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Free Speech dead in Australia

Paula - The Hoser trial | 06.12.2001 23:25

The judge declaring Hoser guilty of contempt for publishing the truth about judicial corruption in his books has set a new legal precedent that will if left unchallenged signal the end of free speech in Australia. For a full update on the case and sentence and appeal details see the main story.

Facing potential jail term
Death of Free Speech in Australia
For Immediate Release and publication
29 November 2001 - 10.40 PM
Today in the Victorian Supreme Court, Judge Geoff Eames declared Raymond Hoser, Australia's leading corruption author Guilty of undermining public confidence in Australia's legal system for publishing the truth in his corruption books.
In an oral judgement and a 78 page written judgement replete with factual and legal errors the judge has launched on an apparently unprovoked and unjustifiable character assassination of Raymond Hoser in order to justify the unjustifiable - namely a declaration that Hoser's books are in "contempt" of court, for "scandalizing" the courts.
Hoser's lawyers have advised Hoser not to give too many details at this stage, as the judge may not have yet decided what to do in terms of sentencing - the "sentencing hearing" is on next Tuesday.
So until then at least, some more free speech has been effectively gagged!
This brief report has been sent out today (November 29) due to the vast number of inquiries about the case and the physical impossibility of answering all the questions and queries.
However due to the vast number of glaring factual errors in the written judgement - confirmed from the government's own records and elsewhere, an appeal on the judge's findings is likely.
Furthermore because the judge has effectively ignored the constitutional guarantees of free speech and the public's right to know, as well as the UN treaties that Australia has signed, and other things, the matter will probably be appealed on the basis of legal argument as well.
Judge Eames effectively accepted the crown case which failed to prove anything against Hoser and went further to say that they did not have to prove a single word Hoser had written was untrue.
Thus if this decision by a court is allowed to stand unchallenged, any author or journalist who dares challenge a government's version of events and/or exposes misconduct, corruption and the like, faces serious criminal sanctions, including jail for doing so.
Any fair comment on the legal system can be accidentally or deliberately misinterpreted, misquoted or quoted out of context to frame a contempt charge to have any author jailed as has occurred here.
Even more disturbingly, the judge has made it clear in his written judgement that any person that attempts to rectify miscarriages of justice, wrongful convictions and the like, also runs a very real risk of being jailed for "contempt", even if it is patently obvious that a miscarriage or wrongful conviction has occurred.
(More on this and other points in the later more detailed assessment).
In any other country, Hoser would be labeled a "Dissident", but the Australian government is falsely trying to paint this internationally respected corruption-exposing author as a criminal.
The written decision is now available via this website server ( at the link below and a more detailed assessment of this document will be posted on this site at the time of sentencing, regardless of outcome.
The Victorian government has also said via a media spokesperson, that it has no concern for the welfare of Hoser's wife and two children under 3 years old who will be adversely affected by Hoser being fined, imprisoned and/or both.
Due to the gravity of these events, we ask that all media report it widely.
We note that so far the "controlled" media in Australia have in the main been actively suppressing news on the case so as to suppress public disquiet over these disturbing events.
Phone Inquiries to:
03 9812 3322 (evenings only)
or 0412 777 211 any time (urgent calls on the mobile only please)
(Note: brief stories on the case were published on 30 11 2000 in both the Age and Herald-Sun newspapers).
Eames / Hulls Screw Hoser - Labor rig case
by Arthur 6:47pm Thu Dec 6 '01 (Modified on 7:44pm Thu Dec 6 '01)

The judge who screwed Hoser was probably picked for the job. He was appointed by Jim Kennan from the failed Kirner Government and he was an ex-Labor Lawyer.
No wonder Hoser never had a chance!
A Labor man, Hulls charged Hoser and another Labor mate Eames, did Hullsey a favor and convicted him.
So much for a fair impartial trial.
Hoser mental or just a small business man?
by Sprinkler 6:18am Mon Dec 3 '01 (Modified on 2:45am Thu Dec 6 '01)

Last Saturday I published the above question. I was unable to work out why Raymond Hoser brought so much grief onto himself.
Now like you I hate police and political corruption etc but I now think Hoser's main pursuit is money and not exposing the corrupt underbelly.
Lets face it no corruption in Victoria means no book sales for Ray.
quote, Raymond Hoser

Sprinkler's original question on Indymedia

some thoughts on Hoser.
by Sprinkler 12:02pm Sat Dec 1 '01

my thoughts only. do what you want with them.

Q) Why doesnt Hoser stop investigating coppers, judges, politicians and generally shit stirring? If he does "they" will leave him alone and he can go on living his life.
A) a- He feels so strongly about this, that it is his life's work. It is why he is on this planet.
b- He is mental.

Q) If he feels so strongly about this and it is his lifes work why does he only make some of his information available on the internet (free). The rest of it you have to buy via his books.
A) He is a publisher who wants to make money.

Q) So are you saying that he is either mental or that he is just a small businessman who is prepared to go to jail and have his life constantly turned upside down to sell a few books
A) Methinks a bit of both.

I dont admire Hoser. I cant admire a man who puts his family at risk. Gets jailed in Australia in the year 2001 for idealogical reasons. I hate the idea of corrupt cops, polliticians etc but I am unable to understand what his motivation is for bringing all this grief onto himself.

The following is from
It is about a letter from Hoser seeking an apology from the publisher Stephen Mayne after he published some infactual information about 3AW's Steve Price which Hoser provided.


The irony of all my apologies to Price is that they usually attracted a defamation threat from Raymond Hoser, who Price never chose to sue even though it was his offending press release we published.

This is an example of one of the many Raymond Hoser threats:

"Dear Stephen - you deliberately chopped up the transcript I sent you in good faith - and removed the correcting material. You seriously defamed me and have been doing so for a while - and did so again in your letters page.

This adversely affects me both in terms of feelings and also in terms of potential book sales - dollars.

If I have time and money I could sue you for all you have, but my lawyer told me not to (yet at least) as 3AW will probably get all you have anyway, due to your apparent incompetence in the matter (even though I'd rather see you get up than lose).

I must and will reserve all rights to defend my good name. Please:

1/ Restore my subscription.
2/ Publicly apologise to your lists for your continual false allegations against me and
3/ Don't defame me again.

It's all so bloody simple. ALL THE BEST, Raymond Hoser

Please add your thoughts.
All the best, Sprinkler
add your own comments

Amazing loss of memory
by Minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger 7:37am Mon Dec 3 '01
address: c/o near Onoway, Alberta, Canada phone: 1-789-967-3915

It is all through history that men and women took cahnces to get the truth out. YOu would imply that Jesus endangerd his apostles for teaching them? I agre the word is primary to the money but you took Mr. Hoser out of ontext unfairly.

He is but a glaring signal of the corruption within our system. It has always been so petty and spineless to shoot the messenger!

Go ahead and reload. The truth deserves to be shot, it appears you believe lies are better for us all. Any relation to the judges??

Probably selling books to survive
by reader 8:29am Mon Dec 3 '01

Have read "Hoser Files" but not other Hoser books.

Hoser didn't seek out corruption - corruption found him. Instead of just letting it go he then went after it and it went after him casuing him to go broke.

So it looks like he's selling books to survive.

I'll read the other books to see what he did after 1992-93.

When is the sentencing?
by Johnathon 8:35am Mon Dec 3 '01

When is Ray being sentenced, will it be open to the public?

Serial pest stephen payne in the ass
by proffr1@etc 10:39am Mon Dec 3 '01

Hoser gets the job done where crikey stages political stunts,spams indy and is generally a serial pest.Didnt I respond to this jerk already?(hi sprinkles,)Ray is also in good company,see...Noam Chomsky is judged in Turkey courts because of the translation of his book named American Interventionism. He is accused with the crime of divisiveness!

Noam Chomsky's book named American Interventionism was translated into Turkish and published by Aram Publishings.
State Security Courts' (Devlet Guvenlik Mahkemesi-DGM) prosecuter paid attention to the parts about Turkey and Kurds (in the Turkish translation pages 143-185 about Middle East).
Istanbul DGM prosecuter Bekir Rayif Aldemir accused the publisher Fatih Tas of the crime "violating the Anti-terror Laws article 8" (which is a very very famous article for violating freedom of thought principle). Fatih Tas (and so Noam Chomsky!) will be judged for "carrying on a propaganda against the integrity of State of Republic Of Turkey with her territory and nation".
The judgement will begin on 13th of February 2002.
In the mentioned parts of the book, Chomsky talks about Turkey and Kurds (the book is selected talks of Chomsky in conferences). Some words like "war against Kurds", "ethnical purification-genocide" are the real reasons of judgement.
After all these information, as an anarchist living and struggling in Turkey I am not sure if this is funny or tragic!

Tell us who you really are S.

Piss off sprinklers,stop wasting water
by pr again 11:17am Mon Dec 3 '01

Sprinkler thank ray and all the whistleblower
by proffr1@etc 1:23pm Sat Dec 1 '01

Im inspired by people like ray and karl konrad +daniel ellsburg because the consequences of letting corruption and abuse of state power are so horrific.People sacrificing evrything saved this nation from joining the 'sphere',remember?Its really selfish in one sense because even if you do 'duck and cover',as you suggest and take care of your family etc,you may still be singled out and made an example of.See the great fear in stalins russia,the shoah and pol pot-mao,indonesia 58-65 and many other examples.How many dennis tanners do you want running free?

"when justice is against the law, only outlaws can effect justice."

You didnt see that? Heres some random thoughts to keep you from spamming the wire for 5 fucking minutes.

Subject: Selected Quotes dec 01.

"Wherever they burn books they will also, in the end,
burn human beings."
---Heinrich Heine

Allow me to quote a Chinese proverb which goes, 'If you are out to condemn someone, you can always trump up a charge.' jiang zemin

The NY Court of Appeals ruled that it is not
possible to "disturb the peace of a police officer". The incident was in
fact someone calling a cop a "pig", and their subsequent arrest for
"disturbing the peace".
Any cop who reacts to being called "useless pig" is, in fact, one.
And should be removed from positions of authority.

You don't expect governments to obey the law because of some higher moral development. You expect them to obey the law because they know that if they don't, those who aren't shot will be hanged." - -Michael Shirley

I'm not a believer in Anarchy because I believe that people will behave better without government than with, I'm a believer in Anarchy because then they can't hide behind lawyers and badges when they fuck someone. They can still hide behind guns, but that just makes their actions more honest. I don't believe in anarchy because I trust people. I believe in anarchy because I don't trust them. --

The issue is not that "allowing" it is good, but that "banning" it would require drastic and draconian enforcement measures.)
The problem with government is not that it is a conspiracy, it is an interlocking series of bureaucracies which all seek to avoid responsibility.
think that this Government is a threat to mankind. You can't protect freedom and liberties behind stock piles of chemical and biological weapons and nuclear weapons.

I am more afraid of an army of a hundred sheep led by a lion than an army of a hundred lions led by a sheep"- Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

legal principles of ultra vires
and due process. That restricts how communities can police members.
Decisions can't be made on a whim. They can't be out of proportion.
See also defence of necessity,allows you to shoot down a passenger jet,broke law to save greater evil,defence of necessity.

The power of Accurate Observation is often dubbed Cynicism by those who lack it* GBShaw

It is a maxim among these lawyers, that whatever hath been done before, may legally be done again: and therefore they take special care to record all the decisions formerly made against common justice and the general reason of mankind."
- Jonathan Swift. Gulliver, in Gulliver’s Travels, "A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms
Only those beneath me can envy or hate me. I have never been envied nor
hated; I am above no one. Only those above me can praise or belittle me. I
have never been praised nor belittled; I am below no one. - Kahlil Gibran

Don't believe half of what you see
and none of what you hear ---Lou Reed,
'I may not agree with what you
say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.'"
"Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly
while bad people will find a way around the laws."
, Ollie North agrees with you sprinkles,"The truth is useless. You can't eat it., You can't deposit it in the bank. You can't pay your bills with the truth. It is only the lie which pays cash money."
. As tobacco industry studies have implied, health risk based population reduction can sometimes have beneficial effects on a nation's health care and retirement expenses.
"What forbids us to tell the truth, laughingly?"--Horace, Satires, I.24

"Free thought, necessarily
involving freedom of speech &
press, I may tersely define thus:
no opinion a law -- no opinion a
--- Alexander Berkman
1806 -- Germany: Ego-philosopher Max Stirner lives
"The great are great only because
we are on our knees. Let us rise!"
"…As I see things, I am not a robber. In creating man,
Nature gave him the right to live & man has the duty
to exercise that right in full. So if society fails
to provide him with the wherewithal to
survive, the human being is entitled to
seize what he needs from wherever there is plenty."
---Marius Jacob
"A Criminal is a person with
predatory instincts without sufficient
capital to form a corporation."
---Clarence Darrow
Freedom or Death Eleutheria H Thanatos (Liberty or Death)
"In any country there must be people who have
to die. They are the sacrifices any nation has to
make to achieve
law & order."
-- Idi Amin Dada
Ultimately, the only defense against evil and corruption is capacity for self defense and instilling fear of inevitable concrete personal reprisal within those who would impose corruption and evil. When law enforcement, when the legal system, when the politicians, or anybody else lose that fear, the people lose everything including their rights and freedom—and eventually their lives.
There develops a criminal oligarchy that infiltrates and then perverts the institutions of law and government to solidify and enforce its corruption while superficially keeping the system in its original form.
We are finding that out. The only existent remedy or prevention is fear. What you have is only that which remains after what you let the criminals and the misguided get away with. The line must be drawn and the reaction to transgression hard.
"To be stupid, selfish, & have good
health are three requirements for
happiness, though if stupidity is
lacking, all is lost."
Neoliberalism, the doctrine that makes it possible for stupidity and cynicism to govern in diverse parts of the earth, does not allow participation other than to hold on by disappearing. “Die as a social group, as a culture, and above all as a resistance. Then you can be part of modernity,”
Trigger-happy police are like salty crackers. They aren't simply made, they're manufactured and wrapped.
when have the many little Eichmanns who are preparing the Brave New World ever been called to account? Where is any elementary personal responsibility when the planners of our daily and global death march act with complete impunity?
"It's no good taking action after the crime," Mr. Mahathir said. "We have to act in anticipation, and not in the usual manner, because having to find proof of a crime which has not yet been committed is difficult."
At the best of times, I'm impressed by young Australians. At the worst of times, which this is shaping up to be, I'm struck even more by their odd reserves of character.

Shooting messengers and those who ask
by Sprinkler 11:39am Mon Dec 3 '01

The Minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin in their post "Amazing loss of memory" claims that I took Mr Hoser out of context unfairly. I dont think I did however I think that the bigger problem that the Minister has is calling me spineless because I am "shooting the messenger". The right honourable minister decides to have a final dig at me by asking if I am "related to the Judges". It is a pity that you had to have a go at me rather that addressing my question.

Proffr1@etc has tackled the question by claiming that I am Stephen Mayne and that he has anwsered my question already.
Proffr1@etc then went off in his usual fashion on another tangent.

It seems that when "uncomfortable" questions are posed on Indymedia it is easier to attack the person who posed them.

Further comments welcomed

He could be both,so bloody what!
by pr 2:23pm Mon Dec 3 '01

So fucking what if for the sake of your obtuse and ill timed argument that ray hoser is mental and/or a small business man.He is a lot more than that and 'you' BTW.
You must have a small garden hose if you are attacking people for being 'mental' and/or 'small business men'

Hitler began with the 'mentals' and corporations and the state cant stand small business.So where are you coming from dickhead and if your not Payne,prove it.You come across like a police cadet.Fuck you to hell,creep.

Hoser's both
by A fan 2:55pm Mon Dec 3 '01

I've read Hoser's books and his IM posts.
I think he's both a mental case and a small businessman.
But from my own life experiences I know that what he rights is the truth and to me that's all that matters, other than questions as to why his detractors are so keen to ban and vilify him rather than argue their case on merit.

I dont know why you keep attacking me pr
by Sprinkler 4:26pm Mon Dec 3 '01

I am only asking a question and dont appreciate you constantly attacking me with comments about the "size of my garden hose" and comparing me to Hitler.
I dont know how you expect me to prove that I am not Stephen Mayne.
Directing swears at me just makes you sound like a big boofy dofus.
All I have said constantly is why does Ray Hoser go into bat against police and political corruption when it has such a negative impact on his life. I have concluded that he might be a sandwich short of a picnic or a shameless self promoter.
Now please proffessor, stop personally attacking me.

Sprinkler: Explains need to support Hoser...
by mick lambe 10:38pm Mon Dec 3 '01

"Sprinkler" believes that people who speak out in Australia against Police and government corruption - risk their family's safety.

As in "...I dont admire Hoser. **I cant admire a man who puts his family at risk**

All the more reason to show public support for Hoser - thereby protecting his family (and himself) from harm.


As for Proffr and the 'garden hose' comments. What do expect when you call yourself "Sprinkler?"

Cop bashings happen
by Richard Grimmett 7:31am Tue Dec 4 '01

I think that it is really sad that a lot of people think
that it is fine and well to allow disgusting behaviour like
bashing people up and ruining peoples lifes happen.

It is common knowledge that cops are thugs and that they hit and kick people and cause physical harm to people.

How can any sane and morally sound person even slightly respect a corrupt system.

We should all be supporting Raymond Hosser and helping his cause which would be really benificial to us all.


Ray Hoser is a Brave Man
by 11:09am Tue Dec 4 '01

I think that Ray Hoser is a brave man. He fearlessly writes about chronic police, beuracrat, judicial corruption and is now being persecuted by the Government and courts for his willingness to publish the truth.

This country desparately needs a Bill of Rights which enshrines Freedom of Speech. People including journalists and authors should be able to freely write about the judicial system holding it open to scrutiny.

If a Judge feels defamed than he or she has the right to lauch defamation proceedings. They are lawyers, aren't they?

Raymond Hoser deserves our support and solidarity.

Viva Justice! Viva Freedom!

We do have bill of rights Marcus
by Maxwell Dumb 1:37pm Tue Dec 4 '01


Have a look at our bill of rights, everything you need is there.

Also refer the Magna carta.


"some people"
by proffr1@etc 6:49pm Tue Dec 4 '01

Not some people at all,just some anonymously,cowardly troll posing a "when did you stop beating your wife"type question.

Hoser mental or small business man?

'Mental' if true, perhaps because of well documented police repression,theft and harresment.An offensive term these days also.Disturbed or upset perhaps better if you want to pose as "some people." This link only includes one person/troll thing.BTW.(attn imcista's!)
'Mental' maybe from having to read offensivly worded questions from a troll on the very day he has to front a beak who seems not to be able to read.
Small business man? Like he is rapt in all this free PR?
I doubt it very much but its the 1st smear political attackers make,no matter proof,evidence,whatever to the contrary.Below the belt but say its true.So what? This is that sort of country,that elected precisely that sort of Govt.(pro small business)More profits to you ray!Theres no such thing as bad publicity!
Anyone remember the Kennett going off in parliment about 'little boys'.Im sure stephen payne does.He who admits to posting here recently under different names.
He is my bet to be 'sprinkler'He is that sort of guy.
I sentence stephen payne to be sprinkler for ever and ever,Amen.Sprinkle off to your pathetic little crikey patch and wither away.You are not 'some people'.You are not even a man.
Ray,you are my hero.I dont know what motivates you or why some complain of whatever personal communication difficulties they have with you,and I dont care much,All the top flight work you've done far outweighs all that.
If you slip up and tell a big lie or hurt someone you know that OSD justice is inexorable anyway,right?
Long live free ray and free speech.

Apology to Steve Price
by S Mayne 9:16pm Tue Dec 4 '01

We're in the Victorian Supreme Court with 3AW's Steve Price fighting a contempt summons this week and this is one of the many apologies we've published over the past 12 months in relation to my publishing a press release from police corruption campaigner Raymond Hoser as a post-script to a separate piece on December 4 last year.

"Whatever the circumstances, Price has been big enough to apologise for broadcasting comments by Pauline Hanson that were taped without her knowledge. Given this apologetic spirit, we are once again prepared to do likewise for publishing an inaccurate press release from political candidate Raymond Hoser.

We accept that Hoser made inaccurate and inflammatory allegations which were baseless. We did not publish it with any malice as it was merely an addendum to a long article we published about the cash for preferences offer Labor made to us during the Burwood by-election.

"It was wrong to publish it. I regret that now," Stephen Mayne said.

"If I caused Mr Price any embarrassment or damage I'm sorry for that."

Maxie darling, don't try to type and think...
by 66 9:57pm Tue Dec 4 '01

Hon, you know not to go talking to strangers, you might get yourself into all sorts of strife with your silly chatter, just like that smiling Aussie boy Mr Mayne seems to do. Ducking and weaving, what are you to do when the crazies turn out to be right?

Now sweetiepie, you be nice to young Mr Brumer, and type out 20 times each these two lines:

1. The Bill of Rights 1688 is truely useless when it is still a crime to speak your mind.

23. No village or individual shall be compelled to make bridges at river banks, except those who from of old were legally bound to do so.

Sprinkler Mayne
by Disgusted 2:45am Thu Dec 6 '01

What a disgusting kennet era bucket of vomit mayne shows himself to be.'Proffr'is correct for once;This is not 'some people'at all.Its an extremely ugly self promotion in the worst possible taste.Boycott this 'trolls'website and cut him dead in public.Stephen Mayne is jerk of the highest order.

Internet sites attacked
by R HOSER 2:49pm Mon Dec 3 '01

See main story
Excuse the hyperbole (above) - but I hope that I now have your attention.
But this IS a story about the internet as you will see from the short post below:
Webpages downloaded in bulk and free speech case sentencing tomorrow.
Update for 3 12 01
While as matter of course this part of the proceedings is usually fairly quick, this may not be the case tomorrow.
As a spanner in the works, the Hulls side have downloaded a vast number of "" sites and printed them out to tender them in court as "exhibits AOB1-15".
We found this out by fax at about 3.35 PM today.
We have no indication yet as to what purpose this is for and so tomorrow the case will be worth seeing if for this and nothing else.
In the event that our websites are attacked, rest assured that they will reappear on mirrors elsewhere on the www. And be accessible via search engines.
Yours Faithfully - Raymond Hoser
Time and venue of case is
1030 AM at the Supreme Court - Melbourne - Court 5
Truth on trial - Hoser sentence today
by R HOSER 4:46am Tue Dec 4 '01

In a sad day for free speech and the public right to know truth about matters such as corruption, it appears that Rob Hulls and the Labor Government have said that respect for the law courts and legal system must be enforced via threat of imprisonment rather than to earn the public's respect by ethical behaviour, fair trials that seek the truth, wise judgements and good sense.
Free Speech case - Whistleblower to be sentenced today (10.30 AM)
Tue, 4 Dec 2001 06:29:13 +1100
"Raymond Hoser"

To the many of you who have offered your unqualified support in the face of
charges I offer my greatest thanks.
To those who either couldn't get through to me on the phone,
or had to put up with me cutting you off as another call came
through or I had to change one of my daughter's nappies, I offer my
To my wife Shireen, who has had me as her absentee husband this week as I
spoke to countless people and prepared for the worst possible scenarios,
may I say, I love you dearly.
To everyone, I am sure myself and most recipients of this
e-mail hope that one day good triumps over evil in terms of corruption in
Australian government and that the legal system steps out of the 19th
century and into the 21st.
While I have no desire to overturn or undermine the legal system, I must say
that it
will only gain the unwavering public trust and confidence by their conduct
and not by
force or threat of incarceration by use of arcane laws, strip-searches of
members of the public who wish to see the law in action and like forms of
Until then, I suppose today at the Melbourne Supreme Court I will get given
the system cares to throw at me, and just pray for some common sense in all
Perhaps the below e-mail of support sums up the current situation.
Your case tomorrow
Tue, 03 Dec 2001 01:11:50 -0800
I hope your'e not taking it all too bad.
Ten years on history will be a harsh judge on the likes of Hulls and any
judge who jails you for what is at best a technical breach of an archaic
and stupid law.
AAW ran a piece the other day praising your efforts to expose police
corruption and how the latest news stories, while a belated vindication
of your books, have made sure you never got credit for being first to
point out the corruption.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Hang in there.
Court result outcome - phone the number below after lunch today
Phone inquiries to: (Australia): 0412 777 211
add your own comments

Hoser latest
by copied from Crikey 9:15am Wed Dec 5 '01 (Modified on 4:54am Thu Dec 6 '01)

Hoser's sentencing was argued by the lawyers on Tuesday. The judge will decide on Thursday whether to jail or fine him or both.
The Mayne Man is becoming a legal junkie, and spent yesterday the morning in court yesterday with a bunch of other misfits watching the Raymond Hoser sentencing and became very depressed on hearing evidence that Hoser sold 12,500 copies of his two police corruption books at $30 a throw with a $20 margin which would suggest the lad grossed $375,000 and netted $250,000.

So far, Crikey has not even grossed $100,000 in 22 months and the net figure is in the negative.

Hoser was crying poor before Justice Eames yesterday as the debate raged about whether he should be fined, pinged with costs and jailed after being found guilty on 5 of the 23 counts brought by the newly engaged Victorian auditor Rob Hulls, of scandalising the courts. The silly lad sledged the judge between judgment and sentencing so the Crown naturally tendered these print-out from his website and all sides agreed he would not be pleading remorse.

Hoser will discover his fate on Thursday morning and the editor missed the afternoon session yesterday as he spent four hours with the kind pro-bono lawyers from Holding Redlich ahead of Friday's appearance before Justice Bongiorno.

If you've got a legal problem, Crikey can recommend Holding Redlich as they've been very generous and are very good.

Are you reading this without being a subscriber? C'mon, get your own daily email for $55 a year by clicking here: You'll get a free tee-shirt, 5 sealed section emails a week and access to our searchable one million word archive. Crikey is Australia's most successfully independent e-zine with 1800 subscribers and gets an average 30,000 page views a week from 6000 unique users so jump on board right now.
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Remove commercial spam please indy.
by proffr1@etc 9:56am Wed Dec 5 '01

This is an ad.
If it was posted by serial pest sprinkler he is shovelling sand over indys cameras.

Sprung - caught out
by Hacker 10:16am Wed Dec 5 '01

The top post came from: (IP address), connected to:
Which is a computer identified as being owned by Stephen Mayne - AKA Sprinkler, Crikey, etc

Don't jump to conclusions
by copied from Crikey 1:05pm Wed Dec 5 '01

Why don't people who go to these cases post detailed reports about what happened? I was expecting to hear details of the sentencing on indymedia - but nothing was posted. I only knew what was going on from Crikey.

I wanted indy readers to know the latest on Hoser's case. Since Crikey is a subscription list I thought it only fair to give him a plug if I'm making some of his stuff freely available.

By the way, Hacker is making things up.

The IP address I used to post the message at the top and this message is not

I am not Sprinkler, Mayne, Crikey, or Hoser etc.

tech shit for h4Xors
by uber h4xor 2:45pm Wed Dec 5 '01

Firstly, melbourne.indymedia does not log IP addresses.

> host domain name pointer
> host has address has address

$20 margin?
by check it 2:51am Thu Dec 6 '01

I love Indymedia, but the links from feature stories at least need to be checked. This advertising from Crikey (again) is annoying, and is not an update.

It says that Hoser sold his books at $30 each with a $20 margin! What a crock, who makes a $20 margin on a book? Even a bookshop like FoE or Barricade would put at least 20% markup on a book, let alone other stores who may have sold the book who would mark up up to 50%. Hoser would have to have sold almost all of his books personally by hand include none of his own labor costs, no operational costs in research/writing, printed on a wing and a prayer - and then have incurred no additional costs in fines, have had difficulty obtaining employment due to court slurs, etc.

Why have Indymedia also got a link saying: Some have questioned Hoser's motives... Who the cops? I can understand that Indymedia would want to present a balanced viewpoint here, but... This $20 margin advert (again)from Crikey is not balancing anything just slurring Hoser again. Maybe there is an argument against Hoser but it needs to be in the disproving of what he has written and nothing else - not in generalized slurs.

Full transcripts online
by Paula 4:54am Thu Dec 6 '01

In court on Tuesday the prosecution side tabled Hoser's websites and censured him in front of the judge over them.
But what exactly was on the webpages tendered?
...The full transcript of the case!
Not only are they trying to gag his deadly disclosures of the truth, but now they don't want to have their own corrupt decision making process exposed.
- Read the Herald Scum and get the bogus official version.
read Crikey and get Mayne's warped version or go to hoser's site at and get the truth via the official transcript and you can see it all for yourself.
Which of the three would I rather believe?
You guess.

by Sir 2:52am Thu Dec 6 '01 (Modified on 4:48am Thu Dec 6 '01)

Hoser walks the walk
Agree or disagree with him, there is one good thing about Hoser. He has done something about his beliefs without organising large numbers of people to disturb the functioning of a city and its citizens. No foolish stunts, just positive action.
add your own comments

Positive action
by annie sprinkles 3:36am Thu Dec 6 '01

Hosers main problems seem to stem from him being so credible and authoritive,bit hard to have confidence in the judicial system with such rampart corruption exposed so devastatingly in it.Maybe the city should be disrupted a little so we can all help christine Nixon clean out the augean stables.On a separate issue,Ive a problem with the centre article on this case describing, "some people" questioning rays motives.Ill reprint extracts from 2 posts on that...

Sprinkler Mayne
by Disgusted
What a disgusting kennet era bucket of vomit mayne shows himself to be.'Proffr'is correct for once;This is not 'some people'at all.Its an extremely ugly self promotion in the worst possible taste.Boycott this 'trolls'website and cut him dead in public.Stephen Mayne is jerk of the highest order.

"some people"

Not some people at all,just some anonymously,cowardly troll posing a "when did you stop beating your wife"type question.

Hoser mental or small business man?

'Mental' if true, perhaps because of well documented police repression,theft and harresment.An offensive term these days also.Disturbed or upset perhaps better if you want to pose as "some people." This link only includes one person/troll thing.BTW.(attn imcista's!)
'Mental' maybe from having to read offensivly worded questions from a troll on the very day he has to front a beak who seems not to be able to read.
Small business man? Like he is rapt in all this free PR?
I doubt it very much but its the 1st smear political attackers make,no matter proof,evidence,whatever to the contrary.Below the belt but say its true.So what? This is that sort of country,that elected precisely that sort of Govt.(pro small business)More profits to you ray!Theres no such thing as bad publicity!
Anyone remember the Kennett going off in parliment about 'little boys'.Im sure stephen mayne does.He who admits to posting here recently under different names.
He is my bet to be 'sprinkler'He is that sort of guy.
I sentence stephen mayne to be sprinkler for ever and ever,Amen.Sprinkle off to your pathetic little crikey patch and wither away.You are not 'some people'.You are not even a man.
Ray,you are my hero.I dont know what motivates you or why some complain of whatever personal communication difficulties they have with you,and I dont care much,All the top flight work you've done far outweighs all that.


Good luck ray,break a leg!

The invisible man
by Karl 4:48am Thu Dec 6 '01

Anyone here able to help on this one?
Read the case judgement in Ray's case and saw reference
to a "One Burke" giving evidence in the Adams case and judge Eames saying Hoser had brought him in as some kind of unbelievable rent-a-witness.
I checked the book that covered this, THE HOSER FILES and saw no such reference.
Then I went to the transcript and used a word search to check for Burke and he wasn't there.
It seems to me that the judge has really screwed up on this and got it wrong.
He's made up a fairy tale!

Ho Ho Hoser's Free Speech gets Expensive
by Kitten Kong 10:36am Thu Dec 6 '01 (Modified on 1:39pm Thu Dec 6 '01)

Eames J orders $5000 fine + party-party costs against Ray Hoser + Kotabi (maybe $30,000, just a guess?). 21C justice: first we shoot you, then you must pay for the bullets.

Ray really did have it coming. Consider:

1. He writes about police corruption.
2. He's working class, self-educated, intelligent, opinionated and genuine about what he writes.
3. Maybe he's a little crazy.

So it goes a little like this:

(A.) Criticise a judgement in a careful, conservative manner that only other academics will pay attention to, and everything will be OK.

(B.) Bag the shit out of a judge or a magistrate from a position of financial and political influence (eg the Herald-Sun on the former Chief Magistrate Adams), and you will eventually get your way.

But (C.) criticise the judiciary in the language of the working class, but without Rupe's financial and political clout, and you are toast.

Kudos to Hoser's lawyers who gave their time and worked hard to explain Hoser's position in terms that even a Supreme Court judge could just about grasp.

Kudos to Hoser for taking a stand in the best way that he can.

And go to hell all narrow minded gits who content themselves with persecuting people who dare complain when they are unfairly victimised.
add your own comments

Singapore style justice
by proffr1@etc 11:09am Thu Dec 6 '01

Kitten,egypt,sprinkler mayne,mayne,mayne.And they say Im shizophrenic!
Text analysis stephen,its caught police trolls and other criminals.Fair enough comment though.Now for my 2cents...

Ray,dont pay! Barristers are going bankrupt everyday,its de rigeur,trendy even.Go bankrupt.go offshore,but dont give them steam off your shit.You are appealing? Catching an Imbecile on the bench is good sport and not to hard to do.
Throw a rock in half the courts in this pissant nation.What a fucking circus.Hullsie the organ grinder even wants to get more free legal aid from conscripted soliciters.I thought they abolished slavery.(oh yeah,work for the dole,sorry.)Buckethead rob hulls needs keelhauling for this.Ill pay 1 proffr dollar toward the rope.

"without credibility and legitimacy, institutions, no matter how
seemingly solid they may seem, eventually unravel"

But you are, darling proffr
by KK 12:42pm Thu Dec 6 '01

But you are

Thanks all for support
by R Hoser 1:39pm Thu Dec 6 '01

Thanks to all here for your general support (with few exceptions) in the fight of good vs evil.
I'm now basically gagged until the expected appeal (not yet filed), but invite all to peruse the transcripts, judgement, etc on
and make your own considered comments.
Happy X-mas

Free Speech Finished - Hoser case
by Paula 2:14pm Thu Dec 6 '01 (Modified on 6:17pm Thu Dec 6 '01)

You are not meant to know this, but read on for the details.
I sat there in court today and watched the judge discuss what he was going to do with Hoser.
Not only had Hoser sinned by printing his books, that quite frankly, save for some emotive language by the judge, remain watertight, but Hoser has allegedly gone on and scandalized the courts even more!!
This time the judge was whinging about Hosers websites and regular updates of the case.
But what was Hoser in fact doing?
Merely putting the case transcripts up on the web for all to see.
What did the judge have to hide by seeking to have Hoser stopped from doing this?
What do his legal colleagues have to hide?
Hoser's lawyers had said they didn't plead remorse.
Good on them!!.
Jesus Christ had no remore either and when push comes to shove, those who bow down to the corrupt legal system for the lies it peddles have more to be ashamed of.
I saw some reporters from the Herald Scum and the Aged there and no doubt they will repeat all the vitriol and lies sprouted by the judge against Hoser.
But when it's all said and done, it doesn't matter how many times a judge says a lie and how many times it is repeated in the controlled rags, it will always remain just that, a lie.
And remember, just because the judge says he doesn't believe that there is ever corruption in the legal system , doesn't mean it's the word of God!
And what ever happened to the free speech and truth defence?
It obviously didn't matter to this judge, and no doubt that's a view agreed upon by the controlled rags as well.
add your own comments

lets have a fundraiser for poor old ray
by Johanna 2:27pm Thu Dec 6 '01

I pledge $100.

Pledge week
by proffr1@etc 4:29pm Thu Dec 6 '01

They all fear the net,police,crap corporate media,authoritarians of all stripes because power is knowledge.They are right to fear it for justice is coming.
You know pledges may be pooled and paid for the closest guess as to the permanent retirement of an unpopular official(or ratty 'celebrity')This is perfectly legal and no laws will ever change that short of outright fascism.
Millions are being spent to install outright fascism but they'll fail for 2 reasons.The webs too entwined in our economy and assasination politics under whatever name it takes.Justice,like information,wants to be free.Ill put 10$ toward the eames/hulls prediction.

"You could create a lottery. A lottery whose payoff was a reward to the person who came closest to predicting the time of death of a given government official.
"They knew I wasn't planning to kill federal agents", Bell said this month. "They were scared because I had written something that shows a way to eliminate government. They were afraid I could convince the public that I could replace existing government for no more than a 10th or 20th of its current cost."
"Imagine for a moment that, as ordinary citizens were watching the evening news, they see an act by a government employee or officeholder that they feel violates their rights, abuses the public's trust or misuses the powers that they feel should be limited. What if they could go to their computers, type in the miscreant's name, and select a dollar amount. If 0.1 percent of the population, or one person in a thousand, was willing to pay $1 to see some government slimeball dead, that would be in effect, a $250,000 bounty on his head."
I think that one last (temporary) hope for government is to delay AP. Chances are good that the "think tank" decided that the best way to delay AP is to discredit me, its author. It was a desperate gamble, particularly because the act of harassing me automatically gives AP more publicity. That's the reason they will fail; the more they try to "get" me, the worse it will be for them."

So ridiculous
by Adam 5:25pm Thu Dec 6 '01

219 words out of 380,000 words in a book (I counted them) are allegedly scandalizing the court - according to God, I mean the judge, - condemn Hoser!!!
Kill him, burn him at the cross.

Eames / Hulls Screw Hoser - Labor rig case
by Arthur 6:47pm Thu Dec 6 '01 (Modified on 7:44pm Thu Dec 6 '01)

The judge who screwed Hoser was probably picked for the job. He was appointed by Jim Kennan from the failed Kirner Government and he was an ex-Labor Lawyer.
No wonder Hoser never had a chance!
A Labor man, Hulls charged Hoser and another Labor mate Eames, did Hullsey a favor and convicted him.
So much for a fair impartial trial.

Paula - The Hoser trial

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