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04-03-2011 00:53

Penny for the Guy Ropes

They came, they camped, they conquered (well, almost). During a soul-searching Dorset retreat, Climate Camp have decided to suspend tent-centred activism - citing the “radically different political landscape” of 2011. Having been through Drax, Kingsnorth, Heathrow, RBS, Copenhagen and one helluva lot of hummus, the group are now turning their attention to coordination with the wider anti-cuts and anti-austerity movement.

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03-03-2008 12:32

Camp for Climate Action to target Kingsnorth power station

Today it was announced that E.ON's Kingsnorth power station in Kent will be the site of this summer’s Camp for Climate Action, running from 4 th to 11th of August 2008.

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09-01-2008 19:10

Anti-deportation campaigner in court after XL Airways protest

An anti-deportation campaigner will appear in Court in Horsham tomorrow (Thursday, January 10th) following a peaceful protest at XL Airways offices in Crawley, near Gatwick Airport, last August. D. Thompson, who lives in Bradford, is charged with aggravated trespass, having locked himself onto the banisters in the reception of XL headquarters.

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09-01-2008 15:17

court thursday/friday for XL airways action August 2007

One person is in court Thursday 10th and Friday 11th January charged with Aggravated Tresspass for locking on to the banisters in reception of XL airways HQ near Gatwick in August 2007.

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18-08-2007 12:08

Activists Target Carmel Agrexco in Conjuction with Climate Camp

At 1pm, approximately 20 activists from London, Brighton, Reading and the nearby Climate Camp entered the Carmel Agrexco site in Hayes Middlesex where some activists have D-locked the gates shut. They are being entertained by Samba. Four police arrived on the scene almost immediately.

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18-08-2007 10:25

Cimate camp and terrorism

It should come as no surprise that police are applying draconian anti-terrorism ´legislation´ to combat eco-protestors at the Climate Camp. For the authorities networks of dissent are the real terrorists.

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22-06-2007 13:28

DepARTure Lounge: create resistance against the root causes of climate change

DepARTure Lounge: A weekend workshop designing creative resistance against the root causes of Climate Change.
13 – 15 July, near Heathrow, London

A weekend workshop where we will collectively explore the spaces between art and activism and design creative actions in preparation for the Camp for Climate Action.

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09-02-2007 12:01

Next national climate camp organising gathering Feb 17/18 in Leeds

Climate Camp 2007 will take place from August 14th to 21st. Planning is already well under way and we need everyone to get involved and make it happen.
The next national organising gathering will be in Leeds on Sat and Sun Feb 17th/18th. It will be at The Common Place in Leeds city centre and vegan food, accommodation and creche will be provided (please contact us with accommodation, creche or any other needs though so we can plan ahead).

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