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Watercycling The Palm islands of Dubai

Jack C Kybird BSc (Hons) ADV Dip Ed (Open) | 27.02.2006 15:56 | Ecology | Health | Technology | Birmingham | World

A novel new way of highlighting human right and environmental issues using a water bicycle story of a developing business plan, in which campaign issues are embedded with research links to businesses that will help anyone considering a business start up in Dubai. or searching for holiday activities.

waterbike action
waterbike action

Bicycle boat! Business
Watercycling The palm, business, leisure, transport, education and romance
The plan shows a process of transparent business research, with something it for everyone and highlights the natural niche and benefits of Watercycling for The palm.

They say the best way to explain anything is to start at the beginning. So I will start by showing you a letter I sent to the United Arab Emirate Ministry of Information & Culture which explains what inspires me to turn a hobby into a business and argues that the palms is the best place to start the business because it has a natural niche there like camels in a desert.
By the end of the letter (2 minute read) you will know what a waterbike looks like
And have an outline plan of how the waterbike might be commercialised.
The next section discuses business criticisms, security issues and draws some conclusions.

The final reference section are the contacts that I have already identified and those that I propose to contact and why and includes a List of English Dubai on line newspapers and Hotels and water parks which may be in the market for waterbikes. This is followed by information about UAE climate information and important laws relating to business ownership ending with an example (100 word) press release.

So here it is: my letter to the United Arab Emirate Ministry of Information & Culture:

My reference: Watercycling The Palm Islands.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am inspired by the resent television programme about the Princes vision for The Palm Islands to contact you.
Watching the grand vision of islands emerging from the sea captured my imagination of a place for relaxation, play, entertainment and fun adventure that as a water cyclist seems ideal for me.
As you can see from the picture of my waterbike below, it is an ordinary bicycle that you can pedal on water using attachments that all fit into a 13kg backpack and assembles in the 10 to15 minutes time it takes to inflate the floats by simply pedalling the bicycle.

(Picture of waterbike, if I was unable to post a picture of a waterbike below please
Visit for a novel and interesting look-see.)

The waterbike has crossed the English Channel and regularly comes in the first three of the World Human Powered Boat race Championships; which attracts University teams from around the world.

My hobby is all the fun things you can do with the waterbike like cycling in and around paradise islands and landing at some favourite Oasis.
When I saw The Palm Islands of Deira, Jabel Ali and Jumeirah and the world, I saw it as a natural home for the waterbike not just as a popular fun toy that most children and a lot of adults like to try, but as a practical keep fit mode of inter frond island transport and Ship to shore shuttle as well.
I would very much like to get involved in helping to introduce the waterbike to the Palm Islands and develop it as a popular, fun children and families activity that people of all cultures like.
Wherever the waterbike goes in England, its novelty attracts the attention of people’s phone cameras and so the children that ride it feels like the star of the show with a uniquely different experience that they can show their friends and guarantee they have never seen anything like it before.
I have used the waterbike for 5 years and found they have a flexible, effective, and relaxed efficiency as a fun toy, a therapy tool and fund raising advertisement. Which I want to develop, promote and exploit commercially.
As an amateur author I sometimes write about fun Watercycling adventures and publish them to the Internet. Please Google jack kybird and/or visit

for a story example.

I get a lot of fun, pleasure and happy feelings watching children explore the possibilities of the water bike for example.
Its fun-watching children trying to get more people on the waterbike then the one person it was designed for. I have seen six with a lot of acrobatics and balance involved J
Racing the waterbikes and playing waterbike games like polo provide fun photo and film worthy activities that could be seen between the island fronds. Providing experiences that the water cyclist and spectators will want to show or talk about.
Providing talk about fun factors of experiences for people on holiday would promotes the islands and attracts other people to come as well.

I belief one of the islands will have or has a water sport centre where potentially waterbike races and waterbike polo games could take place. With the world Islands one could even have round the world races as well. I would like to extend the concept further by making some of the hired waterbikes look like camels, horses and other animals for the entertainment of those viewing them from shore or sea. It is very easy to make the waterbike look like almost anything. A galleon, Viking longboat or whatever.

The Two 8 foot floats on Hired waterbikes could display advertisements for restaurants, island attractions, radio stations, taxi companies, product brand names, local newspapers or Internet websites.
These are Effectively floating advertisements powered by people who hire the waterbike who pay to have fun doing it.
An ideal adventure island for the waterbike would be to have a network of interesting floating Theme islands that primarily children and young people would want to go to and explore For example: palm tree islands, lighthouse, castle, pagoda and treasure islands, the possibilities are endless.

The Princes vision engineered and constructing into reality seemed to me to offer a place for dreams, community, homes and estates and seems to me to be a very creative place to be.

Whatever, I hope you can see the mutual benefit and the natural niche the waterbike concept might have in The Palms.
I could try and start a sales/hire/promotion business in the palms or work for an already established palm island company and hope as the palm development company I can obtain your support in making contact with interested parties.
What I am looking for are Palm island contact addresses to local media and potential waterbike float advertisers and knowledge of where the best Palm places to hire waterbikes for fun and transport are?
For example: there may be places where people just want to cross from one palm frond to another and leave the waterbike their for someone who wants to go to the opposite frond.
I also need to obtain maps of the palms.
At the moment I do not know what laws and regulations I need to know in relation to starting a business or taking up potential palm employment offers. As you can see I am still in the early stages of researching my Watercycling business plan.

May I thank you for your time and consideration and hope you can be of assistance.
In any event may I wish yourselves and The Palms continued success
Yours faithfully
Mr. Jack C Kybird
Aspiring professional water cyclist, delivering family fun and happiness trough sales, hire and promotions

End of letter to Ministry of Information & Culture

My thanks and acknowledgements to about the palms with films and pictures United Arab Emirate Ministry of Information & Culture Laws, rules and regulations, A to Z in the Dubai chamber of commerce website.
Yellow page directories are available for each emirate (see grassroots information on all things Dubai Italian manufacturer of the brilliantly designed and engineered waterbike. grassroots information on all things Dubai.
H.H. Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Consulate of the United Arab Emirates In The UK.
The palms development company Al Nakheel Properties Executive Chairman Mr Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem
Monkseaton Microsoft trust school and Open University education resources.

Watercycling The palm, business, leisure, transport, education and romance
Some Criticisms considered

There may be an assumption that Dubai is or is intended to be an exclusive place for I assume very wealthy people mixed in with relatively poor villa owners and professionals companies from around the world who are attracted by Dubai's no-tax benefits and five star service.
The waterbikes is fun and novel and cuts across social, cultural and economic differences.
The waterbike has a long and good safety record operating in lakes, waterways and marinas. At worst it bounces off any colliding watercraft and in any event it can literally turn on its own axis . Dubai may be different but the speed restrictions are usually slower then the speed of the waterbike (6 miles per hour)

The waterbike has significant educational applications. For example
Waterbike hire could be a good Dubai school business project, run and managed by the children; where they can try out, practice and apply what they learn in other class subjects. I think parents would be happy to see how it builds up their confidence and communication skills.
In a nutshell the waterbike is a great icebreaker and even one is a good little money spinner.

There may be a quality versus quantity tourist issue where in reality there is a multi faceted mix of people in the palms and the Benidorm or Majorca type may well be a majority group of people in the market for Waterbike hire, which could be purchased back home.
The reasons I think is so, is that
Dubai is investing heavily in developing the reach of its airline, Emirates. The idea is to develop Dubai's air transportation ability so that passengers from any city can fly direct to Dubai.
Dubai International Airport (fortress hub for Emirates airlines) has a third terminal currently under construction and due to open in 2006. The new terminal will be dedicated to Emirates airlines and will fully support the Airbus A380. When completed this will double the capacity of the airport.

Tourism is also being promoted at a staggering rate with the construction of Dubailand and other projects that include the making of mammoth shopping malls, theme parks, resorts, stadiums and other various tourist attractions.
These factors seem to point to mass tourism. .
Personally I am sceptical about how popular the palms could possible be. From my reading it seems either to hot or to humid whenever one goes. See weather data at end of posting.

The property scene seems risky and problematic. I read that there are an increasing number of "freehold" villas and flats on artificial islands such as the Palm Islands. The "lease" on these freehold properties is for 99 years. It is, however, illegal to seek employment on this visa. Ownership of lease does not guarantee any form of legal residency status in the UAE. The Federal Government is still formulating laws pertaining to ownership of property and considering issuing residency status to those who own such property.
On a more positive note I read that nearly all of the commercial establishments are run by expatriates with a silent local partner who merely "rents" the business license for a negotiated annual fee without taking part in any capital investment. The numerous free trade zones allow for full expatriate ownership

These uncertainties in weather, business and property ownership and control seem high-risk areas of ifs and maybes. Perhaps with elephants in the room, which the timeshare and company folk perhaps don’t want to talk about. For example I have not read anything that relates to the palms and rising sea levels how high can it go before the place is under water?
99-year leases may not be much long-term value if it’s under water in 30 years. I wonder what the insurance companies risk assessment is of having to pay out in that eventuality and how much such insurance would costs.

One might imagine that the palms vision was created for a pre 9/11 world and guess that there is a lot of company share trading going on. People trying to offload shares brought under probably pre 9/11 conditions.
For example a business tendering for contracts to provide water taxie services from the Dubai Marina on the basis of projected tourists seemingly backed up by Hugh transport and construction investment may be in for a rude awakening when for the reasons I have given buyers and tourists don’t turn up.

Whatever, for those still looking for the love of their life the waterbike attracts the attention of both genders, young and old. In a way everybody has an interesting story about how they came across the waterbike or how the waterbike came across them.

Business security issues and conclusions

For me the most worrying business security issues is the possibility of being in an area (if not a target) for a nuclear explosion or terrorist attack. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility for such an attack to be made by Iran on a grand scale suicide mission, Or in response to American action.

According to the president Bush the war on terror is a lifetime war and from what I have seen I tend to agree with him.
In my opinion Bin laden might as well put his feet up and take it easy because of the counter productive way in which the war is being fought, which seems like president Bush is doing all his work for him.

For example In England new laws making all UK citizens subject to American law and sent there on request.
If one is unlucky, they send people to some god-forsaken place to be tortured or detained in a camp beyond international law or the Geneva convention.
I score all this as big wins for Bin laden in taking away our human rights and reducing us to terroristic and degenerative behaviour.
Whatever it seems unlikely that restrictive laws supposedly for our protection against terrorists and the revival of those that were made to give us protection from human error abuses of the government of the day will ever be restored.

Perhaps one might think I have moved outside the relevancy of the Watercycle business and I justify it on the grounds of the importance of global political considerations in relation to the location of any business and the palms do have a lot of possible associated long term local downsides.

Business it full of assessment of probabilities, ifs and maybes. Try as one might to dot the I and cross the tees a lot is left to arguable opinion leaving you with just gut feeling of yea or nea.

I started the waterbike business plan wanting to introduce and promote Watercycling in the palms along the way and I think in terms of the people I have contacted I have done that. In addition by referencing the contacts I have linked them together into an interesting story that in effect introduces and promotes everybody listed.
Anyone thinking of starting a business in Dubai can see the links to information that they will need as well. I figure so far so good.

The waterbike itself is a novel eco friendly machine that promotes the healthy benefits of cycling. Fundamental global security and environmental issues combined with opinions that are commonly shared by many people, not just active campaigners for change have been raised.
One might reasonably conclude that this is a business plan with something in it for everybody and is not in denial of potential problems. Problems that don’t get recognised don’t get solved.

Well that’s it. Where I am with my business plan to date. Where I come from, where I want to go and how I propose to get there with a little help from my friends J.

If you would like to help or join me, feel free to make your proposals on how you can fit in the Watercycling business plan, expand on it or add value to it.
If at any stage introducing you to the merits and fun of the waterbike.
You decide to buy one you only need to place an order with the manufacturer in Italy and send me 10% of the purchase price as a commission for introducing the waterbike and manufacturers contact to you and also gets you on the waterbike owners association list with a lot of associated benefits.

May I thank you for your consideration in reading what is hopefully an interesting and informative business post, although a necessary long one. Come on, you know it makes sense. Buy two today 

Jack kybird, 131 longfield house, Bell green road, Coventry, CV67GU, United Kingdom.
The palms without waterbikes, like deserts without camels. Please Publicise

With love to lady Elena Podkoritova artist from Ekaterinburg who put up with me for 5 years.

For Watercycling in terms of the traditions of the Al Rumaithat, Bani Yas, Awamir and Manasir tribes of the United Arab Emirates See

For the waterbike and romance posted tongue in cheek see.

For more about Watercycling as a hobby see

The final reference section are the contacts that I have already identified and those that I propose to contact and why and includes a List of English Dubai on line newspapers and Hotels and WATER PARKS which may be in the market for waterbikes. Also referenced important laws relating to business ownership and UAE climate information. And hopefully I have highlighted what I would like or need to know but don’t.

Since the letter I have picked up a lot more contact information and Propose future contact with the following:

Hotels in The Palm Jumeirah will contain over 25 of the top international hotel brands. Including Movenpick, Antara, Fairmont, Radisson SAS, Hilton, Metropolitan, Shangri La, Starwood, Marriott, Oberoi, Chedi, Taj and Dusit and the One and Only Royal Mirage map on site includes water center. Ref: Watercycling The Palm Islands, selling to, hiring from or float advertisement. Note not yet hyperlinked all the hotels names to there website.
The Jebel Ali Palm six marinas, a 'Sea Village', a water theme park and water homes built on stilts between the fronds and the crescent. Ref: Watercycling The Palm Islands selling to, hiring from or float advertisement. Note: I have not yet identified contactable addresses.
Aqua Park-Dreamland, Umm al-Qaiwain is one of the largest water parks in the world. High-speed water rides are set amongst extensive grassy areas. It also features a go-kart track, and an amusement centre, numerous food stalls and restaurants. The park is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Fridays are for families only. Admission Dh30 for adults, children Dh20, children under 6 years are free.

Wild Wadi Waterpark, Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Rd, Dubai, located next to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, offers 24 interconnected gigantic water rides on a spectacular 12-acre site. It boasts the longest (32.6 metres!) and fastest (up to 80 km/hr) water ride of the Middle East. The park is diligently patrolled by lifeguards and has several food outlets.
Adults Dh95, children Dh75, family tickets are available. Opening hours are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday to Friday., is divided into three areas: Main Street, an air conditioned indoor family entertainment centre with lots of activities; a Theme Park; and Splashland which features nine water rides, and has three restaurants and a swimming pool. The entry fee (including Wonderland) adults Dh40, children Dh35.
Opening hours are weekdays from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday is Ladies day, closed on Sundays. Opening hours can vary according to the season so check before you go.

List online newspaper. Ref: Watercycling The Palm Islands. Ref free sales and hire publicity.
Gulf News letter to editor 22/02/06
Khaleej Times letter to editor22/02/06
Gulf Business press release22/02/06
Gulf Today press release22/02/06

Al Bayan in arabic

Al Ittihad in arabic

Emirates Evening Post under construction

UAE climate information
Straddling the Tropic of Cancer, the UAE is warm and sunny in winter and hot and humid during the summer months. Winter daytime temperatures average a very pleasant 26°C, although nights can be relatively cool, between 12–15°C on the coast, and less than 5°C in the depths of the desert or high in the mountains. Local northwesterly winds (shamal) frequently develop during the winter, bringing cooler windy conditions. Summer temperatures are in the mid-40s, but can be higher inland. Humidity in coastal areas averages between 50 and 60 per cent, touching over 90 per cent in summer and autumn. Inland it is far less humid.

Rainfall is sparse and intermittent. In most years it rains during the winter months, usually in February or March, but occasionally earlier. Winter rains take the form of short sharp bursts, which, if occurring in the Hajar Mountains, run off rapidly into wadis and onto the down washed gravel plains. Localised thunderstorms occasionally occur during the summer. Generally appearing over the mountains of the south and east of the country, these rumbling cloudbursts can give rise to severe flash floods.

Some years are totally dry and it is only through the regular formation of dew that vegetation and wildlife can survive. This applies even to those places that experience a relatively high annual rainfall: at the Hajar Mountain town of Masafi, for example, 350 mm may fall in a ‘wet’ year, whereas as little as 30 mm may be recorded in a ‘dry’ year.

Table 1.Mean monthly maximum temperature (Bateen airport, Abu Dhabi) and national mean monthly rainfall 1971/72–1988/89. 0°C and mm.
Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Temperature in °C 24 25 29 33 38 39 40 40 39 35 30 26
Rainfall in mm 11 38 34 10 3 1 2 3 1 2 4 10

Important laws relating to business ownership
Extracted from. The Dubai chamber of commerce website
I. Nationals of Other Countries
Nationals of other Arab or foreign countries may conduct economic activities through any of the following legal forms:
• Individual establishment: may be established to practice only professional activities, and subject to the appointment of a local services agent who must be a UAE national.
• Limited liability company: may be established to carry on any commercial or industrial activity, including one or more UAE partners whose shareholding shall not be less than 51% of the paid-up capital.
• Private shareholding company: may be established to carry on any commercial or industrial activity, including one or more UAE national partners whose shareholding shall not be less than 51% of the paid-up capital.
• Civil business company: two or more persons may establish a civil business company to practice a profession, provided that a local services agent, who must be a UAE national is
• appointed or included as a partner.
• Public Shareholding Company: Board of Directors takes the decision of allowing non-UAE nationals to become shareholders.
Example Press release, 100 word limit summary for online newspapers .

Watercycling The palm, business, leisure, transport, education and romance
I am an English watercyclist wanting to introduce the concept of Watercycling to The Palms. A picture speaks a thousand words so please see pictures of the water bicycle that I use at
I was inspired by a television programme about The Princes vision for The palm to make an ongoing outline business plan for its introduction at Dubai business discussions

Jack C Kybird BSc (Hons) ADV Dip Ed (Open)
- e-mail:

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