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Running Rings Round the EDL

LOL fash | 07.12.2009 21:25 | Anti-racism

EDL trolls may be boasting about their exploits on Saturday but the truth is they Nottingham was more than they could cope with.

First they showed themselves up for the rabid mob of thugs they are in front of the national media. Here's a hint lads: when you're in front of the cameras try to behave yourselves. We don't like people who kick dogs in Ingerland.

The majority of EDL were penned in and under tight police control all day. The cops forced them to go home early. Most were escorted to the trains and coaches before 5pm.

The few small groups who avoided the pen to roam around the town met with serious resistance from local youths who gave them the runaround. A lot of the EDL's 'hardened warriors' proved to be a lot less hard after a few hundred yards of running and received some rough justice. Drinking all day may make you feel like a real man but you wont feel so great wheezing at the top of the hill whilst the local kids give you a slap.

Most of the EDL didn't really look up to a fight as they staggered around the streets thrusting their crotches out and flailing wildly.

My final tip to the defenders of English virtue - if your trying to hijack a bit of local history for propaganda, do your best to avoid pissing all over it. No wonder you were happy to let the old bill lead you home. Your sheep pen must have stunk.

LOL fash

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getting sick of all this edl stuff

07.12.2009 23:27

fuck'em. So they drink in weatherspoons once a month. Fuck them.


Ran rings?

08.12.2009 00:23

Wow...did you anti-fascists take such a beating on Saturday that your having to resort to lies like this to try and make out like Saturday was a victory?

Lefties on here have admitted they got the tar kicked out of them. On the EDL forums they report any attacks on them by "local youths" for future reference. None got reported on Saturday...wonder why.

Oh yeah, the few Muslims who turned out to oppose us ran. It was an EDL victory plain and simple and no ammount of telling pork pies to your silly leftie mates will change that.


Oh, and for the record I'm Japanese. If the EDL are Nazis like you claim then they must be the worlds worst Nazis since they accept other races, maybe they need to re-read Mein Kampf?



08.12.2009 01:21

The local kids defending themselves against the EDL and running rings around both them and the police is unprecedented as far as I am aware - sprinting into a crowd of beer belied louts to shout "nazi scum, fuck your mum" en masse was pretty special. I guess the closest was the defence of Harrow mosque. Of course, there are dangers that this gets out of hand (though I saw several people reigning back in people from taking things too far on the day), but despite this, if this is what happens when the far right turn up in Nottingham, I'm pretty convinced that come election time and the BNP decide to rear their ugly heads, they won't have a chance.

The above commenter is pretty hilariously displaying the precise boneheaded logic of the EDL that makes them a laughing stock even among the extreme right. At least Mosley's black shirts were organised. The EDL spend their time 1. Getting too drunk to act like human beings 2. Urinating on national monuments 3. Trying to shake down lamp posts for no good reason. I'll give you the first rule of fascism for free lads: discipline.

What I find personally hilarious is even their public facing goals (preventing Islamic extremism) are totally contrary to their tactics, as if an afternoon getting walking around by the police half-pissed was going to solve the problem of religious extremism. How?


First black, then muslim, now japanese!

08.12.2009 07:31

You EDL types have a great imagination don't you!

btw - just because a cop comes on here and pretends to be an antifascist with a sore head doesn't mean it's true.

and the idea that you're going to admit to letting 15 year olds make you look shit is quite funny too.

Maori antifascist


08.12.2009 10:08

It seems to me that the only reason that many of you go to demos is to look for a fight, you appear to be a very violent crowd.

You seem to take great pleasure in winding up Asian people so that they go in and do your fighting for you.
None of you seem to recognise just how irresponsible your behaviour actually is. Innocent Asians, mostly young men drawn in to a conflict that is of your making.

You don't seem to care at all that the police, who are only doing their job get injured, that innocent passers by get set upon by the Asians that you have wound up.

Do you really think that the moderate Muslims appreciate what you do, because they don't, moderate muslim groups wish that you would go away, that your violence is making things worse. That it is you that is stirring up racial tension.

Your revolutionary, far left agenda is plain for all to see and that far left agenda is just as fascist as Ajem Choudary, so you are not really fooling anyone.

You don't really care about the moderate Muslims under the yoke of extreme Islam are oppressed and dare not stand up against the extremists for fear of violence against them and their families, that gays dare not reveal themselves, that unbelievers cannot even tell their wives / husbands. That women are second class citizens, all this in 21st century England.

You rampage through towns hoping that you can beat up people who you think are EDL, as if somehow you have a right to do this, you boast of breaking the law, you plan to break the law, you incite violence and then somehow you contrive to make it look as tho you are standing up for freedom. That you have some sort of moral high ground.
I even read the other day some one suggesting a pipe bomb would be a good thing, as if that sort extreme violence would solve anything, other than just being violence for violence sake.



08.12.2009 11:40

the VAST majority of your comment is actually about the EDL. i read the whole thing thinking that you were referring to the EDL.

replace "Your revolutionary, far left agenda is plain for all to see and that far left agenda is just as fascist as Ajem Choudary, so you are not really fooling anyone."
with "Your unrevolutionary, far right agenda is plain for all to see, and that agenda is just as fascist and nazi-like and the people those soldiers you applaud faught against in WW2"

and replace "You rampage through towns hoping that you can beat up people who you think are EDL"
with "You rampage through towns hoping that you can beat up people who you think are UAF, anti-fascists or anyone who basically doesn't like you and sees you for who you really are"

& i think you'll find the guy who mentioned the pipe bomb was regarded as either a 'troll' or people said what he put was stupid. you're always going to find people who say things a bit extreme, but if he was gonna do it, i doubt he'd parade the idea around on indymedia haha. i wouldn't be shaking in your little racist boots at some idiot saying that kind of thing.



So it is now wrong to protest against Islamic terrorism

08.12.2009 12:16

A few people several months ago who were appalled by Islamic preachers of hate glorifying acts of terrorism and stating how much they hate western society set up the English Defence League to hold counter protests against Islamic extremism. Exactly why have you got a problem with that? I suppose because you believe that to demonstrate against Islamic militants is politically incorrect because in you eyes only the west and western people are evil.

Nottingham resident.

Irony: "Oh, and for the record I'm Japanese"

08.12.2009 12:42

"Oh, and for the record I'm Japanese. If the EDL are Nazis like you claim then they must be the worlds worst Nazis since they accept other races, maybe they need to re-read Mein Kampf?"

Heh, that's ironic, considering the Japanese and the Nazis were allies during WW2!



08.12.2009 12:42

You say I'm racist, well I am not, I am a patriot, I believe that anyone born here is English regardless of skin colour.

You say far right because a few idiots give nazi salutes on our demos, the fact is that we come from all walks of life.
In fact I dislike intensely the far right and their Nazi views and I and EDL will have nothing to do with them, hence the hatred they display against us.

I find it ironic that the far right and the far left hate us, it means we must be in the middle.

The ideologies of both the left and the right prevent them from seeing the truth, you both exist in a fog of hatred.

If EDL were left alone, our demos would be peaceful, you try to read between the lines, hoping to find an enemy so that you can combat them. You are looking for someone to confront.

We try and work with the police, you actively go up against them, causing chaos.

You cannot deny that telling Asians that we are BNP is likely to incite racial tensions, which seems to be exactly what you want.

I wonder why?


Islamic extremism is just a fig-leaf excuse for the EDL

08.12.2009 12:55

I appreciate that many people dislike religions, including Islam, myself included.

But you have to be naive not to see that this is just a fig-leaf excuse for the EDL to promote fascism and racism.

I know most of the EDL have the "gay look" and are heavily into male bonding, but do you really think they are genuinely wanting to protect women and gays from religious oppression? I'm sure they are the first people to say that women belong in the kitchen and homosexuality is perverted or whatever. They hardly present the image of enlightened metrosexual New Men.

I'm sure most Indymedia readers are atheists who despise religion, but they are also people who despise authoritarianism, bigotry and fascism too.


Keep Crawling Arthur

08.12.2009 13:18

I repost underneath a comment I put in response to another of EDL troll Arthur's posts on another Indy site.....will Arthur be able to muster up a valid response this time, I wonder?

Oh Arthur, you EDL propagandists whine away again and again about how you aren't the BNP, don't hate muslims etc..but then you ruin it all by actually turning up on the streets! Anyone who saw your lovely mob in Nottingham on Saturday - heard your chants, seen how you behaved with contempt towards all around you - will have seen the truth. You are a bunch of semi-coherent, right-wing dickheads, desperately trying to stir up social unrest against muslims. The best thing you could do for your "campaign against islamic extremism", if it were genuine, would be to cancel all your street demos/provocations, tell all the football casuals to fuck off, and then do some steady, patient work in combination with muslim communities themselves to reduce tension between communities and tackle the appeal of radical islam "at source". But - you aren't going to do that, are you? Because that's not what you really want....


Not just Muslims or Asians

08.12.2009 13:20

Those youths weren't just Muslims or Asians. There were lots of black kids and some white kids too. Funny how the EDL think that only Muslims don't like them. The whole of Nottingham's community rejects you.

Just watching


08.12.2009 13:28

even the police said they escorted the UAF but had to CONTROL the EDL.

grow up. nobody wants you here.

oh dear

Shariah law.

08.12.2009 13:51

Do you guys make it up as you go along, here is a little video of a muslim protest against shari'ah law, is it wrong to fight this or shall we just stand by and allow this to continue.

You try hard to tell me how I think, gays have a right to be free as do women.

A speech by British Muslims for Secular democracy, (BMSD)

Please watch this and then tell me that our people are not oppressed.


Stop The Pissbladders!

08.12.2009 14:32

If Sharia law means cutting off the cheesey cocks of drunken football loving yobbos who knowingly piss in formation over one of England's most historic sites of heritage, I'm all for Sharia Law. Yes please!!!

EDL Drama Queen Trevor KKKelway can be the Marie Antoinette of the "cock guillotine".

Don't know if the EDL will be still around in 5000 years time, when it's time for him to eat cake.

Robe Sphere

Piss Off Back To Stormfront, neo-Nazi EDL Trolls!

08.12.2009 14:41

I'm sick and tired of neo-nazi EDL and BNP trolls treating Indymedia as their fuckin' playground. You lot have Stormfront all to yourselves. You never get leftwing or anarchist trolls on there, so be a good little Hitler saluter, and go off seik heiling to the website of Holocaust deniers instead of creating a stink here reminiscant of the wall of Nottingham Castle.

Fighting with police, trying to pull down lamp posts and the most hypocritical of all, pissing on the English heritage you are trying to protect, is hardly the behaviour of grown-up, mature, sensible rational protesting human beings.

Even the fuckin' BPP don't piss on castles. You yobbos are never gonna live that one down. According to the far right forum VNN, thirty EDL idiots pissed in a line in Manchester but at least it wasn't over a castle.

The EDL are a complete joke.

Demmy God

@ arthur

08.12.2009 14:44

no 'our people' (now where have I heard that before?, Nick Griffin perhaps?) are not oppressed.that would link into some racist discourse that suggests we are a 'minority in our own country' etc. the point of something like One Law For ALL (a group, btw, that explicitly rejects the edl!) is to campaign against sharia law in a positive and mature manner from within the muslim community as well as wider society. their focus is on the oppression of women and homosexuals within conservative strains of islam, and it is one that most people on here would broadly agree with! put simply, what concerns them is EQUALITY, what concerns you is DIVISION. do not appropriate the humanistic individualism of the enlightenment for your own nationalistic ends. that's what Hitler did, funnily enough, and even if you say you aren't 'fascists' comments like that one prove you are playing a typically fascist role in british society....

if you are linking to these videos, arthur, then when don't you get involved in their campaigns. they would love to have you. in fact, why don't we meet up and then we can go on one together. tell me if your up for it, i'll send you a contact number?

.... or would you rather stand around pissing on monuments and shouting with a bunch of bigots and followers looking for a fight with the mighty UAF???????*

*btw, does it feel clever running after a load of old grannies and students as if they are a rival 'firm'. can you not realise how ridiculous that looks to everyone? they are ineffectual tossers, and you give the impression they are mighty warriors. pathetic.


FAO Arthur and the non racist EDL

08.12.2009 15:42

now either you're a liar or a simpleton [ or both], but to deny you're riddled with racist neo nazi dimwits is pretty damn stuipid.....One of your moderators on the EDL forum is none other than wigan Mike the leader of the openly nazi lot don't seem to have a problem with that do you ? How on earth can a non racist anti nazi [ your edl mantra not mine], Group give a well known nazi a position of power in there organsistaion ? last I saw was Tony white luking around, long time searchlight asset and peddlar of snuff movies ,is he the sort of member you want ?, Has the edl actually got any politics apart from a bit of paki bashing ? How is organising a povocative demo with a load of football hooligaans going to stop islamic extremism ? it isnt is it ? its just going to cause a load of bother where ever you hold your demos....Problem is thats what your leaders obviously seem to want, if its not well pack it in now 'cause its going to get an awfull lot worse

Concerned of gipton [ the real one]


08.12.2009 15:47

"The best thing you could do for your "campaign against islamic extremism", if it were genuine, would be to cancel all your street demos/provocations, tell all the football casuals to fuck off, and then do some steady, patient work in combination with muslim communities themselves to reduce tension between communities and tackle the appeal of radical islam "at source". "

Too true. Of course, working together with Islamic communities to solve the problem of extremism in the tiny percentage of those where it exists (which I should note, plenty of Islamic communities are already doing) is what the EDL should be doing to further their supposed aims, but getting drunk and smashing things up is what they are actually doing.

The Muslim community despise the likes of Al-Muhajiroun occasionally mentioned by the EDL in the more lucid moments of their leadership (Al-Muhajiroun, it should be pointed out, likely have a membership of maybe about 50 or so) precisely because of the disrepute they bring their community into, as well as simple fact that they do not represent Islam or any real school of Islamic theology. For an example of a specifically Islamic response to their hijinks concerning 9/11 and their support for bombings see Defending the Transgressed: Mudafi' al-Mazlum by Shaykh Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti, a fatwah (Islamic legal decision) that unlike those in Al-Muhajiroun is actually written by someone qualified in Islamic law, and condemns suicide bombing as murder without reserve.


Dear Arthur

08.12.2009 16:19

Nobody really wants the EDL. The BNP might want the EDL. The BNP want to plunge this noble land into a chaos of religious and racial warfare. Will the EDL be protecting moderate Muslims against the BNP. Will the EDL be protecting moderate muslims against Christian Fundamentalists. The BNP need the EDL as THE rival Firm to ruck with because the BNP footsoldiers are, lets face it, past their best.

Maybe Nick Griffin decided to reenact Operation Hummingbird to rid himself of a faked up foe. The respectable MEP cannot be seen to sully his hands. But the EDL was predicted before The One Eye'd Monster took his place at the trough. Just read Indymedia before the elections. Just read Indymedia about the BNP plans to march during football matches.

Of course that is the BNP not the EDL. Who are not all racists.

There are rumblings in the Far Right. The EDL are quite welcome to go and defend moderate muslims from casual fascist street violence. The EDL can go and confront the Christian Fundamentalist Extremists that are persecuting ordinary English Jews, ordinary English Hindus, ordinary English muslims.

But nobody sees them doing that. Why were the EDL absent from every major antiextremist demonstration before the election of THE BNP? No answer to that? Nobody needs to be told because we can all guess.

Luther Blisset

sorry fash, you fail yet again.

08.12.2009 17:52

"Oh, and for the record I'm Japanese. If the EDL are Nazis like you claim then they must be the worlds worst Nazis"

You obvioussly forget your history - you know, the one where the 1930-40 NSDAP (nazis to you) fought alongside the japanese and italians.

Shows the level of education of your typical EDL supporter (even/especially the ones who pretend to be "foreign".



08.12.2009 18:40

You think EDL operate in some sort of vacuum, that we don't talk to people, behind the scenes we talk to a great many people and once they are able to see through all the hype they agree with us.

As for the BNP, who am I to judge people, if some one says that they agree with our cause, then we give them a chance, if they step out of line we throw them out. We don't care about peoples past affiliations.
We are not connected to the BNP or any political group, EDL is EDL.

What you can't stand is that we are patriots and you don't have to a nazi or a racist to be for queen and country.

The idea that this country is white and anglo saxon is out of date, we have a multi-cultural society now and black, brown and white need to unite against political Islam and show them there is no place for them in this country.

The purpose of EDL is to spark debate and we have sparked debate and Muslims are coming out and standing up against the extremist.

Do you really believe that the threat by Choudary is all we march against, how about the Saudi government pouring millions of pounds into mosque building and then staffing them with extremists, how about the setting up of faith schools that teach this extreme version of Islam, subverting our young men into becoming suicide bombers.

You consider your selves working class but you are not, we are the working class and we reflect the opinions and concerns of the working class.
Your ideology is out of date, dead in the water, there will not be a workers revolution in this country because your solution is fascist but your mind is closed to this.

As for using your forum as a playground, you infiltrate our forums all the time, not one word of abuse have I given you all, I have ignored the name calling and have simply put a point of view. Why, because I believe in debate.

We will force the government to act, have no doubt about that. We are united, you can't stop us, you can only react and that's only because we give you the chance to react by telling you when and where our next demo is, this we will change in the near future. One peaceful demo is all we'll need for people to see who the violent ones are.


Arthur is a twat

08.12.2009 18:52

So tell me arthur, do you honestly thing that an EDL demo is for any normal people i.e. 99% of the population. Most people would have been sickened by the mob of 300 hooligans - and to be honest thats what you were. I dare to say this but if it weren't for the cops hemming you in, your mob would have rampaged around Nottigham attack brown people.

You don't need to be in EDL to oppose islamic extremism, there are many groups who are anti-islam that won't touch EDL with a barge poll. And for all the talk of "protecting women", I love to see what part of the feminist idea your individual EDL member takes on board. At the end of the day, you are popularist, reactionary pissheads up for a fight in OUR town centres - like most of the people that turned up with you they wanted to have a kick off. Tell me how does coaching in loads of coked-up, pissed out, thickos from all over england stop the growth of Islamic Extremism?!!!

Lets face it, you want a race riot - thats what 90% of EDL are gunning for, cause the best media you can get at this stage has been piss poor.

And now I hear your coming to London before the election? Well bring it on - we will be 10,000 against you.

Anarchist Antifa

arthur is running rings around Indy .. but whose running rings around you ?

08.12.2009 19:28

.. yes the knee jerk UAF/liberals on here are easy meat to you arthur .. you are quite right they have misidentified EDL as fascists when it is ( and i have said all along ) loyalist .. i do not doubt your sincerity in saying that the EDL crew ( as opposed to the people who turn out for demos) are not racist and not fascist and as a w/c bloke that seems obvious to me and i am sad that my other progressives find this so hard to get

BUT whose pulling your strings mate is the question? what role is EDL playing?? .. sure, you are just opposing sharia and islamists .. but do you think REAL @s and communists support sharia and Islamism?? the mullahs killed tens of thousends of leftists in Iran and continue to do so over the world. You have got obsessed with the middle class idiots who represent much of the left and @s in the UK today as opposed to what those ideas mean. You know but ignore that 'reds' like the AWL and Phil Dickens from Liverpool Antifa and other @s support 'direct' opposition to Choudary and all .. so whats your game??

So back to the question what role is it you play as a group? well 1) you have ended up as cheer leaders for an idiot war and political strategy in Afghanistan mate and 2) you COULD end up deeply dividing ordianary people in this country

and increasingly we see an 'anti-red' element within EDL .. yet faced with an deepening economic crisis ( to pay for the massive debt after bailing the banks) we face massive cuts in jobs and services next year.

And who will be opposing these cuts .. you? the BNP? no, yet again it will be the ordianry grass roots 'reds' ( not the chattering class london reds you quite rightly despise) fighting these attacks on behalf of ordianry people like you .. and where will you stand then???

yet again we see good working class people being used and taken for mugs .. you need to take a long hard look at what you are doing

and come on, what are you doing using WW1 images as if that was a 'good war' !!!!.. that was the stupidest crassest most disgusting war ever and no one in their right minds defends it or talks about being loyal to those who sent hundrfeds of millions to their deaths in that bloodbath


Piss off back to Stormfront, Divide and Conquer Neo-Nazi troll!

08.12.2009 19:55

durruti02 has been praising the EDL on mnay threads. on here, he's slagging off some antifascists "divide and conquer stylie".

"Durruti02", "Arthur", "Max", Nazi Boy Mark Collett or whoever you are, piss off back to Stormfront and leave Indymedia for people who oppose not support racism.

As has been said before, you don't get leftwing trolls on Stormfront, so why troll on here?

Hopefully you will get the message and leave us alone, thanks.

The EDL are a gang of football hooligans who offer nothing at all for society, so rather than pollute this forum with their bullshit, the neo-nazi troll should get a life. Go out on the pull and try to get a girlfriend.

I know its difficult for someone with hardline racist views to attarct females (which is why the EDl is an all-male jamoboree of race and religious hatred), but maybe you could start pretending your cock is bigger than it is, and that you aren't 100% charmless as I suspect you are.

You are not wanted, so piss off back to Stormfront!

Troll Deflator

@ Durrutti

08.12.2009 20:03

EDL Twitter --- @edlupdates
EDL Twitter --- @edlupdates

The EDL are hyping up their own followers against the UAF. In brum it was the UAF hyping up young blacks, asian and white lads (yes there were white people fighting EDL as welll) against the EDL saying they were the BNP/nazi/nf (delete as appropriate) -- now the EDL are hyping up their own and it seems that the main battle is now NOT with Islamic Extremists but the "reds" , Antifa, UAF "scum"...etc.

Check out the forums, the main posters are all stormfront neo-nazis, the forum moderator is a Wigan Mike, there are tons of articles being posted by the BNP. Any "hope" that this was genuine against fighting Islamic extermism -- something which in its PRESENT form is being fuelled by the Af-pak wars and the decimation of Gaza -- has been lossed.

Rivers of blood? More like rivers of piss (as the now famous photo aludes)

Anarchist Antifa


08.12.2009 20:10

as far as i know, durrutti 02 is a shop steward and quite a well respected figure around london. you're making a fool of yourself with all these 'troll' signs. listen to what durutti has to say, he doesn't sound like a fascist to me....


Nonsense Arthur

08.12.2009 20:31

I'm going to treat you like an adult, but I don't know if this will get me anywhere.

"What you can't stand is that we are patriots and you don't have to a nazi or a racist to be for queen and country. "

No, but you have to be a kind of ridiculous person to stand for these things uncritically after World War I. That old lie: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori?

"We will force the government to act, have no doubt about that. We are united, you can't stop us, you can only react and that's only because we give you the chance to react by telling you when and where our next demo is, this we will change in the near future. One peaceful demo is all we'll need for people to see who the violent ones are."

Considering who your membership are, and the deep links to despicable politics some of you have, I doubt you will ever see a "peaceful demo". The body of the EDL on Saturday were kept about a mile away from the UAF and associated counter-protesters who are usually blamed for the violence. And EDL managed to distinguish themselves by fighting the cops (the representatives of queen and country!), pissing on national monuments, getting drunk and being obnoxious to everyone. So even without the supposed provocations of the UAF etc, you cannot behave yourselves.

A more substantial response. The government have already acted on Islamic Extremism, and one might say, over reacted. Certain groups, for example, Al-Muhajiroun (banned on 12th August 2005), are banned. The ultra-strict Wahhabi schools are also banned, as well as considered bad news in the Muslim community. Mainstream Egyptian Sunni scholars have been refuting Wahhabi ones who they consider an oil-run corruption of their faith for many years, the most recent example being The Response by Al-Azhar University which shreds their arguments. Of course, part of the reason that your discourse is deeply Islamophobic is that you don't realise that the Islamic community is very much capable of handling these issues themselves, because you basically think they are 'primitive'. Plus, the overwhelming culture is one of suspicion regarding Muslims in general which is deeply counter-productive and creates rather than removes extremists.

Overall, you don't understand the dynamics of the Islamic community (the ummah) locally or globally, the reasons for extremism (which is, again, very minimal in this country), or the correct tactics for approaching it - ie not standing around on the street shouting EN-GER-LAND, having some beers and waving a flag.


So ethnics can't be patriotic?

08.12.2009 23:01

"You obvioussly forget your history - you know, the one where the 1930-40 NSDAP (nazis to you) fought alongside the japanese and italians."

Sorry but I really don't get peoples points with this. Sure, the Nazis were allied with the Japanese but the Neo-Nazis hate all non-whites. I highly doubt Neo-Nazis would accept someone even with a trace of non-white blood no matter how pally Adolf was with them.

The fact that the EDL have accepted ethnic members like this makes them obviously not Neo-Nazis. Ask a Neo-Nazi if he likes the Japanese and they'll say no so really, don't get your point about the Nazi/Japanese alliance in WW2.

I came here to find out more about the EDL and the UAF and the attitudes of the left-side here are disgusting actually. As a British Sikh who is proud of this country and loves living in England I find it quite disturbing of the attitude some of you display.

It seems any foreign or ethnic EDL member is classed as a liar or a troll. Why is this? Do you assume that just because somebody wasn't born here or because somebody isn't white then they can't love this country or feel patriotic towards England because I sure do.

I'm not EDL but judging by their attitudes compared to yours they seem the better option to support to be honest with you. They at least seem to know that ethnics living in Britain can be patriotic and love the country as much as they do. You left-side types on the other hand seem to automatically assume that no ethnic can feel patriotic and love this country.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that also the Neo-Nazi belief too? Seems the Nazis and the left have more in common than you think. Difference is whilst they hate other races you don't but you do make assumptions and generalizations about them which is just as bad.

British Sikh

A Japanese, a black person, a british sikh...come off it

08.12.2009 23:53

maybe this is how EDL view themselves.

Anarchist Antifascist

@British Sikh

08.12.2009 23:57

i think you gave yourself away as an EDL muppet with your title "So ethnics can't be patriotic?" what non-white person would call themselves and ethnic?!!! Its a term used by the retard pricks of the BNP/EDL.

London Anarchist

I am an ethnic minority though

09.12.2009 00:12

How else would I refer to myself and other ethnic groups?

I'm guessing that you left-wing lot are the subconcious racists. The sort who if female shift your handbag to your other arm when passing a black person?

Making assumption about people because of their skin and as stated I am not EDL. I'm merely interested in the group but will not be attending any demonstrations because they are much too rowdy for my liking and seem to be using their demonstrations mainly as an excuse to get drunk.

I am also going to hazard a guess that you who oppose the EDL are the middle-class whites who see it upon themselves to get offended on behalf of ethnic groups?

The type of middle-class white who want to stop using the name Christmas in case it offends Muslims or complaining about nursery rhymes such as "Baa baa black sheep" under the mistaken belief that it might offend black people?

That my friends is making assumptions which I think is much more offensive than outwardly hating a racial group. I may be wrong but you left-wing people seem the sort to be like this. Who assume that ethnic minorities are easily offended and need to be appeased when that is not the case in the slightest.

In fact that causes ill-content towards ethnic groups and I consider it to be racist.

British Sikh

Dear British Sikh

09.12.2009 00:37

Why do you feel the need to draw attention to your ethnicity?

Nobody can see you. Everybody respects peoples ethnicity - so it is not an issue. You make ethnicity into an issue to score points. Why is that. Do you have no argument against Christian Extremism. Do you have no argument against Islamic Extremism. Do you have no argument against Sikh Extremism. Nobody can see you. The proof of your integrity is in your words and what you advocate.

You advocate violence. Is that the Sikh way now. Is EDL in favour of Khalistan as a matter of policy. Will Arthur be throwing out those who act against Bhindranwale. You advocate violence in the same way that Bin Laden advocates violence. You do not see the irony of advocating violence in the UK to achieve Khalistan when Bin Laden advocates violence in the UK to achieve a Calpihate.

The BNP would love you. Not only docile but prepared to stir up ethnic war on demand. That is not patriotic. That is not even close to patriotic. The NeoCons were all for it in Iraq before the illegal war started. Stir up ethnic conflict, swoop in and save the day. Still on for Operation Hummingbird are we?

Luther Blisset

Baah Baah Blagsheep

09.12.2009 00:41

the nursery rhyme lies about baah baah blacksheep were invented by the sun and daily hatemail. same as the story about the three little pigs. same as the story about little mike morell. anybody brings that up and expects to be taken seriously has forgotten this is not stormponce. everyone knows you are a troll.

Old Mother Goose

EDL infiltrated by Sikh Extremists

09.12.2009 00:52

International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF): ISYF is an organisation committed to the creation of an independent state of Khalistan for Sikhs within India. It is proscribed as a terrorist organisation under the 2000 Act. Babbar Khalsa (BK) is a Sikh movement that aims to establish an independent Khalistan within the Punjab region of India. It is proscribed as a terrorist organisation under the 2000 Act. Both organisations are believed to have had people train in the same terror camps as Al Qaida: Inspired and led by Osama Bin Laden, its aims are the expulsion of Western forces from Saudi Arabia , the destruction of Israel and the end of Western influence in the Muslim world. It is proscribed as a terrorist organisation under the 2000 Act.

So basically, the EDL chooses its terrorist allies the same as the BNP. How are people going to be convinced otherwise?

Concerned of Mumbai

Nobody cares about EDL race mixers

09.12.2009 05:43

The truth is a fascist is a fascist regardless of creed or colour. Filling the EDL ranks with Fascist Khalistan Sikh Extremists is no better than filling the ranks with BNP members. A fascist is a fascist regardless of colour or creed. The EDL need to prove they are not fascists. Having members of proscribed fascist organisations in their midst does not convince anybody. A fascist is a fascist regardless of creed or colour.

Now the EDL are screaming about mummies boys. The same men who piss on national monuments because they cannot hold their ale. The same whining pissheads who whine about a little kettle for an hour. Maybe if they can suggest that the whole left are shirtlifters then nobody will notice just what keeps happening to the EDL.

When the EDL were promised a ruck they got all excited. Turns out they were lied to. They were lied to on eBay. They were lied to about Combat 18. They were lied to about all the important things. They were lied to because those in the know do not need rank and file EDL to know the full picture. At every turn the UKFPU keep a close eye on the EDL. When the time comes, it will not be UAF that the EDL fears.

When the police kettle the EDL in pubs, especially Weatherspoons, they always have a request ready for CCTV footage. Even from the toilets.

Luther Blisset

Return To Stormfront, neo-Nazi EDL/BNP Trolls!!! Get a F*ckin Life!!!

09.12.2009 06:01

I have had enough of the trolls on here which seem to be the work of both half-baked EDL "supremo" Trevor KKKelway and the BNP's Mark Collett, the latter of whom has for six years gone under the name Max when trolling, but has from time to time, pretended to be a variety of different nationalities.

However much an Uncle Tom a BNP/EDL loving freak a Sihk extremist is, no self-respecting Sihk would call himself "an ethnic". The word has never been reclaimed by anybody, and is only used by scumbag white supremacist types to put down people of colour.

Both the fake Japanese man and the (supposed) Sikh Uncle Tom are both figments of Max (Mark Collett)'s crappy imagination. Starting off on the now defunkt Leeds Indymedia site in 2004, going under his many aliases, Max (small-penised Collett) has tried to divide and conquer Indymedia, setting anarhcists against socialists, knowing through in-fighting, a distracted and preoccupied anti-fascist opposition will give his beloved BNP an easy ride.

The EDL are just providing another point of interest to anti-fascists, helping to mobilise us against the enemy, thus Collett and co. are coming out of the closet, as well as the usual semi-professional subterfuge by pompous pompey nutter Trevor KKKelway's pro-EDL trolling.

As for Nazi Boy Collett himself, he's bisexual, and loves to sleep with men. Also, he is not loved by many of his fellow BNP members after alledgedly sexually abusing schoolgirls in a Blackpool hotel. Surely you've enough to worry about with being Nick Gri££in's stooge than trying to piss off anarchists and socialists on Indymedia.

As for the admin team for Nottingham Indymedia, it's time to wake up and delete both the pro-nazi EDL posts AND the other trolling including the fake Japanese and Sihk troll postings.

As for Collett, Kelway and chums, sod off back to Stormponce and leave Indymedia well alone.

Troll Destroya


09.12.2009 06:22

There's cameras behind the mirrors!

You're being watched, EDL.

Guess why you always meet in Wetherspoons when playing at being the new National Front?

Lord Snitchfield

about patriots

09.12.2009 10:05

patriots are nationalists, more often than not nationalists end up being pretty fascist.

fascism is define as being when a group or person, forces their beliefs, values or laws, onto others using "violence and the threat of violence".

EDL did that when they chased asian youth through town on saturday...quickly followed by the lads mates who jumped the racists afterwards. this was just one single incident amongst many on saturday and other EDL demo's too.

EDL, when using the correct definition, are racist and are fascist.

alfonse capone, back fromthe dead,seriously p'd off with EDL trolls

Definition of fascism

09.12.2009 10:30

> fascism is define as being when a group or person, forces their beliefs, values or laws,
> onto others using "violence and the threat of violence".

I'm not sure this is the generally accepted definition. e.g. communists or capitalists could do this, but they aren't fascists.

Wikipedia has a long discussion on various definitions:

And this is a dictionary definition:
fas·cism (fshzm)
1. often Fascism
a. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
b. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.
2. Oppressive, dictatorial control.



09.12.2009 13:55

Those worried about Sharia are welcome to join the inclusive and non-racist (though they might have other problems) One Law For All Campaign. No drunk dickheads in sight.


No Pasaran - Fascists off our streets

09.12.2009 14:00

EDL and SIOE in Harrow, this sunday 2-4pm. arrive early and oppose these scum on our streets


EDL Tossers

09.12.2009 17:43

If the EDL are so fucking concerned about Islamic terrorism, where the fuck were they after 9/11? Where the fuck were they after 7/7? Answer - NOWHERE. Years after 9/11 and 7/7 the BNP is having a massive publicity campaign and, hey presto, as if by magic a group of football hooligans co-founded by BNP activist Chris Renton suddenly starts causing trouble.

The strategy is identical to the one used by Combat 18 hooligans in Oldham when Nick Griffin was running for election there, and, whaddya know, EDL organiser Trevor Kelway has just e-mailed the EDL list telling EDL wankers to protest in Harrow, but asking them not to wear EDL insignia. Here's the full text of Trevor Kelway's e-mail...


Dear EDL members

On Sunday, 13 December the SIOE (Stop Islamisation of Europe) UK has organised: ‘A static demonstration to protest against further mosques building in non-Muslim countries until violent jihad being preached in mosques across the world is stopped for good. No more mosques until we see churches, synagogues and temples in Mecca.’

This protest will take place outside Harrow Mosque, North London, which has recently completed a 120 foot high minaret. The exact time and location of the protest will not be posted until Thursday but it is likely to be in the afternoon and adjacent to the Harrow Mosque. This is a legal protest and SIOE has agreed a ‘memo of understanding’ with the local police.

The organiser of the SIOE UK, Stephen Gash, attended the Nottingham EDL demonstration. He invites EDL members to join him on Sunday, but part of the ‘memo of understanding’ with the police is that no other ‘groups’ or ‘organisations’ are invited. Obviously, EDL members as individuals are allowed and very welcome. However, as a precaution from being singled out and prevented from even getting close to the meeting point should you wish to attend, it would be best to not wear EDL shirts or insignia.

While SIOE and the EDL are separate organisations with different priorities and emphasis, as a matter of keeping our membership abreast of the full range of expressions in the counter-jihad movement I feel you would appreciate this notice. To be aware of, and given the chance to participate in, other counter-jihad expressions will help in our understanding of the issues involved and our response to them.

This will be the second attempt this year to hold a protest near the Harrow Mosque, which was prevented by the violence of the UAF and Muslim groups. For a report on what happened on 11 September see:

For details of the Sunday demo, which will be posted on Thursday, see

All the best

Trevor Kelway


EDL are Shite

Neo-Nazi Troll Lobotomy Service

09.12.2009 19:43

The braindead EDL trolls are back! Can someone please give these twats some urgent full-frontal lobotomies. I'm sure the majority of Nottingham's public who loathe drunken football hooligans pissing on castles, chucking missiles at the police, and trying to pull down lampposts, would help with a whip-around for this necessary brain surgery.

And they are just as unfunny as ever.

They spend all day and night on their computer keyboards because non of them can get girlfriends, the ugly loutish Hitler worshippers.

Hope the London anti-nazi protest has a huge turn out.

Word has it they are planning Newcastle, Portsmough, Liverpool, Stoke and Edinburgh in 2010. We will be there too stopping the scumbags from marching.

No Pararan to Nazi Scum. Trevor KKKelway and chums when trolling keep on telling us they are not nazis, but so many of them choose to make hitler salutes it's kind of a dead giveaway!



09.12.2009 23:21

ha ha,now even SIOE are embarrased about EDL........thats funny as fuck!!

the "right-wing" really are lost, eh?
do they even know their left from right,eh?

ha ha laughing at the EDL is so good for you....much better than getting wound up by their trolls!

lets forget them brothers and sisters,and remember those in trafalgar sq, athens and copenhagen, belgrade and pittsburgh, those activist in america doing hard time for the planet and the ALF, working for another world. remember the demo's and the actions that we stand for and forget about the EDL and the BNP. what do they offer those communities that we serve as revolutionaries? nothing. like wise, we cannot presume to think we could persuade them to not be xenophobic (hurts them more than calling them fascist, by the way)...who cares? lets forget them and remember we are needed by our comrades fighting real causes right now, not bothering with over-confident football yobs who have gotten rather politicised by griffinites and C18 spunk-racheters.

lets remember ian tomlinson, killed by the state. lets remember alex grigoropoulos, killed by the state, lets remember blair peach, killed by the state, lets remember all the others, carlos guliani and the rest.

lets remember the planet, the earth, our beautiful home and the place where we come together in our own spaces and design the different world we want. more often than not we act out that world for REAL. lets remember all those positive contributions to the real personal and communal revolutions that have taken place.

What do the BNP/EDL produce in those communities? nothing. so forget them. one million votes for them is as pointless as the 20million plus people who dont even REGISTER to vote!

forget them.

lets forget the EDL for now,and remember our other work and lives.

solidarity to all those involved in the true liberation.


edl and the army

10.12.2009 11:25

picture from Notts



10.12.2009 12:27

.. the EDL are NOT the BNP and are NOT fascists as individuals even thugh some fasc are floating around. This is important .. people obsess on boxing things so they want EDL to fit onto a bespoke NF/BNP/fascist/nazi box .. this is dangerously missing the point. most EDL as individuals are disempowered and disenchnated white w/c .. and that is NOT a crime .. the left in the country has become so ****ing m/c that when people get ****ed off the will turn to the right and particularly young w/c blokes who have lost so much power over the last 30 years, with the collapse of the unions, the disapperrence of a w/c Labour Party and the massive control over w/c youth activity such as going to football on a saturday ( it's as easy to book a week in lanserote as go to football these days and doesn't cost that much more)

The EDL are the voice of 'loyalism' to this country, uncritical loyalism, even though this country has crewed them. Loyalist are NOT fascists but like the soldiers who supported the Freikorps or Mussolini they could well move that way UNLESS we provode an alternative.

So the EDL are not fascists in the way the UAF want them to be ... BUT could become overtly fascist if we **** up end up as a quasi fascist group splitting the w/c

BUT we have a simple choice .. do we want these people with us or aganist us .. there are way too many ignorent arrogent mainly middle class wankers on here and in the UAF who hold working class people in contempt and who seem to think they can make a revolution without the w/c .. well the EDL is then your worst nightmare cos frankly if it were not for the police the EDL would have mullahed UAF/Antifa and all the rest by now

the EDL are to a large extent the consequence of the middle class atke over of progressive politics .. to destroy that we have to make our politics w/c again



Sure above was EDL?

10.12.2009 13:19

Isn't the army photo above (taken outside The Bell near the market square?) not just of pub bouncers and a couple of others? Loads of people were posing with the Mercian Regiment that day.

Local boy


10.12.2009 13:29

That photo's on the EDLs website, and i believe they are wearing EDL tops.



10.12.2009 15:29

If it wasn't for this politically correct appeasing spineless govenment that have for years ignored the majority of the population i.e white working class ,which contrary to popular beliefs are on the whole decent people the BNP wouldnt have the support it does and the EDL wouldn't be marching.
End of story

Alastair Darling

Piss Off Back To Stormfront, neo-Nazi EDL Trolls

10.12.2009 17:19

Can the Nottingham Indymedia administrator please delete the neo-nazi EDl trolls who are polluting Indy with pro-fash bullshit.

No free speech for racists who abuse free speech, and like the BNP and the rest of their friends on Stormfront, would send dissenters to concentration camps if they got into power, despite the EDL's claims that "they are not racist".

Piss off to Stormfront, and stop behaving like louts and pissing on castles just because you are loners who cannot score with the opposite sex.

Ha!!! ha!!! ha!!!


Lincoln Loyal - Lincolnshire's EDL Head Honcho

10.12.2009 17:47

Lincoln Loyal is the lincolnshire organiser of the EDl and was present at the Nottingham EDL fiasco.

Exposing Neo-Nazis in the EDL

Still Lovin' Hitler

10.12.2009 17:56

An EDL song they sing at their marches:

"We're loving Hitler,
We Do
We're loving Hitler
We Do
We're Loving Hitler
We Do
Adolf Hitler
We Love You!!!!!!"

Man From The Pru

EDL Treehuggers

10.12.2009 19:03

The multicultural non-nazi peace loving flowerchildren of the EDL are going to set up a knitting circle, where they will make a collection for Oxfam, disguss gender issues, hold a collection to help the homeless, and plant organic vegetables to distribute free to people on low incomes.

Don't know about carbon footprints, but the EDL thugs love to leave their bootmarks on shoppers, passers-by and peaceful antifascist demonstrators.

Daisy Chane

EDL Train Fares Don't Come On The Dole

10.12.2009 19:52

Most working class people loathe racism, and the worst communities for voting BNP and marching with the EDL are middle class traditional tory voting areas, leafy villages with cricket pitches and village pubs such as in Lincolnshire, where the MIDDLE CLASS HITLER-LOVING C18 football hooligan "Lincoln Loyal" comes from.

Train fares are so damned expensive I canot believe most of the football hooligans are unemployed, as the Dole Offices do not fund EDL away days. Neither could lads on McDonalds wages afford extrotionate train tickets, which happens to mean most EDL hooligan firms must be earning more than 20Ka year.

Who pays the ferryman? lol