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'War Child' involved with arms lobby

- | 27.10.2003 12:24

Dutch royal scandal sheds light on former 'Bosnia lobby'

The 'charity' War Child was used a a cover for arms lobbying during the Bosnia war. War Child was always a politically dubious organisation, and was involved in financial scandals before. The current scandal in the Netherlands about the fiancee of Prince Friso - Mabel Wisse Smit - has unexpectedly given an insight into War Child. Mabel was a co-founder of War Child Netherlands, and that is not as admirable as it seems.

The scandal has been misreported outside the Netherlands as a sort of romantic tragedy. Even in the Netherlands, attention concentrated on Mabel's affair with gangster Klaas Bruinsma while she was at university.

But the later period is much more interesting. The truth is that Mabel Wisse Smit was thoroughly involved in the international pro-Bosnia lobby, including its illegal arms lobby activities. She worked at the United Nations in 1993: there was an all-out war in Croatia, and the Bosnian war was starting. See the chronology

There she met the charismatic Bosnian ambassador to the UN, Mohammed Sacirbey, and began an affair with him which lasted several years. He later became Foreign Minister - he is now in an American jail awaiting extradition to Bosnia, on charges of embezzlement during that time.

Mabel helped him with his lobby work on behalf of Bosnia, her role was largely behind the scenes. The Dutch inquiry into the Srebrenica massacre later confirmed that the two of them had direct access to the Foreign Ministry, and influenced Dutch policy, in the run-up to the massacre (1995).

In 1994 Mabel set up the 'European Action Council for Peace in the Balkans', she did that together with Willemijn Verloop en the lawyer Phon van den Biesen. Van den Biesen represented Bosnia at the International Court in The Hague, when Bosnia charged rump 'Yugoslavia' (= Serbia) with genocide. He made the opening speech together with Sacirbey. The EACPB operated from his office. It is very unclear what exactly it did at the time, or since. Two meetings in the last 8 years are all that show on internet searches. But it's clear that the founders defined 'peace' as Bosnian success in the war - not as the absence of fighting.

By mid-1995 the war had reached a critical phase. The Croatians went on the offensive with American-trained troops, and captured the Serb-inhabited Krajina region in August. In July, Serb forces had captured Srebrenica, which was protected by Dutch troops, they abandoned the enclave. Details of the subsequent killings there emerged during the following months.

During 1995 the same three people set up a Dutch branch of the existing English 'charity' War Child. Willemijn Verloop was paid by the EACPB - its funding is also unclear - to organise its activities. So War Child Netherlands was being run by the Bosnian Foreign Minister's girlfriend, the Bosnian governments lawyer, and its organiser was in paid service of a separate political organisation - of which all three were directors.

The Bosnian forces were under severe pressure in 1995. They were geographically isolated and badly armed, and Sarajevo was surrounded. Officially no-one could help them militarily, because there was an arms embargo. UN Resolution 713, adopted in 1991, states:

"...all States shall, for the purposes of establishing peace and stability in Yugoslavia, immediately implement a general and complete embargo on all deliveries of weapons and military equipment to Yugoslavia until the Security Council decides otherwise following consultation between the Secretary-General and the Government of Yugoslavia".

Bosnia had four strategies:

1. to seek secret arms supplies from western powers. That meant they would break their own arms embargo, but they had already done that to aid the Croatians.

2. to campaign to get the arms embargo lifted. Pro-Bosnia campaigners in the west supported this option.

3. to encourage a NATO invasion of Bosnia, which would be a de facto war against the Serb militias.

4. to seek illegal arms supplies from others, mainly Muslim states. Bosnia certainly got arms, and money to buy arms, from a network of Islamic sympathisers, including the then little-known Osama bin Laden. Supplies through Croatia in 1995 were tacitly approved by President Clinton. For the Iran-Bosnia connection, see

Sacirbey would have been involved with all of these strategies. He certainly tried openly to break the arms embargo, see this Reuters item for instance...

Iran says Islamic army chiefs to meet on Bosnia

NICOSIA, July 24 1995 (Reuter) - Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Velayati was quoted on Monday as saying defence ministers and military chiefs from eight Moslem states will meet soon to discuss ways of helping Bosnia's beleaguered Moslems. Veleyati, quoted by IRNA in an interview with the Tehran daily Iran, said the military chiefs would 'discuss practical ways to help Bosnian Moslems.'' Bosnian Foreign Minister Mohammed Sacirbey, who attended the Geneva meeting, told a news conference later that he had been given pledges of weaponry and that OIC military chiefs and IRNA said Velayati stressed in his remarks to the newspaper that 'according to the article 51 of the United Nations charter, the Bosnian government has the right to conclude bilateral defensive contracts with other countries.

This is the kind of activity which Mabel Wisse Smit supported, at the same time as she was a director of War Child. The 'children's aid charity' War Child provided an alibi, for her activities together with Sacirbey. There are unconfirmed recent reports from Bosnian media, that she was involved in one specific arms deal, with Egypt. But she was certainly aiding Bosnia in the pursuit of the 4 strategies named above, all of them military.

The founders of War Child in Britain, Bill Leeson and David Wilson, must have known what they were doing, when they let Mabel Wisse Smit use their organisation's name and logo. They must have known that the EACPB was a pro-Bosnian group, and that she had links to Sacirbey. But in any case, War Child was funded from the start by the British government: it was never a neutral aid organisation, and they would not have got funding if they did not serve British policy. And it was not as squeaky-clean as its stated aims imply. Leeson left War Child after taking a bribe from contractors for its prestige Pavarotti Music Centre in Mostar, see

Celebrity charity denies corruption (BBC, 2001)

Stars quit charity in corruption scandal (Guardian, 2001),3858,4114939-103690,00.html

A charity caught up in chaos (Guardian, 2001),3604,420168,00.html

Primarily, War Child serves as a long-term and indirect propaganda campaign for western intervention. All the places where it works have been named as future targets of western intervention, or have already been the target. War Child says:

"The severe psychological wounds that war inflicts on children can scar them for life, crippling the very generations that must one day re-build their devastated countries."

Then why support western intervention, and why provide cover for the arms lobbyists of nationalist movements?



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28.10.2003 10:22

as a person interested in this affair: what are your sources?


Bosnian connections

30.10.2003 13:39

Thanks for the artical as presented on your excellent site. Nevertheless I would like to add a view important aspects of her Bosnian period.

In the course of her involvement Miss. Wisse Smit has been in close contact with Adnan Kashoggi who was one of the major weapons suppliers to the Bosnian Muslims. Background to her involvement as well her effectiveness is largely due to both her extensive knowledge of the international narcortics scene as the extensive network of relevant contacts she had accumulated during the period of her overt involvement with the Dutch narcotics kingpin Bruisma.

An important aspect are her confirmed relations to the Scientology Cult and namely OSA the Scientology Cult's "intelligence branch" which in turn is operating as an CIA proxy facilitating obscure operations. Scientology in turn is connected with OSI as with Soros, it's founder, and of which Mabel Wisse Smit later became director.

An other important is aspect, which made Mabel Wisse Smit attractive as a candidate for entrance into the Dutch Royal Family, relates to the contacts between Queen Beatrix and Holebrooke pertaining Dutchbat and the reason for it's failure. These contacts, the results of which were kept secret even for the Dutch Prime Minister, who supposendly carries the responsibility for the Queens actions, where setting the stage for the Bosnian "liberation" turning the country into an narcotics/weapons hub in a from the Middle East. It is no secret that the House Of Orange Nassau has longstanding relations and financial interests in clandestine weapons transactions in to and from the Middle East. The real reason for the Dutch, Orange controlled, intelligence services to label Mr. de Roy van Zuydewijn a danger to the State (the Queen) consits of his extensive studies/knowledge of the Middle Eastern weapons bazars as the role played therein by the House Of Orange.

Thus whereas Miss Wisse Smit was considered an asset to Orange operations de Roy van Zuydewijn was and still is a liability that had to be discredited and contained.

The desirablility to the Queen of adding Miss. Wisse Smit in her "maffia" family cause Queen Beatrix to coach her through the interviews with Mr. Balkenende, the Dutch PM, by informing her of what exactly was known within Dutch intelligence and thereby allowing her to coompletely control the information exchanges during the course of her meetings with the Prime Minister.

Notice here that coaching and lying is part of Scientologies OSA standard procedures for witness prepairation. I make mention of the correspondence without explicitly connecting the Queen to this organization, nevertheless I felt it worth mentioning.

J. Rosenbaum
mail e-mail:

Mr. Rosenbaum could well be right

04.11.2003 14:52

I found the following Scientology instructions, which when taken in context with Mr. Rosenbaum's posting, seems very relevant. Miss. Wisse Smit has shown able to persist in lying both towards the Dutch Prime Minister as the agencies investigating her case.

Furthermore as she and her former employer Mr. G. Soros are evidently connected to the Cult it should not be excluded that Miss. Wisse Smit has been prepaired to make optimal use of Control and Lies.

On control and lying

US District Court, Central District of California
Fishman Case # 91-6426 HLH (Tx) Continued

Exhibit B

Dismas House, Room 324
141 N. W. 1st Avenue
Dania, Florida 33004


Exhibit B

(title page -no number just 'exhibit B'


write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you
can control anybody is to lie to them. When you find an individual
is lying to you, you know that the individual is trying to control
you. One way or another this individual is trying to control
you. That is the mechanism of control. This individual is lying to
you because he is trying to control you - because if they give you
enough misinformation they will pull you down the tone scale so that
they can control you. Conversely, if you see an impulse on the part
of a human being to control you, you know very well that that human
being is lying to you. Not "is going to", but "is" lying to you.

[last sentence is underlined in original]

Check these facts, you will find they are always true. That person
who is trying to control you is lying to you. He's got to tell you
lies in order to continue control, because the second you start
telling anybody close to the truth, you start releasing him and
he gets tougher and tougher to control. So, you can't control
somebody without telling them a bunch of lies. You will find that
very often Command has this as its greatest weakness. It will try to
control instead of leading. The next thing you know, it is lying to
the [illegible]. Lie, lie, lie, and it gets worse and worse, and all
of a sudden the thing blows up. Well, religion has done this.
[Following sentence is underlined] Organised religion
tries to control, so therefore must be lying. [end underline]
After a while it figures out (even itself) that it is lying, and then
it starts down tone scale further and further, and all of a sudden
people get down along this spring-like bottom (heresy) and say,
"Are we going into apathy and die, or are we going to revolt?"
and they revolt, because you can only lie to people so long.
Unfortunately there is always a new cycle of lying.

L. Ron Hubbard
Technique 88

Joe Stanton

What is wrong with a country defending itself???

03.12.2003 16:17

This is a very interesting article. However, I do not understand some comments the writer is making. He seems to be saying the two opposite things.

First, he seems to be saying that Sacirbey and his dutch girlfriend "influenced Dutch policy in the run up to Srebrenica massacre", which as we all know, was a fault of the Dutch government. Furthermore, it is not very clear, why would they be influencing Dutch government to aid killing of hundreds of civilians on one side, and on the other side trying to help Bosnia to get weapons so that it can defend itself?!

As a Bosnian citizen, who was in Bosnia during both conflicts, I am extremely happy to hear that Bosnia was breaking the weapons embargo, but on the other hand sad to know that Bosnia did not see those weapons.

The reason I know, is because my father was in a Bosnian army during the war. He was not just an ordinary soldier, and he knew many generals in the Bosnian army. I can confirm that what I know from his stories and indeed, stories of his influential friends, is that the only weapons Bosnia had were the ones produced in Bosnian industrial towns. And the amount of those weapons was such that the frontline would occasionaly be defended with three bullets and some home made bombs ("express pots" as they called them)literally.

So, where did the weapons go??? Maybe Croats or Serbs fighting against BOsnians.

As it is stated in the article, those alleged weapons came through Croatia!! How is this possible? Bosnia was in a war with Croatian fashists at that time. Yes, the truce was signed, but the hatred and fighting remained.

From my own experience of British War Child, I can say that they helped people of Mostar more than we can thank them for it. They brought the first bakery in town. People were starving up to that point. However, Bill Leeson (and not David Wilson) did know something dodgy was happening. He stole lots of money and got away with it. That is why Mr. Wilson told Channel 4 what happened, and so please leave him out of it.

But, in terms of the weapons I doubt it is true.

As for Mr. Sacirbey, he is a corrupt and misserable individual. He should be punished for gambling away money of a government who had no money to waste. I heard he even stole some of War Child's money.

In conclusion, all I can say is that if Croatia and Serbia were aided by foreign governments and been supplied by weapons, why shouldn't Bosnia have the same privilege?! After all, they did not have money nor weapons in the quantities Croatia and Serbia did. All we got from Arab countries is mosques. Loads of them. Who needs mosques when people need homes and food...

Thanks for reading

Nada Hodzic
mail e-mail:

Dutch articles Mabel & weapontrade & setup Sebrenica?

09.01.2004 22:59

Indymedia Netherlands has some detailed articles too (most in Dutch except for some quotes; for the ones that really want to know):

Mabel: WEF-Soros vrienden schieten te hulp

De vrienden van Mabel Wisse Smit

Censored articles in Netherlands and Belgium


US-president Wesley Clark, Sebrenica, Mabel, Fortuyn, Bilderberg

includes the other censored article as comment;
Mabel-gate: Weapon, drugs, money and oiltrade by CIA and Orange

All the best, Mark

Mark Metzelaar
mail e-mail:

All Dutch links about this affair and what's covered-up

10.01.2004 02:12

All background stories of this affair; most in Dutch, therefore as source for the really interested:

Mabel-gate: Weapon, drugs, money and oiltrade by CIA and Orange

NL: Mable-affair, new US-pres.Clark, Sebrenica, murder Fortuyn, Bilderberg

Earlier articles Indymedia Netherlands:

Een dame 'met pit' in koninklijke sferen
TARGETS, januari 2003 - 11.02.2003 22:25

Mabel: WEF-Soros vrienden schieten te hulp

'Scandal' website about this affair:
De ranzige vriendjes van Mabel Wisse Smit

Moorden door politie, Justitie en BV Oranje

De vrienden van Mabel Wisse Smit

Dynalink overview Mabel Wisse Smit:

Mark Metzelaar
mail e-mail:

More on Rosenbaum, Stanton, and possible backgrounds

15.01.2004 21:59

I did some research about Rosenbaum and Stanton.

See therefore the Dutch link:

Although most is in Dutch, I made the last and most important part in English.
To be sure, I copy the english part:

The organisation of MCC, Mishima Cyber Command, is named after the famous Japanese nationalistic writer Mishima, who commited suicide (harakiri?).
They have some Indian (from India) connections and seem to be a sort of sect, like Bhagwan.
My former idea that they might be connected with the Aum Shinrikyko movement (Sarin-gas in subway), seems to be untrue.
But I'm told that: they have connecten in the Japanese 'underworld' or other system, linking all Japanese groups.
Other information on internet is about the Japanese gamble-houses in connection with Mishima, so possibly with MCC.
Miss Shimura seems to have some clubs, and as I'm told, gamble houses, clubs and woman trade are often related.
See second part of this story for details about opium and womantrade between CIA and Yakuzi in Las Vegas.
MCC is organized as a secret organisation with coded messages, that makes it untransparent and probably undemocratic.
Other info is nicer: they seem to be related with the "white knights" and those people say they want to combat the black knights among free-masonry (you can find their associated websites in this perspective).
But still I don't know what to believe.
Is it a "double-opt" operation; they say they are this, but are in fact something else?
Power politics, maybe attacking bad people, for their own power goals?
A lot of connections with American secret service, CIA and Mossad.
Most of them they give themself, like the Linda connection mentioned above with an intelligence family in the Pentagon (Stanton); earlier info about (former) diplomatic ties (she also writes exactly like a diplomat) with the American Embassy in The Netherlands (not neccesarily CIA, but well known with them); the well informed J. (Jori?) Rosenbaum, that is according to someone the partner of Miss Shimura. And when this is the same person as Arthur J. Rosenbaum, we have a higer special forces guy that delt with Bosnia and Kosovo and could be the reason to know so well about these issues (and the relation with Orange, Bilderberg, etc)
But hey say they oppose CIA, Bilderberg, etc. ...
For sure they make some nasty stories about Orange, Bilderberg and Dutch cover-ups.
But they also promise things like to show-up with a video-film about the second hitman, filmed by Israeli's. And they don't keep that promise.
Therefor it also COULD be something like a "double-opt- or double agent role: they act like they are this, but in fact are part of the (or obey to) the people they say they're fighting.
This is for insiders a well-known intelligence trick: infiltrate, scream a lot, attrackt the whole group to yourself and then you can control and manipulate that group. For example: shortly ity came out that the IRA intelligence department was heavily infiltrated/run by the SAS!
I mention these issues as AN OPEN DISCUSSION, because many people like to know, who have interest in uncovering these kinds of power-plays involved in political setups, wars, murders, drugs, woman and weapontrade. So I hope MCC also can see this as a "white knight" goal, when they are, what they say they are.
If not; then I might be in greath danger by now (well; if you say A, you have to say B; that's part of the work), especially with the next information:

Met a very reliable informer that had tolks with former intelligence people.
This was in Arizona, in fact in Sedona and even more in nearby village of Oak Creek. Both places are the main retirement CIA relocation area (Hawai'i Big Island is one too). From several former special agents and or green barets, came the info that:
"Las Vegas is the opium and sex-slave trade by CIA through the casino's" Yakuzi is trading there woman too with the CIA; they bring over the sex-slaves and opium for CIA.
They also talked in Oak Creek about a Japanese guy hanging out accidently, with tattoo's, that was -according to a former special forces- Yakuzi.
There also is a book from William Cooper who lived in Sedona; "behold a pale dark horse", about all these conspiracies.
He is an ex-special forces and they were after him and finally killed him after several years and many murder attempts with a bomb.

...Peace guys, please... I didn't mean it this way; I'm just an innocent researcher following my hart and morals, I'm not even a professional writer..! I'm just a piano player (told the Dutch commander Karremans to Mladic in Sebrenica), it was Mat Herben who I'm working for and he blackmailed me to do so, so I couldn't do different. So please deal with him!...

There is some other info too, and I might get the writer and the title of another book of an ex-agent about these affairs.

see for more background the Dutch info on the first mentioned link:

Mark Metzelaar
mail e-mail:

Isn't this just speculation?

12.03.2004 15:08

What a load of crap. Why doesn't anyone investigate all the good that was done by Ms Wisse Smit in the Balkan and Eastern Europe. She's been fighting for human rights, free press, democracy, trying to stop the war in the Balkans. She works 24 hours a day to make this a better world. Which is more than any of you no-no's have ever done. I respect her for all the effort she has put to make the world a better place. (I also knew some bad guys when I was in the beginning of my 20's...and nobody has proven that she actually had a relationship. If it's really true, why haven't more witnesses shown up?

Some good articles with some background are: frydc/statements/mwsmit.htm column/column_3_mj_faber.php

Momo Dowlodez


04.09.2007 14:59

Mabel Wisse Smit was:

* engaged with Mohamed Sacirbey, the Bosnian ambassador at time Bosnians received weapons from their moslem brothers like Taleban and according to some: Al Qaeda.
It is normal that the ambassador is fully involved in this and Mabel going with him on every international occasion, being from George Soros (the rig¡hthand of the Rothschilds) OSI; Open Society Institute, wich states (in other words) to break open closed societies.
According to trustworthy Bosnian journalistic research, she was involved in weapon trade in Bosnia. This was one time on Dutch RTL news and the next day the Mabel scandal was over and all media went on 'black screen', probably on order of Queen Beatrix at the general-editors Orange meeting at palace Noordeinde.

* Dutch intelligence noticed weapontrade from WAMY; World Assembly Moslem Youth (source: "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy from freelance BBC/Guardian journalist Greg Palast). The Dutch were majorly located in Sebrenica.

* According to some; up to 2000 Serbs were first murdered around Sebrenica, which was not printed in Western press. So the Serbs were angry and came to take revenge.

* Everyone in control knew at least several weeks before that Sebrenica was going to fall, but nothing serious was done to get a strong defence and/or evacuate these people. According to Dutch minister Jan Pronk, they were like rats in a trap and something terrible was going to happen if nothing was done. He said that several weeks before the fall of Sebrenica.
Mladic asked (TV-video) Dutch commander Karremans: "Are you going to arrange the busses (for 'evacuation' of the Moslems), OR DO WE HAVE TO DO THAT?!". Karremans answered: "No, we can't", which military implies that he has orders not to evacuate.

* WAMY is from Abdullah Bin Laden in Virginea, who was a CIA agent (source: Greg Palast). Bush personally refused to put WAMY on the terror funding list, outraging Europe, because it was very obvious this was a terror funding org. It took years before WAMY came on that list.

Assumption: this was a setup for later military intervention and gaining Western public support for it, by supplying Moslems in Sebrenica with weapons.

Peter Siebelt: Wife of Dutch prince -Soros Foundation Brussels director Mabel Wisse Smit bears responsibiity for Srebenica massacre'

Terrorism and the Western Balkans Al-Qaeda’s Global Network and its influence on Western Balkans

* Later a secret airforce base was build in Kosovo (not secret anymore), wich is near the Middle East and former Baltic Sovjet states, where the West was going in the years after theirt invasion.

* Mabel later went with the Serb leader Zoran Djindjic
This is unheared of, first going with the Bosnian ambassador and then with a Serb leader during war-time. The same Bosnian journalistic research found she had some intensive relation with Djindjic after Sacirbey, but couldn't proof they slept together.
With all these affairs (Dutch maffia-king Bruinsma, Sacirbey and Djindic), she makes the impression as being a three double spy-hooker. Right now sehe is married with the future Dutch shadow king Johan Friso, form the Bilderberg Group, Goldman Sachs and parttime director TNO-space (that means: Boeing, Lockheed and Philips, to name a few around his grandpa's SEVERAL Lockheed's affairs and the recent JSF affair in which socialist leader Wim Kok was politically damaged by former USA defence minister Richard Hollbrooke (that Wim Kok knew about Sebrenica, while he lied about that for 10 years) just before the 2002 elections and Pim Fortuyn was murdered days before these elections, who had his doubt about this airplane; the first new Kabinet act was to give green light for the Joint Strike Fighter).


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