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Surrealism in 2004

Keith Wigdor | 21.08.2004 21:38 | Analysis | Culture | Indymedia | London | World

A statement on the hypocrisy and deception that occurs in the surrealist movement today. Surrealism must INVOLVE EVERYONE, not just a select few!


My name is Keith Wigdor and I am a Surrealist! Surrealism is a movement that involves all forms of mental activity intended to destroy logic. There is no orthodox tradition when it comes to a Revolution of the Mind, an overwhelming desire to embrace chance, and contempt against hypocrisy most of all! There are no leaders here, there exists no groups, no closed doors. There exists the need to free humanity from its own predispositions toward conformity and enslavement to thought control, to eliminate all rational states of mind, to overcome subordination to the social order and to exorcise all the demons of tradition from one's life. Surrealism strives for the poem beyond one's control. There is only poetry and that poetry is the image from the irrational. This is where my work comes from and all the secrets of the, "structured" self become exposed and the results are to be examined by all. Surrealism maintains no closed doors!!! There are so called, "Surrealist Groups" that claim to speak on behalf of the movement, by staging bogus protests while offering their goods for sale in art shows that are in essence no different than the capitalist spectacle that they claim to protest against. I organized a Surrealist Online Event, SURREALISM 2003, where I presented artists and poets willing to collectively organize and exhibit their art online and available for all to see. The necessity to bypass the mechanism of the art world and the consumerist model of exhibiting one's work for sale alone was successfully accomplished, and this was by artists and poets who willingly participated in SURREALISM 2003, with the intention to overcome the resistance and closed doors of Surrealism, that to this day remains under the control of wannabe hack surrealists who claim to liberate us from control! Their actions result in the refusal to assure the public of the validity and importance of Surrealist Exploration and Activity. The Transformation of Life by Desire can be accompished by the willingness to INVOLVE ALL, instead of the select few, who are responsible for the ignorance that comes with the Misunderstanding of Surrealism. It comes as no surprise when so called established, "Surrealists" ridicule and mock their critics and detractors when they are confronted with the failures of this movement. Even Andre Breton recognized the June 1936 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF SURREALISM in London as a major turning point for Surrealism along with its influence on the hearts and minds of the public. Remember that it was also ART that did inject enormous energy into the movement, though we all know that POETRY is the first frontier of Surrealist Exploration. So to dismiss other artists who are willing to explore the marvelous, is a big mistake and harmful to the potential that Surrealism has to offer. We all share the INTERNAL WORLD MODEL OF COGNITION, so it is really inevitable that ALL humans interact with the very real self-model that is within us all. This interaction is the perspective that Surrealism examines and with the tools of the Unconscious, the Irrational, the Automatic, we can take a highly reduced abstraction, the mind, and make it coherent and understandable, without being labeled as careless and ambivalent. Surrealism does achieve the impossible, does it not? What else can be so essential to prove that the logical consistency of rational thought alone always produces the same expected output, which is harmful to our growth and evolution. The lack of variation and input from other artists and poets does not help the movement. If Surrealism chooses to make a preference of distinction to Bugs Bunny, The Marx Brothers, Blues Musicians from the past, and Eroticism, etc, is it not being sincere to its formal qualities of integration with other phenomenon, or even other people like me, KEITH WIGDOR and YOU, to achieve its goals? Surrealism does posses a basic tenet and that is to place the powers of the unconscious mind at the disposal of the waking mind. Hysteria is also the most effective and a worthy adversary of civilization's rational model, for it is one of Surrealism's main assets in the explicit and complete destruction of logic and its gross sensibilty. Ever wonder why Surrealism has had such difficulty in demonstrating its enormous potential? Keith Wigdor, 2004

Keith Wigdor


Hide the following 42 comments

Very interesting!

21.08.2004 22:31



hey arty people.. its good to think and express

22.08.2004 16:03

fish??!??!!! surrealism? contemporary time analysis and context juxtoposition to create third space and fourth layer meanings and emotion and rational thought. beyond accedemia, time is art

what time is it?

roderick fish

Keith is full of sh*t

12.09.2004 22:58

Wigdor pickles
Wigdor pickles

Wigdor, art-whore extraordinaire!!!!
Wigdor, art-whore extraordinaire!!!!

Beware of Keith Wigdor. He's racist and phony, and surrealists in the US don't want to have anything to do with him. Beware!

Daddy Snoops

Daddy Snoops

Keith, I apologize for the above attacks

16.09.2004 00:20

Keith, Its Daddy Snoops. I apologize for the above attacks.

Daddy Snoops

F*ck you, Keith!

16.09.2004 20:02

No, Keith, I am not the least bit sorry, you ridiculous filth!

Hasn't your vodka supply run out yet?

Uncle Snapps

Uncle Snapps

Keith, please forgive Uncle Snapps

17.09.2004 04:44

Keith, the drugs have worn off now and after coming down from the binge, I have decided to help you by apologizing to you for all the unjust abuse that you been getting. You see, we are a bunch of *ucking hypocrites, who like to suck on the leather of corporate whore*uckers like Dr.Martens,we are really not surrealists. We are desperate for money and we only abuse the people will are jealous of, so even when we say, "F**k You Keith, we really want to lick your balls.
Daddy Snoops and Uncle Snaps (gothette sqaud distro) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Daddy Snoops or goth slut

Screw you, you Yankee flake!

17.09.2004 17:26

Keith, you really are a frustrated, impotent maggot, do you know that? I'm glad you don't have any children of your own to poison.

In the past month or so that you've been carrying on with this "surrealism in 2004" charade, you haven't done anything constructive. I think you're really just a lonely crank who is out to waste other people's time.

In your "text," all you do is bitch about how people have shut you out of surrealism, yet, what have you done lately? If you really are surrealism incarnate, then why not produce something new and revolutionary, besides your whining and complaining? If you really were a surrealist, then you wouldn't need any external validation; instead, you'd just go on creating and whatever, regardless of what this or that person or group thinks. Is collage the only thing you are capable of doing? Is that the core of 'Wigdor surrealism'? You can do better than that, can't you? Instead of making derogatory pictures and pretending to be other people, you could have spent the past month creating something.

[I bet you'll totally ignore the above paragraph, Heh, heh, heh. You always ignore the important stuff. That's just your style, I guess.]

Grandpappy Hemlock

Grandpa Hemlock
mail e-mail:

Well, now that I think about it

19.09.2004 20:28

Well, now that I think about it, I really do feel that my above attack against Keith was uncalled for, after all I am a drunk and unemployed! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! WANK, WANK!!!!! What a tit this lot is! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, piss off!

Grandpappy Hemlock

Answer the question, Keith!

22.09.2004 18:48

Hey Keith, why don't you just answer the Grandpa's questions, instead of being a jerk?

Portland Indy Moderator

Portland Indy Moderator

Surrealism has already validated Keith Wigdor!

23.09.2004 03:07

Anyone can claim to be Grandpappy Hemlock or Keith Wigdor or Jeff the Portland Indymedia Moderator. This is a virtual realm so that is something we cannot escape from. Keith Wigdor never stated that he was, "shut out" of surrealism. Keith Wigdor is Surrealism and Keith Wigdor is on the other side, already with all the animals. Lemers see you in the night! Gremlins take pictures! Hurricanes are the spirits of the indians seeking revenge on this polluted land! The white rose is a mirror, heat, soft and incredible. Why do surrealists seek closure on the notion? They cannot see! That is why!

search and destroy

Keith Wigdor's emotional problems

24.09.2004 16:46

To all of those who want to understand the Psyche of Keith Wigdor:

We all know that keith is one of those vengeful, e-spamming flakes who has nothing better to do with his time. We also know that at one point in his life he was either abused and/or neglected by his father. Perhaps Keith also had an EMOTIONALLY inappropriate relationship with his mother (i.e. emotional codependence), so it should be understandable that Keith would be the type of guy that he is, including his insecure gender. Because he was ignored and/or humiliated during his younger years, he now needs to assert himself, trying to lash out at his memories of the past. The people who hurt him from his youth inspire him to lash out at the people he encounters in the present. A classic case of displaced aggression.

Since Keith does not seem capable of introspection, or self-analysis, he becomes a social menace, as well as an outcast, of sorts. He oscillates between being a nasty, antisocial boor and also being an oedipal, obsequious, boot-licking social-dwarf. That's why nobody likes him.

But more than anything, Keith is dying for people to pay attention to him, because he never has his emotional needs met. At this point, Keith doesn't even mind receiving negative attention (in place of the positive kind), just because he is so emotionally-starved. In this sense, his anti-social behaviors reveal desperation.

When was the last time somebody loved you, Keith?

Dr. Straczynsky

Dr. Fred Straczynsky

Dr. Fred Straczynsky

24.09.2004 19:36

Dr. Fred Straczynsky, why do you provide a psychiatric analysis of Keith as you attack him? Your misguided and immature attempts at trying to evaluate someone in the virtual realm has proven that you are a total tool. Surrealism is the issue here, not Keith. You see Fred, logic has its grasp on you. It dances you around and around on display for the other robots that you collaborate with in your containment. Even Peret was a tool. A toy soldier who was more obnoxious than a revolutionary and certianly a substandard surrealist poet as well. Fred, please do us all a big favor and kill yourself before you corrupt surrealism with your backwash. Next.....


Why did everything go so wrong?

24.09.2004 23:19

I should have never been a surrealist! My poetry was terrible and my lame contributions to surrealism where overshadowed by the greatness of Dali. I always hated being Benjamin Peret. I always wanted to be Dali, but I could not paint, so I wrote nothing but trash.

Benjie Peret, from the afterlife

Benjamin Peret from the afterlife

Keith, why are you bashing Peret?

26.09.2004 03:08

this is Caroline, your aunt. I want to know why you are bashing Benjamin Peret's good name? I think you are attacking him only out of spite, because of your own mental bankruptcy.

BTW, how big is your package? I haven't seen your ding-a-ling in many years. Michael Jackson came over for a visit today, and was asking about you, too. Gee Willakers, I haven't molested you in a long time!

Tootle pip,
Carry Wigdor

Caroline Wigdor


26.09.2004 03:14

I like this surreal dude Keith! If anyone can get some people so excited like this then he is cool with me! I like this dude's rant! The thread is a laugh riot! Keep on with the surreal, Keith!


The jerk Peret

26.09.2004 18:29

Benjamin Peret was a jerk.....---off! Jerkoff!

Father Beranski

Keith, we apologize for abusing you

05.10.2004 23:24

Keith, please forgive us, we didn't mean it. We apologize.

eric, xtian, andrew

Love your stuff, Keithy-Whore

26.10.2004 17:58

Hello my sumptuous little Keithy!

I didn't have the chance to tell you what a wonderful evening I had with you, when you judged that faux-surrealist film showing. The whole evening is a blur now, but even still, a warm and fuzzy blur! (the pink champagne will do it every time :-) The last thing I remember is when you sat in my lap during the final film and told me how you get a real thrill out of licking my boots. It was at that moment that I was reminded that you are the cutest little art whore I've ever had all to myself!

Love and kisses,
Terrence Lindall

p.s. good luck with the self-promotional activities on wikipedia! And good luck with the "Trash from around the world" art show. All of your pieces have arrived, and I must say, they are very well hung (on the gallery walls, that is!)

Terrence Lindall

Read this comrades

13.11.2004 04:46


For the last few years, the terms “surrealist” and “surrealism” have been used abusively by computer-assisted artists and groups of artists. The essence of their activity consists of abandoning themselves to the imaginary of graphic art software in order to produce, on a sustained rhythm, a fantastic imagery of weak passional intensity, where nobody can recognise, without bad faith, the aspiration to the marvellous and to the re-enchantment of the world by dream, desire and utopia that hitherto had marked the pictorial creations of surrealists, from Max Ernst to Hans Bellmer, from Toyen to Guy Girard. Within the genre, we already know the very overwrought phantasmagoria of the self-proclaimed “Swiss surrealist”, H.R.Giger, the designer of the film, Alien; we now discover the productions of a phantom-like “International Surrealist Group.” Based in the Netherlands, it draws together participants who – taking their proclamations into consideration – have nothing in common other than presenting their poor productions on the internet; this they know all too well, as they unhesitatingly place themselves under the banner of “webism”, within a “global” network of artists from which every surrealist ethic is absent, so as to entertain themselves in complete virtuality with almost nothing. This confusionist enterprise scarcely deserved our sympathetic attention, had not, from 27th May to 2nd July 2004, an “international group exhibition” been held in the Museumquarter of Vienna, outside of the virtual world this time and within the sordid reality of cultural institutions; and had not, as a member of the aforementioned “International Surrealist Group”, the principal animator of “Zazie’s Zone” participated in this exhibition, even though sponsored by the town hall of Vienna or the Austrian State. Until then, despite the enduring reservations of several of its members, the Paris Group of the Surrealist Movement had consented to maintain links with this “site.” One will understand that, in the present conditions, these links, henceforth, will no longer exist.

The Paris Group of the Surrealist Movement
22nd September 2004


Surrealism is Webism! Both are the same

20.11.2004 21:59

Surrealism and Webism are one and the same! Both honor the principles set down by Andre Breton! The Paris Surrealist Group is full of shit! Webism has every right to exhibit under the banner of surrealism!



Keith Wigdor, the Ugly American Pooh Bear

23.11.2004 21:09

Keith Wigdor, Fecal Poo Bear Extraordinaire!
Keith Wigdor, Fecal Poo Bear Extraordinaire!

Introducing America's favorite Turd-Bear, Wiggy the Pooh!

If there ever was a poo bear, then Wiggy would have to be it!

Please enjoy this unhistorical portrait of Keith Wigdor: fake surrealist, dreadful opportunist and total whorish and artistic masochist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sylvester Rossi

A humanitarian effort by the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan by surrealists Eric W.Bragg.

19.11.2006 15:24

The U.S.S.Ronald Reagan on a surrealist mission to feed starving people
The U.S.S.Ronald Reagan on a surrealist mission to feed starving people

The U.S.S. Ronald reagan is out on a humanitarian mission bringing food to starving nations around the world. This is great Eric W.Bragg surrealist.

dan daly

This was very good surrealism

25.01.2007 00:58

this article was good.
this article was good.

i liked the book to.
i liked the book to.

I liked the out article very much.

brian moody

Keith Wigdor, the Homosexual Surrealist

28.01.2007 15:15

Keith Wigdor the Homosexual Surrealist
Keith Wigdor the Homosexual Surrealist

Hi kids, come see the newest issue of Keith Wigdor's totally gay and homosexual, transvestite magazine, replete with feces and child pornography. This magazine has many articles written by Keith Wigdor and his wikipedia alterego, "ClassicJupiter2".

Here is a very special quote by Keith Wigdor: "You were the one who deleted my links from the wikipedia SURREALISM article, I believe in SURREALISM, and the article was ALL mine. Deleting all of my links was very Un-Wiki of you and then I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO DELETE ALL THE SURREALIST GROUPS!!!!! Do you here me ..the wiki SURREALISM article was ALL MINE and you deleted my contributions to the article and put in links to all your stupid friends. Fuck you faggot bastard! I amd the leader of the surrealist movement, KEITH WIGDOR. I AM THE RIGHTFUL LEGACY OF ANDRE BRETON (How big was your package, Andre?)and you cant do anthying about it asshole. You can't stop me from putting the links back in the wikipedia article because I OWN the article and it is ALL MINE. You can't stop me chisel chest. THANKYOU, KEITH WIGDOR SURREALIST. Viva le Wigdor. BOOGA, BOOGA!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Keith Wigdor
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Keith Wigdor's Bonehead Magazine, the best in gay surrealist art

29.01.2007 02:52

Keith Wigdor's Bonehead Magazine, the best in gay surrealist art
Keith Wigdor's Bonehead Magazine, the best in gay surrealist art

Here is a quote from my latest publication project: "You were the one who deleted my links from the wikipedia SURREALISM article, I believe in SURREALISM, and the article was ALL mine. Deleting all of my links was very Un-Wiki of you and then I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO DELETE ALL THE SURREALIST GROUPS!!!!! Do you here me ..the wiki SURREALISM article was ALL MINE and you deleted my contributions to the article and put in links to all your stupid friends. Fuck you faggot bastard! I amd the leader of the surrealist movement, KEITH WIGDOR. I AM THE RIGHTFUL LEGACY OF ANDRE BRETON (How big was your package, Andre?)and you cant do anthying about it asshole. You can't stop me from putting the links back in the wikipedia article because I OWN the article and it is ALL MINE. You can't stop me chisel chest. THANKYOU, KEITH WIGDOR SURREALIST. Viva le Wigdor. BOOGA, BOOGA!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Keith Wigdor
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

My strong advice

06.12.2010 01:12

Keith Wigdor, I have had my share of harsh and very painful comments in the past. If you are new in the website you encounter a lot of problems that you never expected but you just have to adapt to the situation because you cannot avoid it. The website is infested with lots of scams and dirty activities and some people just love setting out their dragnet to prey on innocent people. But you should ignore them and move on instead. If you ignore them they will soon get tired and leave you alone. Look at your work and see the mistakes. Write and edit your work so that you wil become a better writer. Learn from your mistakes.
Learn to connect to other writers online so that you will become a better writer. If you have been working online for sometime then you know how things work. Just do what you think is right and your effort will soon be reciprocated. That is what life online is all about. You do your job and your effort will soon be repaid in the long run. And quit Surrealism.

Barbara Cartland
mail e-mail:

Bonehead Magazine Keith wigdor

07.02.2012 14:28

Where Bonehead magazine ordered can be ? Kwong want to buy !!!
Very thank you,

mail e-mail:


02.07.2012 21:54

This page is awesome.
H.Dietermann, Surrealist from Berlin

Hans Dietermann

I just love Webism

17.07.2012 20:46

Hans, do you know that the famous WEBIST Ingrid Kamerbeek discovered me after seeing my work on Jac's selfcell website and falling in love with my art. Ingrid was fascinated with a piece that I did called, "DIGITAL CANONIZATION OF A SAINT". That is the piece with the wires in it from the selfcell website. Ingrid asked me if she can display that piece on her website and I was honored to say the least. I already knew of Ingrid Kamerbeek from her, "KING OF CYBERSPACE" piece, and she also sent me her autograph on a print of one of her works a while back. So we both knew of each other, but I was very taken with Ingrid's rich history in the arts. Ingrid Kamerbeek is a legend in Sonthofen Germany (and she is well known in Germany) and I was so flattered that she liked my art. Her career of art exhibitions is stunning to say the least and she is currently working with Pygoya ( WEBISM founder ) on the EHHC World Cyberart Exhibit.
Thank you, Keith Wigdor, Webisurrealist

Keith Wigdor
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

I have never seen such a dullard

21.07.2012 20:45

Wigdor, you really need to get a hold of yourself.


For sale, Cadillac Fleetwood D Elegance

31.07.2012 20:22

Series 70 Touring Sedan
Flathead V6 447 CID, Porcelain overhead exhaust manifold.
Partially restored, Rich dark red paint with blue tweed upholstery.
Allmost everything on this vehicle is in working condition from mechanical to electrical.
Contact : 406-581-1889

Albert Leary
mail e-mail: Phone : 406-581-1889

Webism forever

08.08.2012 15:27

Hey Keith !
So, you are a webist now !!!! hahahahaha

Nancy Wigdor

Surrealism is Webism ! Both are the same !!!

12.08.2012 05:07

Nancy, dear Nancy, Surrealism and Webism are one and the same! Both honor the principles set down by Andre Breton! The Paris Surrealist Group is full of shit! Webism has every right to exhibit under the banner of surrealism!
Thank you, Keith Wigdor, Webist deluxe

Keith Wigdor
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Viva Webism !!!

15.08.2012 19:26

Viva Ingrid !!!! Viva Pygoya !!!! Viva Wigdor !!!!

Frank Riccardi

Keith Wigdor, Webist

20.09.2012 20:02

We all know that Keith has been very ill for the past several years. But we love him very much and hope that some day he won’t have to live in the hospital anymore.

Ann Levin, Staten Island art student

Ann Levin
mail e-mail:

Wigdor was being harrassed on that Indymedia link you posted!

23.09.2012 12:37

Wigdor was being harrassed on that Indymedia link you posted. In order to prevent further harrassment and defamation, I removed the link to that UK Indymedia site that you placed on here. Why didn't you just mention Indymedia, instead of going directly to a page that Keith Wigdor is being harrassed on? That is real sleazy, please do not ever do that again. By doing that, you are misleading people, the, "mixed replies" that you allege are by anonymous people who are using alias's and they are harrassing both Keith Wigdor and T.L. on that one particular Indymedia site by placing photoshop manipulated pictures of Keith to abuse and harrass him. You can obviously see that, and I will not allow the information or link to stay on the article page. I made a proper edit.
Thank you, Classicjupiter2

- Homepage:

How many webists does it take to change a lightbulb?

25.09.2012 14:59

Only one. Because Keith Wigdor is a lightbulb specialist.


Hello Keith, it's Wigdor !

30.09.2012 02:55

Hey Keith, this is Keith. I just wanted to say hi and to let ya know how surreal things have been lately. Today I looked in the mirror and say you ! Or perhaps did you look in the mirror and see me? Anyhoo, Mr. Big and Beefy, I hope you're doing well in Staten Island. I sure know that I'm doing well in Staten Island.

Keith and Wigdor
- Homepage:


20.10.2012 23:59

Keith, please see medical help. Seriously.


Keith Wigdor ....a Webist !!!!

23.10.2012 21:53

Keith, you ruined Surrealism again ! You little toot-knocker !!! Come to Mark you precious pumpkin!

Mark R.

luv it

31.03.2013 15:52

Keithy-o, what agreat rant ! So glad you left surrealism and become a vip webism member !
Much luv,

Peteet Peytuniah
mail e-mail:

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