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EDO Smashed!

IMCista | 17.01.2009 19:07 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Palestine | South Coast | World

Anti-militarist activists entered the ITT/EDO MBM arms factory in Moulescombe, Brighton in the early hours of this morning, where they are believed to have caused extensive damage to the offices, and to equipment used to make arms, including the 'zero retention force arming units' and 'ejector release unit 151' which the Smash EDO/ITT campaign says are supplied to the Israeli Air Force. The campaign became aware of the action when they received a phone call from those inside the factory this morning who said that they were 'decommissioning' the factory in solidarity with the people of Gaza, who are currently at the receiving end of the factories products.

Updates: EDO Decomissioners Charged | Solidarity Demo Brighton Magisrates Mon. 19th | Three remanded at bail hearing |

Links: Campaign Website | Action Page |

The arms factory has been targetted by the Smash EDO Campaign for a number of years. In 2005 EDO MBM took High Court action in an attempt to curtail protest at the factory. They lost the action, which proved to be an expensive own-goal as it gave the campaign increased exposure, and brought it to national attention. In 2008 the factory was taken over by ITT.

Weekly protests have been held outside the factory since 2004, and there have been a number of national demos, at the factory and on the streets of Brighton. On October 15th, the SHUT ITT Demo succeeded in shutting the factory for the day.

According to reports in the national media, todays action may have the effect of shutting down the factory for some time. The BBC quotes Det Ch Insp Graham Pratt as saying: "Windows had been smashed and offices turned over in what I would describe as wanton vandalism, but with machinery and equipment so targeted that it could have been done with a view of bringing business to a standstill....The damage is significant and the value substantial."

Prior to entering the factory, the activists made a video (attached) in which they explained their reasons for the action. One commented: "Israel are committing a gross crime now in Gaza. Israel have killed hundreds of children. I think its absolutely disgusting that weapons made in our cities and in our country are being used to kill innocent women and children. They have been used indiscriminately. If the law and the police cant do anything about it its about time somebody else did."

About 30 police are believed to have attended the factory, where they witnessed computers and office equipment being thrown out of first floor windows. Nine people are believed to have been arrested and taken to the Hollingbury and Worthing Police Stations, where police say they are being held on 'suspicion of burglary'. One protestor is believed to have required hospital treatment.



Name and Shame

17.01.2009 21:28

UK arms companies known to have supplied Israel

Sub-systems/components for F-16 fighter aircraft:

* BAE Systems. Headquarters: 6 Carlton Gardens, London, SW1Y 5AD
Tel: 01252 373232. Specific location(s) relevant to Israeli F-16s are not known. BAE Systems has numerous locations around the UK (see BAE Systems website), several of which might produce F-16 parts.
* MPE. Hammond Road, Knowsley Industrial Park, Liverpool, L33 7UL
Tel: 0151 632 9100. MPE website
* Smiths Group. Aerospace headquarters: 765 Finchley Road, London, NW11 8DS
Tel: 020 8458 3232. Smiths Aerospace website
Specific location(s) relevant to Israeli F-16s are not known.

Components for Merkava tanks:

* Airtechnology Group. 111 Windmill Road, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex, TW16 7EF
Tel: 01932 765 822. Airtechnology website

Sub-systems/components for Apache attack helicopters:

* AgustaWestland (exports the 'Jesus nuts' produced by Redmayne Engineering)
Lysander Road, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 2YB
Tel: 01935 475222. AgustaWestland website
* Brimar (Helmet-mounted display systems)
Greenside Way, Middleton, Manchester, M24 1SN
Tel: 0161 681 7072. Brimar website
* Meggitt Avionics (Air data system)
7 Whittle Avenue, Fareham, Hampshire PO15 5SH
Tel: 01489 483300. Meggitt website
* Page Aerospace (Light dimming system)
Forge Lane, Green Street, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex TW16 6EQ
Tel: 01932 787661. Page Aerospace website
* Penny + Giles Controls (Rotary variable differential transformers)
36 Nine Mile Point Ind. Est., Cwmfelinfach, Gwent NP11 7HZ
Tel: 01495 202000. Penny + Giles Controls website
* Redmayne Engineering ('Jesus nut')
Station Approach, Brockenhurst, Hampshire SO42 7TW
Tel: 01590 623153. Redmayne Engineering website
* Senior Aerospace Baxter Woodhouse & Taylor (Air ducting)
Adlington Park, Adlington, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 4NL
Tel: 01625 870700. Senior Aerospace website
* Smiths Group (Electrical power management systems)
Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham, GL52 8SF
Tel: 01242 673333. Smiths Aerospace website
* SPS Aerostructures (Engine air intakes)
Willow Drive, Sherwood Business Park, Annesley, Nottinghamshire NG15 ODP
Tel: 0115 998 0000. SPS Aerostructures website

Main sources: The Guardian 29.7.06; Airforces Monthly, June 2004; The Guardian 9.7.02


War Crime Profiteers

Raytheon Investigated for War Crimes

17.01.2009 21:33

War Crime Profiteers

A look at the damage

17.01.2009 21:33

Video from the Argus -  http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=iQhzTn3H4sE

Well over a douzen windows smashed, equipment hanging out, lots of debris in the carpark... they are using a skip to clear it up, looks like it'll take a while though!

until all are free

Raid footage

17.01.2009 22:58

If anyone's finding the full video takes too long to load, then click this link for just the raid footage (low/high quality) -  http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=0EaDipr0dUA

until all are free

Gaza support demo. UAV Engines, Lichfield, Staffs. Monday 19th January

17.01.2009 22:59

There will be a demonstration outside UAV Engines, of Lichfield, Staffordshire, on Monday 19th January, regarding evidence that has been revealed that the company is building engines that are used in Israel's military drones that are aiding the attacks on Gaza.

UAV engines (known as UEL) is owned by the Israel drone specialists Silver Arrow, a subsidary of the Israeli defence contractor Elbit systems. One of its rotary Wankel engines is used in Elbit's Hermes 450 drone. A version of the 450 makes up a squadron of the Israeli air force and has been seen over Gaza in the current conflict, being used for surveillance and targeting for Israel's F-16 strike fighters. Elbit's own website suggests that the Lichfield factory produces engines for the Hermes.

The demonstration will be calling for an end to arms sales to Israel and an end to Israeli violent repression of the Palestinian people.

The factory is situated on Lynn Lane, Shenstone, Lichfield, WS140DT (Tel: 01543 481 819).

The demonstration will be held outside the industrial unit at midday. Meet at Shenstone Railway Station at 11.15 a.m. The factory is approximately 11 minutes walk from the station along Lynn Lane, heading out of town (take the first left after Birch Brook lane).

Transport will be leaving from the Sumac Centre in Nottingham (245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields,NG7 6HX) at 9.30 a.m. To find out more, to offer help with transport etc, or to book transport Tel: Kirsty on 0798 374 3894. Bring banners,things to make noise,etc..Spread the word...


another to name and shame

18.01.2009 01:37

With headquarters in the UK, Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd., is. the world's longest established and most experienced manufacturer of aircraft ejection ... Martin Baker controls between 70 and 75 percent of the market for ejection seats for Western-made military aircraft. http://www.martin-baker.com/

They're up to Mark 16 version of the product now... but the last model that specifies Israel is Mark 10... a few later versions have no countries listed below the product specification... don't know whether they are still current suppliers?

They were supplying as late as 2005:
Israel Aircraft Industries' Golan Industries and Martin Baker Aircraft Company Ltd.
Sign Teaming Agreement for Production of Crashworthy Helicopter
Seats http://www.iai.co.il/Default.aspx?docID=32666&FolderID=32540〈=en&PageNum=9http://www.martin-baker.com/getdoc/d5b6cf54-550a-42e8-9b59-c4c64c76d8aa/MB_ESCAPE_12.aspx

Martin-Baker Headquarters
The Martin-Baker headquarters are located on a wholly Company owned 22 acre site at Higher Denham in Buckinghamshire, some 30 miles north-west of London and 10 miles from Heathrow, the UK's main international airport. Design and development engineering, manufacturing and environmental static testing are conducted at Denham. Management of all aspects of the Company's business is also handled at this site.

Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Ltd. Higher Denham, near Uxbridge Middlesex UB9 5AJ
Registered Office as aboveRegistered No. 868042 (England)

Tel: +44 (0) 1895 832214 Fax: +44 (0) 1895 832587 Email:
 information@martin-baker.co.uk Website: www.martin-baker.com Company Directors

Joint Managing Director Mr. John S. Martin
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836555

Joint Managing Director Mr. James W. Martin
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836555

Engineering Director Mr. Robert J. Martin
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836600


Financial Controller and Company Secretary Mr. Paul W. Badman
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836571

Head of Commercial Operations Mr. John Buckler
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836565

Head of Business Development Mr. Andrew Martin
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836658

Head of Operations Mr. Peter Lewis
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836504

IPT Manager (New Projects) + JSF Program Manager Mr. Geoff Barnes
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836558

Manager, Systems Engineering Mr. Kevin Hawkins
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836529

Head of Quality Mr. Tony Tofield
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836501

Design Support Manager Mr. Richard J. Wood
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836752

Product Support and Security Controller Mr. Eric Thomas
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836752

Purchasing Manager Mr. Andrew Patrick
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836504

Technical Publications ManagerMr. Chris Morgan
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836675

Site Manager Mr. Graham Dumbleton
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836503

Head of Human Resources Mr. Russell Dyer
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836642

IT Manager Mr. Ian Coyle
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 836595


Solidarity demo outside brighton Magisrates mon 19th 10am

18.01.2009 14:47

MONDAY 19th JANUARY from 10am all day
Edward Street for their bail hearing

These people have made huge sacrifices to show their commitment to confront unjust wars and the arms industry which support them. We can’t let them down.

“From the streets into the offices, factories and headquarters is where we need to take this fight to the companies making a killing out of the occupation. The third intifada needs to be a global intifada.”

Ewa Jasiewicz, Occupied Gaza, 9th January 2009


A criminalised peaceful protester

18.01.2009 17:22

I'd be surprised. And don't forget, the Raytheon 9 did a similar action and got off free!




18.01.2009 22:27

We will not be setting up a defence fund account yet, as all details are not clear. However, it is likely that people will be on remand for some time. Anyone who would like to donate anything to provide for them, please do so. For details about how to make a donation please visit  http://www.smashedo.org.uk/donate.htm

If you make a donation, e-mail us at  smashedo@riseup.net indicating what your donation is for.

Many thanks

Smash EDO
mail e-mail: smashedo@riseup.net
- Homepage: http://www.smashedo.org.uk


19.01.2009 07:02

Much solidarity and thanks to the good folks who took this nonviolent direct action against the weapons of war. I recently viewed the "On the Verge" DVD and was impressed by the engagement of the war on the Middle east by the the practical focus on the local contribution at EDO Brighton.

We did likewise in Ireland, ended up in jail initially, on bail with restrictive conditions and dragged through three trials before being finally acquitted 06 of $U.S. 2 1/2 million criminal damage to a U.S. war plane refuelling at Shannon Airport en route to the invasion of Iraq 03

I wasn't so lucky in the first Gulf war serving 13 months in U.S. prisons for disabling a B52 Bomberin New York state 91.

The conclusions I've drawn from these varied experiences is the more solidarity the resister receives during these times before the courts and incarcerated the easier the resistance is going to be.

I'd set up a legal defence fund immediately and make it as easy as possible for people who want to support to support. In my experience the bulk of finances raised and support initially harnessed is in these initial daze. The large demonstrations around Palestine will now quickly evaporate as those who organise them move on to to other issues to chase for electoral profile and party building. So it's important to engage these folks recently mobilised in ongoing solidarity before they disappear from the streets.

If our and the B52 Fairford cases are anything to go buy this is going to be a long journey through the courts and possibly beyond...it provides a context if creative tension to continue the camapign against EDO and solidarity with the Palestinians and EDO's other victims.

Once again congratulations to all those who risked their liberty to confront EDO and those doing the ongoing solidarity.

Ciaron O'Reilly
Pitstop Ploughshares 03
Jabiluka Ploughshares 98
ANZUS Ploughshares 91

- Homepage: http://www.peaceontrial.com

Dutch feature about the action

19.01.2009 09:54

A Dutch translation and update on the indymedia-NL:



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Well done!

17.01.2009 20:18

We need to rid ourselves completely of these parasitical deathmongers.

There is no place in a decent society for companies that profit from war crimes!

These death factory smashers are heroes! EDO are less than zeros!

Offence Worker

nice one! good luck to those arrested

17.01.2009 20:47

Seeing this story in the news brought a smile to my face. Great to see a place like this trashed.

Good luck to those arrested, hopefully the bad publicity for EDO from the court case will be extensive.


Defence fund?

17.01.2009 20:59

Will these plucky defenders of decency need some financial support for the impending court cases?

Will there be some way that us normal cowards can help them?



17.01.2009 21:29

EDO Smashed : )


Smash EDO are ace!!

17.01.2009 21:35

Well done to everyone involved in this action! Smash EDO is probably the best and more successful campaign UK has ever seen. Big up for your courage!

Solidarity with those arrested, and yes a national campaign to collect funds for the court cases should now be set up.

You rock!

Big up to smash EDO!


17.01.2009 21:37

Wicked news! Well done to those who took part. I agree, we should try and do something to help those arrested. If anyone close to them has any ideas please post them up. Solidarity!


Helping those arrested

17.01.2009 22:05

Before anyone gets too carried away with starting up any funds to support these people, please bear in mind that courts have been know to either award much higher fines and costs or apply other types of much more punitive sentencing when they have been informed that funds are being collected for them by supporters. Also be aware that indymedia articles and comments are presented in court to illustrate such efforts are taking place.

I'm not trying to say that efforts should be made to support those arrested or help them with legal costs for their defense etc, just that there are almost certainly better places to discuss and organise it.

Indymedia is great for some things and crap for others. It's not a nice private discussion forum for the movement.

nuff said

Good grief!

18.01.2009 11:15

Read some of the comments. They'd be hilarious if they weren't real!


Little Englanders

Brilliant action!

18.01.2009 13:22

Wow, incredible action! Well done to all involved, that was really brave.

Could do with some advice about researching a company - if there's a British arms factory, who make guns and tanks, and they say they are "represented" by an Israeli company who deal in "Defense Projects Development, marketing & Management, Supply of Law Enforcement & Security equipment, Setting-up joint ventures and Partnerships,Supply of materials, Explosives & propellant Powders for military and commercial markets, Setting-up distribution Networks of Firearms Ammo & Accessories for the Institutional & Commercial markets Worldwide" - is it a fair bet that they're supplying the Israeli army?

Ms Anne Thropy

Smash EDO beware!!

18.01.2009 14:57

This was a fantastic action, clearly justifiable to anyone with any decency. Whether Smash EDO had anything to do with it themselves or not, they should have no doubt of the increasingly likely attack on their campaign by the state.

The activists that were involved can expect to be convicted of burglary, criminal damage etc. Smash EDO co-ordinators can potentially expect far worse. The police will have a growing file of `evidence` which they will likely use at some point to bring a case of `conspiracy to blackmail` against anyone who arranged demos, updated the website etc. Even those who merely attended demos regularly may be targetted, particularly if it can be shown that there is some tenuous `link` between them and the `organisers`.

7 campaigners from the SHAC campaign will tomorrow be sentenced for conspiracy to blackmail and can expect to receive up to 14 years each!!! There was no evidence of illegal activity against any of them. No criminal damage, no incendiary devices, no malicious letters, no hoax paedophile smears etc, although all of these things may have taken place during the course of the campaign, but there was no evidence to link the 7 activists on trial with any of these actions.

With another massive action against EDO planned for Mayday, police may want to launch their attack before that event. Smash EDO should not be too surprised to be awoken one morning soon by their doors being smashed in. Beware!!

A criminalised peaceful protester

Money vs action - no intentional offence

19.01.2009 11:37

I fully support this action. I have an extremely limited amount of funds, mostly stolen, borrowed or begged. So far I have been passing these funds to activists on the ground in Gaza, and recently rebutted the Red Cross in favour of the activists. But...I am torn between the activists here, the activists there and the victims, and I am siding with the victims. I have decided on sending the next cash I get to the victims and would like advice how best to do this. In recompense, I promise these activists I will try to emulate them in direct action against my local military manufacturers.


BBC on charges

19.01.2009 15:08

Seven charged over Gaza protest

Seven men have been charged with burglary and criminal damage following an attack on an arms factory in Sussex.

EDO MBM Technology in Moulsecoomb was broken into on Friday night by protesters angry about the Israeli attacks in Gaza.

Police said two men from Brighton and five men from Bristol would appear before Brighton magistrates on Monday.

A woman from Bristol remains under arrest, while a woman from Brighton is on bail pending further inquiries.

EDO designs, develops and manufactures weapon carriage and release systems and is an approved supplier to the Ministry of Defence and governments worldwide.



Bexhill Observer

19.01.2009 15:14

Seven charged over arms factory demo
Published Date: 19 January 2009

Seven people have been charged with burglary and criminal damage after anti-war protesters broke into an East Sussex arms factory, police have said.
Officers made nine arrests after a group entered the EDO MBM Technology plant in Home Farm Road, Brighton, East Sussex in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Demonstrators said they were "decommissioning" the site in protest against the killing of Palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli military.

They claimed equipment manufactured at the plant was being used in Gaza by the Israeli air force.

Sussex Police said seven out of the nine people arrested had been charged with burglary and criminal damage.

A 38-year-old woman from Bristol remains under arrest but is currently receiving treatment in hospital for a hand injury.

A 21-year-old woman from Brighton was granted bail pending further inquiries, a Sussex Police spokeswoman added.

The seven charged are due to appear at Brighton Magistrates' Court. They include: Simon Levin, 34 and Christopher Osmond, 28, both from Brighton; Thomas Woodhead, 24, Harvey Tadman, 43 and Robert Nichols, 51, all from Bristol.

Elijah Smith, 42, from Bristol, has additionally been charged with breach of bail.

Robert Alford, 28, from Bristol, has additionally been charged with breach of bail and criminal damage to a police cell.



IAF officer briefs press and inadvertantly admits to war crimes...

19.01.2009 17:25


Under the Geneva Conventions perfidy/human shields do not make civillians legitimate targets. This guy casully describes taking the decision to hit civillians under certain circumstances.

Just imagine if a bank robber were to plead in court he took half the charge out his cartridges!


well done - well done

19.01.2009 18:07

Good to learn that the protest at Smash Edo got well into transformation.

This is an important and paradigm shift, a step nearer in this campaign -
moving from protest to proactive resistance of warmongering.

Excellent to see the changes to those tools for destruction (ie the computers, equipment etc) - its like art work, art work I say, its not being a bystander on the verge. They are just creative brave people like any of us can be. Lets hope that the current solidarity is not now hi-jacked with further abuse of police/workers polarising the work done well.

Lets also give some space and allow for the workers there to yet become whistle blowers, or come back across the line of being complicit workers and join in the transformation of weaponry - pick up your hammers and continue the work from the shop floor and the office.

Well done all involved in this nonviolent creative act.


Israeli War Crimes

19.01.2009 19:45

An appeal to Israel to act legally and a summary of some war crimes:



To Daniel

19.01.2009 20:11

I would suggest donations to either Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) or Interpal -both work specifically in Palestine.

Smash EDOista

State attacks

20.01.2009 14:26

"Whether Smash EDO had anything to do with it themselves or not, they should have no doubt of the increasingly likely attack on their campaign by the state."

That warning is timely.

Rape children and you will get a five year sentence, later increased to eight years and you will be let out after four years  http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/article1616442.ece

Kill a child and leave another with mental problems, while being drunk and banned for life from driving, and you will get an eight year sentence and be walking around at the scene of your crime in less than three years  http://dunfermlinepress.com/article.php?sec=1&id=15364

The state doesn't care, those victims were only little people and so disposable. None of them gave money to political parties.

Cause people to think about the activities of the state, for example by running a web site the state doesn't like, and you will be treated as if you were a child rapist or murderer.

Justice? When are we going to start having some?


re 'obrserver''s comment-when we make it

21.01.2009 14:36

great point you made observer, only justice created by our actions. Their open and honest agenda is full spectrum dominance, ours must be full spectrum resistance. Instinctively we know just ways to live, we must always trust that and destroy every attempt to control that


Update: one more out on bail

22.01.2009 19:23

One of the three remanded was granted bail today, with strict conditions. Bail was yet again refused to the two others.

Any support for the remanded would be much appreciated.

Elijah Smith Prisoner no VP77551
Robert Alford VP7552
HMP Lewes
1 Brighton Road
East Sussex

Smash EDO
mail e-mail: smashedo@riseup.net
- Homepage: http://www.smashedo.org.uk

Resisting War Crimes Is Not a Crime

27.01.2009 18:32

"if you heard a child being brutalized next door, would you be charged with breaking and entering, if you kicked the door in to save them?"

- Homepage: http://www.decommisioners.wordpress.com

respect, respect respect.x

02.02.2009 00:04

Bill Clinton once said "those who make peacefull revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." I wear this slogan with pride and tottaly understand the actions of the persons involved. Every means has been tried, peacefull as can be, i have been to some demos, but money is worth more than life so edo deserves all the grief it seems to pride itself on. I stand in awe to those involved and with Palastinian friends i know, they also hold these person in the highest regard and extreme honour. To put your liberty on the line for them is just over whelming to them. Many thanks, Chris and Friends xxx

mail e-mail: cakeden@yahoo.co.uk


04.02.2009 18:02

Hi I have noticed that the prisoner number for Elijah smith is wrong on this site and I think people are cutting and pasting from here ! It is VP7551. other one has too many 7's. If you do send them money in a postal order they cant keep it unless you put name and address (a name and address) on it. otherwise it goes into a general fund!

jude the obscure

uploaded a compressed video

13.03.2009 04:33

Very nice job!
I compressed the video in MP4 format with only 13MB and uploaded here:

Many people will remind the same actions which were found not guilty finally: the Seeds of Hope in 1996 and the Pitstop Ploughshares in 2003.
(a participant of Faslane 365 in 2007)

mail e-mail: toyosima@ta2.so-net.ne.jp
- Homepage: http://faslane365.blog86.fc2.com/


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