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The Faces Behind Redwatch

Antifascist | 27.09.2006 18:19 | Anti-racism

These are the scum behind Redwatch

As most Indymedia readers will know, 'Redwatch' is a Nazi hate site which compiles photos of antiracists. Here a few pics of the people who run it.

First of all, Kevin Watmough.



The Faces Behind Redwatch - 2

27.09.2006 18:34

Secondly, Tony White


The Faces Behind Redwatch - 3

27.09.2006 18:37

Thirdly, Tony Foy


The Faces Behind Redwatch - 4

27.09.2006 18:41

Redwatch photographer Carol White.


The Faces Behind Redwatch - 5

28.09.2006 10:10

And let's not forget Simon Sheppard.


Don't feed their egos!

30.09.2006 19:48

I welcome the chance to view these photos without going onto neo-nazi websites. Looking at their dress sense and facial expressions allows me to judge their intellect (for want of a better word). And I've seen it all before.

I'm a white working class male who has grown up along side similar people. I'd say these people are victims of some kind of child abuse (not necessarily sexual abuse) and are consequently projecting their anxieties onto a target that has been rationalised as the reason for their anger.

It works like this. First they repress the true cause of their anxieties (e.g. abusive parents), but, as always, repression is not enough of a defence and their anxiety soon returns. Not able to accept the true cause of the anxiety (for fear of evoking a far greater anxiety) they employ other defence mechanisms and commonly enter a stage of denial, which in turn requires them to rationalise a cause for their anxiety. Admitting this rationalisation would be too much so, in order to protect their ego, they employ many more defence mechanisms, to the point where they become completely deluded.

In this case they protect their ego by blaming Jonny Foreigner for their maladjusted personalities and indeed everything else they see wrong in the world.

I'm not suggesting they need therapy, more the opposite, I suggest they are beyond reasoning with. Clearly, by their own words and actions we know they are a serious threat to themselves and/or others and therefore they should be sectioned under the mental health act.

In fact anyone uttering nazi sympathies should be viewed with much caution. But when they start adorning themselves with nazi symbolism and join neo-nazi organisations they should be detained for their own safety and indeed that of others.

Hence, instead of fanning the flames these deluded people warm themselves with, political activist should consider campaigning for their detention under the mental health act. These damaged people are criminally insane!

What sane person would disagree?



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27.09.2006 23:12

It's not often I look at redwatch, but I dont much like seeing friends and relations there
At least this redresses the balance
Little wankers, I took this opportunity to look over the 'nonce' section and with all those links given realise these big bold Nazis like trooper are thirsting for the paedo displayed there
They are nothing but micro versions of our 'leaders' like Blair - baby smalltime wannabes with distorted lusts and killer instincts
How pathetic


Blood n Dishonour

28.09.2006 00:02

Nice to see old Trooper999 pissing his pants about this thread over on the 'Blood & Honour'/'Combat 18' site. Even wanting to make friends with Mark Collett and 'JGW'. LOL!!!!


Nazi trolls go back under your stones

28.09.2006 00:21

Hope your comments have been removed 7609.
Just remember Reichstag fire was done by brownshirts who Hitler later had massacred at night of the longknives.The Bush family & corporate bankers funded your death squads to maintain their power in Europe & America supplying them with tetra lead fuel for the stukas,whilst also making deals with Stalin, who is now admired by Russian fascists.
Your very,very,very sad twisted idiots & your masters, will try & put bullet in the back of your heads like a sick dog whenever they want unless you wake up!
Of course the people will defend themselves whatever you decide & nature will wipe out all who dont respect her,

Neo Gaian Makhnovista 666999


28.09.2006 00:25

If anyone wants anymore pics of any of these areholes, you just have to ask ;)


Rewatch fash peeps

28.09.2006 01:00

Wot a bunch of freaks!!!!



28.09.2006 09:51

The following is a post from the "Blood & Honour Guestbook" which Watmough also runs. As well as being full of vile racist filth written by some very thick people, this forum is always full of threats to kill various people. How does Watmough get away with it, whether the server is in the US or not? He has got to be a state asset surely.

"Name: killa k
Sent: 6:43 GMT on 28 September
Topic: Aryan R&R

just a little by-note even though i know its a joke admin. the replicas can be converted and are safe to use as long as you doctor the rounds. you can take the actual round out and pour out some of the gunpowder, its what the police do to make sure that if they miss a target then the bullet wont go to far or through a wall in to a civvys head. also if you scratch a X if to the top, going over the actual tip of the bullet it should fragment on contact, causing some nasty shrapnel like injuries to the person, also if you miss and it hits a wall then there is less forensic evidence for the filth to analyse. just a little tip! Also beware "mike" from "south yorkshire", as diehard as he sounds i am sure he is the filth or even a red. take my word for it. wish the bastard would stop using my name as if im gonna vouch for him. BEWARE comrades 88 14 R&R"


Minger Watch

28.09.2006 10:50

Never mind being an anti-fascist, as an artist I'd have that lot shot for aesthetic reasons alone. They're seriously ugly. Which may explain why they're so bitter and twisted. Don't get me wrong, I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (ugliness is relative). I'm no oil painting, but at least I can smile without my face cracking; their ugliness comes from within (apart from their melanin deficiency of course, that's a faulty gene that all Aryans have to learn to live with), it's a symptom of their mental illness, their insecurity and intense self-loathing – if they could learn to lighten up a bit they may get some real friends, they might even get themselves laid – which will save us the job of having to fuck with them some other way.

Ishmeal Bush


28.09.2006 12:34

Are there any more photos of this lot especially shiteys missus good for those lonely nights.

The Business

Ha ha, they really are multiply challenged

28.09.2006 15:05

Ugly, thick AND bigoted - nature really didn't bless them with any gifts at all, did it? Snigger.



28.09.2006 15:29

I'm sure I've seen Simon Sheppard in a Dr Seuss book!



28.09.2006 16:13

For those with strong stomachs, there are more pics of Nazi freaks at



28.09.2006 17:19

Mr Business they aint got anymore thats why theyre frantically having to put up old photos from their vast vast collection of others that they have had to take from WNP or B&H websites.
But doesnt that just show you the stupidity of putting up our photographs, makes me glad i never attended any meetings, as such.



28.09.2006 17:23

Now you are just as bad as them!

Outraged of Tunbridge Wells


28.09.2006 17:59

"Now you are just as bad as them!" - Outraged of Tunbridge Wells

'Outraged' is actually 'A.I.M.' squealing. To be as bad as you lot we'd have to be inbred morons committed to the destruction of anyone who wasn't white, heterosexual, and right-handed. Unlike you sad losers we spend very little time taking pics of idiots we are already very familiar with. When we spot you being photographed is the least you should worry about.


A Squabble between conflicting extremists

28.09.2006 22:15

Am I right in assuming that normal standards of decency don't apply when fighting racism? Categorising racists as ugly and subhuman is rather missing the point. And imitating the conduct of Redwatch only brings this Indymedia site into disripute.
Anyone can post a photo of anyone to the net and make any outrageous claims with no safeguards.

Irma Furbeck


28.09.2006 22:31

Funny how the trolls suddenly start squirming when the boot is on the other foot isn't it?!

Genuine antiracist


28.09.2006 22:36

If Indymedia were imitating Redwatch they'd allow us to post up the home addresses of these scum. Those pictured have blood on their hands - what a contrast with the random selection of anti-war demonstrators, trade unionists, and students featured on Redwatch.

Leeds antifascist

Cant help it Irma

28.09.2006 22:45

When I see my friends labelled as targets,when all they are trying to expose is the truth about how society operates, and carries along these infiltrated little scumbag organistions with their little agendas to promote violence and division, on behalf of our government and all their promoted constructs, it makes me very angry
These tossers really need to see themselves as who they are and in whose service they function

mail e-mail:
- Homepage:


28.09.2006 22:53

Indymedia has allowed this site to be hijacked by extremists that in my view are as extreme and dangerous as the morons from the far right that have been arguing in here. As a Socialist I am dedicated to fighting Capitalism and Racism but there are ways and means, stooping to the level of these people only shows that those that do are no better.
They are fascists in every sense of the word I would never support any group that is as violent as the very thing they claim to be combatting.
We are called names by these people calling us Liberals that is their arguement eveytime in fact I have a few comrades who stopped coming in to the site as they got nothing but abuse calling them nazis and Liberals and such like, I'll probably be called a nazi or told where to get off now for not pandering to the ego's of these antifascist fascists!
Grow Up will you you are only laying others open for attack with your silly war of the words.

Michael Clutten

What are you talking about?

28.09.2006 23:07

What are you talking about Michael Clutten. This post simply exposes the individuals behind a notorious Nazi hate site. You really should take a look at the site they help operate, and also their personal histories, if you think that this thread is in any way comparable.

You seem unable to distinguish between fascists and those who oppose them. How many concentration camps have antifascists set up? How many acts of genocide have they committed? You are talking rubbish.

Antiracist and proud

Fascist response

29.09.2006 09:21

The fascists behind Redwatch are not in the least bit happy about having their photos publicised - It's going to make it harder for them to take people's pics at least - And are squawking on their forums - Rumour has it that some of them are not best pleased with the fascist troll who has been posting over here (A.I.M.) But I am suspicious of more subtle trolls also.

Liberals are liberals, I've not seen them called nazis, a political description which would be as nonsensical as stupid liberals calling antifascists fascists. At the base of the liberal dislike of militant antifascism, I think once again we glimpse the naked hatred and fear that some middle-class people have of the organised independent working-class. Militant antifascism is beyond their manipulation and control, and they don't like anyone to spoil their holidays in a struggle that has nothing to do with them.

It's good to see that there are still people willing to fight back, who see beyond passive demonstrations and lollipop waving, who are organised, competent, fearless, and who refuse to submit to the control of liberal tourists slumming it in our movement until their trust-funds mature.


Michael Clutten

29.09.2006 09:31

Mr Clutten, I cannot ever imagine anyone calling you a 'nazi' and a 'liberal' at the same time, but I will say that you're ill informed and that you confuse anti-fascism with anti-violence.
For decades militant anti-fascists in the UK met violence with violence, but they did not start this, anti-fascists were not responsible for the deaths of innocent people, murdered because of their race. To call people who are prepared to put themselves on the line for their beliefs 'fascists' is is not just ignorant, it is obscene; does Stuart Christie's attempt to kill Franco make him a fascist in your book? AFA fought the the fascists until the BNP changed tactics in the mid nineties. Things have changed, but there are still those on the far right that yearn for a return to street-fighting and they are certainly not going to stop because somebody thinks their actions are silly or childish. Do not attack people who are genuinely attempting to confront real fascism.

Remember AFA

Well said

29.09.2006 10:07

Good post 'Remember AFA', and you too 'Joe'. How easily (or conveniently) some forget.

Old boy


29.09.2006 10:50

What I am saying is that it is okay for those of you who are maybe not so well known to be ducking and diving and baiting these people, but those of us that attend regular street activities and demonstrations are likely to be the ones followed away or attacked at our homes after all ours are the details left in magazines and papers as contact details from time to time. Of course tactics have had to change over the years what with the rise of these people and their websites so i suppose you would only say that it is our faults knowing that the majority of you so called Militant Anti fascists see us as being expendable anyway.
Look at whats happenned in West Yorkshire with the attacks some years ago on Graham Mustin and lately Steve & Sally's Imagine if Rosa had been about when these attacks took place. But you should be okay as it is not always you that gets attacked when you bait these fascists on their websites after all with all the publicity you give them here it may as well be their site.
So when a brick comes through my window or my car is petrol bombed who should i blame? A bunch of ill educated historically challenged fascists or an equally challenged bunch of so called militant anti fascists? You provoke them & we bare the brunt thats how its ben for years you seem only to care about having a drink and celebrating how you beat a fash, these morons will get no where these werent the ones you speak of that instilled concentration camps, these were not the ones who sent millions to their deaths. So they fantasize about a dead nazi big deal who takes them seriously. History will only repeat itself if you aid it and you are doing just that.

Michael Clutten


29.09.2006 11:00

This thread is all well and good but it's about time that those in the know set up a specific website posting photographs, names, home addresses and info on known fascists.


Respect to the antifascists

29.09.2006 11:30

I'm not sure if Michael Clutten is a troll, but the attitudes he espouses are what led to the rise of organised fascism in Leeds in the 1970's (and of course elsewhere and throughout history.) The attitude of 'ignore them, and they'll ignore us (and let us get on selling our newspapers' led to Leeds becoming the centre of organised fascism in the North of England. But it wasn't white liberals who paid the price for that policy of cowardice and appeasement, it was black and asian people - in comparison to them the attacks on 'Reds' have been insignificant. Now Michael Clutten is calling for us to ignore the fascists again, just so that he feels safe pretending to care about racism, pretending to 'fight' for a better society. He is 'safe' to go out and leaflet precisely because people unlike him eventually dismissed the appeasers and went out and fought the fascists in this city, just as their forbears had done with the blackshirts. Some of us still remember what Briggate used to be like just a few years ago, with fascist skinheads intimidating, spitting at, and even assaulting people they didn't like the look of. Never Again! Antifascists fought long and hard to take back the streets from these Nazi goons, it involved bloodshed and some of us went to jail, but we won. Michael Clutten is a spineless coward who wants to put his own shallow self-interest before that of others, who thinks politics is a nice safe little game, and because of his cowardice he is attempting to denigrate those who do CARE, who aren't cowards, and who will not tolerate Nazis on the streets of Leeds.

Sam B


29.09.2006 11:34

Reading through his posts carefully, I suspect 'Michael Clutten' is actually a frightened nazi troll rather than a frightened liberal - Why else would he gratuitously include people's names like that?


Hidden agenda?

29.09.2006 11:42

I don't know if that is the case, sometimes you could make up the rubbish that comes of some peoples mouths, but I suspected as much from his first post


Michael Clutten

29.09.2006 11:45

You clueless coward. I hope everyone who reads your posts is as disgusted as I am. Why are you involved in politics at all?

Bramley Red

Beneath contempt

29.09.2006 12:04

I really do find it beneath contempt that someone would liken antifascists to the Nazis here on Indymedia. It is a disgusting comparison. I remember how upset an old friend of mine who survived Nazi concentration camps used to get when he heard Margaret Thatcher called a fascist - And that was Margaret Thatcher! He was totally opposed to her politics, but thought likening her regime to Hitler's somewhat cheapened what he had had to endure.

M.Appleton of Leeds

so you people on here only promote peace

29.09.2006 13:06

I wander if that was the thought of Leeds city councilor Chris Beverley (BNP) as bricks were hurled through his windows as him ,he's wife and 8 month old son were in the room,very peacefull i must say.


Extremists all round

29.09.2006 22:00

We all know that the BNP are a bunch of despicable racists. But sadly it is only their racism that distinguishes them from many contributors to this site.

Irma Furbeck


29.09.2006 22:40

We all know that the BNP are a bunch of despicable racists. But sadly it is only their racism, sexism, homophobia, their general bigotry, their denial of the holocaust, their frequent use of electoral fraud, the fact that many of them are paedophiles, their adoration of Adolf Hitler, their willingness to allow Nick Griffin to steal and misuse party funds, their dishonesty, their small-minded conservatism, their incompetence as councillors, their xenophobia, and their general ignorance that distinguishes them from many contributors to this site.

Ima Dumfuck


29.09.2006 22:42

Tell a lie enough times and people will believe it - Well, they will if they're really fucking dense.


Chris Beverley - BNP Scum

29.09.2006 22:51

from today's 'Jewish Telegraph':

Jewish activist Alex Sobel, who was hounded out of the Morley area of Leeds by the BNP two years ago, has vowed to return to fight the far-right party in next year's council elections.

Last May, BNP candidate Chris Beverley gained 40 per cent of the small town's vote - two years after Mr Sobel sold his Morley home after threats of BNP violence against him.

Now Mr Sobel says: "I lost members of my Polish family in World War Two. The BNP will not stop in Morley. They will come for us in Leeds North."

Mr Sobel's first contact with Mr Beverley was in 1999 when he was serving as National Union of Students' West Yorkshire convenor. He told a fringe meeting of the Jewish Labour Movement at this week's Labour Conference in Manchester: "The Free Speech Society put a motion before the annual meeting to scrap the 'no platform' policy for racists and fascists."

Then Mr Sobel discovered that the motion had been proposed by BNP members Mark Collett and Chris Beverley. Thanks to the help of the Union of Jewish Students, the motion was "roundly defeated".

He said: "In the 2003 elections, Chris Beverley put out a BNP leaflet. He received less than 10 per cent of the vote. I thought that the BNP could not get elected in the friendly, multicultural city of Leeds in which I had lived for 10 years. But the situation became more serious in 2004. The BNP were putting out leaflets against post office closures and housing allocations."

With the help of trade unions and church groups, Mr Sobel worked up to 30 hours a week fighting the far-right group. He was helped by the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight which exposed the fact that Mr Beverley had spent a year studying with the German fascist NPD party.

Then the local newspaper published a letter from Mr Beverley, saying: "We know where you are, Alex."

Every night when Mr Sobel returned from work, he found a car parked in his drive. He discovered that his neighbour across the road was a BNP candidate for another ward. Then Mr Sobel's picture and address were posted on the Redwatch website - a far-right address which threatens violence against its perceived enemies. Mr Sobel said: "There was a personal safety issue. They were threatening me in the streets and in the papers."

But after Chris Beverley gained Morley South for the BNP - their first win in Leeds - last May, Mr Sobel said: "I have wasted the last two years of my life. I should have been in Morley. This year I will be fighting the BNP."

When former UJIA president Dov Hamburger warned of the rampant Islamic threat faced by Jews, Mr Sobel responded: "I resent your language about the Islamic threat. Some of my best friends are Muslims. I resent your language about the Islamic threat. We must not retreat behind the dark language of talking about homogenous communities. We have to be careful how we use language. We should sit down and engage people and not label and stereotype."

Labour Party national executive chairman Sir Jeremy Beecham said: "It is the responsibility of the Jewish community to reach out to Muslims."

MP Louise Ellman said: "It is the duty of all of us to expose the racist ideology behind the BNP."

She revealed that two non-Jewish students from Dudley who had been funded on a trip to Auschwitz by the Holocaust Education Trust had canvassed against the BNP.

Stop the BNP

Fight Bigotry with Reason

30.09.2006 00:01

In reply to Ima Dumfuck - everything you say about the BNP may be true. (Though I wasn't aware that peadophilia was an affliction that only effected the far right.)
So do we choose to fight biggotted morons by becoming biggotted morons?

Irma Furbeck

Evil Racists are Subhumans who must be Exterminated

30.09.2006 00:17

Anyone suspected of racism must be terminated.
Anyone woolly liberal who defends such racists is worse than they are.

Come on!? We are better than this. Aren't we?

Caleb O'Leary

"Bigotted morons"

30.09.2006 10:06

I think Ima Dumfuck was taking the piss out of you Irma - with good reason in my opinion. Whose become a "bigotted moron" in order to fight the BNP? You're talking nonsence.

Tony C


30.09.2006 10:09

Why do you fucking whining liberals even come to these threads? If you have no interest in fascism or think it's irrelevent, why don't you leave things to those who are prepared to get off their arses?

Black N Red

Simon Sheppard

30.09.2006 10:33

A more recent photo of Hull-based Nazi Simon Sheppard who is now having to substitute his dole and his earnings from selling fascist merchandise by waiting tables at Akbar's Indian restaurant.

Leeds Antifascist


30.09.2006 10:56


Leeds Antifascist


30.09.2006 12:49

Can't seem to get that one loaded. Here's Sheppard with the pot-man, Eddy Morrison.


Morrison and Sheppard in Hull

30.09.2006 13:54

Wonder if that's Watmough holding the camera, I haven't seen hide nor hair of him for ages.



30.09.2006 14:39

Are Micheal and Irma aware that October 4th is the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Cable St.
Micheal shouldn't be worried about history repeating itself, because with him in charge a new Mosley and a bunch of neoBlackshirts would be allowed to march freely.

Remember AFA

Waste of time

30.09.2006 19:51

The BNP is perhaps more dangerous and insidious than Mosley's British Union of Fscists was. Playing make-believe games of "bashing the fash" on Indymedia is in no way going to threaten their electoral fortunes.

Irma Furbeck

Fash Scum

30.09.2006 23:13

Those who need to have your addresses already have them ;)


Remembering Cable Street

30.09.2006 23:13

Day the East End said 'No pasaran' to Blackshirts

Audrey Gillan
Saturday September 30, 2006
The Guardian

They built barricades from paving stones, timber and overturned lorries. Women threw the contents of chamber pots on to the heads of policemen and children hurled marbles under their horses and burst bags of pepper in front of their noses.
Next Wednesday marks the 70th anniversary of the day that Jews, communists, trade unionists, Labour party members, Irish Catholic dockers and the people of the East End of London united in defiance of Sir Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists and refused to let them march through their streets.

Shouting the Spanish civil war slogan "No pasaran" - "They shall not pass" - more than 300,000 people turned back an army of Blackshirts. Their victory over racism and anti-Semitism on Sunday October 4 1936 became known as the Battle of Cable Street and encapsulated the British fight against a fascism that was stomping across Europe. Mosley planned to send columns of thousands of goose-stepping men throughout the impoverished East End dressed in uniforms that mimicked those of Hitler's Nazis. His target was the large Jewish community.

The Jewish Board of Deputies advised Jews to stay away. The Jewish Chronicle warned: "Jews are urgently warned to keep away from the route of the Blackshirt march and from their meetings.

"Jews who, however innocently, become involved in any possible disorders will be actively helping anti-Semitism and Jew-baiting. Unless you want to help the Jew baiters, keep away."

The Jews did not keep away. Professor Bill Fishman, now 89, who was 15 on the day, was at Gardner's Corner in Aldgate, the entrance to the East End. "There was masses of marching people. Young people, old people, all shouting 'No Pasaran' and 'One two three four five - we want Mosley, dead or alive'," he said. "It was like a massive army gathering, coming from all the side streets. Mosley was supposed to arrive at lunchtime but the hours were passing and he hadn't come. Between 3pm and 3.30 we could see a big army of Blackshirts marching towards the confluence of Commercial Road and Whitechapel Road.

"I pushed myself forward and because I was 6ft I could see Mosley. They were surrounded by an even greater army of police. There was to be this great advance of the police force to get the fascists through. Suddenly, the horses' hooves were flying and the horses were falling down because the young kids were throwing marbles."

Thousands of policemen were sandwiched between the Blackshirts and the anti-fascists. The latter were well organised and through a mole learned that the chief of police had told Mosley that his passage into the East End could be made through Cable Street.

"I heard this loudspeaker say 'They are going to Cable Street'," said Prof Fishman. "Suddenly a barricade was erected there and they put an old lorry in the middle of the road and old mattresses. The people up the top of the flats, mainly Irish Catholic women, were throwing rubbish on to the police. We were all side by side. I was moved to tears to see bearded Jews and Irish Catholic dockers standing up to stop Mosley. I shall never forget that as long as I live, how working-class people could get together to oppose the evil of racism."

Max Levitas, now 91, was a message runner and had already been fined £10 in court for his anti-Mosley activities. Two years before Cable Street, the BUF had called a meeting in Hyde Park and in protest Mr Levitas whitewashed Nelson's column, calling people to the park to drown out the fascists. Mr Levitas went on to become a Communist councillor in Stepney.

"I feel proud that I played a major part in stopping Mosley. When we heard that the march was disbanded, there was a hue and cry and the flags were going wild. They did not pass. The chief of police decided that if the march had taken place there would be death on the road - and there would have been," he said.

"It was a victory for ordinary people against racism and anti-Semitism and it should be instilled in the minds of people today. The Battle of Cable Street is a history lesson for us all. People as people must get together and stop racism and anti-Semitism so people can lead an ordinary life and develop their own ideas and religions."



01.10.2006 00:51

Hey why don't the fascists and the anti-racists unite against the liberals!

Oscar Bling


01.10.2006 10:09

"Hey why don't the fascists and the anti-racists unite against the liberals! "

Because the liberals are so insignificant (outside cyberspace) as to be not worth a kicking.


Thugs with no real support, where it counts.

01.10.2006 11:41

You call me soft and go on about my naming names I have only named names of people who have actively worked to fight the rise of the Bnp and their Ilk over the years In West Yorkshire as I said how would you feel if the bricks had gone through Steve and Sally Lincaids windows and hit their daughter Rosa? Did you foot the bill for their car when it was firebombed a couple of years back? I think not. To say these are not dangerous individuals is a deluded notion and one of what I would call incompetents. Anyone can have a street brawl.
So how would you feel about attacking a fascist in front of their children? this would have the same outcome as in Northern Ireland where a Protestant kills a Catholic and his children grow up with a gun in their hands angry at those that killed their fathers.
Now I have been actively involved in combatting racism for many years and anyone who knows me in Leicestershire knows this. You put yourselves on a pedestel and keep telling yourselves you are doing good when as I say you are only provoking a bunch of crazies that one day will end up killing someone because of your threats and vile rhetoric.
All I am saying is why give them an excuse.
A nazi on here did have a good point though why do the addresses appear then disappear, maybe you are learning that what I am saying is right.

A Real Fighter

"A real fighter" (Sic.)

01.10.2006 13:22

Personally, I'm inclined to agree with some of the other posters, that you're a troll. Apart from anything else, I can't see the reason you're putting up the names of anti-racists, and basically your argument seems to be 'leave the fascists alone'. If you're not a troll, content yourself with putting up your own name if you want to, and leave it up to other people to stick up their names if that's what they decide to do. Troll or not, you're certainly a coward to hide behind other people.

The fact is that the fascists have thrown bricks and worse through many people's windows, but generally they are black and asian people. Attacks on ethnic minorities and against other minorities, as well as antiracists, increase when organised fascism is ascendent, when the fascists have control of the streets, not when they themselves are under attack.

"Now I have been actively involved in combatting racism for many years" Really, what do you do? Nothing that'd "provoke" the fascists surely. Have a look on 'Redwatch', despite what the idiots running it might think, there are barely any photos of militant antifascists on there, on the contrary it is full of photos of people on anti-war demos and suchlike. The photos come from places like Indymedia and from the few occassions these days when the fascists get the opportunity to hide behind police lines (Griffin's court appearance.) They do not get the opportunity to photograph militant antifascists very often because we don't just stand there letting them snap away, and increasingly they are unable to stalk smaller demos because of the actions of militant antifascists (as recently in Leeds for example.)

I regularly see members of fascist organisations hiding behind their children, as do my comrades, they are not attacked in those circumstances. It is not antifascists who started this battle, but fascists with their ideology of hatred against people who have a different skin colour or sexuality. Like you, those people are not able to stick their heads in the sand, because they come under attack whether you feel 'safe' or not. Antifascists are simply defending themselves and their communities by preventing the fascists organising and preventing them gaining strength.

David Copeland did not kill people because of the "threats and rhetoric" of antifascists, but because he believed the 'vile rhetoric' of his leaders. While you have had your head in the sand people have already been killed.

Why "give them an excuse"? You are not only a coward, you are a total fool, but it's that last sentence that gives the lie to you being an antiracist. You fascists are so stupid you think that Indymedia is run by some secret (Jewish) cabal, you're so dense you think that Anarchists have leaders, and that the "Reds" on here support Tony Blair. I know that the names and addresses of BNP candidates worried you, it was taken down by Indymedia because it contravenes their policy. Not my policy, not the policy of whoever posted it, but the policy of Indymedia. As has already been said, those who need this information (which is publicly available anyway) already have it.

Fighting Because I Have To

I'm angry too

01.10.2006 13:49

"in Northern Ireland where a Protestant kills a Catholic and his children grow up with a gun in their hands angry at those that killed their fathers."

And the Luftwaffe killed my granny, so I'm an antifascist!

(And what a moron you must be if that's your analysis of the Irish conflict!)


To The Real Gobshiter

01.10.2006 13:53

"I have only named names of people who have actively worked to fight the rise of the Bnp"

Well don't you think that's a lot worse than naming a few hardline nazi scumbags plum?

Bramley Red

Love and Peace

02.10.2006 11:40

You've got to hate racism. But hating racists is an altogether different thing. It's easy to hate - especially when you perceive some kind of injustice. The cycle of hate caused by injustice stirs up all kinds of extremism. The real trick is to respond to injustice in a considered and intelligent way.
A lot of BNP supporters are just white working class people who feel they've been ignored and discriminated against for too long. They choose the easy path of hatred. Just as Islamofascists, appalled by the excesses of American Imperialism also choose to hate.
I am not suggesting that we should all start hugging nazis and suicide bombers - but maybe just to start thinking out of the box a little.
Love peace and shoplifted mangoes to all my brothers and sisters.

Zomaz the Anarchist Wizard
mail e-mail:


02.10.2006 15:56

If my pic was up on Redwatch I think I'd appreciate knowing who was responsible. It's good to see who is pointing the camera. Doesn't that wanker Nick Cass take pics for them too?



02.10.2006 22:32

Robert Carlyle as Albie Kinsella in To Be A Somebody (Series 2)

"if you treat people like scum, they act like scum..."

"You're looking at me and you're looking at the future. See, this country is gonna blow.
And people like me are gonna light the fuse. The despised, the betrayed.
We're gonna light the fuse and this country is gonna blow. This country is gonna blow". - Albie


red watchers

03.10.2006 23:03

Tony White is a bit of a looker but that M,I,B [tony foye]] character is a bit weird looking, Looks like I'll have to look elsewhere for a bit of nazi that really all they have to offer us looking for a bit of nazi chic...Any one got a picture of A.I..M ,last I heard he was well into the old Eva Braun peroxide vamp look....regards B.B

betty beufont

From today's Guardian:

04.10.2006 09:34

Web of hate

On the rightwing website Redwatch, hundreds of photographs of anti-war and anti-fascist activists are posted - with the message that they will 'pay for their crimes'. And now a number of those people have been attacked. So why hasn't the site been closed down? Matthew Taylor investigates

Wednesday October 4, 2006
The Guardian

Alec McFadden was dozing in his armchair when a loud bang on his front door brought him to his senses with a jolt. Looking out of the window of his Wallasey home, he saw a young man half slumped in the driveway. "I couldn't see his face but he looked like he was in some sort of trouble, like he needed help," says McFadden. "I opened the door just a bit to ask if he was OK and he threw himself at me and started hitting me around the head."

What McFadden did not realise at the time was that he was not being punched but stabbed. "I think it went on for a couple of minutes before I managed to get the door closed. I turned round and my daughter was screaming. It was only then, as I put my hand to my face and felt the blood, that I realised what had happened."
The attack, which left the long-time union activist with serious injuries, was the latest and most violent incident in a campaign of intimidation that has been waged against opponents of the far right in the UK over the past five years. Like hundreds of people who have spoken out against the rise of the British National Party and other extremist groups, McFadden's picture and home address have been collected by far right activists and posted on a website called Redwatch.

The site, which has links with the neo-Nazi organisation Combat 18 and a host of European fascist organisations, is hosted in the US but registered and run from the UK. It lists the personal details and shows the photographs of anti-racists - many taken during protests against the British National Party - alongside the slogan: "Remember places, traitors' faces, they'll all pay for their crimes." This month a delegation of MPs and union activists will visit the Home Office to call for the site to be closed down. It is a familiar refrain and in the past officials have argued that because the site is hosted abroad, there is nothing they can do. However, Redwatch's sister site in Poland, which was also hosted in the US, was recently closed down after collaboration between authorities in the the two countries, and Home Office minister Vernon Coaker has agreed to champion the campaign within government.

Redwatch was launched in 2001 and takes its name from a Combat 18 newsletter produced in London in the 1990s. For the first few years it was just another online talking shop for hardline racists and fascists, offensive and unpleasant but apparently not dangerous. However, in April 2003, those behind the site signalled that Redwatch meant business. Leeds school teachers Sally Kincaid and Steve Johnson had been involved in local campaigns against the BNP and other far-right groups for years. Then their personal details appeared on Redwatch following a demonstration they had attended in the Pudsey area of the city. A couple of weeks later they suffered a fire-bomb attack at their home, which left their car burned out.

The incident was a turning point. Those featured on Redwatch were no longer being subjected to threats and harassment but to physical attacks. In the months that followed, journalists, politicians and local anti-racist activists were listed on the website. Among those targeted was Peter Lazenby, a journalist on the Yorkshire Evening Post, whose picture now adorns the front page of the site. He has been a long-time opponent of the far right, and has won awards for his reports on the BNP, which gained its first councillor in Leeds in May.

"In some ways being on Redwatch is recognition that as a journalist you must be doing something right," says Lazenby. "But my overriding feeling is one of anger and resentment that these people feel free to try and intimidate me and my colleagues and threaten us with violence. There is a personal impact on your life. When it first happened, I didn't take much notice - I'd been getting threats of one kind or another from far right groups since I started reporting on them in the 1970s. But then they got hold of an old address of mine and I thought that wasn't fair on the people who had moved in, so I warned them and contacted the police."

West Yorkshire officers took the threats seriously and advised Lazenby to improve his personal security, telling him to vary his route home from work. "I have been on that site since it started and, apart from verbal attacks in the street, nothing has happened to me yet. But every time you hear of an attack it really makes you think. A young man whose details went up after he was spotted delivering anti-fascist leaflets was badly beaten. Then there was the stabbing [of McFadden] over on Merseyside, and there are plenty of other cases that don't make the papers. Each time an attack happens, it pulls you up. But you can't let it influence your work, you have to keep going."

The threat to reporters has grown steadily since Redwatch was launched. In most cases it follows a similar pattern. A newspaper reports on the activities of the BNP or other far right groups, then journalists' details appear on the site, and threats and intimidation follow. According to the National Union of Journalists, reporters who have published "fair, accurate and professional stories" on the BNP and other far right organisations have been targeted in Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Sunderland, Birmingham and Cardiff. The website even has a new section dedicated to "red journalists".

Campaigns of intimidation are also being waged against local anti-racist activists. "We sometimes find that, although a lot of people are worried about the far right in their area, they don't want to get involved because they are concerned about intimidation," says Nick Lowles of anti-fascist organisation Searchlight, "and that is due in part to Redwatch and the threats and violence that come with it."

The racists and fascists behind Redwatch are not deterred by the campaign to close the site. A notice on the homepage reads: "Due to a hysterical campaign by Marxist moaners against Redwatch, we use several domain names and multiple servers for this site." It adds: "While it is time to be legal we must stolidly endure whatever the puppets of the capitalist state see fit to inflict upon us, and when it is time to revolt we must be prepared to unleash all the furies of hell."

Sympathisers claim Redwatch is little more than an act of self-defence, insisting that they are only doing what anti-fascist campaigners who monitor the activities of rightwingers have been doing for years. But Lowles says this is a dangerous myth: "This is absolute rubbish. There is no anti-racist equivalent to this site. There is nothing that lists home details of fascists and certainly nothing that encourages attacks on them. Redwatch is not an act of revenge but something altogether more sinister. It is designed to intimidate and harass anti-racists and anti-fascists to the point where the individuals targeted no longer campaign against fascist groups. It is political intimidation and classic fascism."

The British National Party, under its leader Nick Griffin, has tried to distance itself from Redwatch - the blatant intimidation and violence sits uncomfortably with its attempt to portray itself as a mainstream, democratic party. But despite official denials, some anti-racist activists say their pictures have been taken by members of the BNP only to appear on Redwatch a few days later. "I was campaigning against the BNP before the local elections," says Carl Morphett from Kirklees in West Yorkshire, which now has three BNP councillors. "We were photographed by two BNP members in Yorkshire and a day later we appeared on Redwatch. There is no doubt that the BNP uses this site to try and intimidate people - to suggest anything else is ludicrous."

The BNP strenuously denies the claim. Yesterday a spokesman for the party said: "We are not involved, we have absolutely nothing to do with Redwatch at all." He added that, as far as he knew, no individual members had taken pictures that had subsequently appeared on the site. "If they are doing so, they should not be doing so."

Six months after the attack on the Leeds schoolteachers, an investigation by the Guardian and Searchlight shed light on the true nature of Redwatch, uncovering a secret hitlist of targets, including social workers, journalists and politicians. Only a handful of known neo-Nazis had access to the secure email network that listed the names and addresses of targets as well as plans for attacks on anti-racists in their homes or during public meetings. One subscriber, who called himself Mole Intelligence Bureau, wrote: "Redwatch has accumulated many names and addresses, along with pictures of the targets, many of whom have had nothing done to them. Now's the time to start a proper campaign of violence and intimidation towards those who seek to see us silenced or imprisoned for our beliefs."

One of the targets was Lazenby and numerous addresses were posted on the site for members to "check out". One message read: "We need to find this reporter fast. If we can scare this cunt off, then we might get an easier time instead of being slagged off and made to look a bunch of muppets." In another message, posted by a BNP supporter from Batley, the people behind Redwatch are asked if they will be attending an anti-racist meeting in Dewsbury in June. The event, which was addressed by Leon Greenman, a Holocaust survivor, was described as a "Holohoax meeting". One respondent advised: "The best place to attack the reds [is] just after the meeting finishes as they are walking to catch their buses or going for their cars."

The network listed dozens of people "for further research", including the divisional police commanders for Dewsbury and Huddersfield, the chief executive of Kirklees Council, the director of a West Yorkshire health authority and housing officers. For many anti-fascists this was final proof that Redwatch represented a serious threat. Known neo-Nazis with violent criminal pasts were planning to step up their campaign of intimidation and were planning attacks against specific targets. The evidence was passed to the then Home Secretary David Blunkett and officials declared that action was imminent. But after examining the details, the Home Office again said that because the site was hosted in the US there was little they could do - listing public information online is not a crime and the website is full of disclaimers.

Following an initial meeting in August with a delegation of MPs, trade unionists and anti-racists, Coaker agreed to champion the cause. According to Home Office officials, he is in discussion with senior police officers, and contact has also been made with the US authorities to see if it is possible to take joint action. That appeared to come a step closer recently when it emerged that a new legal opinion published in the US argues that the site is not protected under the first amendment. In a separate development, anti-racist campaigners say they have identified the main Redwatch organiser and have passed his details to the police.

But while the authorities on both sides of the Atlantic "look again", the intimidation goes on. Since the knife attack, McFadden has received a letter and a phone call warning him that if Redwatch is closed down his children will be shot. Liverpool Liberal Democrat councillor and anti-racist campaigner Robbie Quinn received death threats against him and his family after his details were posted on the site, as did singer Alun Parry, who has been targeted for performing at a refugee benefit concert.

Angela Eagle, who is the MP for Wallasey, McFadden's home constituency, and whose photograph also appears on the front page of Redwatch, argues that the website represents an unacceptable threat to people's democratic right to free speech. "The powers are available to take action against this site. What we desperately need now is the political will." Lazenby says there is growing frustration that Redwatch is still up and running. "I feel a degree of anger against the authorities that they have done nothing about this site. They have said repeatedly that there is nothing that can be done, but I simply don't believe them. We have quite rightly managed to close down paedophile sites and others that are deemed unacceptable, and I am sure that if Redwatch was targeting the richest 100 people in the country, it would be swiftly dealt with".


In breeding classic signs?

19.11.2008 18:18

Looking at these pictures of BNP activists etc., they show classic symptoms of "in breeding"(alcoholic parents raping close relatives) , and alcohol poisoning in the womb causing genetically malformations, all of which is observable.These are people(?) who have not made it out of their council house environment due to alcohol , drug and child abuse, are looking around to blame anybody rather than admit to being genetically malformed. I pity them and in a true fascist state, I believe, they would be some of the first to be "sterilized" or just simply "put out of their misery".

Dr.Henry Ridgeway


22.05.2009 18:25

I am trying to get on thier list.

Two weeks I sent all my personal details, a dead nice picture, links to anti bnp vidoes where I out one as a crim - with me in it saying i had reported the crime, which I did.

I fancy men too so I told em all about my love of cock of all colours - still nothing.

pic i sent attached for laughs.



thanks redwatch for cutting & pasting all peace+antifash pics in one place

06.09.2009 22:04

cheers, it must be costing you loads to maintain your "elvis" server& your probably kissing serious corporate ass to get it



Bad as each other at times

06.10.2011 20:20

Goes without saying the redwatch crew and all the other fash are a bunch of cunts but some of the comments on hear are pretty sickening in there own light. But the pseudo intellectual superiority I see in some comments I got to be honest make me want to puke as much as the rantings of the fash themselves......council environs, alcoholic parents, lack of education....whatever. A cunts a cunt wherever.

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