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Canada's real Watergate is HEALTHCARE...!

Malcolm W. Everett | 11.05.2005 16:13 | Health | World

What do you really know about Canada's healthcare...

Canada's real Watergate is HEALTHCARE..!

There is growing concern in Canada, particularly in Ontario that far too many doctors are prescribing "contraindicated" medications with utter disregard for patient safety. I am personally aware of several such cases. Among them dangerous brain damaging neuroleptic drugs for control of nausea, where risk far outweighs any possible benefit. This is a very bad trend, ie., questionable use of the drug Stemetil (prochlorperazine) for control of "nausea" is such an example, particularly, when clearly "contraindicated", resulting in death.

Stemetil is an antipsychotic-antiemetic drug to be used with CAUTION. It seems clear that when antipsychotic medications are prescribed for "control of nausea", the underwriter is usually dealing with a significant underlying psychotic disorder. But that is not the case. Many involve undiagnosed cases where the etiology of the nausea or vomiting have NOT been undetermined. This is a dangerous drug, NOT a cure-all. To add insult to injury, the antiemetic action of Stemetil may “mask the signs and symptoms of drug overdosage” and may “obscure the diagnosis and treatment of conditions”, clearly suggests a hidden agenda with respect to its use at all.

Many cases resulting in injury or death involving questionable use of Stemetil have simply been reported as allergic reactions. For the most part they are NOT. The exact number of Stemetil related injuries/deaths is unknown because less than 10% of all drug outcomes are ever reported (with many of the outcomes ignored to fatal conclusions). Such deaths are simply chalked up to "natural causes", via the Office of the Coroner, akin to pushing someone out of an airplane and having it later determined by the pathologist that it wasn't the push or the fall that injured or killed, but the "sudden stop" - is that daft or what? Its homicide!

Another example is when a patient with no previous medical history of heart problems is poisoned by his/her doctor and "dilated cardiomyopathy" due to underlying condition ends up of the death report when in fact the death was "doctor caused", the result of drug induced cardiotoxic metabolite from the given drug that was clearly "contraindicated to condition" (by reason of such condition) in the first place. In the same case there was a documented "purulent exudate" (pus cells) on the pericardial surface of the myocardium, a hallmark of severe infection suggestive of bacterial myocarditis. The patient, who was awaiting a liver transplant, had become septic. S. aureus infection can result in septic condition with depletion of immune cells and the patient's immune cells had become depleted with septic condition prior to administration of the Stemetil. With severe infection, Stemetil can very easily trigger bacterial meningitis. In this case, the pathologist conveniently omitted examination of the urinary bladder, and the brain and spinal cord and I would have to question that train of reasoning. The urinary bladder can become a breeding ground for HOSPITAL AQUIRED infection. Microorganisms can be spread by the blood even from a localized infection, leading to a systemic infection. Bacteria are carried to the site of infection from a distant source, ie., urinary bladder is most likely. Under these circumstances the brain is suspicious for abscess formation, and meningitis, particularly when a drug with a known propensity for breaching the blood-brain barrier is used. Truth cannot live on a diet of secrets withering within entangled lies. The victim died unnecessarily, for the very same reasons that Arlene Berry died, due to medical mismanagement, and hospital containment policies which includes criminal negligence and fraud as part of its mandate. Search: The Arlene Berry Death Coverup.

The examiner's findings hereinbefore mentioned is a dark and deathly portrait of the types of FRAUD and deception engineered and perpetrated by doctors and hospitals via deliberate omission to "hoodwink" the estates of victims of medical negligence in order to avoid civil liability, and accountability, a major misrepresentation. One thing this does very well is breed more cantageon to maintain their superficial appearances, while at the very same time bilking the public out of hundreds of millions of dollars by reason of their attachment to the public purse, hence saving their respective public liability insurance from dolling out hundreds of millions of dollars in damage claims to keep up their superflous facade, much like eating someone else's cake while secretly saving your own for yourself - an epidemic of larceny and medical corruption of unprecedented magnitude that goes on in our hospitals everyday.. What kind of government, unless they are part and parcel of it, allows this type of criminal behaviour and criminal activity to flourish to the detriment of public safety and security? Submit, its all about what they perceive as economically convenient.

CAVEAT: All sudden or unexpected deaths are suspicious for FRAUD, or homicide. Any death associated with a contraindicated medication should have a meticulous review of the history for possible iatrogenic causes.

Many of these sudden deaths are the result of imprudence on the part of incompetent or negligent physicians, some of them, if not criminal negligence are outright "murder" in order to coverup their stupidity or embarassement from within. Further, once a patient becomes an economic inconvenience, such as due to medical stupidity, the propensity is to accellerate death. The Arlene Berry Death Coverup is such a case, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Stemetil was contraindicated for a number of reasons, but particukarly, due to toxic condition. The patient had also been suffering from untreated electrolyte abnormalities and blood disorders due to medical mismanagement of infection and iatrogenic neglect from the onset. Further, the patient presented with all the signs and symptoms of a Toxic Shock-like Syndrome associated with a known hospital or cummunity aquired "resistant bacteria", including evidence on the face of the record, of medication induced intestinal obstruction (evidenced by yellowish emesis) notwithstanding. No diagnosis was made, and her physician failed to attend - he treated her assumptively (his modus operandi), over the telephone, unseen, while sitting at home watching TV. It seems clear that watching TV was more important than duty of care. The patient had a resistant bacterial infection (a hospital/community aquired superbug) with a documented "PRECAUTION" on record, missed by both the RN and the emergency physician, including the patient's family MD (by reason of his failure to attend) , and due to incompetence and negligence on the part of all the caregivers involved ( a bunch of complete idiots), but particularly by reason that the patient`s family MD elected to alienate and treat this patient at arm's length. The patient was simply treated as routine, typical for a hospital that places more value on renovations than on duty or qhality of care.

When the doctor finally showed up, after having done too little too late, his first scant examination was "unremarkable". With his stone cold pudgy-eyed face he asked family bluntly "Would you like to let nature take its course?". He even proposed a DNR. After a decision was made to intubate the victim, he managed to traumatize her airway at the exact point of intubation, causing her Heart Rate to soar to 174 bpm, the PANIC factor. He ALSO conveniently malpositioned the endotracheal tube in her esophagus for one full hour, compromising tissue perfusion (slowly suffocating her) before the misplaced ET tube was discovered by one of the duty nurses and restored - by that time even more brain damage was done.

When all that trauma failed to kill this patient, this idiot MD, Edward Henry Jordan pretended to be waiting for the ambulance CALL team to arrive to transport the victim to Sudbury via air ambulance. As it turned out the ambulance call team showed up hours later with call received documented on the face of the Ambulance Call Report about the exact same time of their arrival. The patient was bundled off to Sudbury with an anticholinergic drug that don't mix with Stemetil, including an order for the complete withdrawal of life support from this critically ill patient, contrary to family wishes. This was followed by recruiting the help of several nurses and the Ventilatory Therapist to help with some altered and falsified medical records but who instead left a trail of malfeasance as long as your arm. This asshole, Dr. Edward Henry Jordan then proceded to procure the assistance of Sudbury doctors (Dr. Sauve, et al) who just so happened to be a classmate of the admitting physician, Dr. Spiller (who failed miserably in his duty of care and who also happened to be a local appointed coroner under Dr. Barry A. McLellan) , a buddy of Dr. Jordan - to assist in the cleanup of this medical embarassement - mop and bucket detail men all of them, all partners in the NORTH telehealth Network, a network of thugs and organized criminals with no regard for patient safety whatsoever.

Preliminary private investigation turned up what was at first thought to be drug induced hepatic coma due to hepatic encephalopathy. Further investigation revealed that meningitis can cause, exacerbate, or mimic hepatic encephalopathy. The meningitis has now been confirmed by the victims blood chemistry, and the residual evidence on the face of the medical record which puts the finger on the doctor, and on meningitis of the pyogenic variety.. No autopsy was done. A family request for a formal inquest was turned down by Dr. Barry A. McLellan, who so happened to be not only the Regional supervising coroner but also Dr. Spiller's immediate supervisor at that time. How very convenient for all of them.

Submit that if their reputations haven't already been severely damaged over this matter and/or for their part in the Arlene Berry death coverup, their dubious distinctions be totally destroyed (by their own doings) by the time I am finished with them - every time I come back with new incriminating evidence is another slap to their shameless pompous faces, tenfold. After subjecting them all to ridicule and contempt in public for quite some time, it seems abundantly clear by now that each of them has much to hide - the bunch of gutless cowards that they are. Whatsmore, I don't see or hear any good doctors coming forward to defend their stupidity either, perhaps due to fear of being exposed themselves.

In my opinion, doctors who prescribe or order "contraindicated" drugs for their patients are guilty of criminal negligence causing bodily harm, or death. They should be divested of their right to practice medicine, fined heavily, and jailed for a very long time. In cases where death results from failure to comply with the manufacturer's directives (WARNINGS), or to follow protocol, the exact same penalties that apply to any other "negligence causing death" should be handed down by indictment. Those who would dare to involve themselves as accessories, or suborne perjury to save face, should also be given the exact same punishment, Ontario's Solicitor General is NO exception. Just because this man holds a high office does NOT give him the right to participate in criminal activity to protect the reputations of a handful of bad doctors working under his umbrella.

Submit that the law applies equally to everyone, physicians and politicians included. Who the hell do these assholes think they are, Sacred Cows with some sort of diplomatic immunity which spares them from the consequences of criminal wrongdoing? The government seems to forget that they are there to serve and protect the public, even if it means prosecuting each other, and bad doctors are NO exception.

Case in point: A hunter may be licenced to carry guns "for the pupose for which they are intended", namely hunting game. He is expected to adhere to the rules of safe gun handling. He has NO right to discharge the guns "BLINDLY" like shooting bullets in the dark or through a closed door with utter disregard for public safety , yet doctors practice similar "shotgun therapy" on unsuspecting patients, not knowing what if anything is there, but if there is he is sure going to get it, even if it means taking an innocent life in the process. There's a similar case in point that could also be made for "reckless" drivers who don't obey rules of the road and ignore WARNING signs, or drive at excessive speed or in the dark at night with no lights resulting in vehicular homicide, etc., etc., as a rule of thumb. These are serious crimes for which there are serious consequences.

Physicians who elect to act with "wanton and reckless disregard for human life" should be treated NO different, especially where an innocent life is taken unnecessarily. There's a barrel full of bad doctors out there (including politicians and others who try to shield them), who like to live life in the fast lane and navigate in the dark with no light (which makes them extremely dangereous) that need to be shown the error of their ways, that is, held criminally accountable by punishment befitting their reckless careless behaviour that is clearly an afront to human dignity..

Turning a "blind-eye" to such negligence shows little or no concern for public safety, and police who look the other way do little to instill public values when they themselves impart a sence of reckless abandon. After all, are the police not there to "serve and protect"..? This is not unusual for a government backed by a backscratching drug trade that funnels untold contributions to political parties via the "back door", bent on the path of corruption, like the Liberal government, a common feature of the McGuinty government in Ontario, and the Martin government in Ottawa - typical of a constituency severely lacking in social and moral values, whose only values evolve around the almighty dollar, legalizing dangerous drugs, setting dangerous precedents, and protecting each other from the consequences of their wrongdoings, and their ill-gotten gains, under guise of their positions or by reason of their attachment to the public purse, and from being exposed as the cowards that they really are. This is what Canada has to offer as leaders by example.

The problem with fixing this disgrace is that the government, the drug industry and the medical profession have been sharing the same bed for too long, like pigs in a poke. They all need to be straightened out. The government and the medical profession is notorious for protecting its own, even if it means committing a criminal offence to do it. The only way to break up this insestous relationship is to separate them surgically, at the head, beginning with the abolishment of self regulation, and the complete replacement of appointed offices with elected ones, ie. divide and conquer. Obviously these assholes cannot be trusted to police and prosecute each other. We need a separate and distinct civilian authority , not one appointed by the government for it to control, but one legislated and empowered by the people (a watchdog) to subject them all to microscopic examination on an ongoing basis, to include the handing down of indictments if necessary. Corporate criminal liability needs to be extended to include all of them without exception , including hospitals, but particularly the College of Physicians and Surgeons (obscessive compulsive liars all of them), and the Canadian Medical Protective Association who participate in overwhelming fraud, larsony and coverup in order to protect these assholes. A step in the right direction might be the abolishment of the CPSO altogether (replace it with computers - computers don't tell lies), and the impeachment of Paul Martin, and his cronies. But don't let that be the end of it.

We need some serious house cleaning done here (as to impart accountability and justice for all), to include a full and complete audit on untold doctor caused injuries and deaths in Canada, which includes substandard care, fraudulent medication and service billings of all kinds (there are documented cases of doctors billing OHIP for services rendered to deceased people of all things), the falsification of countless death certificates, the fabrication of countless causes of death, the returning of countless false findings via the Coroner, fraud and larsony for countless damage claims lost due to altered and falsified medical records, etc., etc,. followed by serious prosecution. As a first step, I would question the dubious appointment of Ontario's Deputy Chief Coroner, Dr. Barry A. McLellan - not an appointment based on merit but rather one based on "convenience" - this man is nothing more than a public relations tool - his office is used as a dumping ground for cases embarrassing to both the government and the medical profession. The public deserves better than that, like medical truth, and closure, NOT some fabricated smoke screen engineered to appease.

If the truth be known, Dr, McLellan is party to a criminal conspiracy in the Arlene Berry death coverup, a medical homicide scandal involving himself as an accessory, after the fact, with conflict of interest evident (at least two counts), a case suppressed publicly and wraped up in a government conspiracy complete with "gag order" (and all the cloak-and-dagger techniques known to spies) since the year 2000, rivaled only by that of the Shipman murders in the UK (the World's most prolific serial killer was an MD). Dr. McLellan was the Director of the NORTH Network, a partnership between all the doctors and hospitals involved. He went on to become the Regional Coroner for Northern Ontario - how very convenient for his corrupt friends, students and classmates. Ontario's Solicitor General so happens to be the overseer of the Office of the Chief Coroner whose newly appointed Deputy Chief, in addition to being a complete idiot, is a criminal co-conspirator involved in medical corruption (and medical secrecy) of all kinds. Search: "A Penetrating Analysis of Corruption in Ontario's Healthcare System" - only a tip of the iceburg.

The government has a way of rewarding incompetence, and stupidity to buy silence and submit, if they can't buy it, they will have their duly approinted cronies gag order it (in regards to their efforts to put a gag on the internet, I can only wish them luck). The Arlene Berry case is Canada's most prolific example of substandard care resulting in iatrogenic injury, followed by medical homicide because the patient had thus become an “economic inconvenience”.

I would also question the appointment of David Ramsey (hint: NORTH/Mines) for the very same reason - you should have no trouble tracing this one right back to Dr. McLellan. There are undoubtedly many other such appointments, similarly in key positions of government, a buddy system, and/or what are "appointments of convenience", some in very high places (much like stacking the deck), put there to sweep Ontario's sordid immorality under the carpet (much like the Coroner's office), and who now see themselves as "untouchables". This cantageon extends to some of the highest offices in Canada, for the very same reasons. They too need to be ferrited out and pulled down from their high horses and put in their respective places. That we are living in a very corrupt society there is not a shaddow of a doubt. CAVEAT: "absolute power corrupts". What we really need is more democracy where top officials are: "elected", NOT APPOINTED. What we have now is nothing more than a bunch of appointed puppets on a string, to be shuffled about, there to divert the natural order of things - someone is pulling their strings. Its just a matter of time until we get to the bottom of this matter.

One thing you should know is that the sponsorship scandal was actually engineered by a very few top dog members of the Liberal Party in Ottawa. It was a strategy intended to give the seeming appearance of simple "wasteful government spending" (not so unusual) to divert attention from growing concerns that suggest Canada's healthcare system may be on the brink of "collapse" due to widespread medical corruption, widespread substandard care due to iatrogenic neglect , and widespread medical and political mismanagement (a sponsorship fiasco is quite paltry in comparison), but somehow it got out of control and backfired, uprooting each other with the spoils in hand, turning the Party against each other - something much like Watergate, only Canada's real Watergate is HEALTHCARE.

Just remember what happened on the other side of the border to Richard ("I'm not a crook") NIXON, and his cronies. We have that very situation right here in Ontario and the future of healthcare in Canada is right now. One thing coverups and gag orders do very well is keep the public from learning the TRUTH.

The time has come to lift the manhole cover on this much neglected (long overdue) sewer of corruption and cultured unaccountability and muck it out. The stench is enough to make one want to vomit.

The right to equality dictates that the law applies equally to everybody, or to nobody (doctors and politicians are no exception) - either enforce the law, or scrap it because either way you have to live with it. You can't have your cake and eat it too so go ahead and voice your approval, or disapproval (stand united or fall divided) and show the World the kind of people Canadians are really made of and submit, either way, your decision will speak for itself.

Malcolm W. Everett


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