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Could a US style blackout happen in Australia?

Citizens' Initiative Omega | 18.08.2003 10:09 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Health | London | World

Re: Debate stopped? - What is believed to happen as these waves enter our bodies? - Public Hearing; Berkeley, California - The State of Unclassified and Commercial Technology - No Cellular during Power Blackout - POWER OUTAGE TRACED TO DIM BULB IN WHITE HOUSE

Re: Debate stopped?
Sianette and all,

We are up against huge mony! Of course the industry cannot afford to let
the truth be known. However, the harder they try to hide the truth, and
stifle those of us who speak out, the more the public wants to hear our
arguments. This has been proven again and again here in Ireland. Keep
plugging away. Your message is getting out!

Keep well,

Colette O'Connell


I will try to summarise the thousand or so research papers written over the last 20 or so years and explain or summarise what happens when the electric and magnetic part of the wave goes into our bodies.

We being water based animals act like aerials to these waves. As the waves go into our bodies an electric current is generated inside our bodies which is how aerials work; waves come in and electricity is generated. The electricity generated in our bodies like all electric currents goes to ground through our bodies and like all electric currents it takes the path of least resistance. Unfortunately the path of least resistance through our bodies, although only representing 10% of our pathways, carries 90% of our traffic rather like the M1 motorway. The traffic in our bodies, namely hormones, antibodies, neurotransmitters know where they are going because they also carry an electric charge. The hormones, antibodies and neurotransmitters know where to "get off" because there is a corresponding opposite charge at the site of delivery rather like the positive and negative ends of a battery. The problem is if you have an electric current passing through the body it can change this charge, either on the hormones, antibodies or neurotransmitters or the site of delivery.

An analogy to that would be - if you were in Paris on the Underground system and you could not speak a word of French, but you had a map with the station name of where to get off and somebody tippexed out one or two of the letters, you may get off or you may not, and this can happen in the body. The hormones, antibodies or neurotransmitters may get off where they are meant to get off or they may carry on and miss their target. As a one-off this probably would not be very important but continuous interference over many years it is argued can lead to many illnesses.

A similar effect is that the destination for some of these hormones, neurotransmitters, antibodies is a surface of a cell where chemicals will pass through a membrane into a cell. If you think of a cell in our body, be it a brain cell, bone cell etc, as having a positive and negative charge on the outside and the inside similar to a battery the difference in these charges will draw the chemical into the cell or draw poisonous substances out of the cell. If the charge is changed on the outside of the cell, then necessary chemicals may not go in or poisonous chemicals may not go out. An analogy to that would be - think of your house as a cell in your body. Essential things like food, water and fuel come into the house and poisonous things like waste and gases leave the house. In fact a house is very similar in many ways to a cell in our body. Now, if we had a blockage and waste could not leave the house or sometimes food or electricity did not come into the house, over a short period of time we would survive this, but continual disruption over many years will probably have a knock-on effect on the health of the inhabitants particularly if they are young or frail. This is my explanation of how electromagnetic waves affect our cells.

A final description is possibly the accumulative effect of all the particles going through the body each second. Each particle and for TETRA we are talking about 400,000,000 particles a second carries a small amount of momentum with it. As an analogy, imagine you are driving down the M1 in the largest lorry you could possibly imagine and you are hit by the smallest dust particle you could ever imagine. Obviously the dust particle will not effect the speed or momentum of your lorry but if you have 400,000,000 dust particles a second for many years they could if something else was going wrong with your lorry exacerbate the effect and slow your lorry, and that is the crucial point. All of these effects I have described are believed to have one final conclusion. They all in their own way suppress the immune system. When you suppress the immune system as I will show in research papers, you tend to have more colds, more coughs, longer colds, longer coughs, longer illnesses, depression, anxiety leading to suicide or taken to its ultimate - leukaemia.

I will summarise just four of what I consider to be extremely well written research papers by arguably the worlds leading scientists in this field. There are other leading scientists of course but I cannot list them all in this report. I am using these as specimen papers.

When I refer to research papers I am not referring to something that somebody has sat down one Sunday afternoon and just written. These research papers have sometimes hundreds of references in the back and each reference on its own is usually 5-10 years work by a group of scientists where their work would have been peer reviewed, and in a lot of cases published. So for arguments sake, if a paper has say 100 references in the back that could well constitute 500-1,000 years accumulative work.

The first paper (Appendix 2, Reference 2) by Dr Neil Cherry was presented in May 2000 to the New Zealand Parliament, to Italy, Austria, Ireland and the European Parliament in Brussels. This paper has 122 references. I have photocopied the references to show that as well as being peer reviewed, many are published. I will do this with the other three papers (Appendix 3).

From this research paper some illnesses caused by long-term low level electromagnetic radiation are:

Heart problems;
Blood problems;
Interference with bone marrow;
Calcium interference;
46% reduction in night-time melatonin;

It is believed that during the daytime light going through our eyes passes a message to the pineal glands in the brain which slows down the production of melatonin. At night when no light goes through our eyes the production of melatonin is speeded up. Melatonin is believed to scavenge cancer cells and impurities in our bodies and boost the immune system. If an officer is sleeping in quarters within range of the TETRA transmitter, the microwave radiation is believed to act on the pineal gland and suppress the night-time melatonin to daytime levels; hence the good work of the melatonin at night will be restricted leading to suppression of the immune system.

Increased arthritis;
Skin problems;
Ear problems;
Risk to leukaemia;
Childhood cancer;
Sleep problems;
Memory loss;
Difficulty in concentrating;
Mental conditions;

A very recent discovery shows that microwave radiation changes the permeability of the blood brain barrier. Our brain has its own immune system as does our body. The blood brain barrier keeps everything that is designed to be kept within the brain inside it and protects the brain from any unwanted diseases or chemicals which could harm it. Similarly it allows out of the brain anything dangerous to the brain. The blood brain barrier is rather like a sieve where only particles of a certain size may go through. Professor Salford at Lund University in Sweden has shown that such pulsing as from mobile phones can alter the permeability of the blood brain barrier (Appendix 4, Reference 3). I will argue as TETRA pulses, which is arguably more powerful than the average mobile phone, this situation could be worse with TETRA.

Also, it is shown that the electromagnetic radiation going into the body can change the size of the particles moving around the body (Reference 4). This is rather like an ice skater spinning on her skates. With her arms out she spins slowly, but if she pulls her arms in she spins faster. Microwaves can affect the particles in our body by changing their spin; hence their size. They can be made smaller or larger. With the changing of the permeability of the blood brain barrier and the changing in size of particles unwanted particles may enter the brain or necessary particles may leave the brain. The connection here with mental conditions is that Dr Hyland of Warwick University has written that the uptake of drugs; in particular neurological drugs is inhibited because of changes in the blood brain barrier.

Neurological illnesses;
Miscarriage; and

I have listed all of the references on this particular research paper because all of these researches correspond to the above list.

The second paper I would like to comment on (Appendix 5, Reference 5) has 80 references and as well as a lot of the illnesses written in Dr Cherry's paper goes on to mention that with regard to mobile phone handsets you should avoid keeping the handset when switched on adjacent to the body, in particular in the vicinity of the waist or heart. There have been deaths due to colon cancer from the Royal Ulster Constabulary who wore radio or microwave transmitters in the small of their backs for extended periods of time. Dr Hyland recommends keeping the duration of calls to an absolute minimum and on his back page relating to pulse mobile phone radiation on alive humans and animals, the following may occur:

Epileptic activity;
Effects on human EEG;
Effects on blood pressure;
Depression of immune systems;
Increased permeability of the blood brain barrier;
Effects on brain electro-chemistry;
DNA damage in rodent brain;
Cancers in mice; and
Synergistic effects with certain drugs.

Dr Hyland, in my opinion, is one of the world's leading authorities in this area and his advice is not to be dismissed lightly. Similarly, another very highly respected scientist is Dr Coghill. I would add that both Dr Hyland and Dr Coghill are members of the Stewart Committee.

Dr Coghill's paper which has 218 references (Appendix 6, Reference 6) agrees largely with the work by Dr Hyland and Dr Cherry. In this paper, Section 1.16, Dr Coghill writes "the ultimate question must be whether chronic exposure to say 1 V/m electric fields at the envisaged frequencies is likely to produce adverse health effects in the long term. At present the NRPB guidelines recommend an investigation level of 192 V/m while ICNIRP now offers much lower levels. However these are based on thermal effects: if non thermal evidence is accepted than 1 V/m is demonstrably able to induce biological effects, some of which may be adverse". I will show in a later paper that TETRA delivers a lot more than the 1 V/m recommended as a maximum by Dr Coghill.

Dr Coghill also, in his summary in the back, lists symptoms caused by mobile phone use. Again, I will argue that as TETRA is pulsed and pulsed radiation is arguably more aggressive than the continuous analogue wave and TETRA uses more power than the ordinary mobile the symptoms will be enhanced rather than be reduced for TETRA. The symptoms listed by Dr Coghill are:

Warmth behind the ear;
Warmth on the ear; and
Burning skin.

My final paper by a very highly respected New Zealand doctor, Dr Eklund (Appendix 7, Reference 7) which has 37 references shows leukaemia clusters in and around ordinary radio and TV transmitters around the world. She says on page 13 that adult leukaemia within 2 kilometres of a transmitter is 83% above expected and significantly declines within increasing distance from the transmitter. Similarly skin and bladder cancers follow a similar pattern. As a scientist I could argue that if leukaemia's' and cancers are known to exist from ordinary radio and TV transmitters which take many years to form and radio and TV waves are at the long end of the electromagnetic spectrum, and it is known that exposure to gamma rays or x-rays can cause death within a matter of weeks, a hypothetical line could be drawn from the long waves to the short waves to determine the length of time or exposure doses needed to cause such illnesses. Fitting into this pattern would be several years exposure to sunlight causing skin cancer. There are obvious anomalies with this; namely personal health, hygiene and all sorts of other factors, but as a crude estimate I would argue that the further up the electromagnetic spectrum you go, the shorter the time for the serious illnesses to occur. The microwaves used by TETRA are above radio and television waves. Being water-based animals we are particularly sensitive to microwaves; this is why microwave ovens work. Microwave ovens resonate the water molecules in food and when molecules resonate they re-emit the energy they absorb as heat. This is why the food warms up and the plate does not, because it does not contain water.

The warmth on and behind the ear felt by users of mobile phones is one type of heat. Another type of heat unknown to the user, therefore not reported are hotspots within the body from microwaves. These hotspots are tiny areas in the body which warm up considerably when exposed to microwave radiation. The problem with warming up areas inside the body is that a very recent research paper has shown that heat shock proteins are produced to protect the cells in the body from damage. Heat shock proteins act rather like scaffolding around a building; they go around the cell and protect the DNA from damage from the heat. Heat shock proteins have been known to work when the temperature rises by just 2 degrees. Now the problem with heat shock proteins is as well as protecting the good cells they can also protect and save from destruction cancer cells. So, if you have a cell in your body which is turning cancerous and would normally be destroyed by the body's immune system, the heat shock proteins will protect it and it will continue to grow. This work was carried out by Dr David de Pomerai, of Nottingham University (Appendix 8, Reference 8).

A report on mobile telephones and their transmitters by the French Health General Directorate, dated January 2001, states in its conclusion of the group of experts that "a variety of biological effects occur at energy levels that do not cause any rise in local temperature". The group ask "is it possible to state that there are no health risks?" and they reply "No". They go on to say "minimise the use of mobile telephones when reception is poor, use an earpiece kit and avoid carrying mobile phones close to potentially sensitive tissue, i.e. a pregnant woman's abdomen or adolescent gonads". They recommend hospitals, day-care centres and schools should not be directly in the path of the transmission beam. Also and very important, they say "the cumulative exposure over their lifetime will be higher ". The word cumulative is also mentioned by Professor Sosskind and Dr Prausnitz in their paper (Reference 9) where they say "an accumulated cellular level damage mechanism is not necessarily related to the intensity but can relate to total dose - Hence the averaging of weekly exposure is a meaningful adverse effect related level".

This accumulative factor puts a very different slant on doses of microwave radiation. In particular an accumulative level of radiation can build up very quickly when you receive 400,000,000 waves every single second. This is why scientists are concerned and warnings have been issued for people with pacemakers, hearing aids, insulin pumps in relation to interference of their apparatus from electromagnetic waves. Warnings are also given to persons with metal implants in their bodies. These implants can a) warm up; and b) absorb the microwave radiation and re-emit it at a different wavelength. I have been around the world talking to scientists and we agree, although it cannot be proved, that the recent incidents in breast cancers in ladies could be due to the metal underwiring in bras absorbing microwave radiation and re-emitting it at a different wavelength into the mammary glands of the breast. The mammary glands are known to be particularly sensitive to radiation and they are known to be easily changed into cancer cells.

As a result of using pulsed mobile phones, again I will argue that as TETRA is more powerful than the average mobile there could be long-term damage to the eyes of the officers using TETRA.

A union document (Reference 12) printed 4 December 1979 for microwave transmitters up to 100,000 MHz warns its members of the following illnesses which may occur from accumulative exposure:

Menstrual problems;
Miscarriage; and
Problems of the eye, heart, central nervous system, reproductive organs.

They say "a false sense of safety may exist and non-thermal effects are much lower than have been recognised". The TETRA system of 380-400 MHz is within this range of this union paper. I emphasise that these effects are not new; they were being reported on as far back as 1979 and further on in this paper I will show documents that relate to exposure effects going way back to the early 1960s. A very important sentence in this research paper states "non-ionising radiation increases molecular vibration and rotational energies". I will refer to this further on in this document.

Excerpt: read all under


Public Hearing; Berkeley, California

Dear Fellows:

Hope all is well with you. Exactly a month from today, on September 16th, we have our Public Hearing in the City Hall of Berkeley, California to stop Sprint antennas in our neighborhood. These antennas are planned in a residential area where two schools and a day-care center are in the vicinity.

Our battle has been going on for the past nine months. We have experienced many deceitful actions by Sprint and in some instances by the City Officials. We believe that some City Officials are siding with Sprint.

In past nine months many of you have been sympathetic and supportive; our sincere thanks to you.

We would like to ask for your help again. Please send our City Officials e-mails and let them know how bad these antennas are. Your e-mails have to go to them directly. Here are their e-mail addresses: (Mayor Tom Bates) (Council Member, Dona Spring) (Council Member, Linda Maio) (Council Member, Mim Hawley) (Council Member, Betty Olds) (City Clerk) (Our database)

We have gone through hardship and recently have talked to lawyers to perhaps file law suits against Sprint and the City of Berkeley. However, we hope to win this case without litigation. That is why your e-mails are crucially important.

Best regards,



The State of Unclassified and Commercial Technology Capable of Some Electronic Mind Control Effects


No Cellular during Power Blackout
USA and CANADA reports of East Coast power blackout including coverage of how the CELL PHONES WERE OUT OF SERVICE for MILLIONS OF USERS!!


People changed that day, they were polite and helpful, not in a rush, they spent time with the people around them, including strangers, there was so much JOY in the faces of the people in eastern USA and Canada that i thought i was looking at a video from many years ago.

EMF shut off for one full day showed many emf suffers, as long as they were paying attention to the behaviour change, that they are not alone, EMF exposure is effecting everyone, and when its shut off... everyone felt so much better.

People were not sure why, media explains it was relief from not being another Sept 11, but infact they did not realise that their own body was free of the emf.

Once everything returns to "normal" there will be some people that WILL notice EMF more then they ever did before.

For instance a person in their late 30's that has been suffering emf prior to the blackout, suddenly feels very good that day, and all their Health problems vanish.

Cases like this will ask why they felt so good on the night of the Power Blackout, and now once again feel so lousy. They will want answers. The industry WAS caught by surprise with their pants down showing what they have been trying to HIDE all along, the truth - that without EMF turned on, people will realise what emf is doing when it is present, and realising this -- wont want it restored ever again.

Now they will scurry to prevent that emf shutdown from ever happening again, but its too late, thousands already have experienced the evidence in that one single night.

The following News report states that overload prevented cellular service, yet both ABC and CTV explained that Cellular service was just simply not available.

Without power they could not run the cellular towers, its as simple as that, and even with generators they would have a hard time setting things up before a large number of people started feeling better and taking note.

Message from Gotemf


Could a US style blackout happen in Australia?
I may be accused of stretching the point. But the recent massive blackout in the Northeast of the USA, and the reasons for it, should serve as a warning on the possibility similar events happening in Australia under a Free Trade Agreement. It's not so much between
Australia and the US but between Australia and the corporate cowboys who now have free reign under the Bush administration.

Journalist Greg Palast's below article should be warning enough. . .

Don Maisch


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