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New paint job for the RWB's fascist farmer

Antifascists | 18.06.2008 09:44 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism

Good morning Farmer Scumbag!

We hope that when the BNP farmer hosting this year's 'Red, White & Blue' Nazi-Fest woke up this morning to find he couldn't get out of his front gates as they had been chained shut, he liked the new paint job for his driveway. The bastard can expect a LOT more.


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Not Clever

18.06.2008 11:19

You may think that is clever and gainsome kind of immediate self-gratification. However what it does do it undermine all the behind-the scenes work that is going on.


nice DA!

18.06.2008 11:54

i dont really get what the cynics before are saying, i think its a cool little action.

i really dont see how this undermines the value of anyone elses work - and the cunt will think about hosting a fash fest next time he gets asked.

no pasaran etc.


Dear Fred and Micky

18.06.2008 12:04

On the other hand perhaps such actions might give people who support the BNP a taste of what it is like to be a victimised minority group. Maybe, just maybe they then might reflect on their attitude to the individuals they persecute and start to approach a view of them as people.

Anne Frank


18.06.2008 12:18

Intimidation and harrassment of people who don't hold the same views as you. Attacking the property of people who don't hold the same view as you.

Hmmmm, isn't that what the facists do? It was certainly how the national socialists came to power in Germany just before world war 2 kicked off.

I agree that the BNP and all it stands for is wrong, but we still have something in this shitty country called free speech! Long may that survive!

free speech


18.06.2008 13:50

I dont know what country you're living in but there definately is no free speech in the UK. Anti terror legislation has ensured that the right to protest and the right of free speech is now substancially limited to a token level. The BNP on the other hand, who incite racial hatred and who - through channels such as the police force (P.I.G.S) or through their own accord have been responsible for both the mental and physical abuse of immigrants and not depending on their skin colour, religion, and native tongue. The problem needs to be addressed before it escalates further. This is self defence (of the few freedoms we have left).

Free Speech??

anyone up for another Krystalnacht?

18.06.2008 14:59

You cannot promote the right to free speech by banning others.

If people want to operate openly and legally we must let them get on with it even if we don't like what they are doing. We cannot force our views upon them or we risk having the same done to us.

I do not wish to become that which i despise.

uncle adolf

No Platform for Fascists

18.06.2008 15:06

no ones stopping this particular landowner or any other fascist from having free speech, have these people legislated against the chap or have they chained his gates because he is hosting a huge fund raising and publicity event for Britains biggest ever fascist party?

Do you think fascist political parties should be given free reign to raise funds and spread their reactionary message? Should people stand by and salute their vision of free speech while fascist groups carry on gaining seats of power? If so the victory youre after is at very best a pyrrhic victory that you will no doubt cherish when youre sat in some prison cell for being a "threat to the nation" or "treasonous".

The BNP aren't some group who people have petty ideological differences with, they are a reactionary white nationalist party.


What happened to the idea of a fair fight?

18.06.2008 15:50

Nobody's infringing anyone's free speech here and suggesting that anything other than waving a banner is to do so is just moronic. I am a firm believer in the philosophy of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". The difference is that I simply apply this to other people as well.

Therefore, if the BNP use violence or intimidation to further their campaign, then they are implicitly condoning the use of those tactics by their opponents. And no, that isn't 'sinking to their level', it's actually 'beating them at their own game'.

Nice work.

MonkeyBot 5000


18.06.2008 16:14

I'm not always in favour of Criminal Damage type action, each case must be taken on its merits, but here it seems very appropriate. This man is happily hosting on his land (for the second year) a white-supremacist festival where racial hatred can grow. Imagine yourself as a non-white person living in the area -what is the greater wrong -living in constant unease and fear of victimisation or attack by a neo-fascist party -or a lock and bit of paint on a fascist's gates? For me this action is standing up to a bully (or rather, the bully who hosts all the other bullys) and showing him that he is not going to get away with promoting his hatred without resistance. Good action.


great work

18.06.2008 16:28

Well done, great work, he'll be regretting the day he got in to bed with the BNP for months to come.

stop fascist scum in their tracks

Its about choice

18.06.2008 16:55

The crucial difference between targeting the BNP infrastructure like this (or like the damage to BNP cars ion Norfork recently) and the sort of intimidation that the BNP themselves dish out is CHOICE. A black man/woman who is a legal british citizen will be attacked by the BNP because of their nature, their non-whiteness, that they cannot choose. Whatever they do they will always be hated by the BNP because of their skin. The BNP are targetted by militant anti-fascists because of what they actually do - spread a fascist racist violent ideology. That is their choice. Very different. Its not about free speech, its about not allowing fascists to spread their irrational and dangerous hate.


Free speech, Yes. Civil peace, No!

18.06.2008 19:37

This sort of action isn't about removing the right to free speech. Whilst I don't think this sort of thing is going to disrupt or put off the likes of Alan Warner or other BNP fascists, it sends a clear message that we (anti-fascists) will not give them the space and freedom to operate. Preventing or disrupting fascist activity is about defending ourselves - it's about saying "we will not be defeated/silenced/intimidated by fascism. We will physically defend ourselves and others against their violent race hatred."
Those who wring their hands about the moral implications of physically confronting fascists should consider what fascism is about - physically annihilating democracy, racial and sexual minorities, freedom and liberty. There is no contradiction in people defending freedom.
On the other hand, those who insist this is about 'free speech' have missed the point. It's not what the BNP say that worries me. If Hitler had restricted himself to verbal anti-Semitism rather than genocidal anti-Semitism, he wouldn't have been as big a problem. If the BNP restricted themselves to talking rather than organising, they wouldn't be such a problem.
Free speech, Yes. Civil peace, No!


own goal

18.06.2008 21:30

i think it makes us look worse than them ..we now seem to be the thugs with this and the norfolk one whereas the fascists seem to be taking the moral ground .. another own goal i believe..........we are playing into thier hands they will be laughing at this..
the idiots that did this put us back years we can beat them just by political debate we shouldnt have to be the knuckle dragging thugs.. that used to be thier job..

mr m

Vacation Over

18.06.2008 23:40

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

Hmmm. Bit of Hammurabi Law there. They gas my population I'll gas their population. They nuke my town, I'll nuke their town. Everyone's a loser!

No, hang on, that's Jesus, innit? The one where you are civilized in order to provoke civilized behaviour from others. Bad quote. It's a justification for peace, not war.

Mind you, at least this thread is a debate, rather than the usual pogrom.

As actions go, it seems to borrow a lot from militant ALF? Attacks on personal property and all that. But then, your average farmer (statistically more likely to commit suicide than any other "business") probably needs the revenue. I thought the Ripley result was a real result. That's boxing clever you see? Tiger in the jungle, monkey whistle!

But our local posse clearly need the publicity so, well, good luck!


Keep it up!

19.06.2008 06:39

Direct action gets satisfaction!

Good work.

di satisfied

As bad as them?

19.06.2008 10:13

How could we possibly be 'as bad as them'?! I don't recall anti-fascists attempting any major acts of genocide recently.

The farmer hosting this festival is a BNP activist and confirmed fascist, not just being duped into providing his land for a bit of cash. He deserves all he gets.

What about the rights of his neighbours who are opposed to having this Nazi 'festival' next door to them, who don't want to be kept awake at night by fascist drinking songs, or have BNP thugs drunkenly swaggering around their village?

Well done to those who did this, every bit helps. The more grief this bastard gets the less likely he is to go ahead with the RWB despite the objections of his neighbours, whose views he has so far ignored.


Not clever?

19.06.2008 13:58

"You may think that is clever and gainsome kind of immediate self-gratification. However what it does do it undermine all the behind-the scenes work that is going on."

So anti-BNP activists should leave it to political managers like yourself Fred? You Trots did fuck all last year and so far the UAF haven't even called a mobilisation against the RWB Either shit or get off the pot, and if you're not prepared to get your hands dirty to stop the RWB don't criticise those who do.

Smash The BNP

The fight against fascism begins with the fight against bolshevism

19.06.2008 16:44

I can't believe these fluffy/spiky debates are still going on! Those rights we are afforded by the state are meaningless, they exist in form only. Its important to remember that those rights were only won through struggle, and they certianly weren't won through debate.
As already the mentioned, the recent anti-terror legislation makes even your boring a to b trudges around the capital difficult enough, the Forward Intelligence team doing all they can to intimidate and victimize your beloved 'peaceful protestors' its time to fucking wake up and take a look around. We and the rest of the class don't need you managers in waiting telling us what to do, we all know that Trots only bother with the 'fight' against fascism when they think it will draw people into their miserable little parties, where any scope for 'free speech' and individual thought is stamped all over by 'democratic' centralism where initiative is imposed on the rest from the top. The first fascist state wasn't Germany but Soviet Russia. Fuck off, we don't need you and we never will.

Fight fire with fire, I don't know what you're crying about this farmer is a fascist and is holding the the largest neo-nazi white supremacist festival in england hosted by the most successful far-right party this country has ever witnessed. This action is pretty cool and definitely a step in the right direction, standing around outside holing your lollipop and telling people that Nazi's are horrid isn't going to stop them when they march into the capital and take power by force. That is the undelrying nature of fascism and you should fucking recognize that. I wouldn't be crying if the cunt turned up dead and hanging from a tree. Politics might be a fun game to you to play, but fascism is no joke.

A certain man with a funny little mustache once said this,

"Only one thing could have stopped our movement – if our adversaries had understood its principle and, from the first day, had smashed with the utmost brutality the nucleus of our new movement"

Take not of that and lets take it to the cunts!

Antifascist ciderhead

Free speech

19.06.2008 16:53

Presumably the antifascists who carried this out had their free speech too - All over Farmer Bastard's driveway!

Yorks Anti

BNP orchestrate attacks on women& children+secretly idolise Hitler, we are too n

19.06.2008 18:00

we are often too nice to them. They will try & are trying to accuse decent people of trying to attack their childrem, Hitler worshippers shouldnt be allowed be in control of children, never mind have any. Any decent people who have hoodwinked should leave the BNP-C18 nazi party now!
This pathetic bullies have hoodwinked alot of people, hiding behind freedom of speech & the flag,
Happy VE day celebrations this weekend in Woolaton Park where the fight against fascism will be honoured. Many of our boys&now girls do not want to be in middle east or kill children & most only defend themselves+ accidents happen to nazi infiltrators who try & murder innocent children & rape etc.

Makhno spiitfire

Beware the BNP trolls!

19.06.2008 21:34

Sadly the pro-BNP trolls are active in this thread defending the so-called "free speech", of neo-nazi BNP scumbags.

Simon Darby's Troll Army are becoming more and more daring, as the more obvious trolls are easier for admin to spot.

Troll Alert

Mainstream News Report

19.06.2008 22:14


Who's this then?

20.06.2008 10:21

It's a toughy, innit? Drag 'em out into the cold light of day so everyone can see what they're up to - something along the lines of police policy towards sex offender's register, except without personal disclosure which leads to vigilantism; or drive 'em deep underground, where it's more difficult to monitor them and they can concoct ever more militant and violent tactics. And then, of course, half of 'em are against the state and democracy, they wanna bring the whole establishment down so they can replace it with their own version of reality, which of course the other lot will stop with their blood on the barricades. And then there's the ones who are content to express their views within the context of the current political infrastructure. Yeah, the faction fighting and name calling, nearly as vicious as the "struggle" itself, and the egos, man, the vanity of some of these people, to think that the whole social order should model itself around their deluded concept that 2008 switched back to 1933 and action (war) is needed...



20.06.2008 13:15

Never noticed that antifas are pretty exclusive, only the non-existant BNP threat seems to concern them ?

Uber fascist and securitarian UK government domestic policies seem of no concern to them.

Uber fascist, lawless and genocidal UK government foreign policies seem of no concern to them.

Uber fascist, racist and genocidal Israel government policies backed at 100% by our own criminal government seem of no concern to them.

And never noticed they seem to act with total impunity ?

Try to do what they do to those BNP members they target to anyone else and brag about it abundantly online like them and you'll see that you'll soon be arrested and banged up.

But they don't get arrested and banged up apparently.

I am just asking you guys, you are Labour party members, you get paid for what you are doing, you benefit from police protection and complicity and you spend most of your holidays in Tel-Aviv, is that it ?

That's certainly what you look like to me.

Now you can go on insulting me and even post huge pics saying I am a troll, I could not care less.


Do Not Feed The Trolls

20.06.2008 20:30

Skunk, you are indeed a neo-Nazi troll.

You could even be Lee Barnes LLB (check out Lancaster Unity to find out more about this mentally ill (un qualified) lawyer, folks! Or the sexually impotent "Green Arsehole" and his friends from the Griffinite "Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactic" (a acronism which sums it up well, thanks, nazi losers) blog.

To call the BNP threat "non-existent" is a serious delusion that may or may be deliberately designed to design and conquer.

The BNP is made up of violent racist thugs, many of whom have connections to "football firms". Members include bombers/violent racist attackers LeComber, Copeland and Robert Cottage. Yet another supporter of the BNP and BPP has been in court recently on terror plot charges.

Supporters carry out racist attacks after dark.

And they also have paedos in their ranks (Nazi Boy, lol)

Social movements comprising of leftwing pressure groups and anarchists DO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WORLD AFFAIRS. ACTUALLY, THEY PROTEST BOTH AGAINST THE BNP, BROWN AND BUSH.

You know this, youre simply trying to stir up things, which is the old tired and worn nazi troll trick.

You were hoping to trigger some anti-Semitism (hope I haven't given Simon Darby's Troll Army any ideas), to make leftwingers and anarchists appear as traitors, not that we will fall for it.

This thread is well and truly ruined by neo-Nazi trolls, folks. There are more trolls on Indymedia than the complete trilogy of the Lord Of The Rings lol. So once again, beware of everything you read, for BNP members, bigwigs and supporters are trying their hardest to divide and conquer by slagging off anti-racist campaigners.

Troll Slaya


20.06.2008 21:01

Love the way the gimps on here are trying to take credit for this - unfortunately it's common knowledge to locaks who acted clever with a couple of pound shop bike locks and can of spray. We also know which corner shop they own and it's safe to say we will be boycotting that shop from now on.

LOLing at antifa

And still the Nazis return to Indymedia: -

20.06.2008 21:48

Get a life, Cyclops-loving nazi lowlife scum.

Troll Destroya

Trolls are wasting their time

20.06.2008 21:51

Can the BNP trolls please piss off to Stormponce. That Hitler-loving forum is where you scum belong.

Indmedia is a PROGRESSIVE WEBSITE. It's not a playground for brainlacking white supremacists, thanx!

jenny vee

Lee Barnes Is A Wnaker!

20.06.2008 21:54

The "locals" don't support the nazi RW&B Hate Fest on their doorstep.

But I won't feed the braindead BNP troll Lee Barnes.



21.06.2008 09:38

How come the police got hold of the names of those who attacked the farmer's house so quickly?



21.06.2008 22:42


Your going to boycott the local corner shop!!!


If only Anti-fascist knew this would be the consequence of their action...

Shit, sorry, please not a boycott of the local shop, please anything but a boycott...


...of the local corner shop.


The Superior Intellectual Calabre of a Supreme Ideological Battle

22.06.2008 18:52

My willy's bigger than yours. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! Did you call my pint a puff? My dad does karate! Anyway, you're stupid! No, you are! Am not! Are so! Am not! Are so! Am not! Are so! Am not! Are so! Anyway, my willy's bigger than your willy.

Clearly out of my depth in the company of heavyweights here...

Wit and wisdom

22.06.2008 19:10

Perhaps when wishing to draw on the devices of irony and / or sarcasm to highlight the alleged childishness of other posters it would be best to refer to a dictionary or spellchecker for words you don't really uinderstand. Other wise you look like a buffoon. It's 'calibre'.


Freedom of Expressivision

22.06.2008 20:10

I was merely referrring to the Calabrian Conjunctive Calibration.

Buffoons have feelings too, you know?

Clueless liberals troll anti-fascist threads more relentlessly than the Fash...

22.06.2008 20:38

...And have just as little to say.

Maybe he should have stuck to Kaliber

Off The Fence

Off the fence

22.06.2008 21:22

Have you got a big willy?

Clueless Liberal

Antifascists, roll up, roll up!

22.06.2008 21:29

You too can be funny!!!

Mel Brooks

Liberals who reduce the struggle against fascism to supposed 'willy waving'

22.06.2008 23:39

A higher calibre is definitely called for - at least .45.

Off The Fence


23.06.2008 09:43

liberal 1. Fit for a gentleman (now rare exc. in - culture, education, etc, education, etc. directed to general enlargement of mind, not professional or technical); - arts, see ART. 2. Generous, open handed, not sparing of; abundant. 3. Not rigorous or literal, open minded, unprejudiced.4. L - ,(pol.) of the Liberal Party (moderately), progressive, favouring individual liberty and democratic reform

Whereas you, presumably, are radical, man, yeah, like, cutting edge, yeah, like out there, like truly with it, yeah, like get with the struggle, man, power to the people!

Oxford Dictionary

Defining Liberal

23.06.2008 12:24

Liberal - Wanker

Oxford - A place where wankers go to learn how to be even bigger wankers

Off The Fence

Defining Wanker

23.06.2008 13:23

Wanker - Someone who makes a big performance while actually producing very little.

Off The Fence


23.06.2008 23:19

anyone who disagrees with antifascist is a wanker and should be killed at the earliest opportunity, because antifascists are always right even when they're wrong or can spell


a true benefit to the "struggle"

23.06.2008 23:50

And what little piece of nothing are you? So the city of Oxford is a write off? With all its people, and issues and races and nationalities? As long as we all tow your sordid little line of "positive" action? I'd love to meet you, I really would. I bet you're every bit as ugly as the shit you spiel. Prejudiced? Yes you are!

Off the fence sive


24.06.2008 08:02

What has the Oxford English Dictionary got to do with the city of Oxford? You might meet a lot of people if you got out more, you fucking bumpkin!

Off The Fence

Desperado, come down from your fences, open the gate...

24.06.2008 09:20

"Oxford - A place where wankers go to learn how to be even bigger wankers"

A PLACE, oh, ye of little brain space, in your words, as you put it, in a sentence, denoting a place. As I understand it the Oxford Dictionary is published by the Oxford University Press, which I believe may have some connection to Oxford University. Ironically enough Oxford University is located in Oxford. Oxford is a city in England, which is a country which forms part of Great Britain and the United Kingdom. These countries, as I understand it, form part of the British Commonwealth, European Union, United Nations, NATO and G8. I think you were having a pop at Oxford University as being, by the traditional perspective, inhabited by toffs, which, in a comedy context, might be a reasonable context in which to place a joke. In this case, I rather feel that the joke is on you. I am also guessing from your choice of words that you have latent hatred towards people who reside in rural places, i.e. "bumpkins." As for not getting out, well, luckily I am not quadraplegic or agaraphobic, or that might have been a very hurtful statement. Luckily my social life is healthy and happy and so is my ability to spot those burdened down by significant chips on their shoulder. Have you considered counselling? Bhuddist breathing techniques? A walk in the park? See the colours all around you. It's a beautiful world. Try not to muddy it with your big ugly footprint.

It may be raining, but there's a rainbow above you...

Accidental Omission

24.06.2008 11:01

I forgot to mention that Oxford is also in the County of Oxfordshire - uncanny, isn't it? And the University has an annual boat race against another city which has a university which is called Cambridge. Cambridge is in a county called Cambridgeshire. You probably haven't been to these places, but whilst they may have their fair share of toffs and boffins, I can assure you that everyone doesn't wear top hats or ride in Hansom cabs or eat caviar. In fact, like most cities, they boast a diverse and colourful cross section of people from all walks of life, much like, say, Leeds, or Bradford, or York, or Sheffield, or Hull, or most anywhere you might care to condemn. I expect they each have their share of vicious spiteful nothings like you, too. Luckily the numbers dilute you into utterly insignificant, or how boring life would be. Tra la!

Howard the Dolphin


24.06.2008 21:07

I imagine there's a difference between the people of Oxford and those who attend its university (otherwise there'd be nobody to clean the dorms and wash the socks of the pampered elite of the latter.)

Next I'm going to slag off Collins, so please don't be offended if your name is Colin.

Off The Fence

No offence taken

25.06.2008 09:56

Just joshing, my name ain't Colin, no, no, I never even went to Oxford or Cambridge, in fact I don't like the places, personally, but also I don't know exactly who goes to the Universities there, who gets special bursaries and scholarships, the foreign students, the locals. Maybe it's just like, if you're taking a position which is supposed to be against prejudice, then maybe being highly prejudicial within that position tends to undermine the credibility of that position. I really don't think the world is ever going to conform to anyone's racial or class or political stereotyping for the simple reason that human beings have the annoying habit of transformation and contradiction. There is no such thing as a "liberal," just people who to a greater or lesser degree will "buy in" to values and beliefs which we might categorize as being typically liberal. However, as I'm sure you're aware, there are as many permutations to this category as there are thoughts in a human head - there are those who believe in liberal attitudes at the social level, perhaps more typically Scandinavian, whilst there are those who have liberal attitudes to finance and trade, who are against state monopoly. And there will be a spectrum of belief which includes and excludes these examples but which also fall under the category of "liberal." Or to be more controversial, there was no absolute blueprint for a NAZI or a fascist - they too were/are riven by internal contradictions and faction fighting, as can be seen from the rather sad stories we read on these threads. And of course the same goes for those who oppose them, who seem to extract as much glee from attacking each other as they do the "fascists." So whilst it may seem helpful to try to see things in terms of black and white, it is utterly misleading, and if that's what you want, to fight battles on the basis of unreality, then good luck to you, but the victories will, sadly, resound as emptily as the rhetoric.