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realitycall | 01.07.2003 20:18 | Anti-militarism

The blacklisted whispered to a dead mike off camera quasi moral debate of the Sean Penns, Richard Gears and Susan Sarandons, mildly soul searching and politely critical of their nation’s present sponsoring of pandemonium is as wanting as it ever was. They seem to try to do their bit but the bit just doesn’t cut it as the rest of the Hollywood puss machine pumps out its standard line of crass Gestapo snuff movies glorifying jarheads on steroids with their drug addled gnat brains invading and destroying other people’s countries. Be it a shoot’em up black hawk downer rescuing private Ryan’s girlfriend Jessica’s lunch, or just a prayer pow wow seance with Bush and what’s her name in a graveyard in the heartland of the homeland it just gets kitschier all the time.


"This is total war. We are fighting a variety of enemies. There are lots of them out there. All this talk about first we are going to do Afghanistan, then we will do Iraq... this is entirely the wrong way to go about it. If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely and we don't try to piece together clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war... our children will sing great songs about us years from now." Richard Perle (The Prince Of Darkness)

TERROR WORLDWIDE INC. Just a call away from you and your family.

The functional if chilling calculus of the Cold War has given way to the hot headed fundamentalist terror of a troika of gratuitous murderers, an obtuse triangle of judaeochristianmuslim fanatics who are intent on destroying each other and the rest of us if we get in their way. In the Middle East where the dogma of an eye for an eye is practised at an ever more frenetic pace as Sharon with his apartheid peace plan hand in glove with Hamas and their Koranic brand of carnage revel together in the shredded flesh and blood of their victims as they blow each other to bits ad nauseam. Or Bush the southern craw thumper bashing his biblical road-map on the way to world disorder with his sanctimonious and sacrilegious justification of the butchery of innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the name of "family values" and corporate profit for the bottom feeders that incited him to this madness he lied through the teeth to give free rein to his machinery of war defiling the very idea of the God he hypocritically invokes. He and his Machiavellian primitives insult any decent people that might still profess the religious values he desecrates with his fire and brimstone hate filled cant direct from the Old Testament. His junta irrespective of the cost, seeking to retain world hegemony by the US juggernaut, doles out misery and death to entire countries for a couple of bucks less at the gas station, a token for the immoral constituency that wangled him into power. Sleaze, deception and mass hysteria on a par not seen since Hitler’s Germany, clothed in the self righteous rags that the Pinocchio from Crawford has had cobbled together by his Shylock tailors, the little cowboy struts and poses Chaplinesque as he strives to straddle the world.

Amok on the world stage this treacherous trinity of unholy killers at each others’ throats with Bush mouthing the latest variant of the ancient theme "them or us" in his drawling Texas bible belt Jihad "global war on terror". Thanks to Osama bin Hussein the bogeyman for now, the bandits in Washington get to fleece the bank and transform Amerika into a Kafkaesque police state fortress. Bush’s megalomania different from his common sense knows no limits, it’s only a question of what poison his co-conspirators whisper in the empty vessel’s ear as their war machine drools over its next meal. All mass murder is terror, be it conducted by Hamas, Sharon or Bush’s mercenaries. Either you believe that or you are at one with the triumvirate of terror and justify killing for the profit of the stockholding vested interest elite or some twisted concept of appeasement of a blood lusting god. Fighting terror as Bush and Blair go about it with their Sharon inspired war tactics of wanton destruction and slow burn genocide is more perverse than the CIA co-opted camel herder bin Laden, the Sancho Panza stooge (jealously attacking the Amerikan way of life as we are simplistically reminded) by allegedly flying his human bombs into the WTC.

Is it not probable that if the West stopped its terror and rape of the rest of the planet’s people and resources much of the swamp that has justifiably been the breeding grounds for worldwide privatised terrorism would soon dry up? But of course that’s precisely the last thing that these instigators want. Liars like Bush, Blair and Sharon can only survive when the dummies stateside buy their plug that "this is a clash of civilizations". Quite simply it is their greed and intolerance of others that is provoking the payback of hit parade Muslim terror groups such as Al Qaeda, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hizbollah et cetera railing against the West’s approved and franchised militarised state terror. Seeking to keep the disenfranchised millions in poverty that these home grown terror groups represent the "democracies" of the West by propping up, training and arming the regional despots from Egypt to Saudi Arabia are under no illusions that the merciless application of their own militarised state terror generates more of the same suicidal backlash. In fact they are counting on it!

Poor Amerika mired in 44 trillion dollars of debt, a military hulk armed to the teeth, puffed up and grotesque with its steroid muscles and the pea brain of a Schwarzenegger has lost all reason and lets a dyslexic clown dictate its shameful and disastrous policies. (Right wing Austrian terminator Schwarzenegger, if you can dredge up the horror from the deepest swamp of your id, stumbling and mumbling his collection of two syllable platitudes in Reagan’s tracks says he wants the governorship of California. These titans dream of cloning the beast and starting the insanity all over again!) God help us but Amerika should hang its death’s head in shame and weep for its degeneration as this Danford Quayle line of automaton Republican clones only gets dumber as they fall off the assembly belt.

Morally bankrupt Amerika wearing the Mad Magazine mug of slacker Bush finally shows its true face to the rest of the world; thanks, Dubya at least for that. Your Al Capone protection racket foreign policy like your Texas ‘lectric chair politics can no longer be disguised as altruistic or justified in the name of democracy or any of the other trite cliches that have worked since Uncle Sam by default inherited the hostage nations of the Third World once held captive by former colonial master, John Bull now but a junior partner and crumb getter in the guise of Phoney Blair. The scales of the United Snakes have left a trail of deception across this planet since it first slithered out of the British Empire and became a force of its own. But to strain the point isn’t all this slaughter orchestrated by and profits paid to the militarily industrialized US death machine? It’s no coincidence that mass murdering Amerika is the weapons’ producer, dealer and user supreme of the meanest instruments of slaughter and destruction on this planet. The standard US game plan of first destroying uncounted innocent civilians and the infrastructure of a country so that it can then be rebuilt (for a quick profit) in the image of godlike Amerika may fool Joe Schmuck at home who has never been anywhere more exotic than Pizza Hut but for the rest of us you’ll have to come up with a better formula to cover the theft of other nations’ resources. Your satanic mills and the great wealth you crow about are founded on the greatest burden of guilt and despair ever to be carried by a pirate nation, more so even than the barbarous Romans or the genocidal Brits. The John Wayne myth perpetuated by the Hollywood propaganda machine of the good guys coming to help the downtrodden natives in distress doesn’t wash anymore, the world has wised up to all that imperial, white colonial crap and guess what the world doesn’t like the emphysema Marlboro man anymore. Amerika is exposed and we see the greed and the lies and the pirates’ skull and bones of your starry stripes exactly for what they are.

"War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses. I believe in adequate defence at the coastline and nothing else. If a nation comes over here to fight, then we'll fight. The trouble with America is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag. I wouldn't go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defence of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket." Excerpt from a speech delivered in 1933 by Major General Smedley Butler, USMC.

Lest we forget, it is Amerikan taxpayers who are financing this modern terrorist racket as their non elected, self selected corporate governing elite siphon Joe Public’s tax dollars into the coffers of their own private death industries. They promise paradoxically with the latest obscene expansion of the defence budget that Amerika can be made leaner and meaner, safer for GI Joe to go about his dirty little business in the outer colonies. Obviously an impossible task when one looks at the bellicose history of the US and the chaos it foments abroad, not to mention the penchant at home for its citizens killing each other with their beloved "personal weapons". Amerikan citizens will somehow be safer these liars claim if they cough up and pay for the bulldozers, apaches, F 16’s and missiles that the apartheid supremacist Israeli state for example is using to kill innocent people in Palestine (expendable Americans like Rachel Corrie and the USS Liberty crew included when the need arises). Since 1967 that comes to more than a staggering 100 billion dollars of US handouts alone to uphold the brute Jewish state's Nazi policies and its current war crimes indicted leader’s IOF storm troopers marauding throughout Palestine. In any court of justice in the world, be that the much feared International Court in The Hague or just Bush’s Crawford redneck kangaroo version, hiring a contract killer, supplying the murder weapons and paying for the hit clearly constitutes accessory to murder. And yet after all that money flushed down the sewer to the Holy Land of "democratic" Israel you cannot walk unarmed after sundown in any US city without the fear of being raped, mugged and murdered or all three, exactly as is the case in Palestine. It looks anything but the successful and harmonious cross pollination of two peace loving democratic cultures that the Israeliamerikan "think tanks" rant on about in their schizoid vision of the "new world order" as they bend the masses of uniformed Amerikans to their wily and compromised plan. Something is out of kilt, dude with your dear leaders' priorities!

Task of the moment for Bush as he charts his so called "road-map to peace" is simply how to keep a serious grin while he gets his war machine to the next truck stop down Imperial highway. Extolling the virtues of Israel, Amerika’s murder machine and weapons testing ground par excellence, this squad of long distance killers pulling the strings from the Whitehouse bunker give free reign to Sharon’s obscene iron curtain (the real Israeli Palestinian "piece" plan) tearing apart the last vestiges of a Palestine repeatedly raped and butchered since the Zionists’ terror campaign first got underway in 1948. That daily violation of every human right of those unfortunate enough to live within Israel's imaginary borders or anywhere else within reach of its gangs of IOF hoodlums and the talented assassins of the Mossad is now a staggering 55 years on and yet the world seems powerless to stop the brutality of Israel. That it riles up the neighbors and provokes a constant payback of ill will towards Amerikans and suicide bombers for Israelis should be no mystery. For sane men seeking to decipher some method in the madness of US Middle Eastern policy there can be but one logical conclusion. The evil geniuses in Washington are hell bent on stoking a regional conflagration through their trigger-happy war criminal surrogate, Sharon who so succinctly and atypically candid stated "the Arabs may have the oil but the Jews have the matches".

The only apparent problem for Bush Two as he seeks to strengthen his hold on power stateside is the spin he occasionally has to attempt at home when praising this blood soaked mass murderer Sharon and insult the forgotten thousands of Palestinians who are born, live and are murdered without ever a mention of THEIR rights. Sharon this barbaric bulldozer, the bitter poisoned fruit of the eternally harvested bountiful Jewish tragedy, who is as transparent as any low level Nazi henchman to the rest of the world but because of some trick of the light refracted through the deceitful prism of the US media comes across as a graceful dove ever searching for peace but incessantly thwarted by homicidal horny teenage bombers intent on claiming their 50 vestal virgins in paradise. What a laugh! Bush Two has learned at least one thing from Bush One and the "thinking tanks" that have besieged the deathbed of Amerikan democracy, and that is "you must not piss off Israeliamerikans if you want to stay in the Whitehouse". The power they wield, totally out of proportion with their numbers and merit, is sign enough of the media and financial prostitution of Amerika’s big bucks two party same agenda mickey mouse junkie "democracy". Both "parties" equally manipulated by the elite Mammonites and Shylocks calling the shots behind the current puppet that passes for president long ago lost any credibility they might once have had as legitimate representatives of democratic opinion in that unfortunate land. A long time back they franchised their democracy, packaged and sold it like their cola burger and "freedom" fries cuisine of acryl amide that is just as nutrition less as a source of sustenance for the "people". If the illusion of this two party system owned by a very small percentage of short order chefs no longer works then pull it down and build a real democracy representative of the beliefs of the other 259 million people. Put away the pathetic mass produced little flags and face up to the reality that you have been hoodwinked, bushwhacked and sold down the river by these modern carpetbaggers. Don’t buy the poisonous junk food bushshit that Osama bin Hussein or Al Qaeda did it; you did it yourself Amerika! At this end stage of the US political franchise this batch of fast food greasy conmen you call your government poses a bigger threat to our collective survival than the imaginary and all encompassing "axis of evil" they claim to be confronting as they inject their spiteful venom into our planet.

The handfed global media owned by the few slobbers on cue when its cabal of masters tugs the leash and wags the dog. The rancid and tasteless gump of patriotic mush they churn out as news and info-niblets while their pride and glory armed to the teeth on your tax dollar, exterminate in your name, Amerika’s finest heroically mowing down women and kids on 4 continents in how many sub wars of the great terror war? That kind of simplistic Fox, NBC and CNN slurry fed to the masses would have rightly embarrassed Herr Goebells who at least put some effort into his Nazi propaganda. The blacklisted whispered to a dead mike off camera quasi moral debate of the Sean Penns, Richard Gears and Susan Sarandons, mildly soul searching and politely critical of their nation’s present sponsoring of pandemonium is as wanting as it ever was. They seem to try to do their bit but the bit just doesn’t cut it as the rest of the Hollywood puss machine pumps out its standard line of crass Gestapo snuff movies glorifying jarheads on steroids with their drug addled gnat brains invading and destroying other people’s countries. Be it a shoot’em up black hawk downer rescuing private Ryan’s girlfriend Jessica’s lunch, or just a prayer pow wow seance with Bush and what’s her name in a graveyard in the heartland of the homeland it just gets kitschier all the time. Leni Riefenstal is alive and being bedded in a thousand Manhattan media houses styling the hype videos for the soundtrack of the latest military high tech death march of the master race of Perle’s cursed progeny. And if you couldn’t stomach the sound bites that have been droning out of the communal loudspeakers since 9/11, the still unfolding "vision" of these neo Nazis will surely bring you to hurl. Would anyone even want to imagine the spawn of these geriatric Whitehouse mass murderers one day "singing great songs about them"? Nuremberg rally all over again. Gruesome!

Persistently picking at the scabs of 9/11, Amerika pokes those grubby fingers into what many suspect to be a self inflicted wound, keeping in mind the subterfuge of the original CIA handlers of Mr bin Laden when he was but an aspiring and useful terrorist on Bush One’s payroll. Amerika self-piteously you vent your spleen on your latest premeditated victims, all smeared with the same brush and buried in the same mass terrorist grave, men women and children, irrespective of their innocence. Ruminating with your colonial, corporate blood sucking, simian cranial lobe you wash your filthy right wing extremist paws and pray to your god of Mammon. Be it the miserable antique Rumsfeld, Cyber Wolfowitz, Mai Lai Powell or aunt Jemima Rice, handmaid of der Fuehrer they are despised to an entity and consigned daily in the minds of millions to the darkest pit of Hades. If you think that’s too radical ask yourself how your putsch junta representatives have so deftly squandered any goodwill that may have existed towards you personally as a USer citizen before 9/11. Why in a nutshell does the rest of the world see the US as a plague and a threat and pray to see you laid low? Surely it is not that Bill Clinton was less of a Centurion on Capitol Hill and more respectful of smaller nations’ rights and sovereignties? Clinton the swinging saxophone player conspired against the interests of millions of humans like all previous dear leaders enforcing your vicious Al Capone protection racket foreign policy. He only happened to be different to the extent that he was a smarter, more charming scoundrel and less arrogant in his bombing of innocent Iraqis, Libyans and Somalis to mention but the most documented cases of his war crimes. He was such a cool operator that he even managed to put one million more of your mostly black and Hispanic folk behind bars as CEO of "the land of the brave home of the free" and most hip, white liberals didn’t even see it or just didn’t care. And that, sir was long before Bush Two came up with gulag Guantanamo.

In the past Amerika was a tad cooler than square Russia and a chink more open than devious, inscrutable police state China but your incestuous parochial mentality finally got the better of you. That innate Bates Motel streak now revealed is more hated and feared than any of the other totalitarian wannabe global psychos with their own 2 bit racist master plans. Norman Bush even looks the part for Christ’s sake, the loser snake oil prophet selling us down the Jordan, vowing a messianic third act for a bunch of geriatrics with extremist and primitive beliefs and a brace of uppity blacks that by hobnobbing with such plantation riff raff have by default betrayed the entire black population of the US. The perspective from out here on the rim of your fetid empire as we await deployment of your upgraded next generation of bastard weapons of mass deception in the current "theater" of your remorseless holy war is anything but good. Ask yourselves, Amerika why the majority of people on this planet today, right now as you breathe, rejoice every time there is a new US casualty on any of your multinational battlefields, why they pray for some disaster to befall Bush and that band of thugs you call his government? Moral Christians and Jews are having dark seditious thoughts, too not to mention millions of Muslims praying around the clock for the miracle that every trace of these master planners be wiped from our collective world. Can Big Brother track us all down for our treasonous hopes of justice, and neutralize us in some cyber Guantanamo? I have no doubt the mindless NSA suits are trying as they weave their alien matrix of death, trolling the net with their pet predators but there are too many of us out here that refuse to be logged and chipped to these soulless geeks specifications. Thought Crime cannot stop the truth, not now, not ever!

If you personally didn’t happen to have a smug look on your face and carry that all mighty US passport with its red white and blue buzzard stamped on the cover, then you’d understand instinctively why the rest of the world hates you. The primal fear of the herd that your bastard tribe (again) awakes in the rest of humanity as you wave your banners and prime your bombers screaming Bush’s battle jingle of "righteous revenge" is simply the primal instinct that unites the rest of humanity in wishing you the worst. "Revenge" for what is the question considering the interventionist and bloody history of the United Snakes in the world’s affairs since just 1945. The blood lust of an Amerika founded as it is on the holocaust of native American Indians, Uncle Sam’s plantation cobbled together from the humiliation, sweat and blood of African slaves, seems as insatiable today as it ever was. You have left a trail of several million dead across practically every nation on this planet as you "protected your interests" and waged brutal war in the name of "freedom" and "democracy". And yet you still dare to speak of God and justice and morality after the latest outrages committed by your country under their blood soaked cape of "global war on terror". Your half wit putsch president defiles not only God but also his own humanity when he dresses in his emperors rags of holy anger, bombs innocent people to oblivion and then justifies his war crimes with that pathetic smirk on his mug as he swaggers to the podium puffed up like the feisty little turkey cock that he is.

Most Amerikans it is clear are as powerless as the rest of the world to detain this Crawford chainsaw massacre that is as predictable as a Peckinpah orgy unfolding before those of us that have bothered to read the Mein Kampf script. It is seen and understood for what it is but unfortunately power is out of our hands, we cannot influence the impeding crash under the present circumstances where all power is concentrated in the few. The whited sepulchre of a Congress that meekly rubber stamps your global death deals only adds insult to injury by upholding the illusion of a functioning democracy for anyone that still might give a damn about right and wrong. This vampire nation has an insatiable thirst for resources, oil, people whatever is coveted by your boundless greed. In plundering those resources history shows us that you have never had any qualms about laying waste those nations unfortunate enough to have had "your" resources. Nor has the culling of the underclass of minorities at the bottom rung of the Amerikan dream that invading Amerikan hordes are invariably drawn from ever been a problem for the nice folk in Washington planning their anarchy over cappuccinos and diet colas like Genghis Khan or Vlad The Impaler in pinstripes. The gore to keep the meat machine grinding as the Walker Prescot’s of the day, the JP Murdoch’s and sundry robber barons of the age enslave your grandchildren in their great scheme, you will unquestioningly supply. Weaned on a diet of lies and a steady dose of sentimental apple pie hubris since the first day in kindergarten, like baby Hitler youth you learn to salute and gaze in stupor at the almighty blood soaked starry mangled banner of their conglomerate nation. Supposedly some benefits trickle down a la reaganomics to the little people and wage slaves who wrap themselves in Old G'ory and buy the myth in the name of their limited understanding of God and country.

When the televised death and butchery provoked by the US throughout its violent empire threatens to disturb the expiring consciousness of the last few informed and thinking Amerikans then the propaganda meisters invoke the name of God and country, suppress the last of your "proud democratic traditions" at home and merrily carry on with their organized crimes against humanity abroad. I personally have no doubt that the present administration would depopulate Africa or Europe or any where else for the "greater good" of the Amerikan "people" (you know which people I mean) if such action were deemed necessary by the ghouls lurching in the bowels of the Pentagon. After all in the curious Amerikan vernacular foreigners are only "aliens", not even the same species as apple pie eaters, Martha. Think that’s too radical? Then run that Nagasaki/Hiroshima/Vietnam line of bull by me again! Amerika is quite simply put the most dangerous marauder wandering the jungle in which we live today and the world neither trusts nor likes you. It's personal!

The beast hardly sated after the Iraq kill, sharpens its claws hunkered down in the bombed out ruins of Afghanistan and Iraq as it tries to suck into the sweet oil that brought it there but it’s getting harder with all the locals taking pot shots at them since "the end of the war". But don’t hold your breath at home either and be sure to keep your gas mask and duct tape in sight. My guess is the Homeland security clowns have another spectacular WTC style event programmed before the next "election". This war is eternal as the hobgoblins of the Homeland with their scary tooty frutty kindergarten terror alarm chart remind the masses daily. Be it the children of Iran/Syria/Saudi Arabia up next in the ongoing snuff hallucination of the Centurions billeted in the Whitehouse, if it is "in the interests of the US" (read Haliburton, Carlyle, Bechtel for the moment) then rest assured innocent people will die for a fistful of dollars for the robber barons. Iran already looks ready to blow as students and disgruntled youth confront the ruling mob in Teheran. Is it only coincidental that Uncle Sam is the new hood on the block, Bro? Chaos spreading like gangrene as the Teheran grandkids of the Shah’s victims suddenly don their Sepultura and Marilyn Manson T shirts (more wholesome Amerikan values courtesy of the old Persian schemers of Azadi TV beaming out of Chatsworth California, enough bare bellies and bosoms to get even the most liberal mullah uptight). Another generation gets suckered by all the paraphernalia of the Great Satan now rolling back like the bad penny to haunt the dinosaurs in Teheran. Those kids should take a hard look next door and see what Amerikan liberation has done for their Iraqi cousins before they go inviting Uncle Sam back to party, dude!

I have a sneaky feeling Amerika’s death fest in Vietnam will positively pale by comparison with things to come. If we can’t deter it and if we manage to survive Perle et al’s apocalyptic nightmare then in the aftermath of chastisement Yanks will take the place of Germans carrying their well milked Jewish burden of collective guilt. In the ensuing chaos of the inevitable new world disorder you will humbly learn to spout the cliche apologies for crimes against humanity perpetrated by your totalitarian masters or you will stay at home and make the world a safer place for the rest of us.

What Sharon does in Palestine and what Bush Two does to the world is only the latest tank stop on the roadmap to his re-election and the fleshing out of the rump of bloated Israel for the Zionists that seek to keep him there. This road-map to peace charted by the final solution hawks in Tel Aviv and Washington was from the start a one way ticket for the ethnically cleansed Palestinians to the blooming desert Jewish version of Auschwitz and Buchenwald, Bantustans in the wilderness composed of twenty-first century locked down Warsaw style ghettos, Arab Theresienstadts threaded together at the IOF’s disposal, a generous gift from Herr Bush the Zionist puppet and der Fuehrer Sharon to the Untermenschen of Palestine.
Anyone that believes that Sharon has the least interest in peace let alone a just settlement in mind for the Palestinians is dumber than Bush Two. Watch as Bush’s "man of peace" continues Israel’s staple policy of gentle genocide, razing of villages, his malignant cancer of outposts spreading from hill to hill stuffed with hooligans schlepped from every Third World ghetto on the planet where a few Jews could be found willing to participate in the greatest land theft since the West was overrun. Watch as his final solution iron curtain gets erected with your tax dollars and walls in an entire people to be selectively assassinated by Mossad Murder Inc. Enjoy it, after all you as an Amerikan have to carry the responsibility of your government’s funding of unmitigated murder. Like it or not they are doing it for you and your cousins in that highly disturbed "brother democracy" Israel.

"I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested. During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents." Excerpt from a speech delivered in 1933 by Major General Smedley Butler, USMC


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