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UK Tar Sands Newswire Archive

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Sıla Afitap Şarkı Sözü Sözleri Dinle

27-04-2016 11:20

Sıla Afitap Şarkı Sözü Sözleri Dinle

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The Canadian Conundrum – Causes and Consequences of a Containment Catastrophe

03-11-2014 16:34

Justin Bourque is being flanked by Mumia Abu Jamal and Leonard Pelletier as a political prisoner of the extinction system for a reason that represents the distinction between the two political entities of North America. In Unitedstates, the latter was so lucky to hit a rare period of suspension of the death penalty in the calendar, while the former was openly sentenced to execution and then at whim changed to death in prison without execution as to be misused as a bargaining chip by an unscrupulous politician. In Canada the supreme enemy of the state is however never being killed openly, but with a verdict that amounts to death without spelling it. It is of course being taken into account here that the common denominator of the three cases is that the reaction pattern of the repressive apparatus unloading upon the individual is of much more urgent need of attention than the blame it is meant to express. It matters little whether these prisoners were involved in these killings. But it matters a lot that the repressive apparatus is attempting to masquerade as the advocate of future generations when it is a solid matter of fact that the loss of a cop father is far less traumatic to a child than the loss of a non-violent father. If a reactor operator wishes to have children, it is common sense that something can only be a means to an end if it does not contain excessive contradictory risks. If the reactor engineer were to hide behind children to defend himself against the Abolitionist it would be recognised as an abuse of the children or at least as a fraud, given the toxic legacy. But when the cop who keeps the reactor operating does, apparently it does not yet attract the broad smack-down such grossly inappropriate kid-ducking deserves.

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Shell PR event shut down in Oxford

23-10-2013 11:55

the Shell booth
Yesterday a Shell recruitment/PR booth on Broad St (Oxford), was shut down by the combination of leafletting, disruption and damage.

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The Grandparents strike again

08-10-2013 10:54

OAPs occupy the Bristol RBS offices in protest at the banks ongoing investment in the fossil fuel industry.

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UG#650 - Fighting Nature To The Last Drop

25-06-2013 16:28

Following last week's observations on the destructiveness of the money system in general, we look this week at two specific examples of devastaed communities and ecosystems. Firstly, an account by Arundhati Roy of the oppression of Indian communities by a government determined to extract resources. Secondly, a radio adaptation of "To The Last Drop", a film about the Athabasca Tar Sands in Alberta, Canada.

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Canada: Native struggles against dangerous tar sands oil continues

18-06-2013 11:12

On the 1st June, there was a 60,000 barrel spill of toxic industrial waste water in NW Alberta. 9.5 million litres, soaked into wetlands, and tributaries near Zama City in Northwestern Alberta. The spill was first spotted on June 1. But not until Wednesday 12th did Houston-based Apache Corp. release estimates of its size, which exceeds all of the major recent spills in North America. A recent Global TV investigative report said Alberta averages 2-spills everyday.

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Shared Planet 2012

01-11-2012 16:32

Shared Planet 2012
People & Planet, the UK's largest student conference on global poverty, human rights and the environment are holding their annual conference on 10 - 11 November at Sheffield Hallam University.

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Tar sands ‘dirty oil’ could soon be coming to Pembrokeshire, UK

01-11-2012 13:04

US company Valero admits plans to import highly-polluting tar sands oil to UK, where locals vow to oppose it.

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Vigil for Ken Saro-wiwa - 10th November

31-10-2012 14:06

Assemble at 5pm on Saturday 10th November outside the Shell Centre, York Road, London, SE1 7NA (2 minutes' walk from Waterloo station)

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Indigenous Women Against Tar Sands

17-10-2012 17:54

She Speaks: Indigenous Women Speak Out Against Tar Sands. Three speakers: Eriel Deranger, Freda Huson, Ta’Kaiya Blaney. Plus Suzanne Dhaliwal co-founder of UK Tar Sands Network.

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Tar Free Oxford Takes Off

10-08-2012 12:22

Tar Free Towns [ ] is an idea we had a little while ago, which originated from the desire to connect people in the UK with communities fighting tar sands in Canada, by supporting and encouraging hubs of tar sands activism to flourish in the UK.

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Protesters dragged out of BP AGM after board avoids uncomfortable questions

13-04-2012 13:39

Gulf Coast residents cut short by Chair, and environmental questions brushed aside before meeting disrupted by “die-in” protest

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Canada, dude, you used to be cool

17-03-2012 14:35

Since thier election in 2006 the Canadian Conservative party, through lies, stealing and cheating, have turned their beautiful country into one of the worst human rights abusers in the world. It´s time for Canadians to say ENOUGH!

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Taking on Tarmageddon

18-02-2012 17:29

The busy bees at Oxford based Campbell Road Productions have finished editing the Taking on Tarmageddon film.

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29-01-2012 21:48

Having attended over 110 screenings in America, Mexico, Canada and Japan
Franklin López will continue his world tour in the UK this April his
film END:CIV (

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Do you want to help stop the world’s most destructive project?

27-01-2012 17:15

UK Tar Sands Network is looking for a volunteer to join our small Oxford-based team. You would help us with a range of activities, including organising protests and campaign events, keeping our website and social media up to date, public education, outreach and network-building, and some day-to-day administrative tasks that help keep the show on the road.

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Canada withdraws from Kyoto Protocol

13-12-2011 11:29

Canadian Environment Minister Peter Kent has announced that Canada is withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol, making the home of Tar Sands the first nation to pull out of the protocol in its 15 year history. He claimed the protocol "does not represent a way forward for Canada", and that "Kyoto, for Canada, is in the past".

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One Week Left!!!

25-11-2011 16:07

One week left in which the decision to allow tar sands into Europe.

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UG#575 - From Oily Sands to Greasy Palms

03-11-2011 18:44

Focussing on Canada's Tar Sands this week, we examine the murky reality of 'free trade', and interference by the Canadian Government in the European Climate Change legislation. Who makes and enforces these agreements, and who benefits? We look at how the SPP is being revamped for re-introduction after concerted efforts to kill it by citizens' action groups.
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