginalised and driven from the political scene--but by addressing the issues, and certainly not alignment of anti-fascists with the discredited political establishment whose policies spawned BNP growth in the first place. We would also see, if the BNP collapses due to intrigue rather than having its political space curtailed, a vigorous revival of attacks on 'Reds', the circulation of hit-lists & all the other tawdriness we saw with Combat 18 and the earlier Searchlight/state operation involving Tim Hepple. The BNP membership lists (real or doctored) will no doubt feature in this scenario, and it is interesting that both Sadie Graham & Kenny Smith have access to this information.

Larry O'Hara
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Peter Rushton

13.12.2007 12:25

"in fact Peter Rushton, known Searchlight asset"

Peter is no Searchlight asset. He produces Heritage and Destiny one of the best magazines on the Nationalist scene at the moment, his Jailing opinions website is outstanding, the speeches he makes at BPP meetings and NF meetings are brilliant and he is forever in Europe working in the revisionism field.

I am afraid you are wrong on this one Larry. He is doing more for the right wing than a 500 'Genuine' nationalists.

He did used to go on marxist websites and engage with them politically and is open about this. The searchlight accusations come from 2 sources, Charlie Sargeant a well known crook and liar and Arthur Kemp who used to work for the South African security services. Not 2 of the most reliable sources.

I don't believe Griffin is state, but he might as well be.


Not close, & certainly no cigar...

13.12.2007 14:33

Peter Rushton may well indeed be an effective speaker & so forth: that is not the point.

If you have read what I have written about him, I certainly do not derive it from Sargent/Kemp.

That Sargent is a liar (on some things) is undoubted--doesn't mean he lies on everything.

Arthur Kemp most probably is, as you say, still connected to South African spooks: that does not necessarily mean what he says about Rushton (and vice versa) is necessarily wrong--it is the quality of the evidence that has to be objkectively assessed, as I did in Notes From the Borderland issue 5 (2003)--the same piece where I first discussed Sadie Graham, interestingly enough.

I have my own sources on Rushton, and his relationship with Searchlight, some of them under 'deep cover' and thus certainly knowledgeable about Rushton's allegiances.

Therefore, I stand by what I said. If others choose to disagree, not my problem.

Larry O'Hara
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

No electoral solution

13.12.2007 15:22

Larry, your comments advising caution regarding these expulsions are quite right, although I would seriously doubt that any meaningful challenge to the far right will come from the left/greens. These factions have only statist alternatives, and set themselves up as politicians (those figures most loathed by the working class) in order to achieve their goals. My experience has been that the most successful ways to attack the fash in the kind of abandoned working class areas that you mention are by organising in those communities at a grassroots level, not through the usual mistrusted channels of official politics.


Rushton & Sargent

13.12.2007 15:33

John Tyndall once said "If Peter Rushton is a spy I wish we had 100 more like him." That about sums up my feelings for the man. If he has been compromised in the past I believe his loyalty is true.

I don't believe that a spy could do so much good for a movement, similarly I don't believe a spy i.e Griffin could openly do so much damage as he has done to a movement.

I read with interest your opinions on Charlie Sargent on the nation of Duncan blog. He has always denied being a state/searchlight (same thing) asset and alot of his friends from the C18 days who I have come into contact with believe him and maintain that alot of the information that was being passed to Searchlight came from the later exposed spy Darren Wells. Are the pieces of this jig-saw puzzle going to come together and reveal any truths?


Two intelligible responses: an Indymedia record?

13.12.2007 18:04

From differeing perspectives, two replies worthy of comment

1) Anti-fash, you are right that most Left/Greens are unfortunately statist--what I have in mind is a reinvigoration of both, to form a revolutionary coaslition fighting a 21st Century 'war of position', resituating Gramsci for our times. Ambitious, certainly, and those anarchists who aren't liberals will hopefully be an integral part of that. As currently constituted, the Left & Greens are mostly statist--you are right there..

2) As for Timmy's response on Rushton: well, one of JTs weaknesses was he was too easilt beguiled by people he felt he should look up to--Rushton's intelligence & Oxbridge attendance (though he never graduated to the best of my knowledge!) certainly took JT in. Sadly (or maybe not!) as I have commented elsewhere JT had a record at picking subordinates unrivalled since Caligula made his horse a Consul--although as I also remarked I think, unlike Hepple, Hill, Morrison etc, at least Caligula's horse never betrayed him...

3) Yes, the case against Sargent as an SB asset is very much to my mind a Scottish verdict of 'not proven'. That he undoubtedly seems to have participated in murder has m,ade it easy for him to be the 'patsy' to cover up for genuine state assets: like Darren Wells/McKenzie. More of that anon, as they say.

I won't be posting on here for the next few days after tonight (domestic commitments) but rest assured, I will be back...

Larry O'Hara
mail e-mail:
- Homepage: