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Thank you UK protesters!

joli | 20.11.2003 00:02

Just want to say thanks fromt the other side of the Atlantic.

I was checking out our local indymedia and was really happy to see how many of you turned out to let Bush know he's not welcome anywhere. It's too bad we can't get such a large reaction here in the states.



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Thanks but, err...

20.11.2003 01:08

Don't mean to sound mean, and appreciate the gratitude but... this is actually a newswire for news. People log on here to read independent news from around the world. The newswire has been FULL of comments today 'thanking' those on the streets for telling Bush he isn't welcome. There are other, more practical ways of expressing solidarity with actions taking place in other countries - solidarity actions, producing media locally where you are to let people know what's going on around the world and IMPORTANTLY trying to inspire them to do something about it themselves, spraypainting slogans like: "England say send Bush home, but we dont fucking want him!"

Please only use the newswire for news!

not meaning to be arsey

Oi! NO!

20.11.2003 03:08

Disagree very much. Sure the newswire is for news but in times of big protests the newswire runs quick anyway and it's inspiring to see messages of support, especially here given the situation (Bush does not = US people). Anyway this is an event of INTERNATIONAL importance!

_linking struggles_ AT TIMES OF CRITICAL IMPORTANCE_we are together

the FTAA is kicking off in miami - there have ben solidarity messages posted there from folks on britain and so they should be!!

global solidarity


collected messages of support

20.11.2003 10:10

Thank You.. from sanfrancisco

Jamie Flaxman, 20.11.2003 08:51

I'm an American living in SanFrancisco. Just wanted to thank you for standing up to the man we never elected in the first place.
I've heard some Americans say, "wow, if the entire country of england is upset, maybe this war is a bad idea." Sad, but true.

God save the Americans

I live in sanfrancisco, california in the the US. I am sad to say, but this city is perhaps the most progressive city in the country and yet at least 1 in three people here still supports the war. It is considered un-cool to protest and most people don't even know that the war is still going on. The three day protest going on in England right now is amazing and refreshing. That would never happen here. Not in such magnatude not during the week. The last protest I attended here had at most, 8,000 people on a Sunday, marching through empty streets. Our protests are NEVER during the week...why that might block trafic, someone could hear the protests and become aware that something may be wrong. Further, NO ONE would dare miss work to speak up against their government here. But a three day, middle of the week protest, where you will actually be heard, restores my faith in humanity, not to mention the democratic process.

Thank you England!


Solidarity From Portland, Oregon, USA

19.11.2003 19:16

Alas. So he has come to see you now.

Brutal attacks by the police state on unarmed citizens is the pattern for bush everywhere he goes. Even here, in his own country, he is not courageous enough to actually face The People. He is so despised he must hide and sneak about like the criminal that he is. And everywhere he goes, people pay an enormous price for his presence.

In August of 2002, he came to Portland. Police in our city armed themselves with high tech weaponry, padded themselves with riot gear, and then opened fire with rubber bullets and chemical weapons on thousands of unarmed civilians who stood in the streets to register their dissent against this terrible little man.

During that visit, people who had believed in the US Constitution learned that freedom of speech is a lie in America. School teachers and social workers and little old ladies were beaten and gassed in the streets. A ten month old baby was sent to the hospital after being fired upon, point blank in the face, with pepper spray.

He actually came back again this August, only this time he hid out in a fortified bunker on the outskirts of town while he begged the rich and famous for money. Even at that, he had to be sneaked into the city in a bizarre plot involving decoy limos and subterfuge. It is believed that he was spirited to his expensive speaking engagement crouched in the back of an ambulance as two black limos threw off the crowd. Just like last time, he was never even seen by the thousands of people who turned out to tell him what they really think about him. And just like last time, thousands of armed storm troopers met the people in the streets. Snipers perched on top of buildings, armed gunships hovered in the skies, armed tanks patrolled the streets, and the police once again unleashed pepper spray and clubs on unarmed civilians.

(There were some victories, though. The bus carrying delegates who had come to bring him money was detained by protesters.)

Now, he has come to your country. Once again, the people will be left with scars, chemical burns, and an enormous bill to cover the high tech security required to host this man who would be king. Why does he even come out, if it's not to see the people? Why does he foist these ridiculous, expensive, violent "visits" on cities around the world, only to be hidden from view, only to ignore the people he pretends he came to see? Why do we allow this?

I can only say we, the working people of the United States, stand with you in solidarity. Thanks for standing up against this monster and everything he represents. Don't believe the lie being told by the corporate media -- we do NOT support this man, he was NOT elected, he does NOT represent the people of the United States.



Keep the faith - and keep up the satire!

19.11.2003 19:24

As an American living abroad, it is heartening to see the degree of good-natured and witty satire the Brits are using at this critical state visit. Keep it up and think of some more!

Bush has been protected by his corporate media connections for far too long, as well as his army of security detail who clear out any dissenting views or images. This visit to an ally nation helps to illustrate what a destructive, aggressive and violent role Mr. Bush has played in both domestic and foreign affairs. The British right now are helping bring light to how much this man and his misadministration's agenda is loathed and mistrusted throughout the world.

At least you CAN do satirical protesting in the UK. During the inauguration in Washington, DC in 2000, satirical puppets were banned from the presidential cavalcade down Pennsylvania.

prefer not to say for 'security reasons'


Que se vayan todos!!!

19.11.2003 19:37

Thanks from Argentina!!!
Keep up! The civilized world expects a lot from London anti Bush movements.
We, the people of the world, are thousands of millions, they, the stablishment, are a few corporations supported on force and death. We shall win, sooner or later.
Regards to you all!!!



In Solidarity from New York

19.11.2003 20:41

The city I live in was the one that was attacked,
and I still think that George is the Anti-Christ.

I don't believe a word he says; I don't think that
he has the best interests of Americans, let alone
human beings in general, in mind; I think he is a
pernicious influence on the world and must be stopped

Most of the average people that I know likewise despise
George Bush. I wish I were there humiliating him with you;
lieu of that, please accept my little note of
encouragement written in the spirit of solidarity.

Maybe one day soon we, the average people of the world, can make
it so that not one square foot will be left on the planet
where the Anti-christ can have peace of mind. I think we are
very, very close to that goal.

The Bionic Cowlick


In Solidarity from Helsinki, Finland

19.11.2003 21:49

Friends, you are doing a good job! My heart and mind is with you these days.

Be proud of what you are doing. Stand up against the real terrorists. You are not alone, you have the support of millions around the globe!

Nothing ever burns down by itself...



Go London go!

19.11.2003 23:22

Thank you for the protests.

Today I can be proud of being a Londonner. It's nice, as yesterday I was ashamed of living in a country that is sending troops to Iraq!



Solidarity From SYDNEY!

20.11.2003 04:45

Good on ya!
Aussies are with ya, POWER to the peaceful!

Pity we'll have to see you on Saturday night's final, but that's another story... ;^)



Stay pumping London

20.11.2003 08:09

Somebody Has got to do the Job and the Britons has choosen to lead Keep it pumping the Heathens can't be on top forever

Lick Shot


From Denmark with Love...

20.11.2003 09:38

Nice to see the people on the streets. Chase that f*cker back to his white house. And send the bill for closing down London with him.

Activist 9436


Thank You protestors from Germany

Ben Rosenberg, 19.11.2003 21:25

I am very impressed by the pictures of the protests against Bush. We do not need the seed of hate, preemptive wars and mass bombardements.
Love, peace and hands coming together of all people in the word.
I am with You and thanks for Your important engagement full of creativity.



YOU are what REAL democracy looks like/from ameriKKKa

thistle XX, 20.11.2003 05:24

what you are now catching a glimpse of when you see the snipers atop roofs, and the police shutting you down is the REAL power of imperial ameriKKKa.

YOU are what REAL democracy looks like

and this IS what democracy looks like, feels like, sounds like, and smells like! yet, what you are now catching a glimpse of when you see the snipers atop roofs, and the police shutting you down is the REAL power of imperial ameriKKKa. the real might of american EMPIRE exerting its influence around the world. the real violence of a state out of control.

this is the Project for the New American Century unfolding exactly as it’s orchestrators intended. and the associated oppression you are feeling is what the NEW CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT in the us has been experiencing since the onslaught of the patriot act, and the weight of “homeland security” came on the heals of 9/11.

these are the acts of an administration which brought itself to power in a coup, so that a small elite can gain control of the earths last remaining resources by any means necessary.

Bush maybe the greatest danger for peace the earth has ever known, but behind him are even more insidious characters. WE, here in the US are fighting this. so PLEASE bear your brothers and sisters in the US in mind, we are large and we are vocal. however, just as the mainstream news does not present your voice to the american general public, the UK press appears to not show what is really emerging in the US. we have a real DEMOCRATIC movement for change here in the US, and we honor you today.

DIVERISTY is our strength!

in the words of the ZAPATISTAS “democracia, libertad, justica, revolucion!”

peace from albuquerque, New Mexico – cradle of the nuclear weapons industry, and home to a budding vibrant PEACE & JUSTICE community.

- e-mail:


Jolly Good Mates, Let Him Have It! Cheers from 'merica!

Amerikun Made, 20.11.2003 05:39

Let them have it you blokes! Everybody hates a tyrant. I'm tippin' a couple pints of dark ale to y'all right now. Mmmm, yep, that ol' boy really had it commin' an' I guess you'all are a givin' it to him. You can tell ol' Tony Blair to go bugger himself for me. Yep, them ol' boys are really plannin' to put the meat to the rest of the world...yeehaw...we're gonna have a real sock puller now...hooeeee!

Hope that festival you all are havin'will make a difference. Sure looks like a lot of fun. Bet y'all are gonna party all night long at the local pubs then go at it again the next day.


Anyone Not Protesting Is An Idiot

sean, 20.11.2003 06:47

Anyone not protesting Bush being here is a fucking Idiot.

A few GWB Quotes

lifed from

The manufacturing sector has been hit, the textile industry has been hit --
people have lost work. And yet in other sectors of the economy here in
North Carolina are growing.
-- Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Nov. 7, 2003

I'm sure there's a lot of people frightened -- biotechnology is a long word
and it sounds -- they may say, well, I don't know if I'm smart enough to be
in biotechnology, or it sounds too sophisticated to be in biotechnology.
-- Huh? Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Nov. 7, 2003

And then we marched to war, war in Afghanistan and Iraq, all of which
affected the people's confidence. That's a tough -- tough hurdles to cross,
when it came to our economy.
-- Dubya sloppily blames himself for the bad economy, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Nov. 7, 2003

America stands for liberty, for the pursuita happiness and for the unalieinalienable right of life.
-- That's a new one, Washington, D.C., Nov. 5, 2003

America has got some wonderful citizenry who just refuse to be defeated.
-- Or citizens, maybe? Harbison Canyon, California, Nov. 4, 2003

Please know that some of your citizens hurt. Please help them any way you can. The federal government's response is needed and necessary.... The state's response is needed and necessary.

-- Not only needed, but also necessary, El Cajon, California, Nov. 4, 2003

I bring up -- I bring up a preacher because I want to thank all the
preachers who are here, the pastors, those who shepherd. One pastor who is
not here is my friend Jack Graham from Prestonwood Baptist. I bring that up
because social entrepreneurs find out ways to leverage resources in a
proper way. And what Tony Evans has done with Pastor Jack Graham, is to
start an urban suburban and partnership.
-- Another mental detour in Dallas, Texas, Oct. 29, 2003

A President must set great goals, worthy of a great nation. We're a great
nation. Therefore, a President must set big goals. I set a goal for this
country to make the world more peaceful by spreading freedom. Freedom is
not America's gift to the world, freedom is God's gift to each and every
individual in the world. I set a great goal here at home.
-- Self-congratulation (and circular logic) as only Dubya can do it, Dallas, Texas, Oct. 29, 2003

By mentoring a child, you shape the character of a child. And it's a high calling in life, because that influence reaches to eternity.
-- ???, Dallas, Texas, Oct. 29, 2003

See, we want everybody in this country, every person -- we want the addict,
we want the single lonely mom, we want the child, the dyslexic child -- all
to feel a part of the future of this country.
-- Making one-parent families sound like a lonely affliction, similar to drug abuse or dyslexia, Dallas, Texas, Oct. 29, 2003

The world is more peaceful and more free under my leadership.
-- Dubya, President of the World, White House, Oct. 28, 2003

The "Mission Accomplished" sign, of course, was put up by the members of the USS Abraham Lincoln, saying that their mission was accomplished. I know it was attributed some how to some ingenious advance man from my staff -- they weren't that ingenious, by the way.
-- Refusing any and all responsibility for the professionally-printed banner proclaiming "Mission Accomplished" that Dubya stood in front of to give his "Mission Accomplished" speech on the USS Abraham Lincoln, White House, Oct. 28, 2003 [More on This Incident]

It is dangerous in Iraq because there are some who believe that we're soft, that the will of the United States can be shaken by suiciders -- and suiciders who are willing to drive up to a Red Cross center, a center of international help and aid and comfort, and just kill.... The strategy remains the same. The tactics to respond to more suiciders driving cars will alter on the ground.
-- When Dubya makes up a word, he sure sticks to it, White House, Oct. 28, 2003

And, as you notice, yesterday, one fellow tried to -- was done in as a he tried to conduct a suicide mission. In other words, an Iraqi policemen did their job.

-- Grammar master Dubya at work again, White House, Oct. 28, 2003

She's doing a fine job of coordinating interagency. She's doing what her -- I mean -- it shouldn'a -- the, the, the role of the National Security Advisor is to not only provide good advice to the President, which she does on a regular basis -- I value her judgment and her intelligence -- uhh -- but, uhh -- her job is also to deal interagency, and to help unstick things that may get stuck -- is the best way to put it. She's an unsticker. And -- is she listening? Okay, well, she's doing a fine job.
-- On National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, White House, Oct. 28, 2003


United States Apology to France and Germany

John Hawley, 20.11.2003 08:47

The United States erred in ignoring the advice of two of its allies France and Germany.
An apology is due these two countries and hopefully President Bush will agree to this letter.

Not long after German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's declaration that Germans and Americans must work together to win the peace in Iraq, George W. Bush addressed the United Nations. A savvy president would have seized the opportunity to mend fences with the world and our closest allies by offering the proverbial olive branch, as he asked all able nations for help in the rebuilding effort. But instead Bush told the world that the United States was right to go to war against Iraq and (by implication) everyone other than Great Britain and a few other coalition nations was wrong.

Now Bush owes an apology to the United Nations and, in particular, two of Americas closest allies: France and Germany. I am not optimistic that President Bush would ever admit to mistreating Americas allies, just as the president would never admit to a flawed policy in deciding to go to war without broad, international support. But if this administration were ever to apologize, an appropriate letter to France and Germany should look something like this:

Just as the French have had national politics polluted by the divisiveness of Jean-Marie Le Pen's National Front extreme right wing rhetoric so has the U.S. also suffered under the politics of Republicans. We share similar constitutional heritages with our founding father, Thomas Jefferson, a one-time ambassador to France and the leading proponent of French style democracy within the U.S. constitutional model. Our elections through redistricting processes have allowed our Republican party to take advantage of rural and working class districts' economic and social unrest to culminate this right-wing politic much as the Republikaner (Republican) party of Germany was able to do under Franz Schonhuber in the mid-eighties.

The U.S. Republican party is also a coalition of disparate groups including religious zealots some of which support Israel as one more required step in fulfilling a scriptural ingredient toward the end of the world. First they die and then everyone else in a policy no less fanatical than that found in radical Islam. The general message of our Republicans, like yours, is one of unification of the disaffected opposed to the unfamiliar, which includes immigrants that would threaten not only jobs, but now our very existence as possible members of terrorist cells.

As the French newspaper Le Monde thankfully expressed it after the tragedy of September 11, "We are all Americans." We appreciate President Jacques Chirac's declaration of solidarity with "we are entirely with the American people." We also thank the German people and for the gestures of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder in calling the attacks "cowardly" and that "this battle that we are fighting along with our American friends is not yet won - neither in Afghanistan nor anywhere else in the world."

It was the blunder of this administration that was not popularly elected that branded the leaders of new Europe "old." They were wrong and we will work for their removal in the coming election so that we might once again be able to move forward in our shared and enlightened Western traditions with respect for the diversity of our views and cultures toward a better tomorrow for all people.

A letter such as this could go a long way toward mending fences with France and Germany. Unfortunately, given this administrations track record of never admitting mistakes or showing humility, I am not optimistic that our allies will ever receive such a letter.

- e-mail:


Good Luck On the Protests From NYX

20.11.2003 10:52

Get out there and protest my UK brothers and sisters!

Jam those streets people. Show the world that you won't be bullied! Our news has been screaming "big protests against Bush expected". Give to them while you've got them watching. You've got a great opportunity to show everyone how YOU really feel about Bush and Bliar (sic), please don't miss your chance!

We in NYC stand in solidarity with you and wish that we could be with you. We are though with you in spirit and will send you all the energy that you need.

May peace and love light your way!

Stand Tall!

Mrs Gee


20.11.2003 22:59

In 10 days, we're prepared the same accueil 4 Colin Powel, the bush's dog, in holland.

love bagdad

blob 0012
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Greetings from Germany!

20.11.2003 23:58

I was following the script on the Thursday demonstrations in England and I found it really impressive that so many people turned out and have conducted themselves well in general. I hope that there were no accidents or people getting seriously hurt by the police for example. I feel strongly that Bush is a threat to world peace and prosperity and hope that this great demonstration that took place today somehow contributes toward his electoral defeat in the next elections. I am so pleased to see that many English people share my feelings about Bush. I am so glad to see that Blair does not have most people in England in favor of his foreign policy and his unconditional support of USA.
And believe me I am not an anti american German. Personally, I have lived many years in the United States and have spend the best years of my life there in college. Being against Bush and his neo conservative adminstration is not equvalent to being anti american. Anway before I begin to ramble, I shall close with a sincere thank you England!!!

Jesko H.

Kiwis with you

21.11.2003 00:08

Kia ora,
message of soilidarity from Aotearoa (NZ).
Power to you, we are watching.
Kia Kaha


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