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South Coast 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces Newswire Archive

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21-07-2008 23:20

Our homes should cost £1.00 a week

To give an example of how corrupt banking, taxes, usury (the charging of interest on money) actually is, here’s a simplified look at how much our homes SHOULD cost.

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03-07-2008 21:21

88 London Road Social Centre Eviction

At 7am this morning the anarchist social centre at 88 London Road, Brighton was forcibly evicted, despite resistance. The Victorian church had been occupied since the Squatting Days of Action in April. The space was intialy opened as part of a two day international event, committed to creating autonumous spaces and highlighting the importance of squatting and global networking.

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03-07-2008 09:05

Squatted social centre eviction

Police and bailiffs battered their way through the barricades to evict the squatted social centre at 88 London Road, Brighton.

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14-04-2008 11:48

Squat days of action summary...

In defence of squats and autonomous spaces

The following is an attempt at a non comprehensive summary of the actions, demonstrations, gatherings and various initiatives that happen during the days of action for squats and autonomous spaces. The summary was created from reports on the IMC UK newswire and english language reports posted to the April2008 website.

Note: A more comprehensive summary now exists on the April2008 website..

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13-04-2008 13:50

Day of Action for Squating and Autonomous Spaces, Brighton, 12/04/08.

A video of pixies reclaiming the public space of Brighton with some banner dropping. To our surprise the pigs didn't show up. The weather was great. The day went well.

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