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Neo Nazis To Return To Leeds To Spead Hatred on July 21st

Crush The Hitler-Lovers | 14.07.2005 04:30 | Anti-racism | Repression

On July the 21st, the psychotic Griffin, the original neo-Nazi Tyndall, and fuhrer fetishist Collett, return to Leeds in the neo-Nazi racist and Islamophobic trial.

While arriving in Leeds, fascist activists will seek to stir up hatred locally. We (anti-racists) and the police must be vigilant, and keep eyes firmly fixed on the scum before and after they slither away from Leeds courthouse, and use the minimum amount of force to protect the residents of Beeston and Burley from fascist attack, by these outsiders seeking to capitalise on the random fact that terrorist murderers lived in these communities, with intimidation and violence.

Any attempt to harass local communities by nazi scumbags, must be countered with the mininum needed force, to keep such people at bay.

The resolute nature of Leeds people must not falter in these times of neo-Nazi exploitation.

It's hard to believe the police will keep tabs on these pondlife people before and after they arrive in Leeds. If the authorities don't do something, the communities themselves must be prepared to protect themselves (by all means necessary) from BNP troublemakers, (peacefully) escorting all such people beyond the city boundaries, and back from whence they came.

The people of Leeds will defy the terrorists AND fight the fash!!!

If you were in Scotland for the G8, get involved with the local fight against the Nazi scum...

Crush The Hitler-Lovers


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The police

14.07.2005 11:18

They are either unwilling or unable to protect the communities of Leeds from fascism.

And to think people of all colours and creeds pay their way, through taxes.

We indeed need to protect our own communities.

It's right about pubs late at night. That's where the scumbags gather.

Like zombies and vampire bats, preying on ignorance and drunken bravado, these biggoted cowards only show their faces at night, and, like Adolf Hitler in Munich beer halls, know how to exploit the bullshit of pissed-minds.

Self-protection with support from anti-racists and anarchists, to ward off these thugs from outside leeds, visiting our communities.

Mini Driver

remember bradford

14.07.2005 16:13

I think extreme caution is needed at the moment,tensions are running high in beeston and your right that fascist fools may be out to cause even more racial tension, but remember that alarmist reporting could see left wing groups[ swp etc] parachute in to the areas and use tensions for there own means[ publicity and recruitment],communities have every right to defend themselves from fascist incursions but if we look back to bradford I think anti fascists need to think about the wider implications of there actions and act with a little restraint and discipline, the worst case scenario is that unsubstantiated rumours go around these areas that fascists are gathering and next minute we've got a re run of bradford all over again,Leeds doesnt need it,

concerned anti fascist


16.07.2005 14:54

Yes it doesnt help when you have the Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik saying that the BNP was going around causing trouble. Does this man want to cause a re-run of Bradford. Such irresponsibility is unbeleivable considering the tensions within communities.


BNP very much inside Leeds

16.07.2005 14:56

The fascists are probably not from the outside. Yorkshire is the BNP stronghold what are you on about?


We all get on?

16.07.2005 14:59

How can tensions be high? I was under the impression that the Multi cultural society was great and everyone was happy with it. Why should there be tensions, there is no such thing as religion or race, we are all the same arnt we. Communities? Does this mean there are more than one? If so how can we be all the same?


'Concerned Anti-fascist'

16.07.2005 15:05

Your comment about the riots seem to claim that Asians started the riots because off small talk. please keep your comments to yourself - whites started the riots from a pub and asians defended themselves. You are right we dont want a re-run. But blaming a community is not goiung to ease tensions. The reason this diverse society is not working is not due to asians but white people, who are inherently racist and fascist.



16.07.2005 15:15

What were Asians doing in a PUB ! bollox the antifash started the riot with a leaflet stating the BNP would march in Bradford, the asians attacked the pubs, your lot sat back and pissed yourselfes as tottaly innocent white and afro people were dragged out, cars burned and beaten.

dolly the sheeple

Stop Hijacking Indymedia, You Hitler-Worshipping F*ckwits

17.07.2005 00:30

I wish BNP neo-Nazis like Collett (Dolly The Sheepie, your cover's blown) would stop telling lies about black and asian people. You are a guileless prick who spends masturbating to a picture of Adolf Hitler with a roll of Andrex, while wearing a Klan coned hat.

What was so great about Adolf Hitler, Collett?

He's dead. You can't have sex with him.

(kisses) xxxxxxxxx

Don't get all homophobic up my ass......

Remember The BNP Documentary

Max Is Mark Collett, the Hitler Worshipper With A Small Penis

17.07.2005 00:47

Yes, dudes. Max and Dolly The Sheepie are in-fact pseudonyms for Mark Collett, the homoerotic Hitler fantasist with the small penis.

The undercover BBC programme filmed BNP men admitting to starting the riots, so your many false identities are a piece of crap.

MP Shahid Malik has a duty to oppose all extremism, as a member of parliament, and isn't the only MP to do this. I recall a motion in parliament last year, against your neo-Nazi comrades, Max, supported by 184 members of parliament.

You just don't like seeing someone non-white being an MP, you white supremacist tosser......

The BNP do go about at night beating up black and Asian people. I used to live at Burnley and I've seen it with my own eyes. And these were actual councillors, not just the usual rent-a-nazi lackeys.

They are as much a threat as Al Quaida.

Don't you remember the London bomber Copeland? He was a BNP member, and he tried to kill thousands of British Londoners, by targetting busy London pubs. When arrested, he spoke of mass murder, and creating another Holocaust.

Your mate, Max (AKA) "Griffy Babes" tells jokes about "smoking more than the chimneys at Auschwitz".

A bet you find that amusing, you c*ocking Hitler-idolising piece of pantywaste??????

Remember London Bomber Copeland - He Was A BNP Supporter

Piss Off Undercover BNP F*cks

17.07.2005 00:55

Yes indeed, the BNP did start the riots in Bradford with ultra-violence. They admitted it in that telly programme.

BNP media nerds should be posting things on STORMPONCE, not f@@@king Indymedia...

And it's true about Max (and the rest of the neo-Nazi apologists on here, being Mark Collett.

Collett has one particular bodily feature other criminals will soon discovermuch to their amusement.

He has a penis the size of a bookies biro.

There was this girl he knew at Leeds Uni, who laughed in his face at his penis.... It was this that drove him over the edge.

Linda Lovelace

Does Size Matter???

17.07.2005 01:00



Max Is A W@nka

To Know The BNP Are Terrorists

17.07.2005 01:12

The documentary where BNP members admit to breating up Asian people to trigger a riot, is the same documentary that featured BNP neo-Nazi activists plotting to put faeces into the homes of Asian families, and members boasted about blowing up mosques.

I suppose BNP media nerds will accuse this of being a set up by "government/Searchlight moles, as they always do, just as they were busted.

How do you justify Copeland, Mazwell (AKA Collett)???

Copeland was no mole. He acted as a steward at some BNP meetings, and was well in with the leaders.

BNP members are terrorists pretending to be politicians.

If the BNP members hadn't been captured on film, no-doubt they would have gone one stage further than Copeland, trying to ignite their race war.


Copeland Uncovered

17.07.2005 02:17

Last year David Copeland caused explosions in Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho. He killed
three people and he terrorised London. At his trial Copeland admitted he planted the bombs, but who inspired him to do it?

Andrea Dykes and her husband Julian had been married less than two years. She was
expecting their first child.

She was going out and buying baby clothes and all sorts of stuff. She'd even joined the book club for kiddies to get the books all ready.

John Light and Nick Moore were friends of Andrea and Julian. John was to be godfather to
their child. In April last year they all met up for a drink in Soho. Minutes later a nail bomb ripped through the building.

Nick and John, all of us were very good friends. I spoke to my brother every single day. We were like best buddies. And suddenly that's gone.

Andrea Dykes, John Light and Nick Moore were all killed.

They were all wonderful people. None of them would think of harming anybody. It's a
terrible waste of life.

Seven hours later, in a quiet suburban street in Hampshire, police officers from Scotland
Yard's Flying Squad arrived to visit a suspect. The officers are unarmed. There is no backup. Their target is not a prime suspect.

We're police officers. Does David Copeland live here?

But in an upstairs room they find their man. They also find he has cupboard full of
explosives. Taken by surprise they arrest him and hastily seal the room. The man they
arrested was 22 year old David James Copeland, and tonight on Panorama you will hear his
confession. Copeland is a neo-nazi and the room where he lived alone was a shrine to his
beliefs. In custody he told the police everything, making a full and detailed confession of how and why he began his one man terror campaign. Panorama has obtained that confession. It was made over many hours and runs to over 200 pages. Tonight we will hear Copeland's own account of what he did. The words you hear, spoken by an actor, are David Copeland's own worlds. But you will also hear about the men who inspired David Copeland to do what he did.

It's Saturday, early afternoon, and the young man who cycled away from this quiet house in Cove, near Farnborough, could have been off to the local sports centre. But the bag slung over his back didn't contain his sports kit. It contained a bomb.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
Murder, mayhem, chaos, damage, to get on the news. It's a top story really. My main intent was to spread fear, resentment and hatred throughout this country.

Leaving his bike chained up at the local railway station, David Copeland boarded a train for London. He'd spent the previous evening at home constructing his bomb. In the morning he'd set the timer and primed it.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
It kept going round, floating round my head, day after day after day. And then after a while I became that thought, you know, I was going to do it. I was going to get it out of my head, and the only way to get rid of it was to do it.

At Clapham Junction he got off and jumped into a cab. His bomb was ticking away
remorselessly. But he had plenty of time. It wasn't set to go off for over an hour. His target was Brixton. He was filmed on security cameras as he wandered around deciding where to plant his bomb. He'd never been to Brixton before. He thought it would be a predominantly black area but he was surprised.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
I always thought Brixton was.. I mean I'd stand out like a sore thumb. I didn't. It's quite multicultural now. That surprised me. I thought about it and then I thought.. well.. I'm here now. I'd say one in ten people could have been white. But I didn't care about hurting them anyway. If they want to live there, it's up to them.

He left his bomb outside the Iceland Store by a bus stop.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
I left at about 17.00, about 25 minutes before detonation. I put it up against a wall at the back. I put it there to get the people walking by, and the people at the bus stop.

Copeland walked away south down Brixton Road. But his bomb didn't stay where he'd left it. Someone picked it up and moved it around the corner.

A friend of mine who's got a flower stall along the road, he came along and they got hold of the bag and took it just along the road here and opened it. John said, "Oh dear me, there's nails and a clock in it, and they put it over outside Iceland."

My security guard came in, running around like Corporal Jones out of Dad's Army saying
"Don't panic, don't panic, there's a bomb outside." At first I thought he was joking and I didn't take much notice of him. I got led to where it was and people were saying to me that that must be a bomb. But my impression of a bomb is like six sticks of dynamite tied together with an alarm clock on top.

The bomb exploded just before 5.30.

It went very dark and I could picture a flash and I could smell a burning like the after effects of Guy Fawkes night. I put my hands to my head to kind of like relieve my head pressure or whatever and I felt a nail sticking out of my head.

Dozens were injured when the bomb exploded, flinging over a thousand nails through the
crowded market with the force of bullets. One of the lasting images of the attack, a baby with a nail impaled in his head. Miraculously he survived. Equally miraculously no-one was killed, but some of the injuries were severe.

I had three nails into my leg. I had one at the end of my penis. I had one in my bottom, one in my ribs, one under my arm and one in my head.

Copeland strolled off, his mission accomplished. He got a mini cab out of the area. He never claimed responsibility for the bomb, but its intent was clear.

You are naturally drawn to a conclusion that this could be racial in nature because of the very symbolic location and the community were firm in their belief that this was aimed at the black community.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
I was prepared to take casualties but, you know, the thought of killing someone, I don't enjoy the thought. I knew it could happen. I don't feel sad about it. I was just like a robot. I just felt nothing.

David Copeland grew up in Yateley in Hampshire. It was a very ordinary childhood, though
at nine he refused to go swimming with another boy because he had darker skin. His school record was mediocre and he dropped out of a course at the local technical college. He was always a bit of a loner and had few girlfriends. At home he felt he was being teased about his lack of success with women. He didn't like it when he thought he was being accused of being gay.

And as a teenager he began to earn a certain reputation. He was labelled 'Mr Angry'.

It was only a joke by people in the pub calling him Mr Angry because he'd sort of walk
around the pub a bit drunk and with a bit of a snarl on his face. But here was nothing sinister in it. It was just a joke.

In 1997 he moved to London. With his father he found work on the huge underground
extension to the Jubilee Line, and soon his workmates were beginning to see signs of the
behaviour which had earned him his nickname.

I suppose the word that comes to mind is angry. You meet this young man and you think my
God he's angry. He was so insecure and so full of fear. He was a child. He was a child. He aas a little boy, through the things that happened and the conversations, you could tell.

Copeland decided to move out of the family home at Yateley and live closer to work in
London. He lived alone in pokey, squalid bedsits like this one in Bermondsey, and he began to change.

He was a normal person, a normal teenager, happy, quite attentive, quite enjoyed his work. Then he went to London and the gap was.. what.. two years, and came back totally opposite really, very reclusive, into himself.

But if Copeland didn't find happiness in London, he found something else. He came into
contact with the British National Party, for years the main voice of the extreme right in this country. The man who would later be described as a loner, acting for his own motives, had found his spiritual home. Copeland attended BNP meetings in East London, like this one where he's seen with BNP leader John Tyndall after a fight with antifascists. For the first time in his life David Copeland was being noticed. For almost 40 years Gerry Gable and his magazine Searchlight have kept a close watch on the extreme right. They monitor their public activities, but they spy on them as well, running infiltrators and informants.

Searchlight, as part of our work combating fascism and racism, has placed people inside far right groups. So we've got our fingers on the pulse of what's going on.

One of Searchlights infiltrators in the BNP codenamed 'Arthur' got to know Copeland. He's given Panorama a statement and we've agreed to conceal his identity.

(Actor's voice)
When I first met Dave in the summer of 1997 he'd just joined the party. I think he said he'd joined within the last month. A young lad, very keen to get active, wanted to make contact so he could know what was going on. Basically he hated blacks but at the same time he didn't seem very different from other young men in society. His language was nothing out of the ordinary - nigger, paki, stuff like that.

Arthur, Searchlight's informant, filed regular reports with Gerry Gable.

Copeland's name appeared in a number of these documents. It put him at a series of BNP
meetings in London, it put him at some street activity in London, and it also put him at the BNP annual rally where he was an accredited steward.

This is the BNP rally where Copeland worked as a security steward. Here amongst the
agitators and race haters of the British National Party, the ruthless young racist was finding a role.

(BNP Rally Speaker)
We will fight on, work on, march on and struggle on to build a country for which they died and give Britain back to the British people. [Applause]

David is immature. He hasn't really grown up. He's still a boy, even though he's 23, and I just believe he was easily influenced by people, you know, that saw they could indoctrinate him with their views.

It was probably while he was in the BNP that Copeland came across this book, the Turner
Diaries. Police found a copy in Copeland's room when they arrested him. It's sold through BNP magazines.

The Turner Diaries posits the idea that small groups of white revolutionaries should rise up in insurrection against federal government and should carry out acts of terrorism against targets such as federal targets, the Jewish community, the black community and so on.

In America the book has already had a profound and deadly effect. In the 1980s a group
calling itself 'The Order', and modelling itself on a group of the same name in the Turner
Diaries, organised armed robberies and murders as they tried to imitate the strategy of racial tension the book described. And when Timothy McVeigh bombed the government building in Oklahoma City in 1995 killing and injuring hundreds, he took the idea and the method directly from the Turner Diaries. When David Copeland was arrested, he too confessed that he had been influenced by the book.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
If you've read the Turner Diaries, you know the year 2000 there'll be the uprising and all that, racial violence on the streets. My aim was political. It was to cause a racial war in this country. There'd be a backlash from the ethnic minorities, then all the white people will go out and vote BNP.

And there was one event that fired Copeland's imagination. During the 1996 Olympics in
Atlanta, a neo-nazi left a pipe bomb at Centennial Park.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
I had a thought once. It was that Centennial Park bombing. The Notting Hill Carnival was on at the same time, and I just thought why, why, why can't someone blow that place up? That'd be a good'un, you know, that would piss everyone off.

Copeland was also in contact with nazi Christian groups in America. He was to claim later that after the Centennial Park bomb, God gave him a mission in life. For the resourceful Copeland, constructing simple bombs was never going to be a problem, and technical advice was easily found. Copeland knew the information on how to make bombs was available on the internet. At this Internet Café in Central London is where he came to get it. This manual goes into great detail about bomb making. Some of the devices are fairly sophisticated but others are much simpler, using materials easily available in high street shops. In the local shopping centre at Farnborough, security cameras filmed Copeland as he bought the sports bags, the alarm clocks and the bits and pieces he'd used to make his appalling devices. He also found the explosive materials for his bombs close at hand at a couple of local shops in Farnborough. There he bought large quantities of expensive, powerful fireworks. In his cramped room, Copeland surrounded himself with nazi paraphernalia and cuttings of massacres and atrocities, including his own attack on Brixton. With only his pet rat, Whizzer, for company, he locked himself away and worked into the night, taking apart his fireworks and building his bombs.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
The bomb itself was plastic pipe about a foot long. It was glued at both ends. I put it in a cardboard box and covered it with nails. They'd smash into windows, stick into people, maim people and kill people.

Copeland's second attack was carried out exactly a week after the Brixton explosion.

Arrived at Sunnbank, a young lad came straight out. He got in. He hit something against the passenger door. I leaned over to see what it was, and it was the sports bag. I said "Steady on mate, mind the paint" and he apologised, ever so sorry and just put the bag on the floor. He was relaxed and just seemed another happy-go-lucky lad on his way out for a night out perhaps, instead of on his way to London with a bomb.

Again Copeland travelled to London by train, his bomb primed and ticking away on his lamp. This time he got off at Waterloo. Again he was filmed by security cameras, his bag loaded down with hundreds of nails, was weighing heavily on his shoulders. Outside the station he looked for a cab. He was going to Brick Lane.

I didn't like the look of him, mainly because it was a very hot day, he was overdressed. He had a shirt buttoned up right to the neck and a baseball cap covering his head. He wanted to know how long it would take us to get there, not how much it would cost which I found it rather amusing because most people would ask how much first rather than how long it will take. He had a bag with him which he was holding for dear life, and he didn't move. I mean he had the money in his hand, like a five pound note what he paid me with, and it was saturated with sweat. Obviously, thinking back now, I can understand why.

But Copeland's plan contained one massive miscalculation. He'd picked the wrong day.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
I presumed there was going to be a market of some sort up there, but it wasn't. So then I was in two minds whether to disassemble the device and go, you know, come back Sunday. Then I just.. you know, decided. I walked up Brick Lane looking for somewhere to plant it. It was about an hour to go before detonation. I didn't want to be seen planting the device, so I went down Hanbury Street. There was two big vans and I slipped in between them and walked out, they masked my escape. It was like an aborted mission you could call it.

But just as in Brixton, the bomb was moved. This time a passer by took it to the local police station a few hundred yards down Brick Lane, but it was closed. So he put it in his car outside the Café Naz across the road, and that was where the bomb remained until it went off.

My wife came over to drop my daughter to me as she was going out shopping. She pulled up
here and on the mobile she asked me to come down here. I passed the bomb car and came
across here to take my daughter from her, and as I took my daughter from her arms to mine
the blast went off.

We got a very big blast. Suddenly I heard that I have lost my hearing. So I just held my ear. I realised that it's becoming wet and with something warm. So when I saw this, I saw that blood is coming down from this side.

And I saw a big pile of smoke followed by a ball of fire right in front of my restaurant. There was lots of confusion in the road. People were running around like headless chicken.

My friends, relatives, everybody is telling that Emdad you are really, really lucky enough that Almighty has saved you.

My first words at Brick Lane was that this is a race crime. It had to be aimed at another vulnerable ethnic community, that is synonymous with Brick Lane.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
Why attack blacks and Asians? Because I don't like them. I want them out of this country. I'm a National Socialist Nazi. I believe in the master race.

But it was the bomb at Brixton, seven days earlier, which provided the police with the first real clue about the bomber's identity. Lambeth Town Hall houses the control room for many of the security cameras found around Brixton shopping centre. Tapes from these consoles and others occupied thousands of hours of police time as officers scoured them looking for an identfiable picture of the bomber. From the Brixton tapes a suspect began to emerge. A blurred indistinct figure who could just be seen, first with a bag, then without. In America, at the space agency NASA, the latest computerised techniques were used to enhance and improve the images. A picture of the bomber slowly emerged. When the photos were released, Copeland was in the West End. He'd been preparing for another weekend bombing.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
Thursday afternoon I went to do a recon, looking over the place in Soho. I've gone in a few sex shops afterwards, and I heard on the radio that you had pictures of me saying that you'd got me. First of all I thought that's it, I'm caught. So then I got an Evening Standard and it had my picture in it.

Copeland knew it was only a matter of time before he was picked up. But far from being put off from planting anymore bombs, he made a fateful decision. He decided if he moved
quickly he could still plant one more bomb. But it wouldn't wait until the weekend. He had to do it the next day.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
I've immediately gone straight home. I've packed up all what I needed into a holdall, got a train to Waterloo.

Copeland went to Victoria and checked into a hotel. But meanwhile the photos were
beginning to stir memories. First to contact the police was Rino, the taxi driver who'd carried Copeland and his bomb from Waterloo to Brick Lane.

That's when it clicked because I said to my wife, I said that's the guy I had in the cab. I said there's no doubt about it, that's him. Although the pictures weren't great, you could see it was him, and that's when she told me go and tell the police, you know.

The Brixton pictures were bringing results but time was running out. In his hotel room
Copeland spent the evening fashioning what would be the last of his bombs. His only concern was planting his final bomb before being caught. This time his target wasn't racial. This one, he said, was personal.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
I knew that Brixton was a focal point for the black community, I knew that Brick Lane was a focal point for the Asian community, I knew that Soho was a focal point for the gay
community. I'm just very homophobic. I've got a thing about homosexuals. You know, I
just hate them. I knew it would piss everyone off - Mr Blair, Mandelson.

Next morning he checked out and changed hotels. Then he shut himself away for the rest of
the day with his bomb. But in Bermondsey at the Jubilee Line extension, the police photos had sparked a discussion between his workmates and his father.

We went over to the caff, I went up to the counter, and I glanced down, there was a paper
down on the side. I picked it up. It hit me, the picture, and sent, if you like, a chill down my spine, you know, something deep, and it had touched a nerve. There was recognition. I just walked straight over to Steve. I showed him the picture. I said look, doesn't that look like Dave. And he looked at it and he went "Yes, it does a bit, but he hasn't got a white cap."

It didn't, to me, appear to be David, and obviously the fact that they were insinuating that this could be the person responsible was something that I think your mind tends to black because you don't want to think it's obviously anything to do with your own son.

I got in the car and started driving home. I kept looking at the picture down there, and then I pulled up and I bought all the daily papers and I started looking through them all, and some of the pictures just didn't look him. I thought yes, that's right, you know, you're being silly, of course it's not him. Then I'd look at another one and I'd think it looks like him, it really does. I went in the garden and saw my wife and I said "If you asked me what David looked like, I'd have to say like that" and I showed her the picture. I said, you know, what shall I do? And she said "Ring the Anti-Terrorist Squad immediately." I walked straight in and I rang them.

Now all the Anti-Terrorist branch had hard information about Copeland's identify. Paul
Mifsud gave them his name, the fact that he lived near Farnborough, and his phone number. But it was all happening too late to stop him, because by then Copeland was already in Soho. A security camera catches him walking up Old Compton Street, his bomb over his shoulder. His target, which he'd visited the day before, was a gay pub, the Admiral Duncan.

It was a Friday evening. It was very, very, warm outside. The double doors were wide open. It was coming up to a bank holiday weekend. It was a lovely day.

Andrea Dykes and her husband Julian, expecting their first child, had just come into the bar. They were with their friends, Nick Moore, John Light, who had been Julian's best man, and John's partner Gary Partridge.

We were going to see the musical "Mama Mia". John had recently been asked to be godfather to Julian and Andrea's forthcoming child, and we were out celebrating really.

They did everything together, the three of them, inseparable. They were really good friends. And John was really pleased to be a godfather.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
I got there about ten to six. The bomb was going to go off at half past six. I put it down in the middle of the pub, by the bar. I just watched it and made sure no-one saw it.

Nick went up to the bar to buy the drinks and we were standing chatting in the middle of the pub, waiting for the drinks.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
When I was there I see the people I was going to maim and kill. I don't feel any joy about it. I didn't feel sad. I didn't feel anything. I left it there and asked one of the men if there was a bank nearby. He was standing at the bar with me. He offered to look after the drink for me. I think he was trying to chat me up.

Veronica came and said like somebody's left their bag down there. I went round to look at the bag, came back again and I said to my assistant manager, this is not like a joke.

By then Copeland had made his way out of Soho and was strolling down to Piccadilly. He
mingled with the crowds. Meanwhile, the tragedy he had planned was unfolding behind him.

All of a sudden there was a huge explosion. The whole pub fell into darkness. Debris seemed to be falling from the ceiling. I just stood there wondering what on earth had gone wrong.

Everything was like just jet black. And the smell! The smell was the worst thing. I was choking and for like at least 30 seconds I thought I was dead and I was like speaking to myself in my head.

There was so much carnage about. People were covered in blood and screaming, and some
looked like they had limbs missing, and it was more like a scene from say Bosnia than you'd expect to see on a London Street.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
I felt nothing. I don't feel sadness but I don't feel joy. I did what I had to do. I didn't fantasise about killing people. I don't get off on that. I fantasise about the chaos and disruption that that's caused.

When I got to the entrance of the pub, John was being brought out. They took him out and
laid him in the street and I stayed with him from then on until the ambulances came. He was conscious all of the time I was with him.

More than 80 people were injured in the bombing. Four lost limbs. Many suffered serious
burns. And it was at the Admiral Duncan that Copeland claimed his first lives. Andrea Dykes and her friend John Light were both killed. Also dead was John's friend Nick Moore.

I couldn't believe it. He was just lying... This could not have happened to my brother. You don't want to believe it. It's just horrific and horrible. Me and my brother Nick, and John, all of us were very good friends. I spoke to my brother every single day. We were like best buddies. And suddenly that's gone.

Andrea's husband, Julian, was seriously injured in the bombing. It was to be three weeks
before he regained consciousness to be told he'd lost his wife, his friends, and his unborn child.

I don't think he'll ever understand the devastation he's caused, and the impact it's had on so many lives, family and friends, John, Nick and Andrea. They were all wonderful people. None of them would think of harming anybody. It's a terrible waste of life.

The sense of relief was almost tangible two days after the Soho bomb when the police were
able to announce that Copeland had been caught.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the early hours of Saturday, 1st May, unarmed officers from the
Organised Crime Squad, the Flying Squad, arrested a 22 year old man in Cove, Hampshire, in connection with the recent bombings in Brixton, Brick Lane and Old Compton Street.

There were some pictures and a news report on the teletext saying that it was someone from Cove who they'd arrested. It then obviously dawned on me in a big way that.. you know.. MY GOD!!! IT'S DAVID!

The police were justifiably proud of the way they'd managed to identify Copeland from the
CCTV, but the investigation had not been plain sailing. The police admitted that the arresting officers were unarmed, and they admitted that explosives had been found. They didn't mention that Copeland had deadly weapons in his room. They'd found a loaded hunting crossbow, they'd found hunting knives. They found a gas-powered pistol. The unarmed officers who arrested him had been in real danger. They weren't treating him as a major suspect because they didn't know that he had extremist connections. And at the police news conference, the carefully chosen words seemed designed to play down any connection with right wing groups.

The man is not a member of any of the groups which have made claims of responsibility for
the bombing, nor did he make any of the claims using their name. It is understood that he was working alone for his own motives.

You gave the impression that he was not connected to any extremist groups. Do you still
stand by that?

DAVID VENESS - Assistant Commissioner - Metropolitan Police
I think what we have learnt subsequently is that there were linkages. I think again they appear to be not of longstanding, or of particular depth. But I wouldn't dismiss for one moment that he has not had association with the background, the linkages, of various rightwing organisations. One wouldn't dismiss that.

Copeland left the British National party, to join a more openly but equally as dangerous Neo-nazi group - the National Socialist Movement.

This is a very small but very violent neo-nazi group. Their whole programme is one of
terrorism, even in the written word or in actual fact against Jews, against blacks and against Asian people.

This appeared on an NSM run website on the internet.

"A practical guide to Aryan revolution. Racial war. This means creating tension and terror within ethnic communities and damaging or destroying their property and their homes by fire bombs and/or explosive devices. Part of this involves attacking individuals and killing some of them."

The NSM was formed when another nazi terror group - Combat 18 - split violently in 1997.
C18's leader, Charlie Sargent, ended up doing life for murder. His brother, Steve Sargent, from Essex, was one of the hard line nazis who split away to set up the NSM. When Copeland applied to join the NSM in January 1999, Sargent was one of those who approved his membership. But he's not keen to talk about it now.

Mr Sargent, we want to talk to you. Can we talk to you? We're from Panorma. We'd like to talk about David Copeland and the National Socialist Movement. The National Socialist
Movement inspired David Copeland to do his bombings. What have you got to say about

But even more involved with Copeland was the NSM's leader, Tony Williams. It was
Williams who wrote to Copeland to tell him he had been accepted as a full NSM member.

"It's always a special day for us when a new comrade has the strength of purpose and the
courage to step forward and join."

A little later Williams wrote to another activist living in Basingstoke suggesting Copeland should be visited and checked out. In February Williams wrote to Copeland again appointing him unit leader, in charge of the NSM in his own area.

"Welcome to leadership, responsibility and accountability to your comrades. Yours ever.
Heil Hitler."

But like Steve Sargent, Williams is not at all keen to discuss his involvement with Copeland.

Mr Williams, we're from Panorama. We'd like to speak to you about David Copeland and the
National Socialist Movement. Can you please come to the door.

He was at home but he refused to talk to us. But despite all these letters between Copeland and his political leaders, when his terror campaign began, the police Special Branch had never heard of David Copeland.

The authorities don't appear to know anything about that correspondence. Now we all know
that mail gets opened in this country as part of tackling terrorism and organised crime and international drug dealing. It's beyond me why a clearly established extremist group, advocating violence publicly like the NSM is not monitored.

Shouldn't the intelligence services have been across such an organisation and known that
Copeland was a member?

The security services are looking at extreme right wing groups collectively. They are looking at those who pose a danger to the security of the state. We have a group here that had not actually carried out any violent activity. We have to act within the law within data protection and I think we sometimes have an expectation of the tentacles of the Security Service which are far wider than their actual role, their actual scope and their ability.

So now a fatal chemistry was taking place. Copeland, the loner, deeply insecure about his sexuality, nursing a loathing of black people and gays, was feeding on a diet of literature which developed and sharpened his hatred and his anger. From the Turner Diaries he'd absorbed the idea of sparking a campaign of terror against the enemies of his race. That idea was fuelled by the writings of the NSM whose literature also provided the internet website address from which Copeland got his instructions in bomb making.

(Actor's voice - Words from David Copeland's confession)
My aim was political. It was to cause a racial war in this country. There'd be a backlash from the ethnic minorities. I'd just be the spark. That's all I will plan to be, the spark that would set fire to this country. Chaos, damage, fire, it's okay.

But the man whose ideas had more influence than most on Copeland was David Myatt from
Worcestershire. The NSM's first leader, the intellectual who shaped the ideas propelling
Copeland on his road to terrorism. A man who once said the nazi movement needed people
prepared to get their hands dirty, and perhaps spill some blood.

Mr Myatt, we're from the BBC. We're from Panorama. We wanted to ask you some
questions about the NSM and David Copeland, the London nailbomber.

I have no comment to make.

You called for the creation of racial tension and that's exactly what Copeland did. You
inspired Copeland indirectly to do what he did.

I have no comment about anything to do with that.

But two years ago, when you were head of the NSM, the NSM was calling for the creation of
racial terror with bombs.

I have no comment to make about the past, as I said, and as...

Well the fact that you're making no comment, doesn't that make it clear that you are excepting some responsibility?

I have no comment to make about responsibility and anything to do with that.

Any guilt?

What I feel is between me and God. It is nothing to be made public. It is a private matter.

Are you keeping a closer watch now on the extreme right?

I hope I've made that clear that that was a commitment that we recognised was absolutely
necessary and needed to be reinforced during the time of the nail bomb inquiry, and as a result of listening to the community, understanding their concerns, and that is a very significant resource commitment, not only that we made, but we're going to keep it up.

Today David Copeland was convicted of three counts of murder and three of causing
explosions. He was given six life sentences. We now know that in building and planting his bombs, David Copeland acted alone. But how much do others share responsibility for what he did?

We have a democratic system and free speech, and whether you're Conservative, Tory,
Liberal, Communist, I haven't got a problem with that. I have got a problem when these
rightwing fascists going out there actually saying to people "stamp on a queer" or "kill a black" or whatever. That to me is abhorrent and it shouldn't be allowed in any civilised society.

I don't think David is a rotten, evil swine. I think he's just been badly advised, badly misled. He's a boy that hasn't grown up. He hasn't matured. And he's just gone down the wrong road I'm afraid, and no-one, including myself, has noticed.

I think you have to look at a young man like Copeland and think here's a young guy who's
done terrible damage to our society. He's killed. He's done terrible damage to himself and his family as well. Who at point (a) is responsible for all of this? Who wrote those terrible ideas up in that boy's mind? And I think you just go and see who produces this hate material and you know.

The BNP Are Original Terrorists

Ohh Dear

17.07.2005 09:07

It seems that whenever i comment, i get silly people saying i am Mark Collett. It really is a silly forum. If you think the BNP are terrorists you had better be careful hadnt you. No look at reality - how many Labour MPs side with the murdering IRA, or kiss the arse of the murderer Nelson Mandela.

You see you lot love terrorism as long as its your people who are commiting the acts. Its not the Labour Party who would give terrorists the death penalty, but the BNP. Copeland as the dick-head wrote before was not a BNP steward and he was not a member, read the fucking articles you thick twat and stop making things up.

If you have an argument, why make up daft stories to back it up.

The lovely Max - see you on the 21st


Dont be so DAFT

17.07.2005 09:15

I must say that some of the comments on this forum get a little childish. You cant really compare the BNP with Al Qaida - come on. Yes the BNP is full of racist fascist bollox, but to compare them to Al Qaida is fucking ridiculous. So you wont be outside the court on the 21st then will you, what with the potential that they may blow us all up hahaha.

Yes i can really see it - the middle Englanders middle aged and old dears from the BNP strapping bombs to themselves in tube stations

LOL.. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. You know you left wing white people dont half make me laugh.


Neo-Nazis Through And Through

17.07.2005 09:39

THE BNP say they're against terrorism: in the early 1990s the BNP set up Combat 18 (1=A and 8=H for Adolf Hitler), a neo-Nazi paramilitary organisation that they are still closely linked to. In the early 1980s, BNP leader Nick Griffin (who was part of the National Front at the time) worked with members of the Italian neo-Nazi terrorist group Armed Revolutionary Nuclear (NAR) who were in Britain on the run from Italian police.

The BNP say they're against crime but that's blatant hypocrisy. How can they talk of reducing crime when they use criminal tactics to spread fear and hatred?

Many of the BNP's members are convicted criminals. 13 of the BNP's 28 regional or branch organisers last year had criminal records for offences that included assault, fraud, theft, racist abuse and possession of drugs and weapons.

Mick Treacy, an Oldham BNP organiser, has five convictions for violence, theft and handling stolen goods.

Tony Lecomber, a BNP director, is a convicted bomber and was jailed for three years after a brutal attack on a Jewish school teacher. Burnley BNP organiser Steve Smith was jailed for six months last year for falsifying election nomination signatures.

The BNP say they stand up for ordinary people. But Nick Griffin is himself a rich landowner who inherited hundreds of thousands of pounds from his grandfather and expects to inherit another half-million from his daddy - he does not care about ordinary people's lives.

The BNP say they oppose privatisation: their public position has changed since 1994 when they wrote: "The private enterprise system is the one which functions with the greatest dynamism and efficiency. We therefore favour most parts of the economy operating under private ownership and control." (BNP paper May 1994). However, according to the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, Adrian Marsden, BNP Councillor for Mixenden ward in Halifax, refused to oppose the part-privatisation of local services.

The BNP say that "elected BNP councillors will call for a boost in spending on public transport and local services to make up for years of Labour and Conservative cuts" and that they'd "try to cut council tax whenever possible". (BNP council manifesto 2002).

In Burnley, none of the BNP's three councillors attended the council's annual budget meeting, where it was agreed to increase council tax by 5%.

Cuts of over £1 million were also agreed including compulsory redundancies, cuts in leisure services and withdrawing grants from most voluntary groups over three years.

And yes, Max, you do have a willy the size of a bookies pencil, because you are really Mark Collett.

Kisses, Mark xxxxxxxxxx

Hitler's Bunker Buster

Hitler-Masturbating Hypocrites

17.07.2005 09:49

The British National Party has many links with various racist terrorist groups in Britain and abroad. This is despite the BNP advocating the death penalty for terrorists.

A strong influence on the political development of the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, was the Italian fascist Roberto Fiore, a convicted terrorist. Fiore came to Britain with several other wanted terrorists including people implicated in the greatest act of fascist terror in Europe since the Second World War - the bombing of Bologna railway station in 1980, which left 85 dead and over 200 injured.

Fiore belonged to the Italian Third Positionist NAR. The ‘Third Position’ is a strand of fascism which rejects conventional political paths. It has developed a theory known as the ‘strategy of tension’. This theory argues that in order to gain power, it is necessary to bring about chaos and the destabilisation of the existing economic, social and political structures. This is to be achieved through acts of terrorism and assassination.

The BNP had a long relationship with William Pierce (deceased), who was leader of the National Alliance, one of the most hardline nazi groups in the US. Pierce was the author of the notorious Turner Diaries, the bible of the far right, which inspired the Oklahoma bombing. Pierce's articles regularly appeared in Spearhead when it was the official BNP magazine, and in 1995 he addressed a BNP rally in London.

British nazis have been able to obtain Pierce's National Alliance material easily through mail order companies advertised in Spearhead, a monthly magazine run by former BNP leader John Tyndall's.

Combat 18 was launched by the BNP to steward their events. It openly promotes violence.It has proved attractive to racist football hooligans (including the BNP ex-NW Regional Organizer and election candidate, Chris Jackson) and followers of the neo-nazi music scene, as well as violent young men seeking more action than political discussion. 18 refers to the initials of Adolf Hitler, being the first and eighth letters of the alphabet. C18 supporters went on to post letter bombs, instigate football violence and carry out dozens of racist attacks.

BNP members have links with fanatic loyalist terrorist groups in Northern Ireland including the UDA (Ulster Defence Association), the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) and LVF (Loyalist Volunteer Force). NW activists’ links have mainly been with the UVF (especially among the NW Combat 18 group). UDA support is strong among northeast activists. The feud between the UVF and UDA has been reflected in their respective supporters within the BNP leading to fractious internal disputes.

The BNP's most infamous member, David Copeland, the Soho Nail bomber was jailed for life for the London nailbomb that killed three people in 1999. He claimed. “My aim was political. It was to cause a racial war in this country. There’d be a backlash from ethnic communities, then all the white people would go out and vote BNP.”

Looney Toones

Racist Terrorists The Lot Of 'Em

17.07.2005 09:54

“The BNP is rooted in the fascist past of its founders and leaders. It has simply dropped the swastika and jackboots in favour of a suit and tie.

“A number of BNP leaders have criminal convictions for racially motivated assaults, bomb-making and inciting racial hatred. BNP members have been convicted for carrying out racially motivated arson, bombings, assaults and murder.

“BNP members have a history of expressing their views with the firebomb through the letterbox, the nailbomb and the boot.

They have promoted racially motivated thuggery, not political debate.”

The reality of the BNP

The thoughts of Chairman Griffin (in 1996)

The BNP needed to be perceived as "a strong, disciplined organization with the ability to back up its slogan, 'Defend Rights for Whites', with well directed boots and fists. When the crunch comes, power is the product of force and will, not of rational debate."

He added: "It is more important to control the streets of a city than its council chamber. If that is the sort of 'unreasonable' attitude that journalists and opponents try to use against us at election times, it shouldn't bother us."

Convicted politicians:

Nick Griffin (BNP Chairman). Received a two-year suspended sentence in April1998 for inciting racial hatred.

Tony Lecomber (BNP Group Development Officer). In 1985 he was convicted on five counts for bomb-making offences under the Explosives Act, including possession of homemade hand-grenades and electronic timing devices. Sentenced to three years' imprisonment. In 1991 he was sentenced to another three years' for unlawful wounding for his part in an attack on a Jewish schoolteacher. He has a total of 12 convictions, mostly for violence.

Colin Smith (South East London organiser). Has (at the last count) 17 convictions for burglary, theft, stealing cars, possession of drugs and assaulting a police officer.

John Tyndall (founder of the BNP before he was expelled) has six convictions. He was jailed in 1962 for organising a military style organisation. Four years later, he was sent to prison for possession of a loaded gun. In 1986, he was convicted for incitement to racial hatred under the Public Order Act and sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment.

Warren Bennett (Chief Steward). Convictions for football hooliganism. In 1998, he was deported from France with over 50 other Scottish hooligans, including several BNP members.

Steve Belshaw (East Midlands BNP organiser). Convicted in 1994 for assaulting a lawyer in Mansfield. At the time, Belshaw combined his BNP membership with Combat 18 activity (an openly nazi semi-military organization which carried out racist attacks including letter-bombs). Combat 18: the 1 is for A (as in Adolf) and the 8 is for H (as in Hitler).

David Copeland , the London nailbomber who killed three people, was also a BNP member.

M and Ms

Football Crazy

17.07.2005 09:57

The BNP pose as patriotic but the BNP don’t even support the England football team, because some players are black or Jewish!

Leeds Fan

Read This, Max

17.07.2005 10:00

This link is dedicated to you, Max (Mark Collett)


Some Helpful Advice

17.07.2005 10:12

Max (or should I call you Min(imum)

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Are you one of them?

Did you avoid communal showers after a game of football?
Have you ever felt depressed, inadequate or a failure because of your small penis?
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Have you ever avoided sexual intimacy for fear of being ridiculed?
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Are you still a virgin?
Or have you ever had a disastrous intimate experience because you've felt ashamed of your small penis.

So what can you do about it?

Stop pretending you're not Mark Collett

Agony Uncle

Face The Facts

17.07.2005 10:19

The BNP Election Organiser, Tony "Bomber" Lecomber, has been jailed for a nailbomb attack. Terry Blackham, National Activities Organiser of the National Front, has over twenty convictions for violence and was sentenced to 4 and a half years after being arrested boarding a ferry to Northern Ireland carrying submachine guns and a grenade launcher. Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, received a two year suspended sentence for inciting racial hatred when he published literature denying the Holocaust.

Copeland's trial has proved that he is not a mad loner. He is a calculating Nazi, carrying to its logical conclusion the Nazi ideology he embraces. He even has a swastika on his wall in Broadmoor! Copeland told a psychiatric nurse, after his arrest, that he had logically and rationally planned the explosions.

The Nazi terror is a sick attempt to bomb their way into popular consciousness - it is also evidence of their isolation from mainstream political society. Copeland said that he planted the bombs to start a race war, so that people would vote for the BNP. It is a sign of their desperation that they can consider nailbombs will bring them success at the ballot box.


Do Us A Favour

17.07.2005 10:26

Can all you neo-Nazi twats ("Max") stop hijacking Indymedia.

Go off and snort crack cocaine, leaving those who don't have wet dreams about dear old Adolf to enjoy a nazi-free Indymedia.

Get a life, wasters.......



17.07.2005 10:31

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Doctor Ruth

Ignorant Shit Max

17.07.2005 10:55

Nelson Mandela is not a murderer, you evil twat. He is a UN ambassador, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

You are thick as cowshite, and you know it.

It's not your brain talking, Max.

It's the small penis talking.

Foxy Roxy

The Ode To Max (Min)

17.07.2005 11:00

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Hopefully that will be the fate of you, after your trial, Collett

Smallus Dickus Syndrome


17.07.2005 11:07

Hey you! With the small penis and terrible acne!

Go off and post on Stormponce. They are your type of guys, you ignorant piece of shit!!!

Smoking Joe

I said you were all a bit daft.

17.07.2005 12:49

I said you were all a bit daft. if i am Mark Collett, how come the nice anti fascist non violent lovey who threatened to bite my face off hasnt paid me a visit. Nelson Mandela was a terrorist bomber in South Africa, he may be the PC brigades best uncle, but in reality her targetted white people in bomb attacks. but it was only whites so you lot dont give a damn. Funny isnt it! I told you you all excused terrorists when they were on your wave length, now you have proven my case - thanks.


Read race traitor and save the world

17.07.2005 12:55

White people need to adopt Islam, if Britain is to succeed. Only Islam will stop the rot in Britain today. We will stop all drugs, we will stop all murders, we will stop all extremists. Allah is the way forward for the West, join us it is the only way to bring communities together.

White people are inherantly racist and until the white people have gone and are mixed up with blacks and Asians, so they no longer exist, racists will continue to thrive.

Abandon the white race, lets get rid of it and join Islam


Now Now Now

17.07.2005 15:00

"Only Islam will stop the rot in Britain today. We will stop all drugs, we will stop all murders, we will stop all extremists. Allah is the way forward for the West, join us it is the only way to bring communities together. "

Funnt thing is you can say much the same about Christianity, if the Bible (well, New Testament) is followed closely. And I suspect our hindu friends and the other major religions could also argue the same thing.

"White people are inherantly racist"

I think you'll find that that's a racist statement. If someone white were to say it about another racial group, I think we'd find them in big trouble.

The BNP are a bloody menace, as are just about every extremist body out there. Concentrate on getting rid of them (legally), not purile arguments and half-baked religious commentary.



whats he on trial for

17.07.2005 15:03

go on remind us again....Warning us of Dangers of Islam.....never !..54 dead, 700 injured..don't tell me... MI5 did it !!!
Don't worry when islam rules the uk.
All women will be seen in the burka only and obey men without question
all gay women will be killed
All homosexual men will be put to death
All socialist activists will be executed.

thats your mob sorted out !
I can wear a beard and sit on my arse all day.


So what do you suggest?

17.07.2005 18:46

White people are inherantly racist. They enslaved the world. They treated others native people who they invaded and slaved like shit. The white race is the cancer of the earth. The world could do without the technological achievements of the white man, it would be far better living as nomads religiously based.

You dont get it do you. The white man/women are responsible for all the worlds ills. Save your souls and join Allah the raceless one, it is the only way to save Britain. Islam is the future of this country. Try to stop us as you may, our birthrate is treble yours. Children = Future. Future = Islam.


Are You!

17.07.2005 18:53

Ms and Mr are you seriously saying that over 18,000 BNP members are terrorists? Come on get real, you have seen the OAP at the demos are they all murdering terrorists?


Islam is ready for you!

17.07.2005 20:32

Hadith vol.4 book 52, #260 "the prophet Mohammad said "for those who discard his religion and leaves Islam - kill him"

Quran 8:7 "wipe the infidels out to the last".

You fools, this quote is taught to every single Muslim from the age they can hear! You may slag yopur own kind off in the BNP, but do you think this will save you from what is in store, when muslims are the majority in this country.

I hope it comes to you all. You deserve it for being so grossly spoilt, you self serving, spoilt, fat lazy British tossers.

Think about it!

Think about it!!!

17.07.2005 23:43

"Quran 8:7 "wipe the infidels out to the last"."

And which grubby, racist little website did that come from?

The authorised English translation of the Quran says something else:

[8:7] Recall that GOD promised you victory over a certain group, but you still wanted to face the weaker group. It was GOD's plan to establish the truth with His words, and to defeat the disbelievers

I think its probably more reliable than freerepublic; prophet of doom; jihadwatch; dhimmiwatch and a whole bunch of dodgy internet forums. - it appears to have been maliciously decontextualised and mispuoted...........

So, when you say:

"You fools, this quote is taught to every single Muslim from the age they can hear!"

You're lying through your teeth.



17.07.2005 23:58

"White people are inherantly racist. They enslaved the world. They treated others native people who they invaded and slaved like shit. The white race is the cancer of the earth"

Now I'm no scholar, but I think this runs contrary to some pretty important sections of the Koran including - amongst others and in no particular order - 29: 6, 49:13, 5:45.

Now spare us the racist diatribe. My goodness, you're as barmy as the BNP.

Big Bad Boab


18.07.2005 07:32

Quick quiz.

You are an ethnic minority. You find a comments/sites on the internet posted by right wing racists suggesting that your ethnic group are (variously) a bunch of murdering savages, hate British (white) culture, and should be returned from whence you came.

In order to refute this do you:

a. Turn the other cheek.

b. Demolish their hypothesis with cogent arguments and exploration of the facts

c. Take legal action

d. Accuse all white people of being racist oppressors, threaten them with being first up against the wall when the (Islamic) revolution comes, and generally play to all the racists' fears.

Either our muslim friend above is very stupid, or its a bum couple of postings by old racist friends designed to mislead.

Big Bad Boab

Islam is the way

18.07.2005 08:35

If the koran doesnt preach hatred, then why is every single Islamic country in turmoil due to warring with neighbours? Cant you see the bombs going off all over the world, not just in England, by these people. Turkey, Sri Lanka, Spain, Britain etc... If Islam is a religion of peace, why is the percentage of asylum seekers coming from Islamic countries more than any other religion.

This religion of peace even sacrifices their own children by strapping bombs to them, just to kill a couple of Israili soldiers.

Read the Koran for yourselves, look at how the Muslims behave. Seiks and Hindus dont hate Muslims for nothing, they know better than anyone what happened in India.

Britain is in deep trouble with these people, with a religion which follows a barbaric book to the tee.

Watch out for more deaths of innocent people. Their blood is on every apologisers shoulders. I hope your not in the wrong place at the wrong time, when the next martyr for this religion of peace decides to blow himself up.

Think about it!

Trevor Philips

18.07.2005 08:41

So i am a racist am in for having a go at the way white people have behaved over the centuries. Yes you should feel guilty, you have been at the forefront of destroying more people cultures than any other, well done.

You white people may have created the technology, but you have no morality!

Trevor philips said that multicultural society has failed - and he is right! The only way things will work in the UK right now is for people to adopt Islam. We will never change and betray Allah, so people in this country have a choice. Like i said Children = future, and the future of this country is Islamic children. We are out breeding all other groups in this country, we bring in many thousand wives a year from abroad, majority of asylum seekers are Muslim.

The future of Britain is Islam, and you will all come to see such in the years to come.l



18.07.2005 10:49

You sound like a BNP troll, if not just another Whacko!

Black Flag

Thought so...

18.07.2005 11:14

"We are out breeding all other groups in this country, we bring in many thousand wives a year from abroad, majority of asylum seekers are Muslim"

I suspect that fellow countryman Boab may be right - this looks like a BNP piece of disinformation, designed to make "Habib" and his friends look like psychopaths or Hezbollah. In particular I would have thought that any true Muslim would not have failed to respond to the Koranic reference made earlier, and yet he is strangely silent.....perhaps the BNP lads are quickly browsing the internet for an online version?

Doubtless more of "Habib"'s rubbish will follow in due course.

One last though, Habib. Hebrews 12:14 and 13:9. Matthew 5:9. Thessalonians 4:11-12. I've at least a passing knowledge of some of the Koran. Let's see if you can muster the same for the Bible.


Paranoid Pete

Hey, Maxwell???

18.07.2005 12:55

The ANC were trying to free South Africa from white supremacy.

The Apartheid regime planted bombs too, only theirs maimed and killed far more than anything the poor, black freedom fighters could muster.

Government terrorists killed and maimed white people, too, and any dissidents who tried to tell the world what was going on. And when the Justice and Truth Commision was established, a man known as Doctor Death, admitted to developing chemical werapons designed to cause mass genocide on a scale far greater than Saddam.

If this wasn't worse than Al Quaida, what was???

Go back to pulling your little "bookies biro", small-prick!!!

You're thick as two short chit-covered planks!!!

White Supmremacists Are Shite

The Ugly Truth About Apartheid - Torture, Murder, And Oppression On A Mass Scale

18.07.2005 13:01

South Africa was colonized by the English and Dutch in the seventeenth century. English domination of the Dutch descendents (known as Boers or Afrikaners) resulted in the Dutch establishing the new colonies of Orange Free State and Transvaal. The discovery of diamonds in these lands around 1900 resulted in an English invasion which sparked the Boer War. Following independence from England, an uneasy power-sharing between the two groups held sway until the 1940's, when the Afrikaner National Party was able to gain a strong majority. Strategists in the National Party invented apartheid as a means to cement their control over the economic and social system. Initially, aim of the apartheid was to maintain white domination while extending racial separation. Starting in the 60's, a plan of ``Grand Apartheid'' was executed, emphasizing territorial separation and police repression.

With the enactment of apartheid laws in 1948, racial discrimination was institutionalized. Race laws touched every aspect of social life, including a prohibition of marriage between non-whites and whites, and the sanctioning of ``white-only'' jobs. In 1950, the Population Registration Act required that all South Africans be racially classified into one of three categories: white, black (African), or colored (of mixed decent). The coloured category included major subgroups of Indians and Asians. Classification into these categories was based on appearance, social acceptance, and descent. For example, a white person was defined as ``in appearance obviously a white person or generally accepted as a white person.'' A person could not be considered white if one of his or her parents were non-white. The determination that a person was ``obviously white'' would take into account ``his habits, education, and speech and deportment and demeanor.'' A black person would be of or accepted as a member of an African tribe or race, and a colored person is one that is not black or white. The Department of Home Affairs (a government bureau) was responsible for the classification of the citizenry. Non-compliance with the race laws were dealt with harshly. All blacks were required to carry ``pass books'' containing fingerprints, photo and information on access to non-black areas.

In 1951, the Bantu Authorities Act established a basis for ethnic government in African reserves, known as ``homelands.'' These homelands were independent states to which each African was assigned by the government according to the record of origin (which was frequently inaccurate). All political rights, including voting, held by an African were restricted to the designated homeland. The idea was that they would be citizens of the homeland, losing their citizenship in South Africa and any right of involvement with the South African Parliament which held complete hegemony over the homelands. From 1976 to 1981, four of these homelands were created, denationalizing nine million South Africans. The homeland administrations refused the nominal independence, maintaining pressure for political rights within the country as a whole. Nevertheless, Africans living in the homelands needed passports to enter South Africa: aliens in their own country.

In 1953, the Public Safety Act and the Criminal Law Amendment Act were passed, which empowered the government to declare stringent states of emergency and increased penalties for protesting against or supporting the repeal of a law. The penalties included fines, imprisonment and whippings. In 1960, a large group of blacks in Sharpeville refused to carry their passes; the government declared a state of emergency. The emergency lasted for 156 days, leaving 69 people dead and 187 people wounded. Wielding the Public Safety Act and the Criminal Law Amendment Act, the white regime had no intention of changing the unjust laws of apartheid.

The penalties imposed on political protest, even non-violent protest, were severe. During the states of emergency which continued intermittently until 1989, anyone could be detained without a hearing by a low-level police official for up to six months. Thousands of individuals died in custody, frequently after gruesome acts of torture. Those who were tried were sentenced to death, banished, or imprisoned for life, like Nelson Mandela.

Crush The Nazis


18.07.2005 13:05

Get back to STORMPONCE, Max, before your little brain explodes.


The Sick neo-Nazi BNP Don't Curry Favour With Lies

18.07.2005 13:19

THE NEO-NAZI British National Party were trounced in a council byelection last night as voters rejected attempts to exploit the London terrorist attack to spread racial hatred.

The BNP circulated a leaflet with a picture of the bombed bus in Tavistock Square next to the headline ‘Maybe now it’s time to start listening to the BNP’.

The BNP believed they could win the Becontree seat in the east London borough of Barking and Dagenham, but Labour candidate Alok Agrawal triumphed on the night trouncing the party led by Nick Griffin.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone, who is also chair of campaign group Unite Against Fascism, said “Tonight has shown that Londoners will not allow the terrorists or the BNP to divide this city.

“The BNP are a tiny group of contemptible parasites who are incapable of understanding the basis of this city’s strength and prosperity.”

This shabby leaflet showed the BNP up for what they are.

The far-right party has a history of exploiting issues for political gain.

Last year the BNP won council seats in Bradford after stirring up hatred on the back of a Channel 4 documentary about Asian men abusing under-age white girls.

The Standards Board for England recently ruled that the BNP could be called ‘Nazi’.

The ruling followed a complaint to the local government watchdog from the BNP against Lib Dem councillor for Epping Gavin Stollar who told a public meeting “Nazis are not welcome in our town.”

Last month BNP leader Griffin was committed to Crown Court to face trial by jury on four race hate charges. The trial follows secretly-taped TV footage of Griffin allegedly using words or behaviour intended or likely to stir up racial hatred.

BNP founder John Tyndall was also committed and is charged with two similar offences. BNP youth leader Mark Collett will answer to eight race hate crimes under the 1986 Public Order Act.

Yesterday police in Leeds had to cordon off a mosque after receiving intelligence that the far-right intended to attack the building during the nationwide two-minute silence to remember victims of last Thursday’s terror attacks.

Far-right are suspected of fuelling a wave of violent attacks against Muslims and firebomb arson attempts against mosques.

In east London Labour won 58% of the vote in the Beacontree byelection against 19% for the BNP. This defeat follows last month’s result in the neighbouring ward of Goresbrook, where the BNP lost their only seat in London

Margaret Hodge MP for Barking said “It is a great result. The people of Barking have resoundingly rejected the BNP’s message of hatred and division.”

Sabby Dhalu Joint Sectretary of Unite Against Fascism said "The BNP’s cynical ploy of attempting to exploit the atrocities last week for political gain have been overwhelmingly rejected by the people of Becontree.

“All decent people have been disgusted and appalled by the BNP’s campaign and the majority of decent voters made their voice heard - the people of Becontree voted to stop the BNP getting elected."


Fascists In Every Sense Of The Word

18.07.2005 13:32

The BNP hate all 'non-white' immigrants and if they obtained power would send them back to their perceived country of origin whether they wanted to go or not (no doubt, in the famous phrase used by the BNP, 'in body-bags if necessary'.

They hate gays and anyone else they consider to be sexually abnormal (meaning non-hetero) and would make any such activity illegal.

They hate Jews - not for any reason other than they're Jewish. In fact, let's face it, they hate anyone who isn't white, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant. The word 'scum' may not work for you but it certainly fits in with my perception of them.

Their pshcyotic rambles about democracy and free speech is hypocrisy. If you look at their arrogant tosser website, those that they link to, it becomes pretty clear very quickly that they have no interest in the democratic process any more than Al Quaida do, except insofar as it has the potential to lead them to power.

Once in power, democracy would cease to exist. They use the the democratic process to subvert democracy.

For the neo-Nazi BNP, fascist isn't simply a label - they are true fascists in every meaning of the word.




18.07.2005 13:39

The neo-Nazi BNP are a bunch of cretinous losers the lot of em

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Beware neo-NAzi Lies

18.07.2005 13:48

We all know that the Tories, and increasingly New Labour, have often attacked the rights of young people. Unfortunately, despair at official politics has led an increasing number of people to turn to supporting neo-Nazi groups like the BNP, who claim to be anti-establishment but can only offer falso solutions based on scapegoating and intolerance.

The BNP are well known for their intolerance towards black, Asian, gay and disabled people. But don't be fooled by their crap about wanting "a future for British children". A quick look at their website, particularly their education policies, proves that they would attack the rights of all children if they got into power. See for yourself....

"We would end all recruitment of teachers from Teacher Training Colleges where discipline is disparaged and traditional teaching methods are not taught exclusively." Traditional methods don't work with all pupils, esp those with dyslexia or other learning disabilities

"Instead BNP-controlled Education Authorities will take on retired teachers with at least 30 years experience and get them to train new teachers 'hands-on' in the classroom." Things have changed. Would you hire an old TV technician, who only knows 405-line B&W VHF, to install your Sky Digital system? A number of old-fashioned teachers, especially those into "traditional" teaching, were around in the days of such s#!t as the cane.

"Schools will be made to concentrate on basic educational skills, including mental arithmetic and the teaching of reading by phonics rather than modernist guesswork." Real education involves time and space for creativity, which would be severely eroded by this approach which makes the SATS look humane!

"Where foreign pupils have not achieved a satisfactory standard of English, they should be taught separately rather than being allowed to drag down standards and hold back native English-speakers." We all know the dangers of selection in schools, which leads to kids being branded as failures at an early age.

"All pupils shall have regular games lessons, with competitive sports reintroduced at all levels." Competitive sports create a few "winners" and a hell of a lot of "losers". This can only increase stigma, especially against disabled and other less active kids.

"We will lead a grass-roots campaign to give teachers back the right to smack disruptive pupils and to challenge the diktats of the European Court in such matters." Oh well, racial hatred can get a bit boring sometimes. No harm in throwing in a bit of child abuse to spice things up. Some of us remember the bad old days when kids could be caned on the say-so of a kangaroo-court style judgement of teachers. Happy days ...

"Canteen-style school catering will be phased out and replaced by one choice of meal for all pupils, eaten in staff-supervised sittings which all pupils must attend." Not only is this an erosion of freedom of choice and forcing kids to eat food which they can't stand. What about those with allergies to certain foods, which can even kill? Maybe it's all part of the Nazi aim of eliminating people with disabilities ...

"In the event of the abolition of Clause 28 nationally, BNP councillors will seek a local referendum asking parents for their backing for a local prohibition on the teaching of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle choice." Section 28 has already gone, and good riddance. Nobody wants a return to the days when gay people were seen as "abnormal", and the lack of honest information relevant to gay people meant there was nothing to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS.

These are extreme policies, from a party so extreme that it describes the New Labour government as "ultra left". They take their inspiration from the Nazis of 1930s Germany, who murdered not only Jews and oppressed minorities, but also millions of communists, trade unionists, and others who dared to question their policies. Trust these Nazis and it may be the last mistake you make!

Trade Union Man

Can Somebody Help Me, Please

18.07.2005 13:53

Why do people label the BNP's armed terror-wing, Combat 18 nazis???

Does anyone know what the initials Combat 18 stand for???

Someone must surely know.


Fascist Fucks

18.07.2005 13:56

The "British Nazi Party" have been exposed once and for all as weirdoes.

Stop Denying The Holocaust Happened, Nazi Losers

The Establishment Has Always Allowed Racism To Flourish - Blair Peace RIP

18.07.2005 14:01

BLAIR Peach was killed on 23 April 1979 by members of the Metropolitan Police’s Special Patrol Group while he was attending an anti-Nazi demonstration in Southall in West London. The National Front had decided to hold a public meeting during the election campaign. 3,000 protesters, including members of the Southall Youth Movement, the Indian Workers’ Association and the Anti Nazi League, protested about the presence of fascists in a mainly Asian community.

The police deployed 2,756 officers, and the demonstration was characterised by extreme police violence. According to Dilip Hiro, in his book Black Britain, White Britain, ‘Among those who were shocked were the reporters of the conservative Daily Telegraph.

Describing how the police ‘cornered’ 50 demonstrators, and how ‘several dozen crying, screaming demonstrators were dragged ... to the police station and waiting coaches,’ they stated: ‘Nearly every demonstrator we saw had blood flowing from some injury’.’ Despite a strong campaign, no public inquiry was ever held, and no member of the Special Patrol Group has ever been brought to justice.


Habib Is Max

18.07.2005 14:09

Habib is Max, a fake Asian pseudonymn created by Max, the loser.

Max hasn't the balls to write things under his own name.

Max is a wimp.

Pistol Pete


18.07.2005 14:15

Only last year, a leading BNP officer said a terrorist bombing in London would be good for the BNP. That is not the talk of a respectable or even a normal political party.

The recent by-election loss, proved them wrong.

The BNP might as well disband now!!!

Graham Goode

Fascist Lies

18.07.2005 14:18

"The BNP's chief propagandist, Dr Phill Edwards - real name Dr Stuart Russell - has wrongly claimed that the GMB bankrolls a group called Tyne and Wear Anti-Fascist Association. We don't. The fascist spinmeisters have confused us with another GMB - Gateshead Metropolitan Borough. This GMB is delighted to have TWAFA brought to our attention, and generous funding is something we are now considering, given that there are at least three BNP convicts from the North East lurking among today's dirty dozen."

Today's BNP "dirty dozen" are:

1. Tony Lecomber, prominent in the BNP hierarchy, served three years in jail for a nail bomb plot. He got another three years in 1991 for stabbing a Jewish teacher and has 12 convictions in all.

2. Kevin Scott, BNP organiser in the North East, has convictions for assault and threatening behaviour.

3. Paul Harris, 41, BNP council candidate in Barnsley was convicted of using threatening behaviour towards a pensioner.

4. Jason Douglas, one of the BNP's leading candidates in the Greater London local elections, is a convicted football hooligan.

5. Warren Bennett, the BNP's chief steward, is also a convicted football hooligan.

6. Stephen Belshaw, who stood for the BNP in Amber Valley, East Midlands, was convicted in 1994 of attacking a Jewish solicitor.

7. Colin Smith, BNP South East London organiser. 17 convictions for burglary, theft, stealing cars, possession of drugs and assaulting a police officer.

8. Darren Dobson, BNP council candidate in Oldham. Convicted of racially aggravated assault at Oldham magistrates in November 2001.

9. Frank Forte, BNP member in Waltham Forest, convicted of Actual Bodily Harm in 1989.

10. Paul Thompson, former BNP organiser for Durham and Darlington convicted of criminal damage after an attack on a book shop in Durham. Also convicted for violence after attacking football fans.

11. Neil Keilty, BNP member, whose convictions since 1987 include criminal damage, possession of an offensive weapon and threatening behaviour.

12. Gary Mitchell former Sunderland BNP secretary, convicted of racist attacks and possession of offensive weaponry.


Thin Blue Line

18.07.2005 14:26

Max took the name "Habib" from an Asian Stereotypical character from the BBC "comedy series" Thin Blue Line. What a crap show. Unfortunately it is still shown as repeats on cable, which Max is so aware of.

The "max"(min)imum of his social life, is sitting in all evening, watching UK Gold, the loser.......

Neo-Nazis like Collett, are spineless to say the least. They carry out racial violence late at night, after getting home from the pub.

And they can't even post articles under their own name.

Sandy Shaw


18.07.2005 15:16

Hi there, Max/Habib/Mark Collett,
You haven't just got a small p&nis, you don't just spend all day and night on white supremacist chatrooms like a complete and utter tosser. It has been said that you "spot trains like there's no tomorrow".

It's the most suited analogy, you loser, as the BNP are currently crwling through a tunnel with no light at the end of it. They know they will never "do an Adolf" and win the election, or for that matter, hold on to their supporters. They aren't even liked by rival far right groups who regard them to be useless and ineffectual in stirring up race hatred to the levels of Nazi Germany.

You might as well stand on Platform 8 on Leeds station, watching the train to Burnley depart seven minutes late.

Hey, weren't you meant to be on that train?

I forgot..... Since you instigated the riot there, the people of Burnley have woken up to the fact that you are small-minded, going-nowhere neo-Nazi wankers not worth the recycled Mein kamph toilet paper you're printed.


The runaway train came down the tracks......

Oh Patricia

18.07.2005 15:46

I think you might have asked that question just to stir things up, and know fine just who's birthday 1 and 8 signify. Hell I got it off of Panorama years ago, when they started putting the boot into this mob of cowardly thugs.


Truth Hurts!

18.07.2005 23:10

Sorry. Did i hit a raw nerve there?


Max's Best Mates

19.07.2005 05:44

Hey, folks.......

Click on the link to see the picture of Max aka habib/Mark Collett's best friends......

And no, the Thin Blue Line sucked, you idiot......

Hitler's Bunker Buster

I am Habib

19.07.2005 08:14

Did i hit a raw nerve with you white folks. I am Mo Habib, noone else. I have always been Mo Habib, will always be Mo Habib. You accuse me of been Max, silly white people who dont like the truth. The truth hurts.

Your souls need refreshing, you are obsessed with sex and pornography. if ever Allah had a job to do it would be with you. Why are you so obsessed with Mark Colletts penis, have you read your ridiculous postings, you sre perverts - you are sick.

Allah has a lot of cleaning up to do in Britain.


Crown court!

19.07.2005 08:19

Can someone tell me is Leeds Crown Court is in the same building as the Magistrates court. Anyone going? Could i meet up with someone, or will we just be congregating in the same spot as before?


More Truth

19.07.2005 12:39

Mohammad Sidique Khan (london suicide bomber)was shown around the house of commons by LABOUR MP John Trickett
He went to school with the son of John Trickett
He worked for the wife of John Trickett at Hillcrest school
Mohammad Sidique Khan = Labour party bomber ?

More Truth

Stop It With The Fake Identities, Max.

19.07.2005 12:56

There is no Mo Habib. You are Max(Min-imum), a sad bastard pretending to be Asian.

You are childish.

You are not funny, Maxwell.

And last but not least, look in the mirror at the size of your member, and you will know you are Mark Collett, the sexually frustrated freak.

Laver is also fake. He posts just five minutes after Habib (not that he will continue to do this, after so-called "Max" realises that we (the antifash movement) know what his sick game is.

Divide and conquer, I think they call it.

Mark Collett as "Max" for the basic nazi shite
The fake "Habib" identity for the "uncle tom" sterrotype nonsense.
And "Laver", a pretend anti-fascist, trying to win the hearts and minds of the anti-racist movement, so he can obtain names, addresses, and telephone numbers to put on Redwatch.

A lame three pronged attack, if there ever was one.

Get a f*cking life, you no-friends loser.

And we still insist on evidence, "Max", before we will believe you are not the sexually frustrated hitler fantasizor.

Busted, Yo!!!

Hate Messages and their Rhetorical Forms (Max et al)

19.07.2005 13:01

Hate messages can appear as images or as narratives in very progressive, uplifting, and decorous sites, explaining the nature of, and reasons for, racism. Often, racist images are generally easy to access online on educational sites. We found some images (Figures 1, 2 and 3) at a Web site with progressive messages and totally unrelated to any identifiable hate site (Holdt, 2002).

The narrative in american, where the Nazi images are found, explains the cause of racism as poverty, and expands on the thesis to educate the surfer. There are also other Web pages where organizations deliberately plant hate messages that can be transmitted deceptively to unwary surfers as bearers of "civilized message," without being associated with the imagery of hate activity. They do not post racist images on their own sites.

The structure of the Internet and its tools are honed to whet the interests of the young, and entice the unwary to join an interest group, without revealing any racist information. Thus they pave the way for their recruitment in good time. It may take a long time, but eventually these groups may recruit members globally and online in one way or another.

Further, organizations or individuals who sponsor these sites that contain racists' images and narratives, may also contribute to the legitimacy of racist causes, and facilitate public consumption. Lynn Thiesmeyer, therefore, warns: "The Internet has appealed to the dual requirements of users of any medium: the desire to find somewhat knowledgeable or believable information, and at the same time to receive it in an easily digestible form" (1999).

The Professor

Laver Is Max Is Smallp&enis Man

19.07.2005 13:05

Well said, professor.

Sick minds work in even sicker ways.

Laver wants to befriend you, to post information about you, to put on Redwatch.

For laver, read Max/Habib/MarkCollett-SmallDickMan



19.07.2005 13:15

Pedantism is a type of neo-Nazi discourse that preaches and used for recruitment, persuasion, and ideological indoctrination.

You're obviously a seriously-mentally ill pedantistic patient, Mr Collett (i.e., Max)......

The Professor

Racism is mental illness because it represents a delusional disorder

19.07.2005 13:24

Anyone who feels non-whites are responsible for all the problems in the world, and that they have to be exterminated to correct it, this represents a delusion which fits into the category of the psychiatric nomenclature for a delusional disorder. And I think it's treatable...

"Extreme racism" is not just false belief. These people reach the point that they're very delusional about it.

Racism does have kind of a scale, from mentally ill people like Mark Collett pretemding to be "Max/habib, etc, through gradations of racial hatred, through to fantasies of murder like exhibited by Copeland.

I think that someone who moves on their delusion, which basically is a paranoid delusion, that person has gone beyond anything ordinary. With the criteria as represented by the psychiatric professionals, that person fits the criteria for delusional disorder, persecutory illness.

These people who get into a genocidal mode based on their delusions are mentally disturbed and are probably treatable, if we took a constructive view and didn't imply that somehow this is just hatred and there's nothing we can do about it.

Stop using the terror as an excuse to spread your hate.... Max, you need help ........ and quick.

The Proff

more truth about max

19.07.2005 13:26

He's got small testes, along with his tiny penis

Sexually frustrated loser

Remember Copeland

19.07.2005 13:35

The London nail-bomber, David Copeland, who killed three people and injured dozensof others in a series of horrific attacks in 1999 was a BNP member.

Linda Lovelace

A Dilemma

19.07.2005 14:02

Dear Doctor Ruth-

My friends and I share a less than pleasant dilemma, which is why, feeling inferior, like Hitler with one bollock, we joined a neo-Nazi party in the first place: we have, well, less than average penises (in terms of size, that is). We got together at an away day at Queensbury for young British National Party members, and asked the simple question, "Is size really that important?" Maybe you can help us out on this one, Dr Ruth.

Signed, The Small boys xxxxxx


Tyndall Jumps Bail

19.07.2005 14:54

Tyndall is dead! Ha fucking Ha!!! I can hear Max sobbing from here! Wait until we find out where the old fucker is being buried, there'll be a queue to piss on his grave. Can't wait to see the faces of Max and his inbred pals on Thursday.

Red N Black


19.07.2005 18:18

Why do you think the people of Leeds are more likely to believe what the BNP has to say than you are? Are you special people who see snd understand things other people don't? Sounds a bit elitist to me.


Join us.

08.08.2005 20:25

I am insulted to think that people think i am a spotty little nazi. I am not i am Habib. Join me. Islam is recruiting people from all nationalities all over Britain. We have a very diverse mosque with many different peoples. Join us. You cannot fail to see that Allah is recruiting white women and black men all over the land.

Islam is a peaceful religion - it will bring peace to the land.

Join me, join Allah, join Islam, join the fatsest growing religion in Britain. Admit it Christianity has failed, we are building a new mosque evry week in Britain - you are pulling down a church every other week.


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