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2nd Renaissance -9

Lothar | 23.02.2006 01:46 | Analysis | Repression | Social Struggles | World

The Old World Order will not do anything to smooth the path to a Level 4 Civilization, and a better world. On the contrary, they will do whatever they can to make it difficult. The police, the military, the media, the financial system, the rule of law, and all the mechanisms of civil control and surveillance will be mobilised in defence of the status quo. But, once they understand their options, the people of the world will not engage in a battle with the forces of the OWO. They will simply abandon the old way of living under national rule, for a better, freer, life in new tribal societies. Kinship mechanisms will help people cope with the pressures of official opposition to radical changes that will finally enable them to escape the invisible prison that the OWO had fashioned around them.

Kinship mechanisms will help people cope
Kinship mechanisms will help people cope

New Tribal Civilization
New Tribal Civilization

Become A 2nd Renaissance Resident [142]
Although the Feds will want to continue to consider that you are a national citizen of their's, you can choose to be a global individual. This is within your control, you can do something about it. Instead of including a country in your address use a global grid-box reference. (Some kind soul will be sure to work out a standard pattern of grid boxes from lines of latitude and longitude, and then post it on Freenet for everyone to use.) As well as using the standard grid-box address, use the suffix LG after your name, to indicate that you are a Leaver Giver.

At first encounter, the idea of global grid-boxes replacing countries in addresses might seem ineffectual. However, the implementation of such a practice can be very powerful, once enough people adopt it. There will never be much lasting impact from protesting about McDonalds or other corporations or governments. But the widespread use of grid-box addresses can have a very dramatic impact on thinking. It is a means of getting the attention of large numbers of people. Such awareness is a prerequisite for a world full of changed minds. When asked where you're from, say "I'm John Doe LG, from Lutherborough (grid name) at GR 23987 (grid-box code)."

If the grid framework is set sufficiently large to encompass natural communities, but not so large that they correspond to whole cities or states, then the grid-box addresses will become a practical basis for a global network of new-communal identities that comprise the social organisation model of the new Level 4 Civilization. In this concept there are no kingdoms, states or federations. Just localised geographic areas in which microjurisdictions - the new-communal identities - operate in order to provide local amenities and services. Individuals are sovereign, within the bonds of the particular tribe, or tribes they belong to. Membership of neo-tribes or techno-tribes has nothing to do with residential location or grid-box address. Individuals reside somewhere, but they can be members of talent collectives within a wider region, and of cybertribes that extend globally.

Implementing a system of grid-box addresses, independently of federations and states, will help to drive home the notion that people were not divinely "meant" to live the way we live now. Nor to remain citizens within old national and federal designations that have already lost their relevance, due to the technological changes now sweeping us forward. The dialogue that arises around the use of the grid-box addresses will help people to understand that there is life and hope after federalism and nationalism. We do not have to go on living the way we live now!

Establish and support the new category of Freeright [143]
The freeright symbol, an F within a circle, indicates that while anyone can use an original work freely, no one else should claim it. There's nothing to prevent anyone from copying or publishing your writing or music, they may do so freely. Hopefully, people who use a work will attribute it to the originator, or to his or her alias. However, it does not matter if they don't. The diagram shown here contains a freeright line. This indicates that the free use and replication of the original is encouraged. It is expected that genuine neo-tribal authors will not claim it as their own. If others do so, it doesn't matter. The important thing is that the diagram is able to be circulated and used freely and widely. Where freeright is concerned there is no concept of illegality of use. No matter what is done with a work, be that work literary, artistic, musical, or technological, lawyers should never make even one cent out of litigation involving its replication and application. The point of freeright is to circulate useful works freely. For example, freeright software might help people in, so-called, third-world countries to run second-hand computers donated by people in the West, without having to find money to buy programs.

By generating a volume of freerighted works, we can create a comparison between the old concepts of scarcity and legal limitations that support scarcity, and the new concepts of abundance and free sharing of knowledge, ideas and content. If you have talent and you can originate an e-book, some music, software, or anything that people might appreciate and like to share, freeright it and make it available on Freenet. Do it soon.

The diagram suggests that we really need a fast transition to a Level 4 Civilization. Every year that we loose will mean that millions of people suffer and die needlessly, under the false promises of capitalism and nationalism. Freerighted content can help raise awareness of the social, economic and environmental alternatives to takerism, and generate fresh thinking and hope.

Rediscover Kinship Principles [144]
Besides its meaning for blood relationships, the word kinship speaks to a sharing of characteristics, origins or interests. Kinship will be very important during the transformation from a Level 3 to a Level 4 Civilization. Many of the institutions and social support structures will break down during the collapse of capitalism and federalism. For a period of time, people will have to fend for themselves, as they have had to in Argentina following the collapse of the banking and finance sector there.

In tribal societies, kinship determined not only who you could marry, but also who you had to help, and who had to help you. Such kinship support systems were a feature of earlier Aboriginal society in Australia, and no doubt, among the tribes of North America as well. Unlike footloose westerners, native Australians were born to a geographic location, a tribal land. Kinship and the support it entailed went with the tribal relationship. Today, it is hard to find that sort of kinship in Australia. But the caste system in India remains a living example of it. People of the same caste look after each other because the obligation to do so is a core element of the Hindu social support system.

Kinship in the new Level 4 Civilization will operate in two forms. Local kinship will exist within neo-communities and provide support services and safety nets that are far more available and compassionate than the soulless, bureaucratic programs of the capitalist state. Global kinship will permeate new techno-tribes or lightnet-collectives that span the world. Within these associations of similarly minded and motivated individuals, kinship bonds will arise to strengthen both the identity and function of the group. In the spirit of the leaver-giver ethos, many of the techno-tribes and other collectives will be environmentalist, humanitarian and philanthropic in their focus.

Now is the time to begin the process of developing kinship in our community and interest group relationships. Such kinship building is important to changing thinking and attitudes everywhere that there are people who hope for a better life for themselves and their children. It will also be vital to surviving the social, political and economic turbulence associated with the disintegration of the old, Level 3 Civilization.

It might seem anomalous to contemplate survival strategies at the threshold of an age of abundance and generosity, but it is realistic. There will be an inevitable lag before new ways of thinking and cooperating become the norm. In the interim, human affairs will be likely to vacillate between the old and new ways of living. By starting to familiarise yourself with kinship principles and by practicing them on a local and global level, you can help to speed the transition and lessen the possibility of harmful outcomes along the way.

The Old World Order will not do anything to smooth the path to a Level 4 Civilization, and a better world. On the contrary, they will do whatever they can to make it difficult. The police, the military, the media, the financial system, the rule of law, and all the mechanisms of civil control and surveillance will be mobilised in defence of the status quo. But, once they understand their options, the people of the world will not engage in a battle with the forces of the OWO. They will simply abandon the old way of living under national rule, for a better, freer, life in new tribal societies. Kinship mechanisms will help people cope with the pressures of official opposition to radical changes that will finally enable them to escape the invisible prison that the OWO had fashioned around them.

Widen Civil Scepticism and Challenge Official Truth [145]
This freesite does not advocate civil disobedience. There is no point to disruptive demonstrations, strikes, riots and the like, that are aimed at making governments or corporations change their behaviours. Such actions don't usually lead to major, or enduring reforms. Wide demonstrations just give the OWO excuses to strengthen their civil control systems to protect us from ourselves (Authorities use labels such as "security" and "justice", but the systems are really about control).

A far more effective approach than civil disobedience is civil scepticism. Instead of dutifully accepting that the reasons and excuses given for official policies and actions are true, citizens who are civil sceptics refuse to believe any pronouncements that cannot be independently verified.

What we believe is something we have control over. If elected politicians and career officials are not prepared to "open the files" to the inspection of groups of randomly chosen citizens, we can decide that we simply don't believe the official truths that come from government and administration sources.

Since widespread civil scepticism could easily render a nation ungovernable, the notion that it should be invoked requires a sound justification. However, vindication of the need for civil scepticism is now provided, on an almost daily basis, by the very politicians who will be most strident in denouncing the idea. At the height of the age of empires, there were higher ethical standards applied in politics. In those days, any minister caught lying to Parliament did not have to be sacked. They would voluntarily resign, the moment that it became apparent that their statements had been false. However, standards have progressively declined and these days most politicians who are caught in the act of having misinformed or misled their constituents, simply choose to brazen it out. They treat the people who elected them, with complete contempt.

For example, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, on 24 September, 2002, told a recalled Parliament he possessed a vital intelligence dossier that, "...concludes that Iraq has chemical and biological weapons, that Saddam has continued to produce them, that he has existing and active military plans for the use of chemical and biological weapons, which could be activated within 45 minutes..." The consequences of this and other misinformation about the threat posed by Iraq were far from trivial. The arguments based on the intelligence dossier were a significant factor in taking Great Britain into an unprovoked invasion of Iraq that had disastrous impacts on the civilian population of that country. The information was later found to be incorrect. Yet, as of September, 2004, the Prime Minister remains in office. He did not walk, as onetime ethics in the British Parliament would have required him to do, regardless of whether he was himself misinformed.

Then there's the example of a former President of the United States, telling a national TV audience, "..I never had sex with that woman." He didn't have to respond to questions about a consensual sexual relationship - it was none of the American public's business. But when he chose to answer he should not have lied about the affair. The American people would have accepted a 'no comment' on the grounds of personal privacy, but many could not accept being lied to. They reasoned that if the President would lie to them about an issue that was personal he would probably lie about other things that were public matters and far more important.

In Australia, in October, 2001, just days before a federal election, the Immigration Minister broke the news that asylum seekers had thrown their children overboard as an Australian naval vessel was attempting to turn them back to an Indonesian port. The minister said, "A number of people have jumped overboard and have had to be rescued." And, "More disturbingly, a number of the children have been thrown overboard, again, with the intention of putting us under duress. I regard these as some of the most disturbing practices that I have come across in the time that I have been involved in public life - clearly planned and premeditated."

Both the Australian Prime Minister, and the Defence Minister, also made statements to the effect that asylum seekers had thrown their children overboard. The PM, said in a radio interview, "I don't want in Australia people who would throw their own children into the sea. There's something, to me, incompatible between somebody who claims to be a refugee and somebody who would throw their own child into the sea. It offends the natural instinct of protection and delivering security and safety to your children."

The Defence Minister subsequently released photographs of people in the water. The captions and date had been removed from these now infamous photos of a number of people, in the ocean, wearing life jackets. In an interview at which the Defence Minister reiterated that there was photographic evidence to support the children overboard claims of the Immigration Minister and the Prime Minister, the journalist interviewing him challenged their authenticity. The following is taken from a transcript of the interview, issued by the Australian Broadcasting Commission (Which still retained some editorial independence at that time).

ABC JOURNALIST: Mr Reith, there's nothing in this photo that indicates these people either jumped or were thrown.

DEFENCE MINISTER: Well now you're questioning the veracity of what is being said.
Those photos are produced as evidence of the fact that there were people in the water.
You say its a tight shot.
It's as clear as day.
Now, you may want to question the veracity of reports from the Royal Australian Navy.
I don't.
And I didn't either.
But I have subsequently been told that they have also got film.
The film is apparently on HM-
Well it is on HMAS 'Adelaide'.
I have not seen it myself and apparently the quality of it is not very good and its infra-red or something.
But I am told that someone has looked at it and it is an absolute fact - children were thrown into the water.


DEFENCE MINISTER: So do you still question it?

ABC JOURNALIST: I'm a journalist.
I'll question anything until I get the proof.

DEFENCE MINISTER: I've just given you the proof.

ABC JOURNALIST: No, you've given me images.

DEFENCE MINISTER: Well, Virginia, quite frankly, if you don't accept that, you don't accept anything I say.

Exactly so, Minister. Virginia did not accept the so-called evidence, and neither did many Australians. It later became known that (a) The pictures were of people from the asylum seeker's vessel after it began to sink, and they were taken on the day following the alleged children overboard incident. (b) The fact that the photos used by the Defence Minister as evidence of the children overboard claim did not show any women and children in the water, had been advised to the Defence Minister's media adviser, by a senior military officer, earlier on the same afternoon that the above interview with an ABC journalist took place. Thus, the Minister was, or should have been, aware that the photos did not show women and children in the water. Predictably, the only person to lose their job over this incident was the, Minister's media adviser. The three senior elected representatives of the Australian people all continued in their posts, after having perpetrated a blatant lie and communicated it forcefully, just a few days before a national election.

These examples make it clear why there is every reason for us all to become civil sceptics, and do as Virginia did - question anything and averything the Feds say until we get the proof.

Expect High-Level Corruption - Help Identify and Publicise It [146]
Along with the widely observable breakdown of ethical standards in high places, comes an attendant rise in graft and corruption. Nobody should be surprised at this, it is always the way that empires finally deteriorate and eventually fail. It was corrupt practices, involving the sale of indulgences by the Roman church that triggered the protest of Martin Luther, in 1517. His list of 95 theses, nailed to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, led to the Reformation and the ultimate loss of the secular power of the church.

The history of indulgences began innocently enough. Originally, in the eleventh century, indulgences were a way of penitent sinners working off their guilt by fasting, the recitation of specific prayers, and making pilgrimages. By the fourteenth century, money gifts came to be substituted for the performance of good works and the observance of good habits. The following is a quotation by a senior figure of the time, Juan de Valdez, that sums up the monetary essence of the granting of indulgences in early Renaissance times.

"I see we can scarcely get anything from Christ's ministers but for money, at bishopping money, at marriage money, for confession money - no, not extreme unction without money! They will ring no bells without money, no burial in the church without money; so that it seemeth that Paradise is shut up without money. The rich is buried in the church, the poor in the churchyard. ....The rich man may readily get large indulgences, but the poor none, because he wanteth money to pay for them."

In 1517, Johann Tetzel, the Vatican's Apostolic Commissary for Germany and Inquisitor of Heretical Pravity, implemented a corrupt ecclesiastical scheme to raise funds for the restoration of St Peter's in Rome. The sale of indulgences was at the centre of the fund raising plan, and this blatant and scandalous financial exploitation of the people was what so incensed Martin Luther. The following illustration is taken from a pamphlet of the times. On the left Christ casts the money lenders out of the temple. On the right the Pope sells indulgences.

There are various parallels between the way that the furore over the financial exploitation of penance and forgiveness by the Medieval World Order led to rebellion, and what is occurring in present times. Native people everywhere are angry at the way that multinational companies and patent attorneys - members of the clergy of capitalism - are locking up tribal knowledge of the natural pharmacopoeia in unreasonable patents that are being granted by the US Patent and Trademarks Office. They regard these actions as blasphemous, just as Luther regarded the use of indulgences by Rome as contrary to the teachings of Christ.

Corruption And Decline Today [147]
Citizens are increasingly critical of the way that federal governments are mismanaging the taxes and other revenues that they raise. High levels of taxation throughout the industrial age prevented most individuals from building sufficient wealth for themselves, and now, as they approach old age, these people are facing the prospect of a state unable to fund even the most basic welfare programs, but willing to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on precautionary wars. In case some regime or other has WMDs somewhere or other, and might, possibly, use them at some time. The Pentagon has not been able to account for some US$1.1 trillion of funds that have gone missing, yet the US government keeps pouring more down the plughole. Where will it end?

Ordinary workers are also becoming disgusted with the growing evidence of graft, corruption and sheer incompetence at the top of major corporations. But, such behaviour is to be expected in the dying days of capitalism. It makes no sense to campaign for regulatory agencies of government to fix the scams and rorts in public companies. At this late stage they are unable to do so, even if they were so inclined. Because it now costs large amounts of money to run for office and to be successful in that endeavour, the political donations of corporations are essential to career politicians and the OWO oriented parties they belong to. Do not expect to find genuinely enthusiastic and effective watchdogs and regulators prepared to risk their jobs, and possibly their lives, standing up for the interests of small investors and consumers in these circumstances. Bureaucrats answer to politicians and the processes of government, everywhere, have been thoroughly politicised. The regulatory watchdogs might bark now and then, for television; but they are seldom prepared to really sink their teeth into the corporate executives who determine the levels of political funding that flow to the coffers of the major parties.

Corruption does not stop with politics and big business. In an address to a group at the Harvard Law School, in February 2003, retiring US Court of Appeals judge, Edith Jones, is reported to have described the American legal system as having been corrupted almost beyond recognition. It is evident from the text of her address that Judge Jones was not referring to bribery or coercion in legal processes, but to a wholesale breakdown in ethics and a complete disdain for the original principles of justice and fairness that were written into US law by the Founding Fathers. She said.

"The legal aristocracy have shed their professional independence for the temptations and materialism associated with becoming businessmen. Because law has become a self-avowed business, pressure mounts to give clients the advice they want to hear, to pander to the client's goal through deft manipulation of the law."

Do you recognise the insidious new philosophy that Judge Jones was decrying? It is that of takerism. The legal arena has become a jungle, and you eat what you can kill. Religious and ethical frameworks no longer shape the processes of the law. It is all down to simple expediency and opportunism - a battleground with no other rules but WIN!

Juan de Valdez deplored the fact that the people were not getting fair and balanced pastoral care from the corrupt, money focused, clergy in Renaissance Europe, and he was right. Judge Brown does not think that the American legal profession is providing the essential standards of justice and honesty that US citizens deserve. She said.

"The traditional Western beliefs in the structural integrity of law, its ongoingness, its religious roots, its transcendent qualities, are disappearing not only from the minds of law teachers and law students but also from the consciousness of the vast majority of citizens, the people as a whole; and more than that, they are disappearing from the law itself.

The law itself is becoming more fragmented, more subjective, geared more to expediency and less to morality. The historical soil of the Western legal tradition is being washed away and the tradition itself is threatened with collapse."

Just as de Valdez was right about the loss of integrity by the clergy in Medieval Europe, Judge Brown is right about the self debasement of the legal profession. Lawyers have become nothing but the clergy of capitalism, and they, and the rule of law, will fall along with that system. As Judge Edith Brown put it.

"Lawyer's private morality has definite public consequences. Their misbehaviour feeds on itself, encouraging disrespect and debasement of the rule of law as the public become encouraged to press their own advantage in a system they perceive as manipulatable."

"Having lost sight of the moral and religious foundations of the rule of law, we are vulnerable to the destruction of our freedom, our equality before the law and our self-respect."

A recent case in Australia, in which a law firm is known to have advised its tobacco industry client to destroy files and other evidence that supported the compensation claim of a woman dying of lung cancer, clearly demonstrates that the malaise that Judge Brown spoke of extends beyond the US. It is now a global characteristic of the clergy of capitalism.

Publicising Corruption In The Old World Order [148]
While Freenet offers a practical means of publishing details or claims of corruption, because it is anonymous, such use needs to be tempered by strategic aims. It is easy to post an animated image of a prominent political figure that morphs into a penis, but it does not achieve anything. Such content only makes Freenet content seem lightweight and childish. Similarly, specific allegations against individuals, who are named or otherwise identified, probably won't help the transition to a Level 4 Civilization. These exposures will just irritate the people concerned and frustrate their lawyers, because they will be unable to bring defamation or libel suits against unknown, untraceable, Freenet authors. If a large volume of personal attacks were to be made on Freenet, this would support the arguments of the conservatives and control freaks who want it closed down. Such exposés, aimed at individuals, would not lead to good or strategic outcomes.

Does this mean that Freenet can't be used to attack corruption in high places? Does it mean that the official truth can't be effectively challenged by Freenet authors? Not at all. Quite the reverse is the case.

Ordinary people want corruption stopped. They want organised crime stopped. They want government waste stopped. If Freenet authors simply expose instances of corruption, ordinary people will turn to the authorities to put a stop to it. Where senior figures in the OWO establishment are involved, there will be little chance of that happening, but it will be a chance for politicians, police chiefs, judges, and regulators to thump their chests and promise new programs to "fix" the creeping evil in our society. Of course, their programs won't work, and things will get worse, but that won't be immediately apparent.

Freesites need to demonstrate that corruption, and other failings of present-day society, are part of an overall pattern of decline. Until they realise that, ordinary people, who are trying to pay off a mortgage and climb a career ladder that is steadily being flattened, while more duties and workload are added to their job, are not going to look beyond the false promises of new programs from politicians.

Recall Daniel Quinn's observations about what people want. "People don't want more of the same. Yet, oddly enough, when they ask me what will save the world, they want to hear more of the same - something familiar, something recognisable. They want to hear about uprisings or anarchy or tougher laws. But none of those things is going to save us ......What we must have (and nothing less) is a whole world full of people with changed minds."

Before they are ready to make radical changes, people have to understand the deeper patterns below all the froth and bubble of the media coverage of events. They need to know that it is pointless trying to climb career ladders that are being torn down faster than they can be ascended. They must know that the stale solutions and failure-prone programs of the political parties do not, and cannot, lead anywhere but deeper into the decline. Freesites that help more and more people to know these things, will be far more effective than those that highlight individual instances of corruption, or defame and libel individual culprits involved in such matters.

Let's get the focus of Freenet right and keep it targeted on content that helps change minds rather than raise tempers.

See The War On Terror In Context [149]
No understanding can be more important than that which pierces the media's smoke-and-mirrors presentation of the War on Terror, and reveals it for what it is. A strategy to keep control in the face of a revolution in knowledge and information access that stems from new digital technologies.

In order to grasp what is happening now, it helps to look at what happened before, when the Medieval World Order faced the information explosion that was triggered by the introduction of the movable type printing press. There are some striking parallels to be seen between the first Renaissance of 500 years ago, and the 2nd Renaissance of the present day.

Author's Notes:
(1) The focus of this freesite is on new ideas and abandonment of failed philosophies and outmoded systems of governance. Although some of the paragraphs beyond this point might appear to be critical of political figures and national institutions there is no personal attack intended. It is the thinking and strategies that are being criticised, not particular office holders. Nor are the cases meant to provide a focus for induced rage or revenge against individuals, however culpable they might be.

As World War II ended in Europe the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, was unceremoniously executed along with his mistress, Clara Petacci. Their bodies were hung by the heels from lampposts in Milan, and later buried in unmarked graves. The Mussolini family subsequently retrieved the body of Il Duce, in 1957, and placed it in the family vault. The body of Clara Petacci, who had committed no crimes, was presumably left where it was. The revenge killings of Mussolini and Petacci did nothing to advance the fortunes or way of life of the Italian people.

Revenge has never had any societal value, and for this reason I don't support it. Revenge takes society nowhere.

(2) The cases cited below do not represent anti-American, anti-British or anti-Australian sentiments. All criticisms are directed at failed and outmoded thinking. Please do not take offence at comments that follow, because these are not intended to apply to the people of the nations concerned, only the way that those in power think and act.

(3) Some readers might find some pictures in the following content distressing. If this is so, please accept the author's apology. The illustrations are used to drive home arguments against irrational attacks on civilian populations in the course of the much-vaunted War on Terror. The few pictures involved don't have much awe, but they certainly have shock. They make one wonder how the people who made the munitions and those who ordered their use in Afghanistan and Iraq, can sleep at night.


2nd Renaissance -8

Ultimately the old order will lose the battle to preserve their privileged way of life, based on all prevailing scarcity, pseudo-democracy, and the rule of law. But in the interim, hundreds of millions of innocent people might lose their lives in bloody resistance to the changes being made by the Old World Order (OWO).. If such a terrible thing happens, it will all have been for nothing, because:

Tales of Adam
Daniel Quinn*

2nd Renaissance -7

When coupled with the introduction of artificial scarcity and taker concepts of property ownership and legal tender, Western death-fearing religions played a significant role in subduing, otherwise independent, tribal peoples.

2nd Renaissance -6

The second route involves the setting up of entirely new living spaces on tribal lands that were previously seized by colonising governments that espoused and followed Taker philosophies. This route has greater credibility, in the sense of secession rights, where clear historical ownership of the land can be shown.

2nd Renaissance -5

Quinn contends that while governments can imagine a revolution they can't imagine abandonment. As he puts it, "..even if it could imagine abandonment , it couldn't defend against it, because abandonment isn't an attack, it's just a discontinuance of support."

2nd Renaissance -4

In due course, there is one achievement of overriding significance that Caral might well provide. One great contribution or lesson that can be applied to the 2nd Renaissance. How to live in peace, with spiritual meaning, and without warfare, for a thousand years.

The New Renaissance
Daniel Quinn*

2nd Renaissance -3

Plichta writes of this model as follows. "There was a time I used to make fun of the Apocalypse of St John and believed it to be a totally unreliable historical source. Today I am filled with deep humility, perhaps because I am now able to give a concrete description of the foundation of the world as seen by St John with my mathematical discoveries, and thus possibly open a new way to all of humanity which has now reached a dead end."

2nd Renaissance -2

Georg Cantor (1845-1918), by his origination of modern set theory and his studies of the nature of infinity, left science a valuable legacy. Cantor was regularly admitted to a psychiatric clinic within the University of Halle, in Germany, where he lectured and worked as a Professor of Mathematics. On each occasion that he became ill he had been thinking about infinity and the continuum hypothesis. Such intense thought, at the boundaries of his comprehension, caused Cantor to suffer repeated mental breakdowns. Infinity drove him mad.

2nd Renaissance

This story was published in September 2004 and it was a big secret. I received it on disk but I think it should be public by now anyway. It is interesting to look back at it and in terms of today's world some two years on. I will link each chapter as I go along over the coming weeks.- The Old World Order - Happy reading!

Fight Iemma - Debnam

All they can say is 'lock em up'

It seems we are in the thick of it again - the stupid, heartless "Law & Order" auction.

Premier Morris Iemma and Opposition leader Peter Debnam are trying to outdo each other with idiotic "tough on crime" policies.

Original Article

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