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US Govt Admits Lyme Disease a Bioweapon

Lymerayja | 18.11.2005 13:47 | Anti-militarism | Bio-technology | Health | World

The existence of the Lyme disease epidemic is officially covered up in the UK, its myriad presentations routinely misdiagnosed as everything from "M.E." to MS to hypochondria. This is the first admission by a US government body that the cause is an incapacitating biowar agent.

The $10.6 million Margaret Batts Tobin Laboratory Building will provide a 22,000-square-foot facility to study such diseases as anthrax, tularemia, cholera, lyme disease, desert valley fever and other parasitic and fungal diseases.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified these diseases as potential bioterrorism agents.".

This is the first admission by a US government body that Lyme disease is a biological warfare agent. This is the reason that hundreds of thousands of men, women and children around the world have been left to rot with wrong diagnoses, or have had their Lyme disease acknowledged but been told that it is an "easily-treated" disease, given 3 weeks' antibiotics, then told to shove off when their symptoms carried on after that.

In Britain the existence of the epidemic is denied completely, and virtually no effort made to warn or educate the public about the dangers of ticks, which carry the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi.

The Borrelia genus has been a subject of biowar experimentation at least as far back as WW2, when the infamous Japanese Unit 731, which tortured and experimented on live prisoners, studied it.

The reality is, Lyme disease is for many a chronic, horrendous, incapacitating disease producing crippling fatigue, constant pain, loss of memory, possible paralysis, psychosis, blindness and even death.

It was an ideal biowar agent because it evades detection on routine tests, has an enormous range of different presentations, and can mimic everything from ADHD to multiple sclerosis to carpal tunnel syndrome to rheumatoid arthritis to chronic fatigue syndrome (M.E.) to lupus to schizophrenia. Enemy medical staff would never know what had hit them, nor even that ONE illness had hit their population, rather than an unexplained rise in dozens of known conditions.

Honest doctors and scientists who tried to treat or research Lyme disease according to ethical principles have been viciously persecuted by government-backed organisations in the US, Europe and elsewhere. Many specialists in the US were threatened with loss of their license or had anonymous, false allegations sent to the medical board, which tied them up in mountains of paperwork and legal fees...some were forced out of medicine or even driven to suicide.

Instead, medical disinfo agents, most of whom have a background in military/biowarfare units, such as Dr Allen Steere, Mark Klempner, Philip Baker, Edward McSweegan, David Dennis, Alan Barbour etc were enabled to assume top positions in Lyme research , CDC, NIH etc from where they issued false information , covering up the true seriousness and chronic nature of the disease, and comdemned untold numbers to a living hell.

Please help Lyme patients publicise this scandal, which has caused suffering on a massive scale. Contact me by email if you are interested in helping. Thank you.


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18.11.2005 22:05

Uh ---- I live only just over a hundred miles from the epicenter (where Lyme disease was discovered).

Kind of hard to think of an example of a moderately serious aliment LESS suitable for military purposes. Yes indeed, if Lyme disease isn't treated promptly it becomes much more difficult to treat and if neglected for a year or so, just about impossible. BUT (a very big but) the dibilitating symptoms don't appear faster than that either.

I guess if you figured that the war was going to last several years might be of some use. But guess what -- the generals NEVER plan on long wars >

mail e-mail: stepbystpefarm

Quickness of Lyme symptoms

22.11.2005 08:28

Actually Mike, the symptoms of Lyme can appear a lot faster than you think. I live in Pennsylvania, the most Lyme-infested state in the US, and it is ramped here. I know that most people get flu-like symptoms not long after the bite of an infected insect. As little as 2 hours after the bite. And flu-like symptoms, as well as other phsychological symptoms, can have anyone knocked out within a day. Some pretty scary stuff.


NIH also admits they study Lyme as a Bioweapon

23.11.2005 23:29

From the website of the National Institutes of Health, the leading public health agency in the US:#

"Has there ever been an accident at a BSL-3 or BSL-4 facility?
No. A number of BSL-3 and BSL-4 facilities have operated safely in the United States for 30 years. Rare accidents such as needlesticks may cause exposure of laboratory staff; immediate treatment of any person so exposed avoids any danger to other workers or to the community."

This is a lie. Michael Carroll's book "Lab 257" documents a number of accidents at the Plum Island research centre (opposite Lyme, Connecticut)involving extremely serious microbes even before they "officially" were granted maximum-containment status.

Also see the Boston Globe for reports of the escape of tularemia from the BU biowarfare lab, covered up by Dr Mark Klempner, director of the lab and leading Steere camp Lyme researcher.

"Will the new facility pose any threat to the local community?

A properly constructed and properly operated BSL-3 and BSL-4 facility poses no threat to the local community..."

Yeah, and clear the runway for oncoming flying pig .

"Are NIAID scientists already studying potential agents of bioterrorism?

"Even before the current emphasis on biodefense, NIAID scientists had been studying organisms that cause a variety of infectious diseases. Potentially, some of these microbes also could be used as agents of bioterrorism. Examples of diseases caused by these agents include plague, Lyme disease, rabies, tick-borne encephalitis, West Nile virus disease, influenza, anthrax infection, Ebola virus hemorrhagic fever, HIV, tuberculosis, transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, and Q fever. All of this work has been carried out in either the Maryland or Montana laboratories with required safety measures in place."

At last, some truth. NIAID (infectious diseases division of the National Institutes of Health) admits it has been studying Lyme disease along with anthrax, Ebola, plague etc as a potential "agent of bioterrorism".

Yet people who contract the disease are either told they don't have it, or are told it's "easily cured in 3 weeks of doxycycline" and left to rot.

To the person who said it takes a year before serious symptoms appear - visit one of the major Lyme discussion sites, such as LymeNet, and you will meet hundreds of people who rapidly developed serious symptoms after a tick bite.

Even the Steere camp (govt-backed medical disinfo) admit that serious neurological and cardiac symptoms can develop within weeks of a tick bite. The difference is, they pretend that these simply vanish, never to return, and in general they massively and deliberately downplay the extent of the pandemic and the chronicity and seriousness of the disease.


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Need Additional Information on Lyme Disease

03.01.2006 05:37

My granddaughter has contracted Lyme disease. I need more information before I send this article to my daughter.

Sharon Davidson
mail e-mail:

Military Lyme Support

05.01.2006 18:50

This article confirms what I've suspected for a long time......and hence why military folks need a lot of support for Lyme.....they're the guinea pigs for this type of stuff!

Colleen Nicholson
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Lyme Disease treatments ... that work ... sometimes

08.01.2006 07:58

I speak with folks afflicted with lyme disease on a frequent basis ( or their physicians).
Based on what they say, Colloidal Silver, the low voltage, nano-particle stuff, seems to give significant and lasting relief in many cases. This, combined with certain digestive enzymes (woebyzyme) appears to be the most effective treatment currently available. The dosage used, so I am told, is 12 oz per day ... in three divided doses. Results appear within 12 days or so, but the dosage of nano-particle Colloidal Silver needs to continue for roughly 66 days.
(Nano-particle colloidal silver can be generated at home using a generator from Silver Bullet Enterprises

This is not a "Certain Cure", but it does appear to work in many cases.

I suspect, based on the way colloidal silver functions in relation to pathogenic organisms, that conventional colloidal silver ... 20 ppm (readily available from most health food stores), administered via nebulizer (inhaled droplets) at a rate of about 18 cc per day (in 3 divided doses), combined with the enzymes should work as well or better.
CAUTION ... using a nebulizer to deliver anything into your lungs can be hazardous ... DON'T TRY THIS WITHOUT CONSULTING A PHYSICIAN.

I am not a physician, nor do I make any such claim.
Scott Clayton

Scott Clayton
mail e-mail:

Natural Anti-Bacterial Help

12.01.2006 03:02

Natural anti-bacterial/viral/parasitic/fungal: glyconutrients. Many
people including lyme's disease victims have gotten their health back
or had much fewer symptoms from the disease.

An article I wrote on Stem Cells being generated by glyconutrients is at

Saturdays at noon EST is a free internet call:
Have your Windows Media player updated. "Enter" the room by writing in
your first name, then "join" to hear renown doctors & real-life

Mary Rushing
mail e-mail:

Interesting! I'm not surprised at all!

15.01.2006 09:21

Wow, what a find. I suffer from what is called "Morgellons Disease" It is called Morgellons for lack of a better name for it. You see, the CDC has not recognized this as an official disease, so as one would know......there is no funding for research on this. Currently we have over 2000 registered with the Morgellon's Foundation (

A lot of us suffer from Lyme Disease and yet a lot of us just do not have the particular
genetic marker in the body where it shows up on test-yet we have it.

Morgellons sufferers have suffered long enough. Our disease is characterized with intense
itching and unhealing lesions that are ever so painful. We have fibers that exit our skin.

We will be happy to show anyone that wants to "see-to-believe" it, yet our Doctors
will not look. They label this as DOP; Delusions of Parasitosis. Please take a look at the Morgellons website. It shows photos of these heinous objects that come from our lesions.

If you are anyone reading this would like to help by sharing any information, please do not
hesitate to contact me. Out time is running out. Children are suffering.

If nothing else, just go to website to view what is happening,

Thank you for such a great article!


Vonn Odenjuno

Vonn"London" Oden-Juno
mail e-mail:

update since my last comment

16.11.2006 16:58

Well, as it turns out - I do not have Lyme Disease after all. This is a crazy illness that
I believe is just plain and simply one that stems from "sick building syndrome". Don't let the liars get away w/ not believe a damn word from the Lymebuster foundation nor the Morgellons research Foundation. They will tell you that they moved from their home and the disease followed them. BS! what a crock of lies!

I'm moving today. When I went on a week holiday, I was shocked by the great improvement .

Hope this info helps someone.


London Juno

Canadian Government in denial about the toll Lyme Disease is taking on Canadians

26.01.2008 02:10

What are we going to do?
My Manitoba lab test (and HSC Doc) say I do not have Lyme? My USA test's say I do. I Traveled to BC to get the medical help that Manitoba Doc's did not give.
Because my Lyme was not caught years ago, I will have a long recovery time maybe 3 to 5 years.
I am not getting sicker now that I am on the antibiotic therapy, but it will be a long recovery.

Gordon Anderson
Lyme Disease Diagnosed Nov.15/06 suffered for 25 years
Morris Mb.
Cell: 204-999-4539
Home 204-746-6166

National Security, Access to Information
Canadian Government in denial about the toll Lyme Disease is taking on Canadians
By Judi McLeod Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Imagine the mental agony of being told by Canadian doctors that you do not have Lyme disease but having a diagnosis in hand from American doctors saying that you do.

What do you then do if the Canadian federal government flatly denies your Access to Information request?

That’s the medical dilemma of Gordon Anderson, who asks “What are we going to do?”

And there are many other average Canadians asking the same question without getting the answers.

Claiming that it is a matter of “national security”, the Canadian government insists that Canadians have no right to records that measure the ability of our national medical laboratory to detect “the fastest growing animal to human disease in the northern hemisphere”.

It’s a worry you won’t find in media headlines, but a worry Canadians left in the dark about lyme must take to their beds every night.

It’s not that the possibilities of coming down with Lyme Disease is remote. The possibilities of getting Lyme Disease originate from something that there is plenty of --the Great Canadian outdoors. Ticks that carry Lyme Disease can be found on your own front lawn, on your pets, on logs, in tall grass or common brush.

The safest rule of thumb advises that if you are outside, do not brush up against tall grass or sit on logs.

We all complain about bureaucratic red tape, but surely the denial of accurate health records is of the kind that hurts most.

“The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation decided they must find out how well our federal medical laboratory in Winnipeg does at detecting Lyme disease in humans,” said James Wilson, President of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation.

Fully certified, proficiency tested and accredited laboratories in the U.S. have been finding that several thousand Canadians are actually positive for Lyme Disease after a negative Canadian test. Many of these Canadians had been given diagnoses ranging from multiple sclerosis, mental illness, to chronic fatigue syndrome.

But the successful outcome of Lyme disease treatment demands early diagnosis, so the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation sought to find out why Canadian lab tests in so many instances are negative followed by a positive U.S. test. These patients only then get the treatment they need. The proof is in the pudding, they do remarkably well in recovery after having been left sick for years in many instances.

Proficiency testing of laboratories measuring their ability to detect specific disease is required in most jurisdictions for laboratories to retain certification. The U.S. labs are proficiency tested and have excellent results. We expect similar results from our federal labs but we will never know if a small group of people who hold the lives of Canadians in their hands has their way.

“If denying our request because of “national security” sounds absurd to you, it did to us as well,” says Wilson. “Something is going on. One provincial access to information request revealed minutes of a meeting involving provincial medical authorities and our federal laboratory representatives who discuss hundreds of unique cases of lyme disease in only a three-year period in that province. Officially, in that same three-year period the reported number of cases was zero.

“We had also previously asked to be allowed to participate in proficiency testing of our Canadian labs but that request was quickly denied as well.

“To put this in proper perspective, Canada has some of the highest rates in the world of diseases and conditions sharing the same symptomology as lyme disease but we have virtually no lyme disease, in stark contrast to every other northern hemisphere country. There are 1.5 million Canadians suffering from disease of unknown origin. Many of these mirror the symptoms of chronic lyme disease. We want to know how many are in fact lyme. We believe that number will prove to be substantial. It is implausible that Canada has protective border crossings that prevent birds that are carrying lyme disease from entering our country. It is much more plausible that we have many cases of lyme disease. Our cold temperatures do not account for our low numbers as previously stated by the government. Finland, a much colder country, has thousands more cases than Canada.

“The best way to prove the prevalence of lyme in the bodies of Canadians would be through aggressive research including multiple tissue biopsies from skin and internal organs of those individuals who share the symptoms of lyme disease, and post-mortem study of those who did not survive the onslaught of their illness. We have had many requests Canada wide from very sick individuals or their family members who want to leave their or their loved ones remains for this specific research. Most have not been diagnosed with lyme, but suffer all of the symptoms.”

Background information the Canadian government is not talking about:
Our friendly migratory birds transport the ticks that carry Lyme disease around at random. Biting insects such as mosquitoes and horse flies have also been shown to transmit the disease. In the U.S. where our springtime migratory birds come from there is an estimated 200,000 human cases of Lyme disease each year and this is increasing year over year. Our government labs confirm fewer than 60 cases per year in Canada.

We do know Lyme is being misdiagnosed as other illnesses, or not diagnosed at all. Lyme disease is robbing many Canadian children of their youth and adults of their careers.

Lyme disease can cause serious long-term health issues if not identified and treated early. It can affect the brain, eyesight, hearing, nervous system, muscles, joints, digestive tract, skin and most organs including the heart, liver, spleen, and kidneys. Because Lyme disease is a multi-system disorder many systems of the body can be affected at once.

Gordon Anderson
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Framing the issue Lyme Disease in CANADA

26.01.2008 02:16

Historically, people with treatment-resistant, Lyme disease have faced an uphill battle when trying to obtain more than a few weeks of antibiotic treatment. The most referenced “standard of care” was the restrictive IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) guideline that limited people to 3 weeks of antibiotics and suggested that people who did not recover with that regimen no longer had Lyme disease but post-Lyme syndrome.
Now that ILADS (The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) has published guidelines for the clinical management of Lyme disease, the field has shifted toward more liberal view that advises individualization of treatment based on the patient’s clinical response, rather than on an arbitrary endpoint. Patients should take advantage of this and order a copy of the guidelines for their doctor (see
Canlyme (Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation) recommends that patients frame the issue in terms of “patient choice,” as opposed to the "right" standard of care. Patient choice and informed consent are both mainstream concepts recognized by the medical establishment and by law. Canlyme has composed a cover letter that may be sent out with the Guidelines, and will supply a copy of that letter to anyone requesting it for this purpose.
The Canadian Medical Association requires that the physician disclose and discuss with the patient not only the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment, but also those of available alternative treatments (regardless of their cost or the extent to which the treatment options are covered by health insurance). This requirement is rooted in the medical ethical concept of patient autonomy and is reflected in the legal requirement of informed consent—which all provinces have embraced. When a patient has a serious illness, like Lyme disease, where different treatment options exist with different risk-benefit profiles, the stakes are high and there is no “right” treatment. The treatment choice involves trade-offs between the risks and benefits of the different treatment alternatives that only patients—who know the kinds of risks they are willing to run and the types of quality of life outcomes that matter to them—are uniquely suited to make.
Below are the key points in the approach we are recommending to patients and patient advocates to frame the issue. Scientific uncertainty has resulted in more than one treatment approach and medical standard of care (like prostate cancer); Physicians, insurers, patients and governmental agencies should be made aware that two treatment approaches exist; Physicians should give patients sufficient information about treatment options to enable patients to make a meaningfully informed choice and respect the autonomy of that choice; Insurance reimbursement should be provided for treatment rendered in accordance with either standard of care; and Government agencies should not take sides in the scientific debate and should provide information about both standards of care.

Gordon Anderson
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Statement from Pat Smith, President, Lyme Disease Association

26.01.2008 02:17

Historic Move by CT Attorney General to Investigate IDSA Guidelines Process
Gives Hope to Thousands of Lyme Disease Patients

HARTFORD, CT Nov. 16 ─ The national non-profit Lyme Disease Association (LDA), representing more Lyme disease patients than any organization in the United States, applauds Connecticut State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal for beginning an investigation into the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) Lyme disease guidelines development process. In an unprecedented move, the Attorney General’s office filed a Civil Investigative Demand (CID) to look into possible anti-trust violations by the IDSA in connection with exclusionary conduct and monopolization in the development of the Lyme guidelines.

Although unprecedented, the LDA feels this action is vitally necessary to protect the welfare of chronic Lyme patients nationwide whose treatments have been impacted by the stance taken by the IDSA. Their guidelines deny the existence of chronic infectious Lyme disease and list as “not recommended” most of the conventional medical treatments prescribed by physicians as well as alternative treatments often chosen by patients for any Lyme manifestation. Even some nutritional supplements should not be an option according to IDSA.

Clinical guidelines now drive the standard of care, and these IDSA guidelines have already been published on the CDC website. They are being used to deny treatment reimbursement and will have a continued chilling effect on the small numbers of treating physicians, since clinical discretion is not recommended in the guidelines.

The October 2006 guidelines do not acknowledge that a complex bacterium such as the Lyme disease spirochete could possibly survive in the body and the brain, evading the immune system and short-term courses of antibiotics, nor do they take into consideration any other professional diagnostic or treatment guidelines such as those published by the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), which discuss chronic disease diagnostic and treatment modalities. The IDSA also refused to allow patient or chronic disease-treating physician input into the guidelines process through the LDA and ILADS, respectively, although both organizations requested to be a part of the process.

The national LDA and its affiliates Time for Lyme (CT) and the California Lyme Disease Association and ILADS, a professional medical organization, had appealed to the Attorney General on behalf of patients and treating physicians, and we are encouraged by the issuance of the CID and we hope that this will lead to actions that will guarantee patients the right to be treated and support physicians’ right to treat using clinical discretion.

Gordon Anderson
mail e-mail:

lyme coverup explained

07.01.2014 00:23

Interesting info on your site. So what about the Lyme coverup going on in the health and medical establishment. What about the persecution of doctors treating lyme. Very simple explanation: it escaped from our germ warfare lab on Plum Island.

European researchers have established that our variant of borrelia is derived from recombinant genetics starting with Black Forest relapsing fever, an old spirochetal infection plaguing Germany.

Research shows an original bacteria of 28 genes for relapsing fever and 132 genes for our genetically engineered Lyme disease, with the genes of every nasty disease you can think of spliced on.

The government should be sued.

How come no one has the guts to speak the truth??



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