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Who Is Hutton? - revealing history by Re-Sista!

Re-Sista! | 28.01.2004 22:50

A history of Hutton's life, from Bloody Sunday cover up to Pinochet affair to Iraq war lies.

So Who the Hell is Hutton?
By Re-Sista! 28/1/04

Upon his resignation as BBC chairman Gavyn Davies commented on the irreconcilable contradictions between Hutton's "bald conclusions" and the balance of evidence presented to the actual Inquiry.

Even BBC political editor Andrew Marr comments on Huttons underlying assumptions and background, making him more likely to believe and trust certain social groups: "again and again, he comes down on the side of politicians and officials."

So who is Hutton, and what is in his background to come to these extraordinary conclusions? What has lead to the reports extraordinary absolution of Blair's war lies and attack on journalistic freedom?

The 72 year old Baron Hutton of Bresagh, County of Down, North Ireland, is a classic representative of the British ruling establishment. A member of the Anglo-Irish elite, he was educated at Shewsbury all boys boarding school, and then Balliol, Oxford, before entering the exclusive club of the British Judiciary. Whilst British
Judges are overwhelmingly conservative, upper class, white, male and biased, Hutton's background is even more compromised.

His name will be familiar to residents of the Six counties of Ulster. During the bloody thrity years war Hutton was an instrument of British state repression, starting in the late 1960's as junior counsel to the Northern Ireland attorney general, and by 1988 rising to the top job of Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland.

Hutton spent his career as Judge and Jury in the notorious northern Ireland kangaroo 'Diplock Courts'. These were special non-Jury courts, condemned by human rights advocates for their miscarriages of justice. He was hated for this role by the families of the many innocent catholics wrongly convicted here.

Hutton distinguished himself after the Bloody Sunday massacre of civil rights protesters in 1972. He played a key role in the ensuing judicial cover-up called the Widgery Inquiry which absolved British troops of Murder. This miscarriage of justice is only now being investigated by the current Saville inquiry.

Then in 1978 he represnted the British Government before the European Court of Human Rights, defending it against a ruling that it abused and maltreated detainees from the conflict.

However, he will be remembered in the rest of the UK for his role in the 1999 Pinochet affair. Another senior Judge, Lord Hoffman had contributed to the decision to arrest and extradite the notorious former dicator of Chile and mass murderer General Pinochet during his visit to Britain.

As a law lord, Hutton led the rightwing attack on Lord Hoffman, on the excuse that Hoffman's links to the human rights group amnesty international invalidated Pinochets arrest! Lord Hutton said "public confidence in the integrity of the administration of justice would be shaken" if Lord Hoffman's ruling was not overturned.

More recently, Hutton was also involved in the ruling that David Shayler, the former MI5 agent, could not argue he was acting in the public interest by revealing secrets.

This history of intimate links with, and knowledge of Britains secret military intelligence operations meant he could be a trusted pair of hands when it came to the Kelly affair.



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Thank you Resista

29.01.2004 09:54

This detail is fascinating: but why the FICK didn't we make Hutton's record public at the time he was appointed to the do the enquiry?

What a friggin whitewash, I am so angry!


Is anyone suprised?

29.01.2004 12:59

Did anyone really think that Bliar would allow someone to tell the truth without bias and blemish his perfect reputation?

Hutton is another puppet


They Were

29.01.2004 13:29

Details about Hutton's background and connections were made public straight after the annoucement of the enquiry. Where do you think this kind of information goes? Nowhere!

There were a few quiet murmers from various guests on Radio 4, but these kind of facts are normally buried, after all which section of society runs the press? If we were told to distrust Hutton because of his background then we would be able to infer that we should not trust the media? Why do you think a porn barron gets so much criticism for owning a newspaper?

Most people here don't trust the press or the repressive occupiers / controllers of our little islands, but when it comes to the general public, the growing distrust is a slow but steady drip.

Keep up the good work and never keep information to youself just because you dont think it will be seen!


As DG resigns - It all starts to make sense - come back Greg

29.01.2004 14:19

give this freemason a paintbrush and a bucket of thin white paint
give this freemason a paintbrush and a bucket of thin white paint
An Phoblacht/Republican News · Thursday 24 July 2003

Hutton appointment smacks of cover-up

The announcement by British Prime Minister Tony Blair of a judicial inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly this week - to be headed up by Lord Hutton of Bresagh - has provided the requisite pause or, more accurately, a desperately needed breathing space, for Blair, Alasdair Campbell and the British Secretary of State for Defence, Geoff Hoon. However, Hutton's appointment, to those who know of his previous dealings in relation to the Six Counties, is likely to raise further questions over what is already a very murky and puzzling ordeal.

Hoon is the man many believe is responsible for organising what one report called a "media strategy" for slipping Dr Kelly's name into the public domain. As Blair has consistently demonstrated during his tour of the Far East, the prospective inquiry allows him and his ministers to simply refuse to answer the difficult questions being thrown at them.

On the question of the inquiry itself, the British government has already tried to limit its scope to the immediate circumstances of Dr Kelly's death, rather than looking into the bigger issue of how the British parliament was duped into agreeing to the invasion of Iraq. Whether it succeeds remains to be seen, but the judge chosen to head the inquiry will be a familiar name to many in the Six Counties as a man with some form, particularly in respect of defending the interests of government.

72-year-old Lord Hutton of Bresagh was, in his former incarnation as Sir Brian Hutton, a high court judge from 1979 until 1988, when he became the Lord Chief Justice of the Six Counties. He was also the legal advisor to the Ministry of Home Affairs under the old Stormont government and, in that role, acted for the British government when it was called before the European Court of Human Rights, accused of the inhuman and degrading treatment of internees. In 1986 he acquitted the RUC police officer who killed Seán Downes with a plastic bullet fired at point blank range.

In 1999 Hutton, now a law lord, became involved in a case brought by two lawyers, Séamus Treacey and Barry MacDonald - both of whom currently represent the families of the Bloody Sunday victims at the Saville inquiry. Treacey and MacDonald mounted a legal objection to the requirement for all newly appointed QCs to make an oath of loyalty to the British monarch. Hutton wrote to the then British Attorney General, warning that, "If you decide to remove the requirement for a declaration it will appear that you are - being influenced by political pressure to alter the procedure relating to an office which links Northern Ireland with the Crown". Justice Kerr dismissed the case made by Treacey and MacDonald, citing Hutton's comments in his judgement.

Also in 1999, Hutton was one of the law lords who ruled that the former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet should receive immunity from arrest and extradition for crimes against humanity. During the case, Hutton criticised one of his fellow judges on the case, Lord Hoffman, for not declaring his links with Amnesty International.

Hutton was also involved in the case of David Shayler, the former MI5 agent. He and his colleagues ruled against Shayler's argument that he was acting in the public interest when he exposed the illegal activities of British intelligence forces, including collusion. Shayler was later jailed.

- Homepage:

Hutton and the Widgery Inquiry into Bloody Sunday

29.01.2004 14:21

See also:

Is the Mr Brian Hutton QC who representing the MoD after (at?) the Widgery Inquiry the same Lord Hutton? It would appear so!

Here is some of what the BBC archive page says (edited):


1973: 'Bloody Sunday' inquest accuses Army

The coroner presiding over the "Bloody Sunday" inquest has accused the British army of "sheer unadulterated murder". The accusation came from the Londonderry City coroner, Major Hubert O'Neill, after the inquest jury returned an open verdict on the deaths.

But Mr Brian Hutton, QC, representing for the Ministry of Defence told Major O'Neill the inquest had heard only part of the evidence. "It is not for you or the jury to express such wide-ranging views, particularly when a most eminent judge has spent 20 days hearing evidence and come to a very different conclusion," Mr Hutton said.


Oliver Tickell
- Homepage:

More info from airstripone

29.01.2004 14:31

By Philip Chaston -

Why Hutton? - 30th July 2003, 22.50

The name of Lord Hutton, Law Lord and crossbencher, was rapidly canvassed to head the committee of inquiry examining Kelly's death. The judge was a distinguished figure, scion of the Anglo-Irish establishment that educated its sons in public schools and Oxbridge, grooming them for the highest positions of state within Stormont whilst assuring that their identities were wedded to the wider Empire. Hutton was no exception: educated at Shrewsbury and a Balliol man, before further studies at Queen's College, Belfast and entry to the Northern Ireland Bar.

Such an eminent background, including an excellent first in jurisprudence does not explain "why Hutton?" as opposed to any other spare member of the 'great and the good' who could be conscripted into public service for the duration. This Law Lord was Chief Justice for Northern Ireland from 1988 and had a notable career as a judge, defending state interests in the conflict. Brian Hutton QC represented the soldiers in the Widgery inquiry into "Bloody Sunday". He represented the British government against claims of mistreatment in the European Court of Human Rights in 1978. His last 'vocal' intervention was the request for Lord Hoffman to declare his 'interest' in Amnesty International during the Pinochet case.

For those who would claim that the security services hold some undefined interest in this affair, it is clear that Hutton is one of the few judges considered trustworthy enough to be encumbered with their secrets. Hutton's appointment indicates that the Blair administration had to turn to one of the more conservative figures on the bench to head the inquiry, a lord with past links to the security services and an adept knowledge of the pressures that law and intelligence exert on each other. However, Hutton is probably a compromise candidate, considered suitable by the secret services and by the Blairite politicians. The question of whether the 'public interest', for a transparent inquiry that will reveal the events leading up to Kelly's death, will be represented remains unproven. Will one of the inquiry's main objectives, unspoken but clear, be the avoidance of embarrassing revelations for all parties involved in Kelly's death?

I suspect that we shall see more smears.

Oliver Tickell

Tell Phoney bLIAR what you think of him - it's easy ...

29.01.2004 15:09

Log on to this address:

and follow the "Contact" link to find the page where you can send Tony a web-mail message from your browser ...

Like this (but write what you feel) ...

Dear Phoney,

The Hutton whitewash is a disgrace. It just goes to show what lengths you will go to to defend your war crimes and lies. That establishment stooge Hutton should be ashamed of himself - at least produce a balanced report when you ask for a cover-up - the one-sidedness of his propaganda gives it away somewhat!

What did we expect? I did think that the zionist media and your masters (the people who bribe you: ) had used you for doing their dirty zionist nazi work and now it was time for them to replace you with another brainless puppet. It seems as though they want you to hang on in there a bit more. The stooge who produced this whitewash of the "suicide"(!!!!) of Dr Kelly used to be a NI judge, did he not? How many civilian murders did the monkey cover up there?

There are no WMD. You are a liar and a murderer. You should resign NOW - you have had more time to find them than you gave the UN! David Kay, head of your beloved ISG has quit saying there are NO and were NO WMD. You were too stupid (or too influenced by the zionist cabal occupying the Whitehouse) to listen to the million Brits who marched against you - now you should pay the price for your stupidity. Resign NOW. Your dirty war and occupation for "israel" has to end.
Your war crimes will not go unpunished - we will be calling you for trial and imprisonment/execution for the rest of your sorry life.

Burn in hell you baby-killing scum. Send you own spoilt children to clear the cluster bombs in Iraq and don't complain when their arms are blown off.

Angry Manc

Angry Manc
mail e-mail:

B.B.C. v Bush-Blair Cronies

29.01.2004 16:50

in many ways i am glad the bbc are squirming, remember they are the establishment as much as much as blair and hutton, its ok its seems for them to start moaning now, but where was the real resistance-reporting of the war when it started..also i come from a community with a long memory eg the miners strike, the bbc pissed on us then, so for me they are all the same....heres to a grass roots peoples media...!!!

its all tosh

To Angry Manc

29.01.2004 20:36

Ah, I knew those no-good Zionists had something to do about it? How about the Mossad?

In the meanwhile, doesn't Saddam Hussein feel stupid. He should have just let in the inspectors and complied with all the SC resolutions.


Pat Kincaid
mail e-mail:


30.01.2004 09:13

Hutton walks around untroubled while all the "anti fascists" demonstrate against the BNP. The real Fascists are laughing. Blair Brown Straw and Blunkett are consolidating Thatcher's Economic Fascism and our "Anti Fascists" do not give a damn. I think their leaders are moles in Anti fascism in the same way as Blair is a Thatcherite mole destroying the Labour Party.

See for "Judge acquits Felon who appointed him" which ends where this starts.

- Homepage:

To Pat the zionist propagandist

30.01.2004 15:58

Pat's comments shown by ***

*** "Ah, I knew those no-good Zionists had something to do about it?"

- You are right - most zionists are "no-good" - they adhere to the racist ideology of zionism and reject Judiasm and the Torah in their rabid quest for an ethnically cleansed "state" of "israel". Get a life you zionist extemist and stop defending apartheid, land theft, collective punishments, more ignored UN resolutions than any other nation on Earth, the murder of innocent Palestinian bystanders in (not so) "targetted" killings with illegal weapons etc. The difference between the racist ideology of "zionism" and the peaceful religion that is Judiasm is explained here or (not by me, but by Jews themselves). So keep blowing your zionist trumpet of racism and apartheid if you want or join the human race and embrace peace. Screw the illegal zionist occupation of Palestine - the racists were defeated in South Africa and if morons like you stopped defending the non-Jewish actions of the non-Jewish Likudians then we might get somewhere. Don't whinge about suicide bombers - ask yourself what repression and abuse these people must be suffering to resort to this act. Every zionist is responsible for the suffering of Palestinians - real Jews who do not reject the Torah as zionists have oppose this fake "state" of "israel" and would be happy to live in peace with Muslims in Palestine when it is freed from the brutal and bloody zionist occupation.

*** "How about the Mossad?"

- How about them, hey? I never said or implied that they had anything to with Hutton, but suprise surprise some zionist nazi tries to discredit me again by bringing up Mossad. Mind you, this moron just gives me another opportunity to talk about what they HAVE been up to! Like the fake "Al Qaeda" cell they tried to set up in Palestine (they fake a lot of terrorism do Al Mossad - look up "false flag operations" on Google) - ... Or how about the the 5 "israelis" who were arrested in New York on 9/11 because they were dancing and laughing while they filmed the attack? They had boxcutters in their van when arrested (check out the ABC News report below) ...

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." -- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring.

Mossad - scum of the Earth defending a fake "state" with tactics they picked up from their Nazi friends ... (What! You don't know that the zionists (not the real Jews) collaborated with the Nazis?)!!!!

51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis

"By way of deception, thou shalt do war" - The motto of the Mossad

*** In the meanwhile, doesn't Saddam Hussein feel stupid.

- I don't know - why don't you ask his friend Rumsfeld or the US/UK governments that actually sold him all of the WMD? Nice try to make it look like I support Saddam (I think he should be executed WITH BUSH/BLAIR/SHARON) ... The zionist stooges and intellectual prostitutes who write in the zionist-controlled media like to pretend that all those who opposed the war supported Saddam (when it is acutally the case that we hate him as much as we hate the 3 satans listed above) ... While your zionist friends now occupying the Whitehouse were arming Saddam we were acutally making our opposition to this act very clear. Your pathetic slurs mean nothing you zionist spook - just keep sucking Bush's cock and don't forget that he got where he is with Nazi money. If you are a "Jewish" zionist then you should be even more ashamed of yourself as your ancestors' blood is all over the dollars in Bush's bank ....

*** "He should have just let in the inspectors and complied with all the SC resolutions."

- Like that would have made a difference! This was a pre-planned attack by the zionist cabal now occupying the Whitehouse. These arguments have been done before - and frankly when people like O'Neill are saying the same, when the PNAC letter spells it out, when there are no WMD found and the head of the Iraq Survey Group resigns saying there are NO WMD then I think it is time you "rightwing" zionists SHUT THE F&CK UP ...

Angry Manc
mail e-mail:

who is Hutton

30.01.2004 22:37

That's the kind of action that makes people become terrorists.

mail e-mail:

Bliar and Hutton: The Poodle's Poodle

31.01.2004 01:50

Angry about Bliar, Hutton, and this corrupt government, then join us at the group above and air your opinions and views.

Also, make certain to sign the petition calling for Bliar's resignation.



- Homepage:

Strange Bedfellows

31.01.2004 03:05

Oh, how the quest for oil makes strange bedfellows. I noticed Donald Rumsfeld's name came up, so here's a good website to visit. 20 years ago, my country, the USA was in bed with Saddam Hussein.

In 2003, they used the atrocities of 9/11 to scare Americans into supporting a war on him, with Bu$h stating that he had WMD's that were an "imminent threat." No one is saying Saddam never had WMD's, we (the USA), kept the sales receipts. Just that they were gone by the time Dubya invaded to go looking for them. For the record:

"Wolfie" has been strangely silent here, wonder if he's been muzzled.

Helen Greer
mail e-mail:

Globo neo-cons, The Lying mad men

31.01.2004 06:07

So they build their world with great confusion to force on us the Devils illusion.
Despite the unilateralism that we objected to we find it ok for Hutton proceed as though there was a difference. It appears that the greater part of Great Britain settled in America that forced England to follow and not lead the Unprincipled- Sacrileges- of Atrocities (USA).

Davy de Verteuil
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Did Hutton ever go to his own web site?

01.02.2004 12:27

Like thousands of other people around the world, I followed the hearings with the documents on Hutton's web site.

After reading his report, I have to wonder if Hutton ever looked at the documents he received as evidence. Doesn't the guy know that people from the far four corners of the earth have looked at those documents, have read what they say, and can compare his conclusions to the evidence before him ?

J Jackson

to stupid pat kinkate (or something)

03.02.2004 20:02

jews are behind most,u laugh ,and wake up in a jewish world state with jews running the oil and the rich.
mad man is right ,we are in danger from these jews ,we should eliminate them if they dint want to join th human race and share the planet with the rest of us.
as for the rich ,they are just protecting theuir own benefits,it is those poor who help them who deserve to be punished .the traitors of the working classes ,are those who help the few rule.those who join the armies and the police forces around the world.these are the one who w should eliminate,the traitors who think they will get a piece of the cake from the rich if they suck their ass.


wrong on diplock

05.02.2004 00:01

your comments on diplock are false.

The tragedy of diplock was that many murderers were released and upon their

release many murdered again.

mail e-mail:

A special award to Tony Blair

28.02.2004 18:43

16th December 2003

Prime Minister Anthony Blair

10 Downing Street

London SW1 A 2AA


Dear Prime Minister Blair,

It is a distinct pleasure to inform you that the ‘NOTABLE committee for liar of the year’ has by unanimous decision declared you ‘ NOTABLE liar of the year for 2003’. Normally, the committee makes its decision in January of the New Year. On this occasion, your mendacity so impressed us that for the first time in the committee’s history exemption was made in acknowledgement of your achievements.

There can be no doubt that in your capacity as Prime Minister, you lied brilliantly in support of the war in Iraq. No less a person than Saddam Hussein, is reputed to have said of one of your falsehoods, that you had just uttered, “The mother of all lies”. We crave your indulgence while we recall some of your finer moments.

We noted the unflinching servility with which you dedicated yourself to lying for President Bush as his poodle, in advancing the case for war against Iraq. The claim that Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) was a high point. It showed exceptional commitment to fabrication when months after Saddam’s statue was toppled in Baghdad, and it was clear no WMDs existed, you resolutely lied on.

One cannot forget, when you were caught out on the fib about Iraq trying to buy uranium from Niger how you held fast to the lie. It showed strength of character when you shared the fib with your friend George Bush, and led him to repeat the lie in the State of the Union address. It did not go unnoticed that the CIA had dropped the Niger assertion, but you ducked in to another lie, embraced the original lie, and reasserted that the information shared with the CIA had been based on separate intelligence. That was clearly no simple cock-and-bull story, but a really imaginative and monstrous lie that greatly impressed the committee.

It was astoundingly brilliant when you faked the ’45 minutes’ Iraqi capacity for deployment of WMDs. Hans Blix’s exposure of that lie, in his diplomatic turn of phrase as you having made a “fundamental mistake” never detracted you from further barefaced lying. Your performance in the House of commons, and your twisted-tongue statements have all helped to get you to the top. The use of the dodgy dossier before the Security Council has to be a source of much pride for you.

We recalled President Clinton’s famous words, which had nearly earned him the prize, when he said, “I never had sex with that woman”. The committee realised then that Monica had blown it, but Bill ended up blowing it too when he relented and said that he had made a mistake. By contrast Tony, under pressure you resolutely lied on, and that commanded our admiration and has made you, ‘El numero uno fibber and fabricator’.

It is a distinct privilege to acknowledge that you are not an ordinary liar, but a liar of the first magnitude. Tony Blair, on behalf of the committee, I bestow upon you the honour ‘NOTABLE LIAR FOR THE YEAR 2003’.






NOTABLE’S NEW book is entitled “ Learn the Law: a retarded text for advanced readers”, and can be purchased online at - or - -or -

Courtenay Barnett
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

defender of the government

01.04.2004 21:49

has everyone seen the film 'In The Name of The Father'? our esteemed friend Lord Hutton conducted an enquiry into the convictions of the Guildford Four when he was Chief Justice for Northern Ireland (and then a mere Sir Brian Hutton).

Guess what? He didn't take any action against the Metropolitan police. And they only got an apology in 2001 (?) from Blair. Still no proper compensation though.



01.08.2004 14:45

Pat, What planet are you on? Or are you paid to spread misinformation?

Iraq let the inspectors in and was complying with the Security Council resolutions. The war you love to cheerlead was without any legal grounding whatsoever as you know full well.


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