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Changing The Spots?

Dr Les Dove | 05.07.2005 18:21 | Repression | London | World

Fascism in the UK and America.

Changing The Spots?

By Dr Les Dove

Ye God’s, who would have though we would ever hear it, the U.S. secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, going on television to state: “For 60 years, my country, the United States, pursued stability at the expense of democracy.” She was referring to the Middle East in her speech, but as most honest journalists already know the United States has pursued that same policy of ‘stability’ all over the world.

Perhaps Ms Rice might one day admit what she missed out and find it in her heart to offer some sort of apology and recompense to the six million people, men, women and children - at the last conservative estimate, whom the United States government and it’s CIA, NSA led death squads have murdered (1).

These unfortunate victims of U.S. foreign policy were horribly raped, tortured and murdered throughout the entire world to maintain that so-called ‘stability’. Perhaps Ms Rice might also speak out on behalf of the of people who are still being tortured, both in and out of the United States, by U.S. and other covert security services and their allies. She might, but I doubt it very much. Leopards don’t change their spots. Only a total fool would believe otherwise. It’s one thing to sucker up to world leaders and admit to being the supporter of fascist dictators and tyrants for sixty years but it’s quite another to go face to face with victims whose entire lives have been ruined and destroyed by bare faced liars and murderers who didn’t give a damn whether innocent people and their families lived or died (2).

That so many millions of people, whose only ‘crime’ was to believe in true democracy, were killed on orders from the United States government only goes to show what the U.S. really believed in. And indeed, until we see otherwise, still does. So if Ms Rice really wishes us to believe her good intentions what might she do to convince us? Well, for a start she might begin by rooting out all the murderers and torturers in the CIA, FBI, the NSA, and all the other covert agencies that were involved in these gross human rights atrocities, past and present. She might then have all these monsters arrested as war criminals and held in prison until they can be turned over to the International Criminal Court. She might also provide some of the trial evidence needed to convict them. She might also turn over all the instructors at the infamous “School Of The Americas” at Fort Benning, Georgia, where countless despicable torturers from around the world were taught the most horrible techniques of torture so that they could inflict them upon their own people (3). And of course, it shouldn’t stop there. Where did these criminals, both American and foreign, get their orders from? Who gave them? What Presidents and Senators were involved, and who was responsible for covering up all these vicious crimes during all those years? And why didn’t the American media inform their public what was happening, and still is? Is it because the CIA still has an iron grip on America’s media? As indeed it has for at least forty years (4). Just as Britain’s press has been controlled by MI-5.

Yes, Ms Rice might do something about that? But she won’t. Indeed, she cannot. Quite simply because at it’s heart the United States government is fascist to it’s core. It is to all intents and purposes owned by huge international business concerns that selects Senators and Presidents to do their bidding, which has little if anything at all to do with what the rest of the American public might need or want. That the ‘democracy’ fraud perpetrated upon Americans is finally being exposed for what it really is will make little or no difference. Huge multi-national companies will not under any circumstances allow their annual profits of hundreds of billions of dollars to be diluted by anyone. These unseen manipulators control all the organs of state. They buy and sell Presidents, Prime Ministers and Dictators like so many bags of corn. Anyone who won’t, for whatever reason, go along with what the multi-nationals want quickly find them selves removed from office or dead. What these all powerful companies will do is to continue to fool gullible people into believing they live in a democracy rather than the police state America has obviously now become. When two-faced hypocrisy is backed up by a state controlled press the multi-nationals can and do get away with just about anything. Divide and conquer has been brought to a fine art.

Like their British ‘friends’ Americans are decent people at heart but they aren’t very savvy when it comes to politics. They tend to believe their politicians and the press no matter how brazen their lies might be. Americans simply cannot believe that their own country is a terrorist state, which has murdered millions of people all over the world under the flimsiest of excuses. They genuinely do believe that America invades other countries to ‘save’ them, rather than plunder them. Yet how many poor countries without oil or goods the Americas want have been ‘saved’ by them?

At this time America’s standing in the world is at it’s lowest point ever. Being two-faced is certainly no way to make friends. If the United States is to regain its prestige in the world it should start be being honest for a change and turn itself into a true democracy all Americans can be proud of. As it is many Americans are leaving their country in record numbers. They can no longer stand the hypocrisy of their Congress nor the inability of their so-called representatives to halt the rampant political and business corruption that has overtaken their country. There was a time when the American media stood up to government and truly voiced the concerns of citizens, but today that is no longer true. Many journalists in America have become little more that prostitutes, more intent on manipulating their readers opinions than truly informing them of world events. As in Britain journalists who dare write the truth as they see it are unlikely to last long in their jobs. Indeed, the best of American writers can now only be found on the Internet, the one place left where they can honestly express themselves. The price they pay for that independence is being smeared by government agents and ‘security stooges’ who consistently cast doubts on the character of anyone, American or otherwise, who dares to defy them by exposing government corruption, deception and lies.

In an article Condoleezza Rice wrote in the San Diego Union-Tribune she talked about freedom at length (5). Basic human rights that governments should protect, fair elections, the right of free speech, the freedom to educate your children, the freedom from the midnight knock of the secret police, freedom from brutality and terror, freedom from imposed tyranny. Half a democracy is not a democracy, she wrote. Freedom is the result of choice, not of coercion. Wonderful words, but no more than the usual hypocritical rhetorical lies we have come to expect from many of our politicians. Words without substance, and in effect just more of the lies we now hear from them on a daily basis. Those who are not liars are usually fools who believe just about anything the security agencies tell them. They simply cannot imagine the USA and the UK to be anything other than what their respective leaders say they are. They fail to see how modern methods of repression work. They still believe in the old ways, that torture involves bodily contact that leaves marks upon victims. It doesn’t. The security services know full well that such obvious marks would be evidence of torture and therefore hard to refute, so they simply don’t use those methods. Sophisticated torture techniques and methods as used by the CIA in America (and elsewhere), and by MI-5 in Britain, involve hi-tech weaponry in the form of microwaves that destroy the human body from within. Indeed, western security services have been using these methods for the last twenty-five years at least. These methods and the bodily effects they cause have been well documented by countless writers, dissidents and doctors who have been abused by them (6). Those effects are deadly and they leave no obvious traces that they have been brought about by any of the security services, which are then easily able to maintain their deniability of any wrongdoing. Indeed, heart attacks are but one result of these weapons being used against dissidents, so many victims are disabled or dead. That these weapons were used in the first place was because victims of them tried to use the ‘free speech’ Bush and Blair so often lie about. Free speech that if used would allow the proper and truthful education of all our children, so that when they grow up they might free themselves from the tyranny imposed by liars like George Bush and Tony Blair. Then, and only then, will we all be free of their phony ‘democracies’ their secret police and the knock on the door.

A long time ago someone wrote that there is no such thing as a form of democracy, that it was akin to saying a woman was a little bit pregnant. There is no such thing as being a little bit pregnant. A woman either is pregnant or she is not. The same applies to the democratic process. There is no such thing as a ‘form of democracy.’ You either have the real thing or you have a police state. It is one or the other. So-called forms of democracy are nothing more than a political deception used to deceive populations into believing that they are in charge of a country when in fact they are not. Many of today’s ‘democracies’ are owned by a very small and extremely wealthy percentage of the population. These people do in effect own the county in that they have the wealth and power to ‘own’ every mainstream politician in office and so dictate to them whatever laws serve their own selfish interests. The rest of the population has in truth almost no say at all in how their country is run, how it is managed, or the political direction it will take. Such countries can only be regarded as police states. They cannot be true democracies in any sense of the word. Countries that repress and torture their own citizens, as do the Untied States and Britain, may claim to be democratic but their actions tell us far more than mere words ever could.

This tyranny from within is getting worse by the day. Britain is in the process of outlawing any form of political dissent whatsoever whilst in the United States the so-called Patriot Act is doing the self same thing. The day is soon coming when all political pretence of ‘democracy’ is dropped altogether and citizens of either country will be persecuted, jailed and worse, simply for questioning what is being done in their name. Unless citizens quickly rise up in great numbers and protest at the disastrous charade being played out right under their noses they will become no more than poorly paid wage slaves with no more rights than a flea-bitten donkey. Indeed, many millions of citizens are already in that position. Their plight is simply not being reported by the media, whose main occupation appears to be the continuation of fooling their readers into believing they live in ‘the finest country on earth’ where the ‘American Dream’ is but a stone’s throw from reality and where justice, the ‘democratic process’ and the law will forever protect them.

They don’t. It isn’t. It won’t. And if you can’t see that already you need a quick reality check. The seen and unseen tyrants who control and run Britain and the United States all but own every citizen in both counties. Your very lives depend upon these tyrants and the only time they need you is when they invade other countries to despoil them and make their citizens into slaves too. That ten’s of thousands of young lives will be lost doing just that means nothing at all to the multi-nationals. Their only concern is one of profit. Nothing else. So if you wish to be truly free you had better open your mind to the vast deceptions that have engulfed you and resist – whilst you still have the time. The very few remaining genuine human rights organizations (most have been ‘neutralized’ by the security services), have known of America’s own terrorist machine for decades. That elected public officials and successive governments, both Conservative and Democratic, have lied to and deceived the American public for 60 years is no surprise to them at all. Indeed, that so many millions of people have been so utterly conned by so few for so long is quite apparently known by just about everyone but the Americans themselves. Yet many American’s still continue to believe that their country is a democracy. Their manipulation by the press and TV continues to enforce that belief. Whether or not American’s will allow them selves to be conned for another 60 years is a question only they can answer. At this moment in time the United States government is spending an estimated $7.2 billion a year to promote secrecy and unaccountability. This allows the American public to be kept in total ignorance of what it’s own government is really doing throughout the world (7).

Why the law can’t or won’t help torture victims:

Governments from the United Kingdom and the United States have conspired together to prevent their own torture victims from getting protection through using the law. To prove they are being persecuted and tortured victims need evidence they can present to their lawyers and in a court of law. Without that evidence there is no case. It is simply the word of the victim against the government, and no more than that. Something no lawyer or courts can act upon. The security services know this only too well and they take great pains to make very sure that no evidence of their wrongdoing is available. Indeed, using the high-tech torture methods that are available to them, both psychological and physical, security services can totally ruin a person’s life and kill them without leaving a trace of any evidence whatsoever that can be presented in a court of law. The vast almost unlimited power of unscrupulous security services leaves their victims totally helpless, either to prevent further repression or seek legal redress of any kind. These victims are being used as public examples of what could happen to anyone should they dare to defy repressive governments.

Over the last thirty years thousands of victims from all over the world have all give highly detailed descriptions of their repression and suffering at the hands of government security services, and this evidence has been remarkably similar in almost every respect. In spite of being a proven security tool microwave weapons have continued to be used against defenseless civilians in ever increasing numbers. Indeed, it appears that these terrible weapons are now even being issued to the police for general use against anyone that the police may view as being a dissident in any way. A mere foretaste of what is to come. Make no mistake on this point; government dictatorships and their secret police (8) are deeply into the process of neutralizing all forms of dissent. Their vindictiveness and cruelty knows no bounds. While most of the state controlled media features daily appearances by Presidents and Prime Ministers who loudly proclaim that ‘freedom and democracy’ should be a God given right for all, those self same hypocrites are spending hundreds of millions every single year to make very sure that no such thing will ever happen.

© July 4th, 2005


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Dr Les Dove
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