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UK Porton Down WMD Expert Dies In Aircrash

dh | 25.10.2004 21:42

Porton Down's commercial arm is of course Bioport, supplier of the ill-tested anthrax vaccine Cipro The anthrax attacks post-911 were with the particular Ames strain of weaponised anthrax that originates or was verified at Porton Down before being shipped back to the Merck company in New Jersey near to where the anthrax mailings were made
The likelihood is that Porton and all the connected drug and military research units and their university outreach facilities are heavily implicated in the emerging virus and prion diseases

When you've got iatrogenocide at hand, the murder of Dr Kelly, numerous other microbiologists and biotechnologists dying violent deaths, and now this guy, well you can hardly be surprised that those with the insider knowledge are being offed
Any of them showing the slightest humanity will become loose cannons in the regard of TPTB and will need to be dealt with

UK Porton Down WMD Expert Dies In Aircrash

The Chief Scientist at Porton Down, the UK Chemical and Biological Warfare centre, has died in an aircraft accident. He was acknowledged as an expert in Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Air Crash Victim Was Weapons Expert

By Sam Marsden, PA News

The pilot of an aircraft who died alongside three passengers when it crashed into a field was an expert in chemical and biological weapons, it emerged today.

Dr Paul Norman, 52, of Salisbury, Wiltshire, was killed when the single-engine Cessna 206 he was piloting crashed in Devon on Sunday.

A father and daughter also died at the scene, and 44-year-old parachute instructor and Royal Marine Major Mike Wills later died in hospital.

Dr Norman, who was married with a 14-year-old son and a 20-year-old daughter, was the chief scientist for chemical and biological defence at the Ministry of Defence’s laboratory at Porton Down, Wiltshire.

He travelled the world lecturing on defending against the scourge of weapons of mass destruction, a friend and colleague said today.

Steve Eley, chief scientist for hazard reduction at Porton Down, said: “Paul was a great deal larger than life, and has left an enormous number of friends, all of whom have lost an irreplaceable part of their lives.”

Dr Norman’s hobbies included parachuting, flying and looking after his small collection of old cars.

Following study in Liverpool, the USA and Canada, he started work at Porton Down in 1986 and became an expert in his field.

The Cessna crashed near the village of Beacon, east Devon, a few miles from Dunkeswell airfield, where it took off.

The crash site was examined by officials from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

The wreckage of the aircraft was removed from the site to the AAIB base at Farnborough.

Retired police officer Eric Franklin, 66, from Beacon, has described seeing the aircraft flying low over his farmhouse and hearing the engine “cutting out and spluttering” before the crash.

Full story

On May 17 2004, I did send 9 mails using the recorded delivery services of the Royal Mail. One has been sent to the House Of Commons and the other 8 to nationwide UK newspapers. Each mail contained the same 2 letters.

One of those letters was questioning the adequacy of the NBC protection available to the British troops involved in Operation Telic as a mean to demonstrate the fact that Tony Blair had blatantly lied to the British People and Parliament about his personal belief in Iraq's ownership of the so-called weapons of mass destruction, the level of NBC equipment available for the protection of British troops and civilian personnels deployed in Iraq appearing to me so poor in contrast to the established lethal capability of Saddam Hussein's army as documented in "Iraq's Weapons Of Mass Destruction - The Assessment Of The British Government" published by No 10 in 2002 which grants for example, Saddam's Army the ownership of enough Agent VX to kill 150 million persons with several possible delivery means available such as mortars.

The other letter was questioning the Government's policies regarding the handling of the cannabis issue as a mean to demonstrate that Tony Blair is eagerly and directly helping to finance the terrorist organisations he pretends to fight.

Out of those 9 mails, I've received 2 answers. One from the Southampton Labour MP writing on behalf of the Parliament who answers unsatisfactorily about the NBC issue and doesn't even quote the cannabis one. The other from the Daily Mail was a generic "Sorry and thank you but we can't publish everything we receive". 2 others addressed to The Guardian and The Times have been received but went unanswered and unpublished. The other 5, addressed to The Independent, The Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Express and The Daily Telegraph have never been delivered! (I've since claimed for compensation at the post and they've quickly apologized for the inexplicable loss but did compensate me only with 12 first class stamp for each missing recorded delivery item instead of 5 x £28 (standard declared value of item.))

After a few days, I was so upset by the non-delivery of recorded letters that I distributed in the streets of Southampton about 300 copies of them to whoever was accepting to take them, including several members of the UK Independence Party, Conservative Party and Peace Party who happened to be out, campaigning for the coming European Parliament elections.

I did nothing more about it since apart from a few other posts of those letters to political parties through the normal post and have received no answers so far.

I have recently subscribed to to an Internet connection and my browsing led me to learn yesterday about the recent unnatural death in an air crash in Devon of Dr Paul Norman, from Salisbury, the chief scientist for UK chemical and biological defence at the Defence and Science Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down, the Ministry of Defence facility in Wiltshire, and described by colleagues as one of the world's leading experts on how to counter WMD attacks and terrorism. He had worked at Porton Down for 18 years, developing protective equipment against chemical weapons.

According to their own website "DSTL’s activities in Operation Telic included hot issues, especially concerning chemical, biological and radiological matters."... "DSTL had ten people embedded in the Air HQ and several more in the Land HQ. One such expert, Hilary, was Senior Scientific Advisor to the Command HQ in Qatar for 12 weeks. Her job, alongside Steve Bailey and Sarah Vickress, also of Porton Down, was to advise them on chemical and biological threats. "I was working as part of the force protection area, ensuring that policy regarding NBC was carried out correctly and answering questions on NBC from the front line... I was there to advise on ‘false alarms’, when troops in theatre thought that they were being attacked by NBC weapons, but were not."... "Following the end of major hostilities, and in response to this threat, a fully-equipped UK chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) field laboratory was sent to Baghdad International airport in support of coalition forces. Staffed by six specialists from DSTL Porton Down and two from AWE (Aldermaston) the lab has the capability to conduct analysis of suspected CBRN materials."

Not much effort and means seem to have been spent towards NBC protection and detection by DSTL on the field except for TRaME. They say : "In the case of TRaME - Tactical Radiation Monitoring Equipment – there was an urgent need to provide troops operating in theatre with radiation protection instruments. The TRaME capability comprises diverse monitoring, sensor and recording hardware, together with hardware and software tools to gives British land forces the ability to assess the risk of conducting missions in a radioactive environment. The capability alerts troops to the presence of a radioactive hazard, provides a survey facility to define the extent and severity and analysis tools to identify the source. "

There is no mention of a similarly urgent project in the field of chemical or biological protection and monitoring besides the insignificant mobile laboratory with a crew of 8 sent in after the end of the main hostilities.

This demonstrate that the focus and means were fully put on radioactive hazard rather than chemical or biological threat, in total antagonism with No 10's dossier assessing the certainty of the presence of massive quantities of those deadly chemical and biological agents but only of the hypothetical presence of radioactive material.

The answer of that puzzle is simple. It is only Depleted Uranium hazards they were concerned with. A survey of "Sandy Times", the official Ministry of Defence magazine for the British troops in the gulf, confirms it. The only mention and piece of advice to the soldiers regarding NBC hazard to be found in it is about Depleted Uranium. They say : "Britain’s Armed Forces continue to use Depleted Uranium (DU) ammunition... The types of DU ammunition used by British forces are 120mm anti tank rounds fired by the Army’s Challenger tanks and 20mm rounds used by the Royal Navy’s Phalanx missile defence system... When a DU weapon strikes a solid object, it goes straight through it and then erupts as cloud of burning vapour. The vapour settles as dust, this dust is radioactive and poisonous if inhaled or ingested... If you are to enter a contaminated area you should wear your issued NBC gloves and the special issue face mask." Not a single line of advice is to be found about how to best survive in a medium sized cloud of Sarin or Tabun gas unexpectedly delivered from a mortar round with their insufficiently efficient NBC mask and gloves and without decontamination units at hand.

The man that would have been called to unequivocally testify if those points had been put to Parliament or printed in newspapers was Paul Norman, the head of chemical and biological defence at DSTL. Unfortunately, he has just unexpectedly died...

Am I indirectly responsible for the death of Paul Norman, chief scientist on WMD protection at DSTL ?

Was he about to speak ?

Will the British Parliament answer my questions ?

Eidenschenck Dominique
Southampton, UK, 12 July 2004

This text and related personal documents available at :

DSTL Porton Down Website :

Ministry of Defence Website :

Iraq's Weapons of mass Destruction - The Assessment Of The British Government :

Iraq : Military Campain Objectives :

DSTL and Telic :

DSTL and Telic - TRaME :

Sandy Times No 26 :

Porton Down Deaths.

As an ex-serviceman duped into taking part in chemical and biological experiments at Porton Down in 1959-60 and having reported the matter to the Wiltshire Police in 1999 I am deeply disturbed at the number of deaths relating to Porton Down that have occurred since first submitting my report to the police. The police investigation code named "Operation Antler" which lasted almost 4 years was not only the biggest investigation of its kind conducted by the Wiltshire Police but as it turned out, the most corrupt. (more about that later)
The sudden death of a Foreign Office Minister which occurred in May 1999 shortly after my wife had retreived still secret 'Court of Enquiry'documents into the death of a R.A.F. serviceman killed with the nerve agent Sarin GB in 1953. filled me with concern. Mr Fatchett a strong critic of Porton Down both as opposition Defence Minister and when New Labour came to power in 1997 appointed to the Foreign Office came to the attention of the security services. In Jan 1999 the documents were discovered by my wife hidden in my file in the offices of my then M.P. Chris Mullin, (Sunderland South) and were forwarded to him by the then Defence Minister Doug Henderson. In a letter dated Dec 1998 Mr Henderson indicated the he had forwarded "documentation" to Mr Mullin in response to my enquiries on the Maddison death, Mr Mullin repeatedly ignored my many requests to have possession of such, not surprising, for oddly enough the inquiry report stated that Maddison " had" died of nerve gas poisoning which contradicted Mr Henderson's letter that stated he "had not" died of nerve gas poisoning and that at the inquest held in camera shortly after his death it was reported as death by mis-adventure. AS THE COURT OF INQUIRY REPORT STATED OTHERWISE. I was compelled me to report the matter to the police. Operation Antler was born.
It was only weeks after the documents were discovered (May 1999) that the comparatively young Mr Fatchett died of an apparent heart attack, and shortly afterward Mr Henderson was dismissed as Defence Minister and sent to the back benches where he remains to this day. The timing and circumstances surrounding Mr Fatchetts death promped me at the time to bring it to the attention of the Wiltshire Police, who dimissed it out of hand. I should state that at the time the MoD police had been drafted into the Antler investigation and were clearly dictating how Antler was to be conducted. i.e. (1) Turning away important witnesses. Using an annonymous "expert' witness to refute evidence I had forwarded to them concerning a biological agent Pyrexal. (2) A written statement I asked for and made out by the police (Det Con Porter) and signed by myself authorising them to enter and search my file in Mr Mullin's office cannot be accounted for. (3) Refusing to access a tape recorded meeting I had with senior Porton Down scientists . (The recording which made the Wiltshire Police out to be lying was offered to them by Mr Rick Hall a senior staff member at Porton Down who was present at the meeting). (4) Not providing all of their findings to the CPS, and giving false information to the Senior Crown Prosecutor Kate Leonard. I have now strong evidence of a conspiracy between the CPS and senior members of the Antler team the sole objective being to prevent prosecution of any Porton Scientists. (5)Another death that occurred is that of Dr David Kelly who as Senior Microbiologist at Porton Down should have been of major interest to police , but Like Chris Mullin M.P.before him HE WAS NEVER INTERVIEWED. (6) The setting up by police and the MoD (both synonymous) of a bogus group calling itself the Porton Down Veterans Support Group with Mr Ken Earl chosen as its founder. You will find this group widely publicised on the MoD and Wiltshire Police web sites. The main purpose of the PDVSG was to mislead Porton veterans. To date this group have collected many thousands of pounds from veterans but after 4 years in existence they have yet to provide any statement of accounting to its membership, this is not surprising considering it was the police who invented the PDVSG.
(7) In a letter hand delivered to me in my home in Canada in 2001 by Det Supt Luckett (lead investigator), it states that I would be told "in due course" of a "compound" that was added to CS gas during an experiment I took part in in 1960. Despite numerous requests for the information promised he has refused comment. (I have since discovered that it was a lippopolysachharide (LPS) that was the additive, this is derived from the Salmonella bacterium. Porton Technical Paper No 841 reports that it made many airmen ill with fever, headache, sickness, and temps raised to 104 degrees. I have discovered that if given in sufficient quantities it will also cause intravascular coagulation (blood thickening) resulting stroke/heart attack. It should be noted that the Russian defector Pasnichek interrogated and debriefed by Dr Kelly at Porton Down died of stroke. Fatchett of a heart attack. Now we have the death in an aircrash of Dr Paul Martin another Porton Down Senior Microbiologist who like Kelly was involved in the WMD programme. Many people will note that when the MoD become involved in a police investigation nothing if anything gets resolved, one has only to look at the Deepcut deaths invoving young servicemen. The Kelly death which was unconvicingly brought in as suicide. The isle of Mull helicopter crash blamed on pilot error. Then there is the Antler investigation a whitewash resulting in a coverup of criminality that occurred at Porton Down.
Having made my own inquiries into criminality that occurred at Porton since 1996 I was not left untouched by the British security services MI5, with Special Branch giving assistance. In Oct 2000 After arriving at Glasgow Airport from Calgary Canada I was followed from the airport bus stand to Glsgow central railway station (my normal route to Sunderland), then due to the Hatfield rail crash I was directed to Queens Street where I was to get a train to Edinburgh where I would then go on to Newcastle. It was on the Edinburgh train that a well spoken individual entered the 1st class compartment and sat next to me. It was the only seat left in the compartment. I was in the aisle seat, he sat at the window seat to the right of me. I noticed that he had no baggage but was carrying something wrapped in a green plastic bag. It was clear by his conversation that he wanted to know (in small talk terms) where I had travelled from. What struck me was that he was extremely polite (overly so) and he spoke with a very polished southern England accent. During the course of the journey he kept asking if I knew what the next station was, this I found very strange as each destination was posted on the ticker display on the ceiling of the rail car. He suddenly said "I think I will get off here" It was at Carstairs where he made his quick exit from the 1st class to the adjacent economy part of the train where he had met up with his accomplice who could not gain access to the carriage where I was at. My blood ran cold when they both began grinning at me through the partition and later through the window of the carriage when they had left the train. I had no doubt that he had contaminated me with a substance of some kind. But what? I was to find out some time later when a large lump appeared on the underside of me forearm, I could not walk for the pain. Blood tests and x-rays showed that I had come down with Rheumatoid Arthritis. At the time of this happening I reported the matter to the Wiltshire Police. In 2003 the CPS sent me a 50 report outling why no charges were being laid against Porton Down scientists. The report went on to explain my complaint and my medical condition. IT MADE NO MENTION OF RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS even though a report of such was forwarded to Wiltshire Police from my doctor in Canada. Clearly the police had avoided for their own reasons, that R.A. should not be mentioned in the report. I later hand delivered a full written statement of the incident to Strathclyde Police who supposedly are investigating the incident.
Foot note. Mr Chris Mullin MP is now a Foreign Office Minister. Since taking up this post he has tried repeatedly to have me banned from my adopted country Canada, and the USA. He attempted this via the High Commisioners of both countries I am glad to say that he failed on both attempts.

Gordon Bell



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dead microbiologists

27.10.2004 20:17

November 6, 2001: Jeffrey Paris' body was found sprawled next to a three-story parking structure near his office. Mr. Wall, 41, had studied at the University of California, Los Angeles. He was a biomedical expert who held a medical degree, and he also specialized in patent and intellectual property.

November 16, 2001: Dr. Don Wiley, 57, disappears during a business trip to Memphis, Tennessee. He had just bought tickets to take his son to Graceland the following day. Police found his rental car on a bridge outside Memphis. His body was later found in the Mississippi River. Wiley was one of the world's leading researchers of deadly viruses, including HIV and the Ebola virus. He was an expert on the immune system's response to viral attacks

November 21, 2001: World-class microbiologist and high-profile Russian defector Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik, 64, dies of a stroke. Pasechnik, who defected to Britain in 1989, succeeded in producing an aerosolized plague microbe that could survive outside the laboratory. He was connected to Britain's spy agency and recently had started his own company. "In the last few weeks of his life he had put his research on anthrax at the disposal of the [British] Government, in the light of the threat from bioterrorism.

November 24, 2001: Three more dead microbiologists: A Swissair flight from Berlin to Zurich crashes during its landing approach; 22 are killed and nine survive. Among those killed are Dr. Yaakov Matzner, 54, dean of the Hebrew University school of medicine; Amiramp Eldor, 59, head of the haematology department at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv and a world-recognized expert in blood clotting; and Avishai Berkman, 50, director of the Tel Aviv public health department and businessman

December 10, 2001: Dead microbiologist: "Dr. Robert Schwartz, 57, was stabbed and slashed with what police believe was a sword in his farmhouse in Leesberg, Va. His daughter, who identifies herself as a pagan high priestess, and three of her fellow pagans have been charged." [Globe and Mail, 5/4/02] All were part of what they called a coven, and interested in magic, fantasy and self-mutilation. The police have no motive as to why they would have wanted to kill Schwartz, who was a single parent and said to be very close to his children. Schwartz worked at Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology on DNA sequencing and pathogenic microorganisms.

December 14, 2001: Dead microbiologist: Nguyen Van Set, 44, dies in an airlock filled with nitrogen in his lab in Geelong, Australia. The lab had just been written up in the journal Nature for its work in genetic manipulation and DNA sequencing. Scientists there had created a virulent form of mousepox. "They realized that if similar genetic manipulation was carried out on smallpox, an unstoppable killer could be unleashed,"

January 2002: Two dead microbiologists: Ivan Glebov and Alexi Brushlinski. Glebov died as the result of a bandit attack and Brushlinski was killed in Moscow. Both were well known around the world and members of the Russian Academy of Science.

February 9, 2002: Dead microbiologist: Victor Korshunov, 56, is bashed over the head and killed at the entrance of his home in Moscow, Russia. He was the head of the microbiology sub-faculty at the Russian State Medical University and an expert in intestinal bacteria.

February 11, 2002: Dead microbiologist: Dr. Ian Langford, 40, is found dead, partially naked and wedged under a chair in his home in Norwich, England. When found, his house was described as "blood-spattered and apparently ransacked." He was one of Europe's leading experts on environmental risk.

February 28, 2002: Two dead microbiologists in San Francisco: While taking delivery of a pizza, Tanya Holzmayer, 46, is shot and killed by a colleague, Guyang Huang, 38, who then apparently shot himself. Holzmayer moved to the US from Russia in 1989. Her research focused on the part of the human molecular structure that could be affected best by medicine. Holzmayer was focusing on helping create new drugs that interfere with replication of the virus that causes AIDS. One year earlier, Holzmayer obeyed senior management orders to fire Huang.

March 24, 2002: Dead microbiologist: David Wynn-Williams, 55, is hit by a car while jogging near his home in Cambridge, England. He was an astrobiologist with the Antarctic Astrobiology Project and the NASA Ames Research Center. He was studying the capability of microbes to adapt to environmental extremes, including the bombardment of ultraviolet rays and global warming.

March 25, 2002: Dead microbiologist: Steven Mostow, 63, dies when the airplane he was piloting crashes near Denver, Colorado. He worked at the Colorado Health Sciences Centre and was known as "Dr. Flu" for his expertise in treating influenza, and expertise on bioterrorism. Mostow was one of the country's leading infectious disease experts.

November 12 2002: Dr. Benito Que, 52, was "an expert in infectious diseases and cellular biology at the Miami Medical School. Police originally suspected that he had been beaten on in a carjacking in the medical school's parking lot. Strangely enough, though, his body showed no signs of a beating.

June 24, 2003: Dr. Leland Rickman, a UC San Diego expert on infectious diseases and, since Sept. 11, 2001 a consultant on bioterrorism. He was 47. Rickman died while on a teaching assignment in Lesotho, a small country bordered on all sides by South Africa. He had complained of a headache, but the cause of death was not immediately known. The physician had been working in Lesotho with Dr. Chris Mathews, director of the UC San Diego Medical Center's Owen Clinic, teaching African medical personnel about the prevention and treatment of AIDS.Rickman, the incoming president of the Infectious Disease Assn. of California, was a multidisciplinary professor and practitioner with expertise in infectious diseases, internal medicine, epidemiology, microbiology and antibiotic utilization

July 18, 2003: David Kelly, a British biological weapons expert, was said to have slashed his own wrists while walking near his home. Kelly was the Ministry of Defence's chief scientific officer and senior adviser to the proliferation and arms control secretariat, and to the Foreign Office's non-proliferation department. The senior adviser on biological weapons to the UN biological weapons inspections teams (Unscom) from 1994 to 1999, he was also, in the opinion of his peers, pre-eminent in his field, not only in this country, but in the world.

October 11 2003: Michael Perich, an LSU professor who helped fight the spread of the West Nile virus died in a one-vehicle car accident. He was 46 years old. Walker Police Chief Elton Burns said that Perich of 5227 River Bend Blvd., Baton Rouge, crashed his Ford pickup truck about 4:30 a.m. Saturday, while heading west on Interstate 12 in Livingston Parish.Perich's truck veered right off the highway about 3 miles east of Walker, flipped and landed in rainwater, Burns said. Perich, who was wearing his seat belt, drowned. The cause of the crash is under investigation, Burns said. Perich, who worked for the U.S. Army for more than 15 years, joined the LSU faculty in August 2001 as an assistant professor of medical entomology. In addition to West Nile, Perich had also studied malaria and several other diseases, said Tim Schowalter, head of LSU's entomology department.

November 13 2003: Sgt. Qokolo D. Ntsasa, aged 35, a nuclear, biological and chemical specialist was killed in a one vehicle crash. He was assigned to the 267th Chemical Company, 23rd Chemical Battalion headquartered at Camp Carroll, South Korea. Born in Nigeria, Ntsasa emigrated to the United States, entering the Army in December 1995; he served at Fort Hood, Texas, and Fort Stewart, Ga., before going to South Korea. His career honors include the Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal and Marksmanship Badge. He leaves his wife, Rochelle, and sons Qawi, 4, and Elijah, 3. Korean National Police and U.S. military authorities still are investigating the cause of the accident.

January 19 2004: Dr. Robert Shope 74 professor of epidemiology at Yale for 30 years was reported to have died from pulmonary fibrosis. In the last two years, Dr Shope worked on a Defense Department project to develope antidotes to viral agents that terrorists might use. Dr. Shope was Co-Director of The World Arbovirus Reference Center. They maintain a large collection of viruses which are made available to researchers worldwide.

January 24 2004: Dr. Michael Kiley 52. He was reported to have died from a heart attack. He was the Chief Biosafety Officer for the U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture.

Both of these Doctors were working on the upgrade of the UTMB lab to a level 4. Being a level 4 lab means that the lab can now work with the most dangerous microbes known to man. Plum Island is another lab seeking this same upgrade for the purpose of biowarfare research.

August 12, 2004: The body of Professor John Clark was discovered on Thursday in the village of Cove, near Eyemouth on the Berwickshire coast. The 53-year-old professor was the director of the Roslin Institute in Midlothian. Prof Clark played a major role in the creation of Dolly - the transgenic sheep that marked a breakthrough in generating human therapeutic proteins in milk. He is believed to have been suffering from 'depression' for some time. His research interests include the use of genetically modified animals for biomedical and agricultural applications and for fundamental studies of the control of gene expression, and nuclear transfer and gene targeting in livestock.


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