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Nottingham Stop the EDL march: Useful info and tactics

Skank | 21.11.2009 12:08 | Anti-racism | Repression

Remember that the power lies in the hands of the communities, do not rely on labour councils. Remember that actions speak louder than words, do not be led astray by groups whos aim is entirely political.

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be sectarian and in no way advocates a split in the anti-fascist movement, now more than ever unity must be our watchword, but never forget to check who is pulling the strings and how they use demos such as these to futher their own agendas, not ours!

By many measures the counter Scottish Defence League demo in Glasgow was a roaring success, we outnumbered them around 5 to 1 (roughly 1,000 anti-fash and a measley 200 fash turned out) they weren't allowed to march and were herded out of Glasgow tails between their legs. However there were also areas which needed much improvement!

First of all the Glasgow council had voted to ban the SDL march, in itself a comendable action, but we must ask ourselves to what ends was this action taken and what can it teach us about Nottingham. Well, as with all political actions the motivation is never as simple as it may seem, Nottingham's Labour council are moving to ban the EDL's march and once again this *can* be seen as a victory for anti-fascicm. However what we are seeking is not the political repression of a right wing movement it is mass community mobilisation to show that fascism is not welcome in our towns, to ban them simply justifies in their own minds the persecution that the 'liberal' government and media are subjecting them to, an ulitmatley more useful end is to show by sheer strenght of numbers that they do not represent a 'silent majority' as they so wrongly think. Do not rely on Labour to ban them, we must take responsibility for our own communities rather than allowing a bunch of genocidal war mongers preach to us about how we need them to impose equality on us.

Secondly this demo is about action and not words. In Glasgow we were diverted away from the city, two miles away from the city and the SDL, not by police but by UAF. We were forced to endure the inane ramblings of all manner of middle class 'liberals' and 'socialists' whos party lines and rhetoric bore no relation to what the vast majority of us thought, and in the meantime the police were herding the SDL onto coaches out of town. When we questioned this decision and the choice of speakers UAF stewards threatened to have us arrested. Remember why you are there on the 5th, for action, not words. Do not let UAF, itself just a front for the SWP highjack YOUR demo and use it push their own political agenda.

Chasin out, chasin out, we're chasin out the scum. Chasin out, chasin out and we will never run.

Skank. Antifa Hooligan!


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If the EDL was racist I wouldn't be in it!

21.11.2009 12:19

There are many black people like me in the English Defence League as well as Asian sikhs and hindus and even some moderate muslims. Please stop trying to paint the English Defence League as racist and fascist. The EDL has got a lot of support amongst ethnic minorities who are angry at Islamic extremism and Islamic terrorism. Simply saying that the EDL is racist is like saying that all football fans are racist.

Black EDL member


21.11.2009 12:46

We have an EDL march in wrexham today 21 november, SWP.Plaid ,organised it etc, i remember a call out for direct action at a local supermarket on 2 occasitions,against israeli produce, by a polotical party,guess what , none of them even went near the supermarket, instead sat drinking a pint of beer in the local pub,wonderfull, while we nearlly got nicked, ah well no support of me today chaps, going to a march in manchester instead



21.11.2009 12:50

@Black EDL member, do you do the hitler salutes as well like your EDL comrades??


crazeees everywhere

21.11.2009 12:53

Skank said: "the inane ramblings of all manner of middle class 'liberals' and 'socialists' "
If the speakers were black, would you say "all manner of black 'liberals' and 'socialists'"? I hope you'd agree that their race had nothing to do with it, and it was racist to mention their colour. Why is one form of discriminatory abuse OK and not the other!

Black EDL member - you're crazy! On the EDL rallies and marches there have been, there has been such a dominance of Zieg Heils and other racist and fascist shit, that it's nothing like calling all football fans racist. If therefore you are blind and deaf and crazy, then think about the Pastor Niemoller quote:

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me.

crazy in the brain

@Black EDL member

21.11.2009 18:36

so what will you do when on of your EDL 'colleagues' calls someone a 'black bastard', as happened to a friend of mine at the recent EDL/SDL in Glasgow? (my friend is Basque!)

Watch who you are mixing with.


its lucky that...

21.11.2009 20:22

The black members of the EDL are so pro-active on the internet or the EDL might be labeled as racist.


Sign a petition to ban & go on demo at royal theatre as well

22.11.2009 02:05

Local Labour councillors have to listen to people more & can stop things like this.Everyone knows the EDL are messed up or nazi, IMCers & many activists campaign for more democracy& universal rights usually against corrupt corporations.
Most people know Right wingers argue for less rights & dictatorship, most people would like to see a ban on nazi marches. Why bother appealing to these thugs?
Make sure any of the various petitions you sign on this ask for a ban on undemocratic nazi marches not against universal & human rights marches.
Why do Antifa's appeal to hooliganism?, come on this isnt the 80s, why bother?, isnt Antifa meant to be a defence force??
More hardcore Antifa & antifash would get alot more respect from people if they regularly go to pubs like Yates & Trip to Jersualem which EDL,BNP try to takevoer & keep in contact with these venues on the 5th.
Weatherspoons which overlooks the square & the Banker as well as Yates are most likely place EDL will try & gather or hide reserves as well as the Oz Bar on friar lane. Though the FUBAR pro edl video on Facebook is all about the Trip to Jerusalem & the crusades, the Abrahamic religions & their christian,muslim sects& adherents should sort it out& stop allowing themselves to be used as cannon-batonfodder.

Protesting against the Mercian Regiment is not a tactic many activists thankfully will support as its mainly the oil corporations & their puppets who have made the war happen. Only the minority of bitter "Maoist Stalinist" activists are likely to protest against the troops, protesting against troops coming home would be vunpopular. with most people.

BNP cant be beaten by just beating them up on demos in streets, ballots matter more regarding them at the moment, EDL are abit tricky as play to multiculturalism, whilst targetting muslims or universal activists just like the corporate state.
Mainly all Antifa/AFA have to do is educate people in the pubs,not just turn up one day, if we do that we can control the streets.

It wasnt knuckledragging on the streets that got Adolf power, it was the oratory & tactical control of the beerhalls, same goes here.

Nottm drinker

Nit picking

22.11.2009 10:48

"Skank said: "the inane ramblings of all manner of middle class 'liberals' and 'socialists' "
If the speakers were black, would you say "all manner of black 'liberals' and 'socialists'"? I hope you'd agree that their race had nothing to do with it, and it was racist to mention their colour. Why is one form of discriminatory abuse OK and not the other!

Black EDL member - you're crazy! On the EDL rallies and marches there have been, there has been such a dominance of Zieg Heils and other racist and fascist shit, that it's nothing like calling all football fans racist. If therefore you are blind and deaf and crazy, then think about the Pastor Niemoller quote:"

First of all, your comment is completely out of context, Skank is making the point that the vast majority of people attending the demo, are going to make a protest against the EDL, or to stop them, most of the people attending are not socialist, and don't want to be corralled away from the EDL, and preached to by Socialists, or liberal Labour politicians, and unionleaders. And makes a very valid point making people aware that that is what the UAF will be doing on the day, if that is not what you went for, then get involved with groups organising differently.

So why are you playing a race card in this " what if they were black"? I think it's pretty obvious, as I amsume some of the speakers on the UAF platform will be from different ethnic backgrounds, and no mention of it, added to the fact that it's obvious Skank is an anti-rascist.

Disagreeing with the polital stance and the tactics of the UAF, and of The SWP, and speaking out about it, is not discriminatory, so stop trying to play the victim, and liken it to rascism.

You said " If therefore you are blind and deaf and crazy"

What if there are people who are either blind, death or suffer mental health problems amongst the people turning up to oppose the demo?

- see I can be petty too.

Fly Poster

for f**k's sake!

22.11.2009 12:17

are we going to turn up and fight these scum off the streets or are we going to get bogged down in sectarianism and conflict of philosophy?

If we spend all our time arguing instead of fighting them away - and then working in the community AFTER - then we may as well not turn up, leave the pigs to corral the EDL on their own, let the SWP stand up the road doing their thing..and i'll stay at home instead of probably getting arrested for trying to get to the EDL to throw piss and eggs on them......
Look, if the EDL, and the likes of the BNP and other HATE groups, which is what these right wingers are, were to get even a smidgen of 'power' on these lands, then most of us would be fucked. Wake up people, dont let the usual arguing get in the way...We need to fight them off the streets.


p'd off anti-fascist

@black EDL

22.11.2009 20:34

If you're actually in the EDL and not just a crap bit of PR then you're not that unique. There's a picture of a chap on the BNP website whose black and is pictured smiling with two BNP activists, the Zulu's once teamed up with BNP hooligans and Stoke to attack a Celtic and AFA get together. Race doesn't dictate your intelligence anymore than it does your politics! Presumably you're happy to be running with BNP activists like Cooling and Renton and standing shoulder to shoulder with fascists like Mike Henton? If so then i'd suggets you're a fucking moron.

Aside from that i can't understand what the EDL want. If there are Muslim's who are preaching religious hatred or inciting people to murder then there are laws that deal with them, the same laws that apply to Griffin and co. I don't think running around the streets mob handed shouting "dirty muslim bastards" is going to stop Islamic fundamentalism any less than calling someone a Jewish cunt is going to stop Israel persecuting the Palestinians! The only purpose i can see for the EDL is stirring up tension between british asians and white british people, furthering the BNP's idea that there is a clash between races/cultures and giving their election campaigns more support. That and getting a mob together for England internationals. Hardly progressive is it?

Aston Villa Ant-fascist

Real Islam is against terrorism and extremism.

23.11.2009 11:12

As a practicing muslim I would like to step in and comment. Most of my friends in the muslim community are totally outraged and angered by the actions of preachers of hate who abuse the righteous religon of Islam to justify extremism and terrorism. We therefore see nothing wrong with a group like the English Defence League standing up to such extremists who give our religon such a bad name. Islam is a peaceful, tolerant religon and there is no place for violent extremists within it.

Muslim commentator.

I am too against islamic extremism...

23.11.2009 12:08

But I think everyone who is in favour of the EDL on this thread are either racist trolls or very very misled, do your research into the EDL!


to the Black edl member

23.11.2009 12:56

Just because you're black doesnt mean you can't be a RACIST...I've met plenty Asians who dislike ''Blacks '' and plenty of so called white people who say they don't mind ''Blacks'' but hate asians....Its the same old ignorant bollocks whatever your percieved colour or nationality

concerned of gipton

Never cease to be amazed

23.11.2009 14:15

Wow - first a black EDL supporter, now a Muslim one! You white lads 'playing ethnic' should really grow up. You're pathetic.

Looking at the photos and videos of previous EDL events it's clear that almost everyone on them is a white man. Diverse movement my arse.

I have been leafleting all over Nottingham and the locals call the EDL "the new BNP". The EDL's racist violence is almost universally rejected.

Never cease to be amazed


23.11.2009 16:18

EDL are scared of anti-fash activists and members of concerned communities and you can see it in their faces!

When they come out, they stick to a pub front,never fully in the street or on the road.

They do as the pigs tell them, they wave their pathetic flags and buy more booze (interestingly, that fuels more tax that fuels more wars that create more p'd off muslims in the east who then bomb UK troops). The EDL are more confused than most, eh?

Also, about muslims (who, like all religious people, are a bit lied to)...a little word. Islam is the fastest growing religion in THE WORLD. Interesting, i hear you say. And it is.

But whats more interesting is that here, on this island, Paganism is the fastest growing religion. So what are the EDL getting all worked up for?!

Islamification of the UK is a myth, stirred up to get small headed christian folk worried.

Pagans happily lived on this land long before any christians or muslims put their 'One God Or Nothing' hands on it!! jews, christians, and muslims all agree jesus was alive at some point, so whats the big fucking deal, he was an anarchic-pagan anyway!!ha ha. they're as bonkers as each other and they're helping to fuck us all over.....

Anyway, I digress..

The EDL are full of shit, thats obvious. But whats more funny is how most of us are acting like they are Black Shirts or Black and Tans. They are a bunch of piss head lager swilling racists nobs, and should be beaten and attacked and ran off the streets accordingly!!

They get police escorted everywhere they go...if it was them AGAINST their football enemies, they'd be laughing at them for having to walk everywhere with police. Now they are all getting protected, like nonces in a jail, wherever they go because they know we'll get them on the streets one day and kick the living shit out of them!

The EDL on protection, on the numbers....HA HA HA HA HA
lets laugh them off the streets.

lets come up with football song style abuse for them....
how about,for starters,

you need the pigs to walk you home, do-da do-da, you need the pigs to walk you home, do do do da day!
something like that!!

EDL, watch your back. and your front door, and your car, and your work place and your favourite pub...once people find out where you are, then you'll feel the anti-fash rage!!.......

A.Berkmann, friend of The Girl

nit picking to-fro

23.11.2009 17:11

Fly poster, no I didn't have who would be on a UAF platform in mind at all. I just picked ethnic origin as it's easier to see people being discriminatory in that context than others that sometimes are deemed 'acceptable', like sexism or class-based comments. And no, I don't feel at all like a victim either.

And I said blind, deaf or crazy not in a discriminatory way - I was suggesting the Black EDL member did not hear or see any behaviour from his/her other colleagues, and an explanation could be that s/he was blind (without a personal assistant) or deaf (without an interpreter). And using the term crazy or others isn't essentially discriminatory against people who have mental health problems, fits or are labelled by the health system as 'not normal'. Sure if we're being properly careful about language we have to be aware of the origins of words and their possible meaning.

Context isn't an excuse for us maintaining other inequalities or oppressions in society, as I'm sure from your comments you'd agree. We should be able to critique part of what someone says, whilst also supporting, for example, their analysis of UAF tactics.

crazy in the brain

To clarify my position

23.11.2009 18:15

My use of the qualifier middleclass was to sepettae the likes of Labour party reps and religious leaders i.e. the bourgeoise ellites (yeah i know i can't spell it, criticise the message not the delivery) from the communities in which this issue is actually relevant, i.e. our communities.

And to the EDL members I have this to say; fascists are class tratiors, your politics advocate concentrated power in the hands of leaders rather than giving control to the working class, you will always be on the defensive whilst you allow issues of race and sexuality to divide yor class! Oh and see you on the day ;-) x

Skank antifa

The EDL is just a far-right drinking club

23.11.2009 19:36

You turn up in a city, find the nearest boozer and get kettled by the police for a couple of hours before being sent home under police escort. I'm always up for a few drinks on the weekend but i don't see why you're such big fans of police cordons. Obviously with your contempt for "left wing vermin" you wouldn't want to criticise the police for infringing your civil liberties would you (cus that's all left wing bollocks, right?) so you must enjoy it. Mind you after Birmingham i think it's probably best you stick with the police! I expect there's a lot of people in Nottingham who would look foward to meeting you on the 5th but i doubt they'll be able to see you for all the hi-viz jackets.

Aston Villa anti-fascist

i knew id piss you off EDL

23.11.2009 20:56

ha ha.

i knew my comment about the EDL lot being given protection like nonces would piss them off! Look at all the EDL lovers coming to the surface.

The EDL get police protection everywhere they go, and they love it, because they know if we got our hands on them, they'd be shitting their selves!!

On protection like nonces, ha ha. e-wing wrong ones...ha ha!!
The EDL are wrong ones!! ha ha!


A.Berkmann, friend of The Girl

Kettling, asians and brum

23.11.2009 21:48

The police kettle anarchists, football fans and you lot. They've been doing it for years now, the trick is to do your best to avoid it, obviously at football it's pretty hard because they know where you're going, your going to be going to the ground via local pubs and leaving the ground 90 minutes later. There are ways of getting out of them though, whereas the EDL seem to walk straight into them more often than not and welcome them if their numbers are less than a hundred.

As far as i'm aware antifa haven't mobilised at any EDL demo, it's been mostly UAF, locals and unions. Reading their webpage they seem to be more interested in covert stuff as opposed to mass demonstrations.

As for your dismissing the asians in brum as not being anti-fascist i suppose a few might not of thought of themselves as overtly anti-fascist before the brum demo's, others did, but i bet a lot more describe themselves as anti-fascist now. As for them attacking anti-fascists i didn't see any of this and i was stood with a group of asian and white lads.

I've tried many times to have a discussion about what it is the EDL actually want to do and why they've been abusing asians, left wingers and anti-fash if they're supposed to be tackling Islamic fundamentalism but had nothing back so it's no surprise that people resort to throwing abuse your way. If you sleep with dogs you'll get flees and we all know the dogs you've been sleeping with and the kennels they live in. All i can see that the EDL has done so far is to mobilise a firm for England games, get a big drinking club together, get a few young lads and old chaps slapped when your top boys have scarpered and try to divide communities along religious and racial lines (i say racial because iyour members have targetted asian lads who "look" muslim). Hardly a roaring success is it?

Aston Villa anti-fascist

EDL in Nottingham - Tactics & ideas

24.11.2009 08:43

Skanks comments - I thought these were useful, and a discussion on tactics for Saturday 5th needs to be had..
We all know that unity is strength, and individuals can get isolated, especially on what looks like being a chaotic day. What with the military marching with fixed bayonets (pointing at who?) the local Notts Leics derby, and the EDL, I think we should discuss how to avoid seeing the EDL do their thing from *behind* police lines if they decide to 'kettle' the bulk of the counter demo.

The suggestion made by an anti-capitalist comrade at the Notts Stop the BNP meeting last night was to use a flexible tactic, such as relatively small groups of like minded people, kitted out with leaflets, placards and contact numbers, who could be mobile around the town, and avoid being confined to looking at plods back. They would have the chance to argue the toss with Notts citizens on a more personal level than a solid block of demonstrators

This seems sound to me, for this event, as a tactic. The principle of mass demos, TU involvement, and community mobilisation is not being challenged.

Hoping to hear comments, and see you there.

nick w

It will be all white on the night.

24.11.2009 15:12

OK, this is at supposedly "black EDL member". I have finished my research having gone through all of the Facebook members of each of the EDL groups on FB, and have not found one black or asian member, go ahead and add a bogus one if you want to and post it on here, but I have already been through them all.

all white!


24.11.2009 16:30


LOL at that Link

24.11.2009 18:00

""look at them, look at you, if we wernt here they would rip you to peices, we are just here to make sure everyone gets to say what they believe in and go home in one peice"
She took one look over my shoulder at the group of EDL who by there appearance had obviously got a fair bit more of a physical presence and she said, "fair enough"......."

They would tear you to peices but they are a "professional" bunch. What a patronising git! Who are the AFL anyway? Or is this copper confusing the UAF and ANL to make the AFL?

Were "hardened anarchists" really trying to smash coffee shops? Or is this just more tripe?

As for the anarchists and anti-fascists being less willing to be kettled, stopped, searched and filmed, perhaps this is due to them generally wanting to preserve their rights as opposed to not being aware of them?


EDL collaborate with cops

24.11.2009 18:14

What does this link prove except that EDL collaborate with the police and anarchist antifascists don't.

And by the way, just because you keep saying "I don't support the EDL" doesn't mean it's true. Bit like saying "I'm not a racist but..."

Not a cop

Actual tactics, Cause ya know I forgot to include them

25.11.2009 10:55

This will require a little organisation and unfortunatley I don't have enough notts contacts to organise this, but if anyone was considering doin a bit of organisation outside the UAF, my advice would be, we need spotters around town workin out where they are and feedin us tips, i think we need several smaller groups who are willin to go to where the action is rather than blindly follow UAF as once people mobilise others will follow, EDL like to move around, police will try to get them together, this doesn't work conclusivley, we stumbled upon small groups (3s and 4s) of EDL supporters and the police quickly got between us but only with about 3 officers for a few minutes. Also I know it goes without sayin, but don't go anywhere alone, especially not train stations when you are travellin back if your from out of town. Good luck all!


EDL attacked Sikh councillor Lakhbir Singh in Luton

02.12.2009 17:08

This "black" EDL guy says "there are many black people like me in the English Defence League as well as Asian sikhs and hindus and even some moderate muslims". So fucking what........

The only time the EDL ever dealt with any Sikh person was when they attacked Sikh councillor Lakhbir Singh in Luton. There are ZERO Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims in the EDL, and while the EDL claims a membership of several THOUSAND, just ONE member - Joel Titus from Harrow - is mixed-race (and, let's face it, he's not exactly the sharpest card)

No more than 4 black people have ever been seen at any EDL event - and that EDL event was the photo-shoot the EDL staged for Daily Star hack Ross Kaniuk, where all the participants wore balaclavas, while there was at least one Afro-Carribean skinhead (a lad called called Zomo from West Ham) and 1 mixed-race Nazi in Colin Jordan's openly Nazi "British Movement" (sic) and thousands of Africans fought for Fascism under Franco

Uncle Tom's