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December 2002: EU Summit Copenhagen.

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Protests Against EU Summit In Copenhagen

14-12-2002 23:00 | Copenhagen EU | Globalisation | World

The weekend of the 13 - 14 December an EU summit took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. A coalition of grassroots movements, various activists groups, social and students' organizations, trade unions and left wing political parties called for a week of mobilization against the EU summit and the neo-liberal politics of the EU.

The agenda for the EU summit this time was the enlargement of the EU towards the east and the regulation of civil rights. Contradicting this agenda, the right to free movement was denied to protesters. At 3 o'clock Friday morning police stopped around 20 Italian disobedients who came to Copenhagen via the Zapatista caravan. The police arrested six people and charged them with resisting public order officers.

- Thursday 12/12: Actions at the borders against fortress Europe .

- Friday 13/12: Day of Action. Around 1000 people took part in an anti racist demo that moved towards the conference centre. See Timeline of events | Photo Gallery.

Earlier in the day police raided an ISP hosting several websites associated with the protests and obtained server logs, while several protest websites were shut down with a heavy denial of service attack. Police intimidation of independent media also resulted in the arrest of Indymedia volunteers.

- Saturday 14/12: 10,000 people took part in an international demonstration in inner Copenhagen under the slogan "Our world is not for sale - People before profit". See photo gallery. Two more demos took place that day: an anarchist march under the slogan "Against Police State Europe" (photos 1 | 2), and another made up by Disobedient groups. The day ended with the Italian disobedients being released and a Reclaim The Streets party at 1 AM.
La Haine informs of a total of 40 arrests during the weekend's actions. Also, reports of activity by police agent provocateurs.

For full coverage, eyewitness reports, daily timelines of events, photos and videos see IMC-UK Major Reports page, check also the Coverage from Denmark-IMC(eng) | Timelines of events from La Haine

More info: Initiative for a different Europe | Anarkist federation

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