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Coronation Golden Jubilee Petition of Redemption

Minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger | 17.12.2002 14:35

This petition was published before and has been totally cencored around the world.A fter reading it you will know why. It's intent is pure unprecedented and irrefutable in need and original cause. I pray for answer and await reply.

Golden Jubilee Coronation Petition
September 29th 2002 A.D.
To: Her royal majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.
Via her private secretary Sir Robin Janvrin
C/o Buckingham Palace London England
From Minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger
Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International
Heatherdown Ecclesia
Near Onoway Alberta Canada
no code non commercial
Your most gracious Majesty defender of the faith, it is my duty in performance of the function of my calling as a minister of God, that I approach you with this petition and news of disservice and treachery by your professed allegiants in Canada. They are defying their oaths and not offering the true allegiance they swore to provide in your name.
It distresses me that I must approach your majesty for your majesty’s aid in this your Coronation year, but this quest is in defense of the Christian faith. I did think that I as a Christian minister armed with God’s truth may be able to provide enough proof for your professed allegiant’s and courts here in Canada, to show that the oath of allegiance to your majesty is being sullied by those of commercial minds and of no respect of the historical honor and integrity of the meaning of that true allegiance to your majesty’s defense of the Laws of God. Those in control and dishonoring their oaths are in a conflict to judge this as it is about their integrity that is non-existent. Historically we have seen our judiciary and parliamentarians ignore their oaths and get away with unlawful ungodly acts, as you were not petitioned.
It is humbly offered that it appears the timing is prime for such long overdue investigation and saving face of biblical and royal honor. The Golden Jubilee is under way and such glorious celebration will be compromised and indelibly stained as a result of the unlawful actions of religious blasphemy, desecration and discrimination against Christ’s ministry and church by such unlawful Commercial entities, as : Toronto Dominion Bank, the Alberta Justice system and courts ,and the Royal Canadian mounted Police, the Governor General’s office and your majesty’s privy council. It is humbly offered that this issue must be examined in true allegiance to your majesty’s honor in biblical fairness and with all merited expedition.
I would never approach your majesty for aid lest I have no other forum that is bound by and of respect to God’s laws. I appeal to you not as a corporate Queen but as the Elizabeth the woman created and anointed of God to hail and hear my plea and petition. I am being unlawfully denied full defense in lawfully formed truly allegiant courts in Canada and as such am being obstructed from carrying out functions of my calling as a minister of God. I have no truly allegiant court of your majesty to apply to! Section 423 of the Canadian Criminal code is being violated. The RCMP NSI have been following my movement and have made discriminating statements about me to others and have lied about me in saying I associate with militants. This is untrue and if I did I would be preaching to them about God’s Kingdom not militant action. There is a deliberate effort to smear my message your majesty. It is not surprising in light of what this information invokes.
Please show the world your power and the light of God’s integrity we all saw in your Coronation.

The lack of concern and desire to have a valid understood oath of true allegiance, to that defense of the faith, by the men and women throughout the provinces in Canada and the commonwealth raises serious questions of immense implications for the history of Biblical standing and guarding over the justice in this country.
No law or decision of man can violate the laws of God nor cause another man or woman to violate God’s laws.

These Questions are posed for review and information of your majesty
1.Why is the Alberta legislature oath of allegiance from the Alberta oath of office act in direct violation with the Schedule five of the BNA act, when to make it correct would have only been addition of one word?
2. Does the Alberta legislature have authority and sanction from your majesty to make up their own oath and then not require its members to know what the allegiance to your majesty means nor seemingly care if they do?
3. Does her majesty offer her authority and sanction to oath takers who have no idea what the allegiance means nor believe in that allegiance or who are not willing to carryout those allegiant obligations?
4.Why are these professed oath sworn true allegiants acting as justices, masters, ministers, and officers of your majesty, so reluctant to state the meaning of that proud oath of allegiance to your majesty?
It is also poised for review:
Why, according to Canadian department of Justice lawyers, without a valid oath of allegiance, and showing distain for the Coronation oath, do those swearing to provide true allegiance to a Christian Monarch, not have to know what the allegiance means and what the purpose of it is?
How can that opinion be correct?
How can federal laws of affiliation direct with the Queen be secondary to provincial when it is of mandatory nature to keep the oath to God and the allegiance to the Queen identical throughout Canada?
This denial of the courts to acknowledge and provide” true allegiance” raises issues of major unprecedented constitutional and international importance. It directly threatens all men and women’s God given unalienable rights and freedoms in having God’s law as supreme, and undermines protection of alloidial title in land via oaths of loyalty to the Crown and ultimately the Bible.
Such foundational facts and points of history can never be considered fluff or the workings of every-day body politics. They directly concern your majesty in your majesty’s ability to contractually maintain the Coronation oath, in your majesty’s honored Royal Style.
By the Grace of God your majesty is, by provision of God’s law in all of her majesty’s courts and by the strict adherence to God’s law covenant and constitution, as such, meeting the needs of every British subject, including generations yet unborn that will Succeed at maintaining and exercising our cherished freedoms in that ancient lexum.
This sacred provision of God’s rule of law as supreme and our duty to defend it is only effective upon those of your majesty’s subjects who are willing to stand and exercise those rights under God so long trodden upon by those of financial plunder and collective immorality.

As a result of gleaning the knowledge from God’s scriptures and reading the records of mans law written in conflict with that holy text, I find my Christian family, ecclesia, brethren and ministry in an extremely stressful and prejudiced position. As a minister of a Church of Christ and having the knowledge about the meaning of the allegiance to all concerned, as I do, it calls for exceptional extraordinary measures.
Hence our petition to Her Majesty, which exercises rights unused for over 49 years - since my birth and involuntary enslavement to the Corporate fictional body politic of Canada, in exercising God’s privilege to us of Jubilee of Leviticus 25-27.
I wish, as a Christian man in observance of the custom of God’s proclamation of Leviticus Jubilee and you as high priestess in this the Golden Jubilee of your coronation, to be in receipt of full pardon for the crimes I have been accused of and convicted of by the unlawful courts in Alberta Canada. These convictions were filed under the legal fiction nom degerre BELANGER Robin Jay with such fictitious number of ownership as being 618-774-079 which I do not accept being applied.
Such case of prime focus being Failing to Obey the order of a non allegiant court by imposter Ray Bradley, Section 127 CCC June6th and 14th of 2001 A.D. being, leave my parishioner, as the court refused to acknowledge it’s oath to her majesty twenty times on the record, factually disavowing and showing no respect or honor for her majesty. A non-allegiant judge Lawrie Smith sentenced me on May 9th of this year to 30 days in jail for that act of faith as she was in denial of my jurisdictional challenge protest and questions of integrity.
I have included the transcript partial Via email to the Golden Jubilee office and Sir Robin Janvrin. This is one of many cases in question where I as a Christian minister was asked to leave by a non allegiant man having none of her majesty’s sanction. I as a minister appeared in Edmonton Court of Queens bench of May 7th and 9th 2002 on account of the actions of professed judge Ray Bradley the man who refused twenty time to offer me a minister his true allegiance. I was attempting to find integrity within her majesty’s Alberta Court. I was not successful, as the Justice, one Lawrie Smith, who sat to hear the case, did not know what her allegiance meant either and as such was and is void of all sanction in her decision to incarcerate me. I have asked over 100 Justices, masters, judges, prosecutors and clerks if they know what their allegiance to you means. Only Wayne Hatt knew
I have been denied the truly allegiant justice of your majesty’s courts and could not appeal such conviction as all the judges I have stood before in Alberta are in denial of their true allegiance. I have stood in front of over 50 of those imposter judges. The court clerks and provincial registrar who are to stand as servants for the registry’s of her majesty’s subjects refuse to acknowledge their true allegiance to your majesty. I discover this by asking and performing a function of my calling as a Christian minister, in asking for true allegiance and integrity. . I do this as I cannot lawfully file into false registers run by non-allegiants with no official sanction.
Wayne Hatt your majesty’s loyal Justice of the Peace in Edmonton Alberta, deserves special notation and regard as when asked by me in my ministerial capacity if he knew what his allegiance to you meant, he replied without batting an eye “To uphold the laws of the King James Bible”. A true allegiant in singular and deserving commendation for his honorable methods and just manner.
I produced all the evidence inclusive of the King James Bible letters patent version being the rule of law in all of the commonwealth and your majesty’s Coronation oath and definition of an oath from the Westminster confession of faith. I have also included the false oaths of allegiance all of the judges in the provincial system have taken. The proof is overwhelming and irrefutable but, the woman acting as a judge, on May 9th of this year, Lawrie Smith, in the case to convict me of not taking orders from an imposter Ray Bradley, commented, as I showed her the proof of false oaths to her, that she was not going to allow that factual evidence. I concluded upon that evidence and the fact that she did not know the meaning of her oath that even she was without your majesty’s sanction or authority to proceed.
I have never been a violent man and have carefully studied what Christ did to the moneychangers that would ignore his warnings and did desecrate God’s temple. If I adopt Christ’s example I will be labeled as a threat and violent and am in fear for my life as I cannot violate God’s laws and commandments and associate with criminal traitors to her majesty’s Royal rule of law.

Your majesty I fear if I as a Church and man of God am not aided I will be martyred as sacrificial lamb in this Golden Jubilee. This will undoubtedly bring attention to the corruption being disgracefully perpetrated in your majesty’s name and it is not being done by the grace of God. They know who their father is!
I will await your majesty’s response to this petition in defense of the faith I am so dedicated to protecting and serving as part of my calling as a minister of our glorious saviors teachings.
If I may at this time of Jubilee and upon my own Golden Fiftieth year indulge and also thank your majesty for the boon of your majesty’s acceptance of my Jubilee redemption money for myself and family to release me from my Birth record bond of surety for the body politic and corporate debt of the bankrupt commercial fictitious entity known as Canada. I have been recorded with the Canadian treasury under that Bifurcated capitalized name as a corporate legal fiction as part of the consolidated revenue fund of Canada as being bonded as a surety for the national debt of Canada as per the Canadian ownership control and determination act. The subsequent regulations are with the actuarial tables of the value of men and women. My father named me as Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger on September 29th 1952. It is further recorded in fraud my altered name was added to a number being 618-774-079.
This was done by Canada in deceit as it was not revealed to the minor I was at the time that
1. Minors cannot enter into contracts.
2. The contract was not revealed in total and was not fully understood because of that omission and as such according to international commercial law is void.
3. God’s law of bearing false witness and coveting is also breached as first and foremost in the purpose of my Quest in Christ.
4. The men and women that are acting as your agents must by all common sense and biblical standard understand what they are swearing to. To allude to any other conclusion is clearly in avoidance of purpose, but this is just what they are doing in your majesty’s name.
5. Without that adherence and understanding of the reasons for taking the oath on the part of the oath taker there is no defense of the laws of the God of Abraham.
6. No contract in her majesties name is valid if those forming those contracts have no sanction of your majesty.
7. All law not in line with the laws of God is null and void upon those under the defense of the rule of law for the government of Christian princes.
8. No contract to give up ones unalienable rights is valid.
9. Unlawful bondage and fornication cannot be forced upon other men and women
10. No man or woman has the right to dominate another to do things against their will and beliefs.
11. Every man or woman has the right to fight to defend their faith and beliefs if being discriminated against or persecuted because of them.
12. The Bank act is unlawful and is usury, the debt of that usury is serviced by the income tax act.
13. The income tax act is usury and is a violation of God’s law that the king never assented to as it would mean abdication for violating the Coronation oath

I am of humble reverence of this scriptural opportunity to obtain my freedom from being the one held in bondage and registered as a surety of a Commercially dead and bankrupt fictitious entity known as Canada. I will not go into detail here but can provide proof of this system of recording birth records as sureties for the debt bonds that are issued in that sureties name and number. The Canadian Ownership Control and Determination Act is an act of redemption written by Jean Chretien in 1982 49 years after the bonding started and for a determination of worth. I cannot access such determination of my worth for your majesty, as a result of those being in charge refusing to acknowledge their true allegiance and I cannot conspire with them nor accept their registries as a result of their imposter imposition and unlawful procession. That would be aiding and abetting a crime.
As a result of doing my duty and performing my function as a Christian minister under your charge and protection I am being denied access to truly allegiant justice and courts. I am being discriminated against because of my Christian faith and defense of same.
I am pleased that your majesty will in honor of Leviticus scriptural order accept and approve this petition and I would at this time be of extreme undying gratitude for your granting my wish to redeem my loving Wife Cheryl, who came into this world via Sunderland England under the surname of Gray on the 12th day of October 1957 SIN number 458-616-372 for the sum of thirty shekels and my two daughters Amber-Lea Belanger coming into this world on the 14th day of June 1988 and my daughter Terra-Michelle arriving for our joy on August 6th 1990, both for the sum of Twenty Shekels of silver being ten shekels per daughter. I also pray your majesty will in honor of Leviticus scriptural order and my Jubilee right, accept my 50 shekels of silver for redemption from my servitude in the corporate body politic of and under the bankruptcy of the legal fiction Corporation of Canada since September 29th 1952 the day and year of my birth. The fictional commercial entity has created a number of SIN 618-774-079 which I do not and cannot of faith and God’s knowledge accept, as it is the mark of the beast.
I have copied some of the below from a previous petition. I offer no offense to your majesty and prey such plagiarism will not be unfavorably received.
I wish to point out the contract of, as well as clause 61 of Magna Carta, which were reinforced by article 5 of the Bill of Rights.

As your majesty may be aware, the wording of clause 61 says: ...and, laying the
transgression before us, petition to have that transgression redressed without delay...And we shall procure nothing from anyone, directly or indirectly, whereby any part of these concessions and liberties might be revoked or diminished; and if any such things has been procured, let it be void and null.

We do so petition Her Majesty as of this petitions receipt, to stay and withhold the procession of all unlawfully sanctioned proceedings filed in fraudulent bifurcations of the church’s parishioners names into the unsanctioned illegitimate corporate Canadian and Alberta Courts.
In January of this year the unlawful unsanctioned agent of the Toronto Dominion Canada Trust Bank Douglas Hughes, of the unlawful firm of Bishop and Mackenzie of Edmonton Alberta filed an unlawful action against my church, sanctuary and family. Such action in awareness of the religious implications was filed against the fictional Capitalized name of my Wife and myself as title holders of the church and sanctuary located at the numbers allocated for definition and location of NE-31-53-1-w5th in the province known as Alberta in the corporation known as Canada. Your majesty’s land title registry in Alberta run by a Mr. Ray Runge was notified of my religious requirement of not allowing my name to be altered from my Birth record and in keeping of my correct grammatical and lawful form of recording in your majesty’s English and in accord with the ”Canadian Style”. This is a document of form, your majesty’s treasury board of Canada, applies to all federal agencies. Mr. Runge of Alberta Land Titles refused to correct such record and Barry Haugrud the director of the Provincial registry vital statistics refuses to record my name in correct form as well. Laurie Beveridge the provincial registrar refuses to recognise my faith and it’s lawful requirements of protecting our names from alteration. Ralph Klein is well aware of this failure on the part of his ministers to respect their oaths and my God given unalienable religious rights. His Justice minister David Hancock has contracted with a private firm for consultation to alter the present defunct and unlawful oath of allegiance to your majesty to delete any reference to God from such oath. Such oath would by the dictate of section 22 of the Confession of faith be rendered an unlawful oath and of no force or effect failing the sanctionable test of integrity in defense of the faith and your majesty’s reputation. Such men and women are imposters and are acting criminally in proceeding without your majesty’s consent and understanding of that proud allegiance to defending God’s laws!
I could not lawfully protest such unlawful act of the TDCT bank as the Manager of your majesty’s Law courts in Edmonton Alberta, Wayne Samis, and the head Clerk John Bachinski both denied true allegiance in failing to answer my ministerial question of integrity in your majesty’s court. John Bachinski did violate section 176 of the Canadian Criminal code and threaten myself as a minister with forcible expulsion from her majesty’s hallowed halls of justice denying me truly allegiant process and capacity to defend our sanctuary. I could not file against the fictitious entity that Douglas Hughes created in the illegitimate provincial registry as it would be consent and recognition I was a corporate fiction. All of the judges I have stood before in the Alberta courts have no legitimate oath as it is deficient not only in words but in that those who took such oath do not know what the allegiance to her majesty is about, means and is purpose of. Such obvious deficiency effectively and actually precludes them from being able to provide such sworn to allegiance. I have heard rumor’s that because of my notice to them of their false oath the department of justice has required all judges in Alberta to re-swear their oaths.
Any process by such traitorous imposters focused and dedicated to expanding the depravity of Usury, the selfish coveting, and lying in false witness is unlawful according to God’s law as defended by your majesty.
It is evidentiary, willfully fabricated and invalid process and we would ask your majesty to concur in showing her displeasure for such arrogance by dissolving the legislature of Alberta for reformation. This reform would be upon those men and women that are equipped to know what they are swearing allegiance to and as such bound by such oath and honorably capable of providing such allegiance as it meet with her majesty’s approval and with lawful sanction of authority in God’s power.
It is our humble suggestion that this one act of fidelity would by your majesty’s proclamation ensure the respect for the Laws of God that is deserved. It would exemplify the defender of the Christian faith being the Coronated and anointed of God in this the Jubilee redemption year of her majesty’s Coronation.
Any process of a civil commercial nature such as a foreclosure proceeding against the Church and sanctuary of my family, NE 31-53-1- w5th is being unlawfully undertaken by the Toronto Dominion Canada Trust bank on account of acct # 501981 branch# 266 and is being facilitated for such bank by those alleged officer/agents of your majesty as such being without a valid oath, and that is opposing and obstructing my ecclesiastical duties as a minister of God, in defense of God’s laws. Our Church property and sanctuary, family, and it’s attending Christians are being threatened by these unlawfully formed commercial financial entities. (in which her majesty’s allegiants are connected with in process of violating 176 of the Criminal code in attempting to enforce a civil process) They are defacto and without lawful sanction of her majesty’s oath, and I as a minister of Christ do so refuse to honor and acknowledge their having an oath of true allegiance to your majesty as the evidence is against them in dishonor.
Please speak with Lois Hole the Alberta Lieutenant Governor on this issue as she did talk to me at my Church last year about one of these imposter allegiants, a Judge by the name of Quinn claiming to be a master. He said in chambers and I quote “ What do I care about treason and the Queen I’m Irish and I have a tough neck! This was in response to telling him in my ministerial capacity that he must have an understood oath to proceed as he commits treason against your majesty if he brought harm to another or his property with no sanction from your majesty to do so lawfully. This man conspired with Douglas Hughes to alter my name in the court record. I can not accept service nor file into records that are formed in a false name. Douglas Hughes in awareness of my instructions to not violate my religious beliefs regarding my name did this in defiance of my beliefs. This also prevented me from registering an opposition.
A master Funduck has had me physically ejected out of proceedings against our Church by the TDCT bank on August 9th, in front of witnesses. He did this for my performing my ministerial act of integrity in trying to verify his true allegiance. I was polite and direct in my reason for asking but he refused to answer and when I insisted he be bonafide to proceed he told the bailiff to eject me. He has issued unlawful possession orders to the Banks agent Douglas Hughes of the firm Bishop and Mckenzie. He has ignored my demands for his oath-sworn allegiance. So have the courts and all of the clerks.
I have written The Chief Justice in Alberta Katherine Frazer about this and Court of Queens Bench Chief Justice Allan Wachowich as well as the justice minister and the premier. The Justice minister will not reply and has instructed his staff to discriminate against me. Lois Hole’s office will not put my communication through to her. The two Chief Justices have indicated they do not agree with your majesty’s authority. They have violated their oaths, as they have done nothing to correct this.
I filed a complaint with the Edmonton City police who gave it to justice for review.
That was over a month ago. No reply. I was just told I am supposed to write a letter to Allan Wachowich. I already know Chief Justice Wachowich’s opinion on that issue and it is not in support of true allegiance. It is in support of usurious commercial law and has no intent on being tied to the Coronation oath.
I look forward to your reply and Royal inquiry.

This imposter Master Funduck has issued unlawful possession orders to seize our Church and sanctuary for the interest on the loan, which was actually an exchange. His arrogance and tyranny has gone unchecked and he is still performing as a master. I have two witnesses to the event of him violating section 176 and 423 and 126 of the Canadian Criminal code and are willing to testify.
It would appear that such events are commonplace in Canada as others have heard similar reactions. Royal respect for the allegiance is a problem that can be solved with your majesty’s aid.
I beg that discretion, consideration, and indulgence from your majesty in saving Grace for her majesty’s Coronation Golden Jubilee and the honor of God thereof.
The RCMP will not enforce your law nor defend God’s law to provide true allegiance to your majesty and will offer no reason why. I cannot accept them as your allegiants as they are acting as traitors to your law. I have told them this and posted notices.
This Christian minister, acting in defense of the faith is humbly petitioning her majesty’s expedient action pending her majesty’s royal inquiry into this serious matter.
We have also petitioned her majesty in this the Coronation year because there is clear factual evidence that the oaths of allegiance to your majesty are being violated and as such is in direct conflict with the Constitution of the United Kingdom under God. It conflicts with Magna Carta, with the Declaration and Bill of Rights, with the honored and respected advise of Westminster and, above all, with Her Majesties anointing by the grace of God, to defend the biblical rule of law through like Oaths of allegiance to Her Majesty.
These oaths of fealty and allegiance being imposed upon all of her majesty’s agents by her majesty’s royal law as proclaimed upon all of her majesty’s ministers, judges governors, and agency servants sworn to be allegiant to her majesty in duty to uphold and defend God’s laws are absolutely sacred in the order of maintaining the rule of law forever as supreme. Those who would flagrantly or in clandestine repose endeavor to disrespect and dissolve that honor rebels against God.
This action by these non-allegiants is treasonous upon your majesty’s retention and defense of that royal rule for the government of Christian princes.
I pray and petition your majesty for release from the unlawful enslavement and persecution by these fraud spinning unlawful entities and imposter authorities.
Every one of these protections for your majesty’s subjects stands to this day, in law of Melchizedek ancient observance and of clarity set in the stone of bethel, as were the Ten Commandments, which is why of necessity our petition is now invoking them.

Ultimately, our supreme protection is your Majesties obligations under the Coronation Oath in defense of the Letters patent Version Cum priviligio of her majesty’s Authorized King James Bible being in every Court Room in the commonwealth.
Alas, because of these dishonorable and vile imposters usurping your majesty’s ecclesiastical authority, the alleged allegiant courts in Alberta and throughout the commonwealth are ignoring that Law your majesty and their allegiance is to defend! These men and women need education or removal as they plan to remove the royal rule of law as supreme and are plotting against your majesty in arrogant disregard of their true allegiance to your majesty.
This Coronation year and your majesty’s honor in receipt of such factual information must not be sullied by allowance of such treason and intentional defiance to God’s rule of law. As such inaction to honor that sacred oath is factually and unlawfully transpiring as I write, my unprecedented petitions is in defense of the Christian faith and based in truth with honorable motive and need.
The Queen has solemnly promised to govern the peoples of the United Kingdom of which Canada is according to the Statutes in Parliament agreed on and according to their laws and customs not being contrary to their God’s.
Her Majesty also swore to preserve all rights and privileges as by law do or shall appertain to any of them.

From the spiritual and my own single eye’s point of view, it is unimaginable that Her Majesty would seek, in effect, a divorce from her duty. From a secular point of view, the Coronation Oath is a signed contract with God and the men and women she is to rule over in duty to protect them from usurpers and violations of God’s law.

Recent statements by Various of her majesty’s sworn allegiant commonwealth ministers, confirm that they would not advise any measure which might tend to Breach the Coronation Oath nor betray Her Majesties promise to her loyal subjects. Her Majesty accepts the advice of her ministers and the Lord’s Spiritual and it is noted for good faith and factual communication that conversely, it is their sworn duty to advise in accordance with the Coronation Oath and defense of the Christian faith. No sworn allegiant of her majesty can lawfully advise a breach of her majesty’s oath. Nor can they gain royal sanction or remain in power without swearing solemnly in understanding what that true allegiance is to the Christian Crown. Yet the Alberta oath of Allegiance within the oath of office acts mandatory for judges and lawyers in the provincial court act, and legal profession act, respectively represents precisely such a breach, and the Lieutenant Governor has now signed it with the false oath using the Royal Prerogative.
The department of justice refuses to offer copies of the signed oath of allegiance in violation of 337 of your majesty’s law the Canadian Criminal code and has instructed all employees to terminate calls I make to their departments. My purpose is in performance of my calling and in defense of my faith in God and his rule of law as per 176 of the Canadian Criminal Code, a coronation promise. Romans 11:29
I have asked why I cannot see the signed oaths and they, the Alberta department of justice, refuse to say. I have asked what the meaning of that oath is and have been sworn at rebuked, laughed at, jailed and rejected by the police because of my faith and unwillingness to accept imposters as having any authority over me. Joanne Menier ,the Governor General’s assistant, will testify that she was told by a Federal Justice official that even the Governor General can not see the signed oaths.
Your majesty, I humbly submit If they refuse to answer my questions of true allegiance in performance of my duties as a minister of God they are indeed imposters and a criminal threat to the defense of the faith and the honor of her majesty’s oath.
Please in ultimate familial dignity cede to my request dear honored Elizabeth and help this minister’s quest of your own Coronations design and honor.

Blackstone’s Commentaries (volume 1, page 239) says of the Royal Prerogative: The splendor, rights, and powers of the Crown were attached to it for the benefit of the people. They form part of, and are, generally speaking, as ancient as the law itself. De prerogative Regina is merely declaratory of the common law...

The duties arising from the relation of sovereign and subject are reciprocal. Protection, that is, the security and governance of her dominions according to law, is the duty of the sovereign; and allegiance
and subjection, with reference to the same criterion, the constitution and laws of the country, form, in return, the duty of the governed.
We have already observed that the prerogatives are vested in her via such glorious coronation for the benefit of her subjects, and that her Majesty is under, directed by, and not above, the rule of law.

For such words of an oath of allegiance to have meaning, the act of swearing that oath of allegiance must be by a man or a woman who knows what it means and is willing to abide by the requirements of that oath, as in any other case it demonstrates that those taking that oath like our alleged ministers, lawyers, and judges have de facto jurisdiction (unlawful) and in perjury have renounced their oaths of allegiance and are void ab initio of any standing or sanction of the Queen as God’s grace and law cannot be applied by nor honored by liars and imposters.

Indeed, it is humbly offered in reverence of my duty to defend the faith that if necessary for the benefit of your majesty’s subjects a clear explanation and Clarification of the oaths meaning and the allegiants duties in accord with section 22 of the confession of faith would be a majestically wise choice in simple remedy.
In light of such factual information of such vital importance to her majesty’s honor and in contractual defense of God’s law, it would be in universal benefit for the commonwealth and her majesty’s subjects to exercise her majesty’s authority to demand that all of her allegiant’s:
1. Have taken a briefing on and truly understand the meaning of their sworn true allegiance to you’re majesty and authorized form of the oath.
2. That all of your majesty’s allegiants must indicate that they know that the allegiance is about defending God’s laws as supreme over mans laws and to provide such awareness in writing with witnesses.

Your majesty could also dissolve the legislatures or Parliament, or for the government to resign and fight an election on the issue.
The ex-officio defacto government would then be faced with seeking elective power to introduce new royally approved oaths of loyalty under a new constitution as part of their new manifesto. This would distil the issues as perhaps nothing else might, since it would allow the people of the Commonwealth to decide whether or not they wished the understood and true lawful oath of integrity or their constitutional and unalienable rights to be breached in this present unlawful manner.
This honorable and light filled royal action would remove the ability of those in power to oppress prevent and curtail your majesty’s subjects from exercising their lawful God given rights and freedoms in demanding a truly allegiant court.
As the Act of Supremacy and the Bill of Rights put it: all usurped and foreign power and authority may forever be clearly extinguished, and never used or obeyed in this realm. No foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate shall at any time after the last day of this session of Parliament, use, enjoy or exercise any manner of power, jurisdiction, superiority, authority, preeminence or privilege within this realm, but that henceforth the same shall be clearly abolished out of this realm, for ever.

So it is clear that no one - neither sovereign, nor parliament, nor government, nor people - may tamper with, dismantle, destroy or surrender our constitution of God’s law. We are all tenants of it, and trustees. We inherited these rights from God, and we have a supreme responsibility to ensure they are safeguarded and that we pass them on in good order to future generations. They are not ours to discard or diminish. Such is why the oath came into existence in the first place. It was to bond all monarchs to defending God’s laws to maintain and preserve those laws for the benefit of all of those men and women who believe unto him and his word of love and those who do not.

Which is why valid understood oaths of true allegiance place an essential limitation on parliament’s power, and the Queens Coronation Oath is crucial as the foundation and origin of that sanction of God’s power and limitation of mans. The Coronation Oath is a multi faceted obligation of Biblical contractual origins and religious power, it is a statutory obligation, a common law obligation, a historically necessary obligation, on all who swear allegiance to the defense of the Christian faith. It is the duty of all of her majesty’s agents overseeing her governance of the King James Bible, and it is sworn for protecting the nation, the commonwealth and all dominions from immoral acts and violations of God’s law.

The Coronation Oath is the Absolute pinnacle of oaths, and all oaths of allegiance to its Monarch or other natures are bound by its limitations. The armed forces must subscribe and swear true allegiance to the sovereign liege lady Queen Elizabeth the second, not to the government of the day. This helps clarify the principle that understood allegiance is mandatory and a must in maintaining the biblical integrity of God’s rule of law, and not an optional item, as it is being an essential part of the checks and balances of our constitutional preamble. Without these oaths, and their lawful enforcement, we have little to protect us from unlawful government, tyranny and the rule of Commercial law.

We return now to our reasons for stating that the unscrupulous act of taking of an sworn oath to gain authority is unquestionably invalid and immoral if the man or woman taking that oath of allegiance does not know what the allegiance means and is insincere in carrying out the requirements of that allegiance.

Our religious freedom is absolute. The Bill of Rights says so. It cannot be limited in any way. Her Majesty is rightfully inscribed on our coins of the realm as Dei Gratia, Fid. Def. and Lib. Def. – Liberates, Defends...By the grace of God Defender of the fidelity/faith/freedom/liberty

We come back to the oath of allegiance.
Magna Carta says: We will appoint as justices, constables, sheriffs, or other officials, only men
that know the law of the realm and are minded to keep it well.... How can such unlawful officers of the Crown organize such a referendum or plebiscite on the oath if they do not have true allegiance? Where does their motive and authority originate?

These procedures would also infringe articles 1, 2 and 4 of the Bill of Rights:

1. That the pretended power of Suspending of Laws or the Execution of Laws by Regal Authority without Consent of Parliament is illegal.
(This must include the Coronation Oath Act.)

2. That the pretended Power of Dispensing with Laws or the Execution of Laws by Regal Authorities as it hath been assumed and exercised of late are illegal.

3. That levying Money for or to the Use of the Crown by pretence of Prerogative without Grant of Parliament for longer time or in other
manner than the same is or shall be granted is Illegal. (This is further protection of our common law rights.)

We respectfully request that Her Majesty grant us an opportunity and power to examine the integrity and opinion of those who seek to alter, trivialize, and diminish the significance of the Oath of allegiance to your Coronation duty contrary to good advice.
Accordingly, under those same terms of Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights quoted earlier, we the undersigned would make it clear that these historical documents are men’s agreement’s/contracts with each other and do not purport to supercede God in allowing violations of God’s law. They simply affirm that for all time the Kings of the realm shall obey by the just and right ruling of the agreement/contract/allegiance between the men and women of the realm and the King.
Call it a pact or a covenant or a law it amounts to the same thing a promise to abide by the rules of the agreement.
Now as we can see from what George Orwell exposed us to in the elaborate satire “Animal farm” that we must be seriously and of strong faith on guard and watchful eye for the assistant of Napoleon in the middle of the night, when we are asleep, sneaking in to alter the laws ever so slightly so as to differ the meaning but not alert the reader with obvious notations, to the change.
Such was the fate of Boxer Snowball and the other animals as they were initially of trust in agreement to have Napolean lead them and that trust endured with the axiom “Napolean is always right” They soon found out Napoleon was just like all the rest “troughers” as he selfishly controlled and enslaved the farm.
We know what happened in that story and it is the tale of our modern parliamentarians, much removed from their professed true allegiance to your majesty and the Biblical principles. They are exhibiting arrogant self sanctioned ignorance of the purpose and meaning of their own oaths.
Such is the position of the Canadian parliament and it provincial counterparts. They have not only altered the oath from it’s form but have no idea what the oath means nor do they care. I am not exaggerating this for your majesty, as it is my duty to provide you with the truth.
I have heard foul blaspheming remarks about your majesty made by the lawyers, judges, justices and ministers in this land, they are deliberately challenging your Royal Style and forcing law upon your majesty’s subjects that is in violation of God’s law.
It is with honor and fortitude of faith I petition your majesty for attention to this immensely prominent conundrum of spiritual faith and secular audacity as it appears it has not been spoken to before in such a manner as to honorably petition and afford your majesty the opportunity to comply with her oath bound requirements in defense of the faith.
It is hoped far and wide throughout your majesty’s realm and in my own ecclesia that in this instance your majesty will see the compelling necessity for action fitting and meet with that which a monarch is expected of, required to provide, and of a clear capacity to perform.
It is in the Hebrew name of our God Yahweh and his son Yahushua that I implore and beseech your majesty to rise to the defense of the Christian faith in God’s honor and invoke removal and termination of this historical slander and unlawful usurping of your majesty’s royal style, title and defense of the royal rule of law the King James Bible, God’s law, in this your Coronation Golden jubilee.
I am your humble Christian ministerial servant in same defense and allegiant to all cause to provide faithfully and truthfully such allegiance to defend God’s laws tirelessly and without fail. 1st Peter 2:17
Treason, in my estimation, is attempting to over throw your majesty’s government. It is when the allegiant defies his/her sworn duty to be allegiant to the Monarch and violates God’s laws and forces those ungodly laws, or decisions, upon those subjects of your majesty that are dependant on God’s laws for protection. These non-allegiant impostors are attempting to overthrow your majesty’s government, which is by the rule of the King James Bible. I am sanctioned by God and praying for your majesty’s attention to this International fraud and disgrace upon this your Coronation GoldenJubilee.
I am a living man and no corporate fiction, a minister of Christ in humble repose yet proud and in stalwart defense of God’s laws at your majesty’s service. I would be extremely honored to act as a Judicial Examiner Delegate International (JEDI) for your majesty’s aid of securing in place, in short oral exam, the veracity of the true allegiance that they swore to your majesty and their bonafide capacity to provide said true allegiance and in ecclesiastical honor aid your majesty as high priestess of God’s temple in carrying out your majesty’s duties and commands in God’s service.

Any other service of ministerial order I can offer your majesty, if it please your royal style and comfort, please communicate such need at your earliest convenience.
I wrote my Mp John Williams who does not seem to honor his oath, and laid it before the Prime Minster, and the House of Commons Mp’s. They offered no reply to myself as a Minister. I have no truly allegiant courts of your majesty to turn and am being denied true justice in your name!
I cannot participate in this fraud your majesty and perform my functions as a minister of God in defending his laws. I petition you for aid and honor in this unprecedented ecclesiastical matter of necessitated spiritual guidance and defense.
“A time comes when silence is betrayal. Even when pressed by the demands of inner truth, men and women do not easily assume the task of opposing their government’s policy, especially in time of war. Nor does the human spirit move without great difficulty against all the apathy of conformist thought within one’s own bosom and in the surrounding world...
“Some of us who have already begun to break the silence of the night have found that the calling to speak is often a vocation of agony, but we must speak. We must speak with all the humility that is appropriate to our limited vision, but we must speak.
“We still have a choice today: nonviolent coexistence or violent co-annihilation. We must move past indecision to action. If we do not act, we shall surely be dragged down the long, dark, and shameful corridors of time reserved for those who possess power without compassion, might without morality, and strength without sight.
“Now let us begin. Now let us rededicate ourselves in the long and bitter, but beautiful struggle for a new world....”
Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.
April 4, 1967, in Riverside Church, New York City
Your humble minister and true professor of the gospels of our master and saviour Lord Jesus Christ in quest to save grace for and aid our Lords most trusted and revered earthly servant Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.
Minister of Christ

Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger
Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International
Heatherdown Ecclesia near Onoway, Alberta
No code non commercial

CC: Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second
C/o Her majesty’s private secretary,
Sir Robin Janvrin
Buckingham Palace

The President of the Privy council of Canada
The Honorable Stephane Dion
66 Slater Street 8th floor Ottawa K1A-0A3
Tel: 613-943-1838 Fax: 613-992-3700

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The Registrar General of Canada
Jacqueline Gravelle
Gene Edmunds South tower 9th Flr 365 Laurier Ave W. Ottawa K1a0C8
Tel: 613-941-9053 fax 613-941-9047
The Privy Council of Canada Chair: Stephane Dion

The Governor General Of Canada Adrienne Clarkson
Tel:1-800-465-6890 fax: 1-613-920-7636

The Right Honorable Lieutenant Governor of Alberta
Lois Hole
C/o 3rd flr Legislature Bldg
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Edmonton Alberta
Tel: 427-7243
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The Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien
Tel; 1-800-465-6890 Fax 613-998-1664
Prime minister’s office 80 Wellington St.
Ottawa Ont. K1A0A2

The Minister of Finance Paul Martin
Lespanade Laurier East Tower 21st flr.
140 O’Conner St.
Ottawa Ont.K1A0G5
Tel:613-996-7861 Fax::-613-995-5176

The Superintendent of Financial Institutions
Mr. John Palmer 255 Albert Street
13flr Ottawa Ont. K1A0H2
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The Minister of Revenue Martin Cauchon
Connaught Bldg 7th flr. 555 Mackenzie ave. Ottawa K1A0L5
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The Commissioner of the RCMP, Giuliano Zaccardelli
1200 Vanier Parkway Ottawa K1A0R4
Tel: 613-993-0400 Fax:613-993-5297

The Attorney General of Canada, Martin Cauchon
Justice Bldg 284 Wellington St. Ottawa, Ont K1A0H8
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The speaker for the House of Commons
Peter Milliken
House of Commons Ottawa Ont. K1A0A6
Tel:613-996-1955 Fax:613-996-1958

Minister of Canadian Heritage
The Honorable Sheila Copps
House of Commons
K1A 0A6
Fax: (819) 994-1267

Member of Parliament Rob Merrifield
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Parliament Building Ottawa Ont.

Senator Thelma Chalifoux
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Senate of Canada Parliament Blds
Wellington St. Ottawa, Ont.K1A0A4

Senator Tommy Banks
Tel:613-995-1889 Fax:613-995-1938

Senator Nick Taylor
Tel: 613-947-1605 Fax:1-613-947-1607

The Leader of the Opposition
Stockwell Day
Tel:613-996-6740 Fax:613-947-0310

The Registrar for the province of Alberta
Laurie Beveridge
Tel: 780-427-4095
3rd flr. Commerce place [T5J4L4]

The Director of Vital Statistics for the Province of Alberta
Barry Haugrud
Tel: 780-427-4645
Fax: 422-4225
3rd flr. John E. Brownlee
10365-97th St. [T5J3W7]

The Executive Director of Land Titles for the Province of Alberta
Ray Runge
Box 2380,Edmonton,Alberta [ T5J2T3]
Tel: 427-2742 Fax: 422-4290

Minister of Government Services for the Province of Alberta
David Coutts
Tel: 415-4855 Fax: 415-4853

Premier of Alberta
Ralph Klein
Tel: 427-2251 Fax: 427-1349
Rm 307 Legislature bldg.10800 97ave,
Edmonton, Alberta T5K2B7

Mr. A. Charles Baillie
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
The Toronto-Dominion Bank
Executive Offices
Toronto Ontario

Mr. W. Edmund Clark
President & Chief Operating Officer
The Toronto-Dominion Bank
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, TD Canada Trust

Mr. G. Montegu Black
Chairman and President
Txibanguan Limited

Ms. Eleanor R. Clitheroe
President and Chief Executive Officer
Hydro One Inc.

Mr. Marshall A. Cohen, Q.C.
Cassels Brock & Blackwell

Dr. Wendy K. Dobson
Professor and Director
Institute for International Business
Joseph L. Rotman School of Management

Mr. Henry H. Ketcham
Chairman of the Board,
President and Chief Executive Officer
West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.

Mr. Pierre H. Lessard
President & Chief Executive Officer
Metro Inc.

Mr. Brian F. MacNeill
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Roger Phillips
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Edward S. Rogers
President & Chief Executive Officer
Rogers Communications Inc.

Ms. Helen K. Sinclair
Chief Executive Officer
BankWorks Trading Inc.

Mr. Donald R. Sobey
Empire Company Limited

Dr. Michael D. Sopko
Inco Limited

Mr. John M. Thompson
Vice Chairman of the Board
IBM Corporation

Mr. Richard M. Thomson
Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The Toronto-Dominion Bank

Minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger
- e-mail:


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