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Bush ordered 9/11 attacks--evidence exists

jamie | 21.09.2004 21:23 | Anti-militarism | World

Our case is alleging that Bush and his puppets Rice and Cheney and Mueller and Rumsfeld and so forth, Tenet, were all involved not only in aiding and abetting and allowing 9/11 to happen but in actually ordering it to happen. Bush personally ordered it to happen....

9-11 'Drills': Interview of Stanley Hilton
Sept 10, 2004
valis on Sep 13, 2004 - 02:08 AM

Interview of Stanley Hilton, attorney for 9/11 taxpayers’ lawsuit
Alex Jones Radio Show
September 10, 2004
Transcription by 'RatCat'

AJ: He is back with us. He is former Bob Dole’s chief of staff, very successful counselor, lawyer. He represents hundreds of the victims families of 9/11. He is suing Bush for involvement in 9/11. Now a major Zogby poll out – half of New Yorkers think the government was involved in 9/11. And joining us for the next 35 minutes, into the next hour, is Stanley Hilton. Stanley, it’s great to have you on with us.

SH: Glad to be on.

AJ: We’ll have to recap this when we start the next hour, but just in a nutshell, you have a lawsuit going, you’ve deposed a lot of military officers. You know the truth of 9/11. Just in a nutshell, what is your case alleging?

SH: Our case is alleging that Bush and his puppets Rice and Cheney and Mueller and Rumsfeld and so forth, Tenet, were all involved not only in aiding and abetting and allowing 9/11 to happen but in actually ordering it to happen. Bush personally ordered it to happen. We have some very incriminating documents as well as eye-witnesses, that Bush personally ordered this event to happen in order to gain political advantage, to pursue a bogus political agenda on behalf of the neocons and their deluded thinking in the Middle East. I also wanted to point out that, just quickly, I went to school with some of these neocons. At the University of Chicago, in the late 60s with Wolfowitz and Feith and several of the others and so I know these people personally. And we used to talk about this stuff all of the time. And I did my senior thesis on this very subject – how to turn the U.S. into a presidential dictatorship by manufacturing a bogus Pearl Harbor event. So, technically this has been in the planning at least 35 years.

AJ: That’s right. They were all Straussian followers of a Nazi-like professor. And now they are setting it up here in America. Stanley, I know you deposed a lot of people and you’ve got your $7 million dollar lawsuit with hundreds of the victim’s families involved….

SH: 7 billion, 7 billion

AJ: Yeah, 7 billion. Can you go over some of the new and incriminating evidence you’ve got of them ordering the attack?

SH: Yes, let me just say that this is a taxpayers’ class action lawsuit as well as a suit on behalf of the families and the basic three arguments are they violated the Constitution by ordering this event. And secondly that they [garbled] fraudulent Federal Claims Act, Title 31 of the U.S. Code in which Bush presented false and fraudulent evidence to Congress to get the Iraq war authorization. And, of course, he related it to 9/11 and claimed that Saddam was involved with that, and all these lies.

AJ: Tell you what, stay there. Stanley, we’ve got to break. Let’s come back and get into the evidence.


AJ: Alright my friends, second hour, September 10th, 2004, the anniversary of the globalist attack coming up tomorrow. It’s an amazing individual we have on the line. Bob Dole’s former chief of staff, political scientist, a lawyer, he went to school with Rumsfeld and others, he wrote his thesis about how to turn America into a dictatorship using a fake Pearl Harbor attack. He’s suing the U.S. government for carrying out 9/11. He has hundreds of the victims’ families signing onto it – it’s a $7 billion lawsuit. And he is Stanley Hilton. I know that a lot of stations just joined us in Los Angeles and Rhode Island and Missouri and Florida and all over. Please sir, recap what you were just stating and then let’s get into the new evidence. And then we’ll get into why you are being harassed by the FBI, as other FBI people are being harassed who have been blowing the whistle on this. So, this is really getting serious. Stanley, tell us all about it.

SH: Yeah, we are suing Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Mueller, etc. for complicity in personally not only allowing 9/11 to happen but in ordering it. The hijackers we retained and we had a witness who is married to one of them. The hijackers were U.S. undercover agents. They were double agents, paid by the FBI and the CIA to spy on Arab groups in this country. They were controlled. Their landlord was an FBI informant in San Diego and other places. And this was a direct, covert operation ordered, personally ordered by George W. Bush. Personally ordered. We have incriminating evidence, documents as well as witnesses, to this effect. It’s not just incompetence – in spite of the fact that he is incompetent.
The fact is he personally ordered this, knew about it. He, at one point, there were rehearsals of this. The reason why he appeared to be uninterested and nonchalant on September 11th – when those videos showed that Andrew Card whispered in his ear the [garbled] words about this he listened to kids reading the pet goat story, is that he thought this was another rehearsal. These people had dress rehearsed this many times. He had seen simulated videos of this. In fact, he even made a Freudian slip a few months later at a California press conference when he said he had, quote, “seen on television the first plane attack the first tower.” And that could not be possible because there was no video. What it was was the simulated video that he had gone over. So this was a personally government ordered thing.

We are suing them under the Constitution for violating American’s rights, as well as under the federal Fraudulent Claims Act, for presenting a fraudulent claim to Congress to justify the bogus Iraq boondoggle war, for political gains. And also, under the RICO statute, under the Racketeering Corrupt Organization Act, for being a corrupt entity.

And I’ve been harassed personally by the chief judge of the federal court who is instructing me personally to drop this suit, threatened to kick me off the court, after 30-years on the court. I've been harassed by the FBI. My staff has been harassed and threatened. My office has been broken into and this is the kind of government we are dealing with.

AJ: Absolutely and now it has come out – five separate drills of flying hijacked jets into buildings that morning – which you told us about before it even broke in the Associated Press. They were trying to get out ahead of you. You talked about how you interviewed military people who were told it was a drill that morning. Then to get out ahead of that, the news finally reported on it. Now, we’ve learned that all these operations – I want to get into that, I want to talk about the new incriminating evidence of ordering it and how they had drilled on this, how Cheney was in the bunker controlling this. That has even come out in the mainstream news but they won’t release the details of that, Stanley. But what type of FBI harassment are you going through?

SH: First of all, my office was burglarized in San Francisco several months ago. Files were gone through and some files were seized – particularly the ones dealing with the lady that was married to one of the hijackers. Fortunately, I had spare copies in a hidden place so nothing disappeared permanently. But more significantly, FBI agents have been harassing one of my staff members and threatening them with vague but frightening threats of indicting them. And it’s just total harassment. They have planted a spy, an undercover agent, in my organization, as we just recently discovered. In other words, these are Nazi Germany tactics. This is the kind of government you have in this country. This is what Bush is all about.

AJ: Stay there Stanley, Bob Dole’s former chief of staff. We’ll come back after this quick break. Please stay with us.

read more, go here:



Hide the following 15 comments

You're insane

21.09.2004 21:39

Thankfully, sane people have heard enough more than enough crackpot conspiracies about 911 to last a lifetime and just take crap like this with a pinch of salt.


more loony left shit

21.09.2004 22:01

Pissed myself laughing!

All you lefties keep taking the pills..........

brian warner

Loony Lefty Alex Jonesey

21.09.2004 22:16

Brian Warner,

Whilst it is evident that you haven't even looked at evidence presented by the likes of Professor David Ray Griffin (The New Pearl Harbor) it is pretty obvious you are not averse to throwing wild unfounded allegations around without so much as a 'sorry what was his name again'. The loony left shit you refer to was, I assume, the Alex Jones interview. Anybody who has heard Alex Jones normally accuses him of being somewhat to the right. Curiously, he accuses Bush et al of being socialists.

I sincerely hope he finds time to look in and read this.


The Missing Photo - Proof (If proof were needed)

22.09.2004 07:38

Attack my facts and not the person (me).

Analysis shows this is a Sadam body-double. The guy next to Rummy is former Australian Cricketer Richie Benaud. He went on to become a very successful commentor. Benaud claims he was just walking past, stopped and looked round because he thought he recognised someone.


maybe, maybe not..

22.09.2004 07:48

that Pearl Harbor thing is mentioned in Rebuilding America's Defenses -memo

read yourself ->


How Richie Defies the Laws of Physics

22.09.2004 08:50

In The Picture above, Richie Benaud is leaning at an angle greater 17.79 degrees - the 'toppling over angle'. Why doesn't he go over arse over tit style you wonder.(Zinfandel and co. wont known this because they are technically, weak amateurs). It's because Benau's left leg is 6 inches longer then his right.

Cheney Bush have kept many other photos secret. But the key piece of conclusive proof - A a copy of the the Bush Cheney - Bin Laden tape will be in my hands next week, which will provide incontroverible proof that Bush Cheney gave the all clear for 911. (Or is it President Cheney Bush, I get mixed up sometimes).


how to many posters ...

22.09.2004 11:53

... deny or ignore the fantastic significance of the events of 911 ...

... and how quick are the voices barking reminders at us about the mental and intellectual qualities of various posers of theories not endorsed by the party ...

It would seem that some people go to a lot of effort to avoid actually discussing, analysing or reseaching anything to do with 911 .. why?

Was it so traumatic an event for them, they daren't?

Is the thought of high treason and global facism too frightning?

Do they work as agents for the system that purpetrated the outrages - unknowingly adding their support?


If you are reading this, then you have access to a computer, the intenet and some modicum of free will.

Use them.

The information - plenty of it - is at your finger tips. You don't have to take anybodies word for anything, but you take a look right?


schoppenhuers nod towards hegalian dilectics!

mail e-mail:

Why Do You Deny the Tapes, Zinfandel and the Like.

22.09.2004 14:39

That's a great speech jackslucid. Yes the gullible masses should be researching 911, and how they themselves blew up Pearl Harbour, down their local branch libraries, instead of swallowing the news wholesale. And all the rest of it you were banging on about was prime crazy shit. Well done!

However, I am forced to go public, and level the charge of fraudulator [1] and hypocrite against youse lot. I note how you, Zinfandel, Jamie, Brian, Simon, Henry, Norman and all the other so called (by the slow learners) constipation theorists, who have flocked to this site, deny the existence of the Cheney Bush [2] - Bin Laden Tapes [3]. Simply. Why?

I have a theory. Are you double/triple bluffing by pretending to be nutters, always short of supporting the final coup de Grace that will might bring the system crashing down, like the Cheney Bush (or vice verse) tapes. Whereas in realty, you support Bush Cheney/Cheney Bush.

On another subject, what the arse is the Google, and this Googling business? My speller checks it to Goggling.

[1] The word 'Fraudulator' doesn't exist. My speller checks it to Graduator, which is bollocks. But you know what I mean.
[2] Or Mr Bush Cheny. Refers to the President of the United States of America, whatever his fucking name is.
[3] Tapes first cited on Indymedia UK 22/9/04

Vols. A-O: Auther Lee, Children's Encyclopaedia (Third Edition, 1934)
(Good money paid for vols. P-Z, especially P)


I'll not deny ..

22.09.2004 16:45

.. that your quite amusing 'H', and thats no bad thing, but can you try contributing something a little more interesting.

Leave the humor for your one man show - surely we will, by dint of rationing, be all gagging for it then.

Meanwhile ...

911 was the result of planning - on behalf of the multi-trillion $$$ military industrial complex known as the usa - by high ranking officials, given the legal duty and responsibilty of protecting the people of that blighted country.

The aim was to forment and esculate tension between two 'super blocks', this time based on religious affiliation, rather than poltical ones (anyone remember the $$$pinning 'cold war'?) for the purposes of:

a] perpetual war
b] oversight and control of resources in regions not legally or morally bound to support the inflated consumption by the west of, particularly, fossil fuels
c] control of domestic populations and their annoying habit of not actually agreeing to any of the above being done in their name


mail e-mail:

Food for Thought - not for Loonies

22.09.2004 19:11

I would agree with you, Jacklucid, that permanent or perpetual war is very useful to the US: for the arms economy, for providing spoils in conquest, for controlling and making compliant a voting majority at home to make it politically acceptable, and for dominating more of the world politically and economically.

In invading Iraq the primary value for the US lies in gaining a client state, including bases for its military, in the worlds largest energy producing region on which its economy totally depends. Other value comes from the above. It should be noted that the US and UK's foreign policy has never been motivated by humanitarian needs. There can be no doubt about this in the case of Iraq.

But did they plan 911, which has helped towards these strategic goals. I really think not. Just as they didn't plan the two world wars, which helped them towards superpower status. Nor did they plan the Bolshevik revolution, then Stalinism to lay the basis for the Cold War, to provide them with their previous bogyman 'communism', which has now been replaced by 'Terror'. That’s not to say the US hadn’t and would use fowl means to star a war, Vietnam is one example.

Answering the question: who is responsible for 911, seriously, by looking father than the trivial answer of some hijackers who hate the US and what it stands for, can easily lead to saying the US itself is responsible, for supporting oppression in the Muslim world: the Middle East, Indonesia etc. You could also say the security in the US could have been better.

But to say the US planned 911, had the idea for it, or new about it in advance and let it happen, is wrong. It’s as wrong as saying the US told Gavrilo Princip to murder Franz Ferdinand. Or the US encouraged Hitler to invade Poland. Or that they even blew up Pearl Harbour themselves.

I expect you will say there is evidence that some or all of these were planned by the US/UK. But events aren't necessarily conected. To have such control over events in unlikely. To also keep it secret is virtually impossible.

I think a sensible, rational and understated analsis sufficiently shows the horrors going on in the world. Capitalist governments bear at the very least the majority of responsibility.


Just as they didn't plan the two world wars.........

23.09.2004 13:09

.......So H asserts, but certain 'well-to-do' banking families - the rothschilds, rockefellers, morgans, warburgs and others - DID fund both sides before and during ww2.
The global money markets also caused the financial chaos in germany in the 1920s which precipitated adolf hitler's rise to power.
Look into the global power elite - they're the ones that run the world, the politicians are just their puppets !

And to those who think this is crap - use your brain and your computer to look around the net. If you look hard and long enough, you'll find some interesting truths under those rocks !
But don't deny it because you 'think' it's wrong - after all, 'thinking' is not something everyone's good at !

Paul in the Middle

...and you smell!

23.09.2004 13:29

Considering that anybody who questions the official story about the events leading upto and including September 11th 2001 is considered 'a looney' (most of these 'loonies' - myself included - don't actually make any hypotheses, they just question the 'history' before it is hallmarked and placed in the Disney™ Museum of Enchanted World History®) it ought to be simplicity itself to debunk the so-called 'evidence' that these 'crazy conspiracy theorists' keep presenting.

Oddly, the best efforts to destroy the effort to draw attention to 'this shit' is to fling horrid names at their authors. Or to chant something about the 9/11 Inquiry - which was obviously fair and just as it was held beneath the flag of democracy. Not unlike our Hutton and Butler inquiries, really. Or perhaps there is the Channel Four approach. Plug a programme as an examination of 9/11 conspiracy theories and then proceed to debunk (with great success) two or three theories which to my knowledge had never seen the light of day before transmission, totally ignoring the most interesting and inexplicable evidence.

I can't blame people for not wanting to look at the evidence, the name callers clearly don't - if they do, it is my guess that they deliberately seek out the lunatic fringe. It isn't really compatible with comfort zone living and the oft uttered retort that 'they couldn't have been responsible because they are the government and they wouldn't do that kind of thing' would not weigh much even coming from the mouth of a character witness.

So, what else have you got? The US governments promise of compelling evidence? Well, that evaporated with Iraq's WMD. Audio and video recordings of UBL claiming responsibility? None exist. There are recordings of him praising the events which may prove to be genuine and there is one in which a don't-look-a-lot-like UBL says something which was said to translate into a confession. Other Arabic translations contradict this.

The evidence that would convict the 'hijackers' would only stand up if supported by much of what is debunked as 'conspiracy theory' but that would expose too much. As would the WTC wreckage.

The suggestion that the US blew up Pearl Harbor shows a clear and perhaps deliberate misunderstanding. Nobody, not even Alex Jones, has suggested that the US was directly responsible. There is however much acknowledgement, even from the History Channel, that FDR knew that the Japanese were planning an attack and when.

As for the First and Second World Wars, the Soviet Revolution, the Great Depression and others, there is much evidence that funding came from the international bankers, J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller and Rothschild, (before regurgitation the other master trump card of anti-Semitism - note that only one of these is Jewish). As an aside it is also worth noting how many American companies continued to function in Germany during WWII (e.g. Coca-Cola as Fanta), that Prescott Bush (GWB's grandfather) had multiple financial links with the Nazis. And what happened to all the scientists who ought to have been tried for war crimes, if for no other reason than their complicity in the execution of hundreds of prisoners who attempted to sabotage the V2 project? They were relocated to the US where they worked on the US space programme which is now conveniently evolving into Star Wars and total global dominance - the ability to hit any target from space and (in their own words) prevent any other nation from entering space. Net result, a nation of 5% of the Earth's population controls the entire planet and anybody's desire to get off it!

Finally, perhaps the authors of the 'Looney' accusations would like to read some self-appelled 'Loony Conspiracies':


Everbody smells actually ...

23.09.2004 15:58

Note wall pictures of JP Morgan , and Goebels
[This photograph could be illegal in the US, be careful]

PS. Some notes for DOUBTERS.

(1) Everbody smells actually... except in outer space, fact.

(2) Ponder THIS. Oh big backsides. Sorry, I've fogotten what I wanted to say but it was damning against the doubters and ignorami.


The 9/11 Whistleblowers

24.09.2004 21:24

For those who don't go with the Scooby-Doo theory here is a collection of discussions which didn't originate in a Hanna-Barbera wannabe Action Transfer™ kit.

For the first time in one place, a comprehensive collection of interviews with and information on those who have spoken out on how the globalist cabal within the government was COMPLICIT in the 9/11 attacks.

Many audio files including interviews with:

Col. Donn de Grand-Pre
Col. Donn de Grand-Pre, U.S. Army (ret.). de Grand-Pre outlines how 9/11 was carried out by order of an inside group of Neo-Cons. de Grand-Pre knows personally the pilot who shot down Flight 93.

Andreas Von Buelow
Von Buelow is the former German Defense Minister and Minister of Technology. Von Buelow went public to say the US government carried out 9/11. His book is one of the bestsellers across Europe.

Michael Meacher
Meacher was Blair's Environment Minister until 2003. In September of last year, he wrote a lengthy piece in the Guardian, `This war on terrorism is bogus', which questioned the veracity of the official story of 9/11

Stanley Hilton
Attorney Stanley Hilton is bringing a lawsuit against the US Government charging involvement in carrying out the 9/11 attacks. Hilton has deposed top military officials who assert that the government were complicit in the attack.

Michael Springman
Former Government employee, Michael Springman exposes the CIA's links with 911. Springmann worked for the US government for 20 years with the foreign service and consulate.

Mary Schiavo
Mary Schiavo, an attorney representing September 11 families against American and United Airlines, reminds us that simultaneous multiple-airplane hijackings were nothing new on September 11.

FBI Special Agent Robert Wright
C-SPAN coverage of the Judicial Watch press conference with FBI special agent Robert Wright, who claims the government knew more than it lets on about 9/11.

David Schippers
The lawyer who impeached Bill Clinton, David Schippers on how The FBI has been, and still is, prohibiting their agents or local police from taking known terrorists into custody.

Sybil Edmonds
Former FBI Translator, Sybil Edmonds on how White House had inteligence on possible airplane attack prior to September 11th

David MacMichael
CIA analyst David MacMichael asks if US Intelligence agencies failed to act on solid prior warnings or was information blocked from above?

For those with the mental age within five years of George Bush:


As if by magic...

25.09.2004 12:38

...a shopkeeper appeared.

Thanks to The Guardian Saturday 25th September 2004:

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power,12271,1312540,00.html


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