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America's First 9-11-Utah Mormons, Polygamy and USA's dirty little secret

Donald Iarussi MFA | 22.05.2005 17:06 | Culture

When: Thursday and Friday, May 20 and 21, 2004 - 9AM
Where: Court room of Judge Valdez, Mathison Court House

Once again a felon, allowed to live the illegal lifestyle of polygamy, is in court for the maltreatment of children. This particular criminal has been in Utah courts before, pleading no contest to child abuse and serving only 28 weeks in county jail.

The state of Utah continues to harbor these criminals who exploit, harm and violate the human and civil rights of the most vulnerable. Tax payers continue to fund their lifestyle while the court system is sapped again and again when they get caught doing what is known to occur.

Like cases in the past, these children are only a few of the numerous children abused by this man and many others like him every day in Utah.

America's First 9-11
Donald Iarussi MFA 04

I was not sure of a proper title. But as we prepare to go to war against radical Muslims. Have we overlooked the crimes of the Mormon Church?

While this nation fights a war. we are a nation divided. We attack the beliefs of the taliban and Saddam Hussein but dare not attack the beliefs of the USA's fastest growing religion. The Mormon Church, LDS, Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints or whatever name they are using now.

The Mormon Church was Created by Joseph Smith , A polygamist and a con man who was kicked out of New York and many other places because of his con games.

He allegedly had a vision and in that vision the Lord had come to him with a command to start a new church on earth.

The Mormon Church teaches. The universe is governed by a head god and his council. "The head God called together the Gods and sat in grand council to bring forth the world...In the beginning, the head of the Gods called a council of the gods; and they came together and concocted a plan to create the world and people it" (Joseph Smith, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, PP. 348-49).

God has goddess wives. "This doctrine that there is a Mother in Heaven was affirmed in all plainness by the First Presidency of the Church" (Bruce R. McConkie, Apostle, Mormon Doctrine, p. 516).

God is limited by a physical body. "The Father has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man's" (D&C, 130:22). "If God possesses a form, that form is of necessity of definite proportions, and therefore of limited extension and space. It is impossible for Him to occupy at one time more than one space of such limits" (James E. Talmage, Articles of Faith, p.43).

Mary was not a virgin. Christ was begotten by an Immortal Father in the same way that mortal men are begotten by mortal fathers...Christ was born into the world as the literal Son of this Holy Being; He was born in the same personal, real, and literal sense that any mortal son is born to a mortal father" (Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, p.547,742).

At the end of Joseph Smith's life he saw the light and was going to make dramatic changes in the Mormon Faith. This was very upsetting to Brigham Young, So young ordered his henchman to
murder Joseph Smith and his Brother. It was then spread that Joseph Smith was killed by an anti Mormon mob.

This gave Brigham Young power over the Mormon Church. Brigham Young then forced Joseph Smith's eldest wife to life with him. Brigham Young also ordered that Mormons split up half Democrat and half republican so that there would basically be a one party system . He also ordered the ambush and murder of pioneers passing through utah. In what was Americas first 9 11 massacre.
"Nine cowhands hired to drive cattle also were murdered, along with at least 35 other unknown victims. In all, 120 people, mostly women and children, were slain." (Salt Lake Tribune, March 14, 2000, p. A-4)

Brigham Young stopped at Mountain Meadows. Federal troops, outraged at the massacre, had erected a makeshift monument to those who had been murdered. On it were the words, "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, and I will repay." Young gazed at it for a time, then ordered the monument torn down. "Vengeance is mine," he muttered, "and I have taken a little."

The evidence of present day cover-up by the LDS bureaucracy is revealed in the following statement:
"That which we have done here must never be construe d as an acknowledgment of the part of the church of any complicity in the occurrences of that fateful day" --
President Gordon B. Hinckley
dedicating the monument, Sept. 11, 1999

Brigham Young had at least 28 wives, possibly as many as 57 . He showed his continued hatred toward other people when ordered that mormons boycott a general store known as Aurbachs because it was owned by Jews.

The Church continued to practice polygamy even after it became illegal. Polygamist communities still exist in Logan, Manti, Colorado City, hildale and other cities throughout Utah.

Utah Governor Mike Leavitt and his brother Mike Leavitt a prosecuting Attorney singled out an outspoken Polygamist Tom Green. Tom Green was convicted of having sex with a minor and is now in prison. This case was nothing more than window dressing says one former wife of a polygamist.
“It was just free publicity for the Governor and the Church during the Olympics” Governor Levitt told the press that the days of polygamy in Utah are over.

But at the same time said he loved and admired his grandfather. He was a role model. But Governor Leavitt's father was also a polygamist and practiced polygamy illegally, as did Utah Senator Orin Hatch's grandfather. Yet Orin Hatch has openly defended his grandfathers actions. Governor Leavitt has done nothing to protect the many other young women who are forced into polygamist marriages in the state of Utah.

Utah Mormons do not like being challenged about their religion . They claim to be staunch Republicans. yet they tax food, milk , pablum and almost everything else.
They Opposed Martin Luther King Day and did not make it a holiday until 2002. Only because of pressure by the
International Olympic Committee.

The Church which claims Holocaust Jews as Members because they baptized them into the Mormon Church after death
have ignored the pleas of Jews to cease these bigoted actions. After 9-11, it was not uncommon to turn on some of the utah stations and hear angry listeners blame Jews for the attack on the World Trade Center, claiming many Jews did not show up for work because of previous knowledge of the attack.

It is not uncommon to hear callers defend Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany and claim the holocaust did not happen. The afternoon shows have accused Zionism as being the culprit for the worlds turmoil. Claiming the ZIonist control the worlds wealth and media. Although the Mormon Church does own
Banneville Broadcasting .

In a Past general Conference of the Church Of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints. One of the Prophets referred to the Gay children of Mormons as "Latter Day Lepers".

The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints continues to distribute leaflets that attack the homosexual population. These pamphlets have for decades formed a significant part of the understanding within the LDS Church of the issue of same sex orientation. We believe that many in our community are unaware of their specific content. These pamphlets contain hurtful and damaging language that promote fear and entrench ignorance of the realities of this issue; they cause parents to condemn and turn against their gay children - destroying real families - and drive our gay children to self-loathing, despair, and suicide.

Of particular concern is the recent re-release of the pamphlet To Young Men Only which admonishes young LDS men to "protect themselves" by physically assaulting gays when confronted with their homosexuality. This was re released at the same time as the Matthew Shepard murder trials. Very few people in the LDS Church are aware that one of the two young men convicted of Matthew Shepard's beating death was a young Mormon Priesthood holder. As parents of gay children, it is difficult for us to understand why the Church, in the face of the national attention surrounding Matthew Shepard's beating death, would re-release something as inflammatory, insensitive and troubling as this.

To The One teaches that if our "mechanically broken" children are unable to change their sexual orientation, the real reason is because they are selfish. We are taught that many such perverts become predators of children. We are taught that medical and scientific findings about the causes and unchangeable nature of same sex orientation are wrong simply because that can be the only answer. We are taught we don't speak about this issue within the Church because if we discuss it or read about it, we are in danger of becoming homosexual.

Letter to a Friend, originally published in 1971, is replete with references to those who struggle with the issue of homosexuality as being "perverts," "abominations," and "servants of Satan." It pronounces in unequivocal terms that same sex orientation can and must be fully "cured," otherwise, "it were better that such a man were never born."

For The Strength of Youth is a pamphlet expected to be carried and read by all LDS youth. It specifically and prominently labels homosexuality as a "perversion" similar to rape and incest.

This is language that teaches our gay children that they are broken, but could change their sexual orientation if they really wanted to - and that if they fail to change it is because - they haven't been to enough therapy - they haven't prayed and fasted enough - they don't have enough faith - they haven't tried hard enough - they haven't been good enough. This works like a cancer on our children's sense of self-worth.

This is language that teaches our community to fear our children - to believe that their own children are at risk of being molested - or that their children can somehow be recruited or enticed into becoming gay. It motivates and condones violence against our children - cruel verbal and emotional violence in our schools on a daily basis - and at times even physical violence.

This is language that gives the false promise and sets the impossible goal of successfully changing ones sexual orientation as the standard by which our children are judged by their church leaders, their families, and all with whom they must interact on a daily basis - and by which our gay children must ultimately judge themselves.

This is language born of a failure to examine the realities of this issue that makes of our gay children latter-day lepers. It engenders fear and loathing both in others toward our gay children - and ultimately in our gay children toward themselves.

This is not language that provides any meaningful help or guidance to our children or to us as parents in facing the realities of this complex issue. Like all parents, we are trying to strengthen and hold our families together. This is language that tears our families apart.

The Church also excluded Blacks for a long time believing that in the spiritual world dark skinned people were indecisive when a battle erupted between Jesus and his Brother Satan, yes, Mormons believe Satan is Jesus brother and God is their dad. A dad who has many wives and procreates in the spiritual world. The white skinned people came known as the "Delightsome" because they were pleasant to look at.
(LDS President Brigham Young stated in 1859, "You may inquire of the intelligent of the world whether they can tell why the aborigines of this country are dark, loathsome, ignorant, and sunken into the depths of degradation ...When the Lord has a people, he makes covenants with them and gives unto them promises: then, if they transgress his law, change his ordinances, and break his covenants he has made with them, he will put a mark upon them, as in the case of the Lamanites and other portions of the house of Israel; but by-and-by they will become a white and delightsome people" (Journal of Discourses 7:336).

The LDS Church has used public relations and the media to spread the Mormon message. I could spend half the day listed bigoted racist incidents I have witnessed in Salt Lake City, Utah and other parts of the state. In Utah many businesses give discounts to Mormon Missionaries while charging Jews and Muslims higher prices. The purpose of Mormon Missionaries is toe be trained in sales techniques and to go out around the world and convince people that the beliefs of other faiths are wrong and one must be a Mormon to be saved.

I myself witnessed LDS Missionaries mocking Gay's and openly calling them fags and homos. I have heard anti semitic remarks on sacred Mormon grounds at the Salt Lake City Temple Grounds. Where a Missionary referred to Jews as "A Christ Killer" Another teenager getting ready for his mission stated " I am doing my Mission in germany and they really know how to treat Jews there". While employed in an area of utah I was approached at work and was harassed by lDS workers for going to a bar and for not converting.

I could go on and on but many have told their stories. I have examined the beliefs of radical Islam and of the Taliban. We have made a choice to defend the people and the constitution of the United States of America. Yet, many of the freedoms that we talk about are not available in the State Of Utah.

An all White Mormon Board controls the state run Alcohol and Beverage Commission. The County of Salt Lake actually appointed a "Porn Czar" to determine what is correct and moral for the citizens of Salt Lake County.
Hispanics are often attacked by the media and on right wing radio talk shows. There is only a limited amount of minorities on the tv news or radio in Utah. When I asked a station manager why? I was told. "Those people do not like living here because its too cold and too white" "They would be uncomfortable here".

Polygamy as i previously stated is rampant in Utah. It is not uncommon for polygamists to live along the Utah/Arizona border. In Hildale and Colorado City it is common for Polygamist men marry girls as young as 14 years of age.

The Mayor Of Colorado City, Arizona. A border town of Utah Dan Barlow refused to speak with me or members of the press and to answer questions involving leniency given to his son Dan Barlow Junior. The Republican controlled Courts refused to punish Dan Barlow Junior after he was found guilty of fondling his children. His children were ordered by the court to continue living with him.

The state has given Polygamist owned companies many of the contracts and have not enforced Federal or state labor regulations. This has allowed these polygamist owned business. This special treatment has allowed polygamist communities to accumulate wealth and has prevented non Mormon businesses from competing. The Republican controlled State Senate and House is predominantly Mormon and has regulated morality and has allowed special land deals for the Mormon Church. This tight knit control has discrimated and has had a willing accomplice in the utah media.

The Wives of Short Creek, a Novel of Polygamy & Prophecy, is author Gerald Grimmett's second novel from the highly regarded publisher dealing with LDS (Mormon) culture. Moving from the tragedy of his first novel, The Ferry Woman, Grimmett has written a biting comedy about Mormon fundamentalist polygamy from the point of view of a seasick, love-starved sailor—the intrepid Heber Dean Smith.

he Wives of Short Creek, a Novel of Polygamy & Prophecy, is author Gerald Grimmett's second novel from the highly regarded publisher dealing with LDS (Mormon) culture. Moving from the tragedy of his first novel, The Ferry Woman, Grimmett has written a biting comedy about Mormon fundamentalist polygamy from the point of view of a seasick, love-starved sailor—the intrepid Heber Dean Smith.

Heber Dean inherits a patch of Mojave Desert in the town of Short Creek, and thinks he is headed for a dry paradise with sex for the asking. Not likely. The Salt Lake Tribune called it a successful novel of "Slapstick in Print"

In The Wives of Short Creek, Heber eventually gains the trust of the secretive community, and marries Bishop Reuben Alldred-Price’s widowed daughter Zinny. Heber and Zinny are happy until the Bishop decides it is time for Heber to take more wives to bring some balance to the demographics.

The Bishop selects for Heber two prospective wives who are so bizarre in their behavior Heber Dean feels like the weddings would more like a hanging. Heber really loves Zinny and monogamy, but he also needs a lot of help from his hidden whisky still to get through his trials.

Central to this bittersweet comedy, is a search and chase for a secret last prophecy, which it is hoped, will legitimize the ongoing practice of plural wives, and in which the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. foresees the main streaming apostasy of the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City.

The church in Salt Lake would like nothing better than to burn and bury this purported prophecy, so they send their minions to thwart Heber’s mission by any means necessary. standing.

To complicate Sheriff Heber Dean’s life, the fictional Arizona Women’s Alliance (AWA) instigates a cunning infiltration of Short Creek by the beautiful Rose Lee, a bitter, recently excommunicated Mormon who was railroaded by a devious husband. She turns to radical feminism, and her mission is to pave the way to free the wives of Short Creek from their slavery and degradation, and to bring to them the breathy zest of freedom from their bondage in the strictly closed society of Short Creek.

This leads to the novel’s climax in the infamous War of the Sticks. Grimmett does not leave a sober combatant in the scene with his sharp and wry pen skewers that skewers the foibles of men, women, politics and religion without fear or favor. It is a volatile mix. The implicit condemnation of polygamy and hypocrisy is self-evident, but so is the fun.

Grimmett’s first novel, The Ferry Woman, a novel John D. Lee and the Mountain Meadows Massacre, (Limberlost Press-2001) was received with critical acclaim. A second edition is now available from most retail outlets.

The Late Gerald Grimmett is an widely traveled award winning journalist, which includes Antarctica, Europe, North Africa, the Far East and points between. Presently he is a campground-manager in Utah, and lives with his wife Cynthia somewhere in the slickrock country of Southern Utah.

Bigamy (big·a·my) n. 1. The criminal offense of marrying one person while still legally married to another. From Late Latin bigamous twice married Latin bi- two; See bi- 1 Greek gamos marriage; See -gamous [Often the criminal nature of this offense was not as much multiple wives, but a man leaving a wife in one town, moving for work to another and pretending to be single, courting a woman and marrying her, while neither of the women knew of the other wife.]

Plural marriage n. 1. See polygamy. [In Mormon terms it not just more than one spouse, but Celestial marriage (or more than one wife) through special permission, authority, sanction, vow, covenant and sometimes command, by or on behalf of God.

Polygamy (po·lyg·a·my) n. 1. The condition or practice of having more than one spouse at one time. Also called Plural Marriage.

Polygyny (po·lyg·y·ny) n. 1. The condition or practiceof having more than one wife at one time. [Joseph F. Smith, while testifying to a Congressional Subcommittee, rationalized that Mormons were no longer living polygamy, as he had rationalized in his mind that they were technically living polygyny. However this ruse did not cover all of his less than forthright testimony under oath.]

Polyandry (pol·y·an·dry) n. 1. The condition or practice of having more than one husband at one time.

The role of women in mormonism

A Chronology of
Federal Legislation
on Polygamy

Donald Iarussi MFA
- e-mail:


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