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12-08-2010 19:11

Cheap as Minibus and Veggie-oil coaches going to Edinburgh Climate Camp/Fring

Southcoast Climate Camp has committed to hiring the Big Lemon Bus to travel to Climate Camp 2010 in Edinburgh. Unfortunately many people can't make this trip and we have 18 seats that need to filled.

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27-04-2010 10:06

Party At The Pumps Part 2... This Time It's SHELL!


• When: Saturday, 15th May
• Meet: 1PM at Oxford Circus
• Bring: a zone 1-2 tube pass, noisemakers, your friends & family and your dancing shoes
» Oxford Circus meeting point map –  http://tinyurl.com/OCnw-SVmap
» Facebook event –  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=112331352138187
» IMC UK calendar event –  http://www.protest.net/imcuk/calendrome.cgi?span=event&ID=1702679

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15-04-2010 10:43

'Activists Target BP’s Investment in Tar Sands with Roof Occupation'

Climate Campaigners have occupied the Roof of a BP garage today in protest
about the company’s involvement in tar sands, the increasingly
controversial oil extraction industry.

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01-04-2010 10:23

RBS out of order over Tar Sands

Royal Bank of Scotland cashpoints have fallen prey to an April fools prank in protest at RBS's investments in Canadian tar sands.

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14-02-2010 12:52

Climate Camp Invades BP Petrol Stations Over Tar Sands

On Saturday 13th February activists from the South Coast neighbourhood of the Camp for Climate Action invaded the three BP petrol stations in Brighton, on the Lewes Rd, Ditchling Rd and London Rd, to protest at BP's plans to invest in the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada. Moving by bicycle 8 activists carried a banner reading 'Tar Sands Oil Is Blood Oil'. They handed out information on the Canadian tar sands and BP's plans to invest in it to customers and urged them to boycott BP.

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