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Tar Sands

Protests against the exploitation of the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada, see

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Notts Pension Fund linked to tar sands extraction

08-05-2010 20:58

C6. Graphical Reality

The pension fund run by Notts CC and including several other major employers in the region invests in BP. As supplies of easily obtainable oil dwindle, companies are investing in more high risk methods of getting oil. One of these is tar sands in Canada.

Notts CC pension scheme has admitted it invests in BP. John Pearson, the Investments Manager has admitted as much in an email to a member of its pension scheme. Nottinghamshire CC is part of a scheme called Nottinghamshire Pension Funds (NPF) and other contributing employers include Nottingham City Council, all the district and borough councils, the police and Nottingham Trent University.

BP is on the point of making a big decision – whether to invest in the tar sands in tar sands in the Athabasca region of Alberta in Canada. Campaigners have been mobilising to ensure they do not do this.

Newswire: Notts County Council Pension Fund invests in BP

National Feature: Anti-Tar Sands Protests Gather Momentum

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Anti-Tar Sands Protests Gather Momentum

15-04-2010 08:01

A Brighton petrol station gets a makeover

This time last year, few people in the UK had even heard of the Alberta Tar Sands. Now they are moving rapidly up the public agenda, thanks largely to a growing grassroots campaign of resistance and international solidarity. The latest example of this has been the national “Fortnight of Shame” (April 1st- 15th 2010) to oppose BP's planned involvement in the tar sands, which came to a head on Saturday 10th with protests in London, Oxford, Brighton and Cambridge, including a Party at the Pumps in Sheperds Bush, and which culminated on Thursday 15th April with the BP + Tar Sands = Climate Crime protest outside the BP Shareholders AGM at the ExCel Conference Centre.

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